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Oh thank god. Five more pounds came off somehow! I thought, these last 3 weeks, that the scale would never budge again. So only twenty pounds left to lose, thirty have dropped off now at five weeks postpartum. So nice to have made it past the midway mark!
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That's great seraphina!!! Sometimes that emotional boost is what's needed most!!!!

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Wow Serafina, that's great! I am gaining weight I'm pretty sure. Ugh. I only have 4 weeks before I go back to work and it's killing me. We are doing great! Everything has fallen into place and we are all so happy and content.

John is 8 weeks old!! He is so big!

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I went clothes shopping yesterday, since nothing fits, and the cashier asked me when the baby was due. I can't wait until I've recovered enough to get more of a work-out, but until my pp flow ends, I plan to keep it light: kegels, pelvic tilts, and walking with my baby in a carrier.

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I love that picture, abk!


I'm also in the weight-gaining camp. I'm trying not to worry much, since I'm only 3 weeks PP, but I hate seeing the scale go up in these early weeks, all the same.


I'm having a bit of a rough patch right now. Really sad. Packing up the leftovers from my birth kit, erasing October from the calendar, switching Jasper out of newborn dipes - I feel like I'm at the end of this chapter of my life, and it is painful. I'm so hoping this is hormonally driven. I need hope that I will have a more positive outlook in a few weeks time!

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Maine mama I understand exactly what you mean. For me it came about when packing up maternity clothes yesterday. It's rough greensad.gif
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Originally Posted by superbeans View Post

Maine mama I understand exactly what you mean. For me it came about when packing up maternity clothes yesterday. It's rough greensad.gif

I guess I've embarrassed myself still wearing some of my maternity clothes. bag.gif

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I'm still in my maternity jeans. I have 8-9 lbs still to lose. At least I can finally get my wedding and engagement rings back on my finger! 


Maybe TMI, but I trimmed the out of control bush "down there" yesterday and I feel much more human for it. :wink

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Hahaha Slammerkin, "groundskeeping" is such an instant mood boost sometimes 

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I know what you guys mean about being sad over packing up pregnancy items. We used all of the birth supplies we bought, thank goodness. I have my maternity clothes are piled up but still not packed up. I think it would be harder for me if I was for sure done being pregnant. We still may have more babies smile.gif

He gave me the first big smile this morning...

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Revolting I'm still wearing maternity clothes too... I was just packing up the summer maternity stuff and the nice work stuff. I left out the comfy maternity pants and comfy long sleeve maternity tops which will probably be worn my whole maternity leave.
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Has anyone ever had a bad tear?? i have second degree perineal tears thanks to being forced into lithotomy position for my almost 9 lb baby... and I am miserable. I can walk from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room and back before the pressure is horrible and I have to lie down again. I'm 9 days postpartum  - when does it get better?? I can only sit with my legs closed, can't sit cross legged or totally upright- which makes taking care of baby really hard. I do kegels every time I nurse trying to feel something- but I don't feel anything- cant stop the pee when I go to the bathroom- How long does it take??? i am super down about it as I wanted to be able to at least walk around the block at 2 weeks postpartum with my baby in a carrier- the midwife said Im not allowed to even carry the baby while walking- I did it twice and she's definitely right- it's too much strain. 


I also have had two episodes of hour long afterpains that were like the transition point in labor- only with no breaks in between. My husband had to hold the baby while waiting for it to be over, I was having to breathe and moan through them and acting like a woman in labor- this is NOT normal apparently- afterpains are supposed to be like cramps. My midwife thinks it's because I had some retained placenta, thanks to the idiot doctor who manually removed my placenta for no reason.


We are suing the doctor, for using cord traction when I specifically told her not to, and not letting me deliver the placenta naturally, which resulted in retained placenta ( i started to develop an infection day 5/6, and then passed two golf ball sized gray clots). It's also her fault I tore, because I was forced into lithotomy position, she did not support my perineum as requested, she did not let me deliver the head first, WAIT for the next contraction for the tissues to stretch, and then the rest- she just pulled the baby out as soon as the head was out enough to grab. Unecessary pain and suffering- and we have the whole thing on film with excellent quality audio. 


on a positive note, while I can't wear normal clothes because I'm not leaving the house and living in pajamas~ I definitely know I can fit into my prepregnancy clothes because I was back at prepregnancy weight at 5 days pp, and my stomach is flat

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Awe yoginimomma I'm so sorry your home birth didn't work out as planned. That is really rough. I had 3rd degree tearing and it is starting to feel better now. It is still painful. i can lift baby, but cant walk around much with her yet. i am sleeping on the couch because our couch is so squishy and our bed is firm. I had my baby the 31st so Does that make me 11 days pp? Or 12? Anyway it was really rough at first but it's getting better now. I'm sore, but no longer in agony. Hope you start feeling better soon!
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It just sucks because it was just bad timing- if my water hadnt' broken at 10pm at night after I had been up all day since 6am I would have had the energy :(   and that whole... sleeping in early labor thing?? not a chance- my contractions were 2 minutes apart and up to my bellybutton within 15 minutes of my water breaking- AND i had back labor despite my LOA baby. 


good to know at day 11/12 you're no longer in agony-- I'm not exactly in agony now at 9 days pp, definitely better than days 3-5 which were the worst! but i'm definitely not able to stand up for longer than 15 minutes without feeling like my insides are going to spill out of me.

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Yogini, I had a similar tear in the same place (mine continued, internally) with my first child, probably due to the same factors as yours. It sucked. It took a long time before I felt mostly myself (the 6 week mark was a real turning point), but after I did, I gradually returned to normal, my scar softened, and I've gone on to have two successful vaginal births with no tearing whatsoever. Definitely take it easy on yourself and give it as much time to heal as possible. It seemed like every time I would try to do something physical, I would set myself back. Maybe it wouldn't have taken 6 weeks to feel better if I'd rested more?

Do you have a peri bottle for the toilet and soothing postpartum herbs to take shallow bath with? 


As for the afterpains, I didn't have any that severe with my first two children, but this time they were pretty severe. 

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I had second degree tearing - down the perineum and into the vagina on both sides. It took quite a while to feel remotely normal down there. It was so swollen. I'm almost 5 weeks PP and it's still a little swollen and firm in the perineum area. It was probably 3 weeks before I felt like I could walk without a slight waddle due to feeling weird down there. Probably 4 weeks before I stopped feeling the need to sit down gingerly. If you don't have one, get an inflatable donut pillow for sitting on. 


I gave birth flat on my back because it ended up being the most effective position for me, and I couldn't have paused between the head and body even if I wanted to. Once I tore for the head the rest of her just shot out.

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Congrats Yogini! Afterpains suck. With my first, I barely noticed them. With my second, they hurt worse than labor. With my third, it was better than my second, but still very painful.

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Yogi, just keep sitting! I know you want to walk, but you'll end up walking sooner in the long run if you sit more in the short term. No one told me not to sit cross legged and it took much longer for my stitches and tear to heal, so follow those directions.

I'm so sorry about the behavior of the doctor!!!! Sounds very upsetting! How is your husband dealing with the way things went? I think my hospital birth was harder on him than on me.
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When CAN you walk safely without hurting the healing process?? I am going INSANE being stuck in this house.9 days and counting.... and my midwife said not to go down the stairs til the bleeding has stopped and it hasn't. I want to listen to her advice because she knows best ... but I am also going insane. so restless. 


and did I mention i pushed for FOUR hours?? 1 at home on that godforsaken birthing stool (I HATE the birthing stool, it made the pain 10x worse, and pushing feels like the same sensation as throwing up only downwards- maybe I wouldn't have hated it if I didn't have the cervix in the way).I pushed for three at the hospital... and 30 minutes in had to take my contacts out because my eyes were so swollen and so the entire time there pretty much I could not see farther than 2 feet away clearly. It was hell. and then they pretty much made us spend the night, and then scare tactic-ed us into staying a second night because the "pediatrician" that saw our baby for 5 minutes recommended it and we had to sign forms going against medical advice to leave. we stayed in a room that had a shared bathroom and nurses kept coming in every 15-20 minutes or so- NO Privacy and it was horrible. so we left. They all tried to tell us our insurance wouldn't cover it if we left AMA, but it's not true. I'm trying to focus on the fact that we have a perfectly healthy baby but I definitely had had moments of intense baby blues where I just cried for hours about it... day 5 was the worst. 


I really can't wait to go outside, but I have to. My husband leaves every day for an hour-hour and a half max just to get out, but I really need him as I can't be on my feet for too long and I just don't want to be alone with the baby- it's scary- they're so delicate. I've taken care of so many babies that I know WHAT to do, it's just that she's mine and I just gave birth to her so the hormones are balancing out and everything feels way more emotional than it is. I think that the hormones are definitely leveling out now compared to a couple days ago, i took a shower and washed my hair today and I felt more like my old self... with bigger boobs :) I'm loving breastfeeding. 

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Yogini - I pushed for 4 1/2 hours or so, so I feel your pain, sister.  :)  I had the same issues with peeing that you were mentioning before as well, and they've definitely gotten better with time now.  I only tore internally, so I didn't have as much trouble with that specific pain, but one of my hips separated oddly, so I had trouble walking for quite a while, and my gait is still off.  What I can tell you is that EVERY time I tried to push it and walk around a bunch, I bled more the next day and was in tons more pain.  I paid for it every time.  But now, at almost 4 weeks PP, I feel wayyy better.  


Did they give you a can of Dermaplast at the hospital?  It's the kind with the blue top, and I would suggest your husband look for it for you if possible.  It's a spray that cools AND temporarily numbs, and it helped me so much with that weird 'my insides are about to fall out' feeling.  


I think you're about to be at the stretch where you'll start to feel a lot better - I was a new woman at 2 weeks PP vs one week.  :)

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