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Superbeans, I'm pretty sure Lily has reflux, but not that severe. To me (my inexperienced opinion) it sounds more like Hazel could have colic. I'd call her pediatrician- better safe than sorry since she's vomiting so often and not gaining weight. 

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I think green means bile, have her seen.
Then you'll relax.
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How are you doing, Shiloh? I'm not sure if I'm just oblivious or if I haven't seen you around here recently. 

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I know this isn't really what this thread is for but my sweet little boy has a terrible rash. It is mostly all on his front near his penis and the top part of his legs that is covered by the diaper. I have tried coconut oil and all natural boudreaux butt paste. Any other suggestions?? Thanks
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My little lady had a nasty diaper rash that just wouldn't quit, and we started using Earth Mama Angel Baby's, Baby Bottom Balm, and the rash is totally gone now. It's all natural, and safe for cloth diapers too. I definitely recommend it! I hope your baby boy's rash clears up soon! Poor little guy :(

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We also use the Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, and I really love it!  I also use that brand of nipple butter, and I vastly prefer it to lanolin - it's not sticky or greasy at all, and it smells like chocolate.  :)  I'm pretty addicted to that brand, we use the shampoo/body wash, the lotion, and like 5 other things from the line.  Haven't had one fail me yet!  


Norah turned one month old yesterday!  I have to say, at a full month post partum now, I'm actually surprised that I still get a little achy in my pelvic floor sometimes.  To be fair, it's usually after a busy day with a lot of walking (I've also noticed babywearing makes me sore ATM, so my husband has been wearing the kiddo into most of the stores we go in), but it's just yet another reminder that it takes time to heal, I suppose.  I think it's likely because of how long I pushed.  My stupid peeing issues have mostly resolved themselves, although if I'm sitting around with a full bladder and all of a sudden sneeze... well, yeah.  :/  The kegels are helping, though!

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I'm here! Reading everything!

Bad diaper rash - vaginal yeast infection cream - I read after 2-3 days it takes "over" read the siggy...I got experience smile.gif if you can't do that - air it out.
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Rainy, I use that nipple butter too, and love it! The post partum stuff is really nice as well.

Shiloh, that's really interesting about the yeast infection cream!
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As much diaper free time as you can do, especially if you can give some sun exposure.
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wildgreen- we had a angry diaper rash that persisted beyond all our attempts at natural remedies for a month. there were no other signs of thrush but it just wouldn't go away.  i finally bought some Lotrimin (OTC antifungal in the athlete's foot section) and it cleared up within a week. lotrimin in the morning and before bed and weleda calendula diaper cream at all other changes.  basically the same idea as shiloh. sounds like a yeast issue.  good luck. i hate seeing their sweet little bottoms so angry red.

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Thank you for the tip, ciga. We've been battling the same issue for two weeks now.

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When Ava had a rash (may or may not have been yeast - midwife said yes, but I'm still not sure) we cleared it up by applying an apple cider vinegar and water mix to her bottom with a cotton ball after each change. Mix one tablespoon of ACV in a cup of water for the solution. Let the bottom air dry before putting a new diaper on. I still apply it sporadically just as a precaution to keep the rash away.


I had my 6-week follow-up today with the OB who did my emergency D&C and tearing repair. She said things look good, my stitches are dissolved, and we're cleared for sex and any other activities. I still don't feel 100% down there though, so I think it will be another couple of weeks before I really consider sex. The OB discussed contraception options with me as well. I don't think I'm comfortable with the progesterone pill just in case it messes with supply; I hate condoms; and I think an IUD is a little excessive since it might be only 2 years before we think about another kid. So she fitted me for a diaphragm, which is an option I had never even considered before, but it seems like the best idea for now. We can always explore other options if we turn out to hate it.


I'm still going to my midwife tomorrow for follow-up as well. 

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slammerkin - I'm considering a diaphragm for the time being as well, since I already use the Instead menstrual cups that are basically shaped like diaphragms.  I haven't decided about the IUD yet, so I'm thinking the diaphragm will be a decent interim option for the times where I'm pretty sure I'm not fertile so we can go without condoms sometimes.


I'm kind of stupidly excited about tomorrow - I'm meeting a woman to pick up a Craigslist purchase and running to Babies R Us for some bottles, and it occurred to me that because he works later that day, I could just go by myself and my husband could stay with Norah.  So, first errand on my own!  I mean, I love my kiddo to pieces, but an hour to myself is pretty exciting.  I haven't been apart from her since she came home from the hospital.

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Is anyone else having trouble with weight gain? She is 3 weeks today and still not up to birth weight (she was 8lbs 5oz at birth). In fact she is still about the same as when we left the hospital, around 7lbs 10oz depending on if she just ate or not... She is having enough dirty/wet diapers. She just isn't that interested in eating... Like often we have to make her eat at 3 hours because she doesn't want to. Sometimes she will just refuse to suck the bottle (she doesn't take the breast at all really) and when she does eat its less then what I've been told they should be eating.... Usually she eats 1.5-2.5oz. Occasionally she'll go for 3 but will always vomit it all back up afterward. Anyway just wondering if anyone was having similar problems... Feeding her is definitely becoming my biggest newborn hurdle!
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Super beans, I just took him to the doc yesterday and she said he has barely gained in two weeks. He did have a cold last week so that is what I'm attributing it to. Like your LO he just wasn't that interested in eating. However, yesterday I started really pushing the boob and he nursed all night last night...

I totally freaked out at the ped's office when she told me there was an issue. I hate thinking everything is not perfect with my baby!!! I hope your LO is doing well. Sometimes I wonder if all this focus on weight gain is really as important as they make it or if every baby is just different.
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superbeans - my kid has been a very persistent eater from her first week, and she still only drank 1.5 to 2.5 ounces at a time when she was 3 weeks old!  Even now at 5 weeks she's usually at a max of 3 ounces.  I think it's just how your kiddo gains weight, and I agree that I'm not sure all this emphasis on weight gain is the best thing.  I know it's one of the ways to tell whether a baby is thriving - but there are other ways, like the wet & dirty diapers you mention.  Those are most important! 

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Ava was 9lbs 4oz yesterday at 6 weeks. Her birth weight was 7lb 8oz. The midwife said she was on the low end of weight gain and she would usually expect more, but that Ava looks proportional and she seems happy and healthy. So she wasn't too concerned. I dunno how much she eats typically, since I haven't been pumping/giving bottles. I am going to work on getting her to linger more on the breast. She's so quick most of the time that I don't think she stays on long enough to get much "hindmilk" but she usually comes off looking satisfied, so I dunno.

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I feel like a jerk for posting my kid's mammoth weight. Sorry guys, I didn't mean to poke a sore issue for some of you all.
Fingers crossed for babies chubbing up throughout the holiday season, though!
Saw ear nose throat dr whosaid lip ties that affect nursing are rare. But he agreed she has one.
Lip tie lasering happening in 2-3 weeks. In the meantime nursing continues to be quite fine. Latch lets in air from time to time but doesn't cause too much of a hassle with swallowed air. Overactive letdown does more harm with that.
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Don't feel like a jerk! Chubby babies are good! <3
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I looked at my vagina. It's definitely ruined. I will be 3 weeks postpartum Saturday and the opening is a good INCH below where the fourchette used to be. The doctor did a horrible job. It's gaping. It's horrible. UGH. I'm really depressed. Maybe it will still get smaller/heal up?? otherwise I'm going back and having someone sew it back to where it used to be. AND there's a weird flap of skin at the top of the perineum that sticks out. its awful. 

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