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Aw, Yogi, it could still get better. I'm really sorry that your birth/recovery have been so hard, hugs to you! How are you feeling, physically? And how's your beautiful little girl? 

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I have a new weird little flap of skin too. But your vagina is far from ruined. I'm sure it will still work fine. And hopefully things will still get smaller/heal.
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Yogi, it WILL get better!  3 weeks is too early to peek down there :)  I remember doing that with my first baby and was horrified . . . but it all closed up and healed up nicely.  Yours will too . . . give it time.  I don't think there is anyway to really prepare for what that first baby is like.  It is hard physically and takes a lot more time than we can imagine, even being in really good shape (I was too).  Remember, your body spent 9  months stretching and growing a human being . . . and then delivering that baby!  It's going to take a while to heal and completely get everything back to normal.  At 2 months, I am still careful with exercise, because it takes a while for all the muscles and body parts to feel 100% normal.  (And I was in good shape too . . .it just takes time).  


I know it's frustrating and you want to be back to your normal routine and exercise, and of course sex!    But focus on baby and slowly healing and before you know it, you'll be there!

How is your pain level? 

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I had to have my midwife show me where the opening to my vagina was at my two week appt. When I looked down there everything was such a different landscape that I was lost! I also have a flap of skin beneath the opening where I busted a stitch, so that's just part of the new lay of the land I suppose. I was pretty freaked out at 2 weeks by the changes, but I'm getting more comfortable with it now. Still, I'm 6 weeks PP and I feel the healing is nowhere near complete yet.

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You guys are so much braver than I am. I haven't had the nerve to look down there at all yet. I kind of feel like ignorance is bliss.. Less for me to be self conscious about if I don't know what's going on down there haha.. Slammerkin, I feel the same though- I don't think I'm fully healed yet, just judging by residual tenderness and occasional stinging when I pee. 

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Photo shoot of Baby John

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Double posted one and forgot another! There are a million more, but I chose a few favorites!!!

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Adoooorable, Abk!! 

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I'm so sorry for those of you guys who are healing and recovering slowly. My lady bits have bounced back but my waistline makes me weep. 20lbs of dough. Depressing.
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I have 18 pounds of dough over here. I would probably have a few less, but I've been trying to eat my way out of postpartum depression with junk food. It's not working.

I'm trying some homeopathic remedies and exercise, and I think I will have much better results with those than with Hint of Lime Tostitos and nacho cheese.

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It takes time to heal completely. I chose not to get my three 1st degree tears stitched up. By 6 weeks I was all healed up and back to normal. I have a lot of scar tissue from my first delivery, so I guess I'm use to looking different down there anyway. I too get tearful over my current size. I have lost pretty much all my weight, but I got lazy and the weight I have sits much more squishy. It's depressing.

And thank you dahlia! I think he is so so beautiful!!
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I still have 35lbs to lose. Sigh. I've lost it every other time, but it had taken longer as I've had more babies and gotten older. This time it bothers me more, though. I was in my best shape ever before this baby and realized it was nice to drop the run down hippy look and enjoy looking good while I still could.
My baby is amazing, though!
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How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is healing comfortably and enjoying their sweet babies! How many weeks pp is everyone? How are you all feeling? :)

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We're pretty awesome here - I'm hitting 6 weeks PP tomorrow!  Very excited.  No real bleeding for the past 2 weeks, and not even any spotting for the past week.  Every once in a while, I'm still doing the sneeze and pee (sigh) but that's rapidly getting better as well as my pelvic floor springs back into shape.  I'm doing a few kegels, trying not to overdo it, but I'll do more as I heal even further.  The thing giving me the most trouble still at this stage is my hips - they separated badly during my labor, partially because of her being stuck, and so they still need to re-fuse properly.  Sigh.  Still, I can walk normally, just not for very long distances yet.  


Now if I could just figure out sex and co-sleeping.  Argh.  I can put Norah into the pack and play next to my bed for one night, but she just sleeps so much better in her cosleeper nest.  Plus, lately it's been taking so long to actually get her to sleep (she does mostly sleep through the night, so I shouldn't complain, but man, the process of GETTING there is exhausting) that we sometimes just fall over exhausted afterward.  My husband has a week off coming up owing to some funky scheduling, so maybe we'll find the time then.  I really WANT to - but timing is irritating.  :/

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Doing okay here. I'm 5 weeks PP on Thursday, and I've been dealing with postpartum depression and some anxiety. That seems to be getting a little better. Jasper is pretty fussy when I'm not holding him and when he's not nursing, but at least he's been predictable. Aside from the fussiness, he has a very sweet and serious temperament, and he's a diligent nurser. He's jumped up to somewhere between 12 and 13 pounds, so he's not so little anymore. We have his 1 month visit tomorrow.

Bleeding is pretty much done, but there is still some yellowish lochia. My lady parts have bounced back very quickly this time, but I am not feeling the (making) love right now. DH and I are in talks about him getting a vasectomy (he thinks he wants it; I'm not so sure), and my thoughts keep going to that and babies. Not very romantic.

Anyway, all that being said, it feels like things are finally reaching a new level of normal around here, and I'm liking it.

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Just over 10 weeks post partum here! My body is completely back to normal. Other than my lack of labido greensad.gif John is just perfect. So healthy and strong! He is starting to sleep in 4-5 hour stretches at night and I love that!! I go back to work in less than two weeks. The thought of it kills me. It's only 2 days a week, but 12 hours both days. I feel like I won't see him at all I those days greensad.gif I have to keep our insurance though. I donated my birth pool to a local midwife today. I had a completely unassisted birth, but she can and assessed me for stitches at 3am, so I wanted to do something for her. She said I can have it back if I ever decide to have another baby. So I thought that was nice. We decided to cloth diaper Baby. We are doing pocket diapers and I like it so far. It is so cold here in Missouri and I very much dislike the cold! I would like an evening of nachos and margaritas! Lol. Nothing else new with us in this neck of the woods!! I love my life very much right now!!!

Me and my gorgeous son!!!

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Maine Mama, I hope things continue to improve for you. I'm also dealing with postpartum depression/anxiety. I always do. So far it's not TOO bad (it was terrible after DS1). I just hope it doesn't get worse. I know that exercise will help once I can get back into that. I feel fine physically, but the baby wants only me and I don't have the time yet. It's too cold and windy to go for walks. It would also help me to stop eating junk...I know it, but I'm having a hard time stopping.

I'm almost 4 weeks PP. My bleeding keeps teasing me. It'll seem like it's done and then it'll come back. I just can't wait to be out of pads. I hate these stupid things!

Ivy is growing well (9lbs. 15oz., which is almost 2lbs in 3 1/2 weeks, so not bad) and is starting to smile, which is so wonderful! I think part of what's really upsetting to me is that we're not planning to have another baby and it all goes by so fast. Sometimes I want another baby and sometimes I'm so relieved that I'm done. It doesn't really matter because I don't think I could talk DH into having another baby anyway. He adores our kids, but says he feels done. I'm also feeling a little distant from DS3. DH takes him to work, when he can and DS still naps. It's a big help because he's a busy kid who has no fear. I can't keep my eye on him as well as I could before the baby was born. Like I said, it's a big help, but I'm used to spending a lot of time with him and I miss him. I do make sure we get some cuddles every day, at least and I get some with my older boys, if they'll allow it. smile.gif

Regarding sex, I think about it from time to time, but I haven't quite stopped bleeding and by the time we get Ivy to a point where we can actually put her down and she stays asleep (if we get to that point), I'm way too tired and touched out. DH is very understanding.
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I'm at 24 days postpartum and still bleeding but down to pantiliners finally. Baby is growing well and sleeping through the night with the exception of waking up every 2 hours to eat, but we co sleep so it's easy. Daytime is not easy. She acts like a colicky baby at night and cries for 3-4 hours... but it's on and off and distracted by a hairdryer or change of position... so I guess it's just being overtired/gassy/being a baby. I ate chocolate which you're not supposed to do apparently while breastfeeding but I NEEDED IT... on friday-saturday-sunday- ONE small square of a tiny raw vegan chocolate bar on each day- and then last week people from our mealtrain brought dishes with lentils all three nights... so maybe that's it?? The only position she wants to be in is the over the shoulder one right now too- which is annoying because it's a no hands free position. 


and she's not really getting long naps during the day.... she will eat, then fall asleep for half an hour, then wake up and be up for an hour or so and then repeat. all day long. except yesterday she slept 2.5 hours in the afternoon. When do they get on a semi regular nap schedule??? I'm doing the feed on demand/intuitive thing and it's driving me crazy 

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Sorry you are having a hard time, Yogini. You keep mentioning things you aren't suppose to eat when breastfeeding, and I've never heard any of that. I've breastfed 5 children and I always eat and drink what I want (with limits on alcohol)! Sometimes babies just go through fussy days, unfortunately. Breastfeeding gets easier, more predictable, and somewhat less often as they get older. The first six weeks I felt like that's all I did, and he would be fussy anytime he wasn't on the breast. Now, it's cake. They have natural gas drops and gripe water that you could make or buy to try and see if that helps, if you are interested. Nap time will also get more predictable as she gets older. I can count on my baby to nap from 9am-noon and from 2pm-4 and then usually an hour or so in the evening. Then we are in bed sleeping, aside from feedings, from 10pm-7am. It's been pretty predictable since about 9 weeks or so. Good luck to you!

I'm sorry some of you are suffering from PPD. I've been there. Luckily it wasn't bad, and mostly a sleep deprivation/emotional traumas and loss related, this time around. Unfortunately, not too much a breastfeeding momma can do about it. Maine momma, I wouldn't focus too much on this being the last one. I was freaking out about that, and then decided that if I want another baby one day, I will cross that bridge with my husband, and I will most likely win! Hehe. I'm thinking about all of you!

At 10+ weeks now, we are past so many of the hurtles you ladies are going through. I could not be more glad about that. John now stand with me just holding his hands, he sits up in a Bumbo chair and a reclined high chair at dinner time (he obviously doesn't eat anything, but I like him to be eye level with us and I get tired of eating every meal one handed, lol). He is just so interactive. Laughing and smiling all the time. I forgot how fun it gets so fast. But I hate how fast time is going greensad.gif
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Nice to see how everyone is doing. I am doing well, but big changes are coming. On Saturday my mom is leaving and soon my husband will be traveling again. Thank god I do have help but I will be on my own a lot with my 4yoDS and my babe. Bedtime is what has me wondering WTH I'm gonna do! I'll manage somehow!!!

I had PDD pretty bad last time but this time so far so good. I do get weepy and overwhelmed a bit but that's to be expected. I hope all of you that are suffering can get past it quickly and get the support you need. <3

The little guy got a bath today. Here is a pic!

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