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So much to catch up on here, hugs to all the Mumma's who need them. I am with you Maine mumma its hard to think of Katherine as our last but I'm pretty certain she completes our family. But at 25 I struggle with that.
Katherine is now 8.5weeks old and just gorgeous we are past her colic (thank goodness!!!) and just getting so many precious smiles and coo's. She will get sad if you stop looking at her which is a little amusing, already likes being centre of attention.
I got my period back at 6weeks pp which I was certainly not impressed about it. Just proving that my weight is the biggest factor in its existence. I still have about 13lbs to lose before I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight.
Miss Katherine wakes just after 6:30am then naps from 7:45am til 9am then naps again from about 11:30am til around 1:30pm asleep again at 3pm til about 6pm then half awake until around 8pm where she is pretty much asleep for the night. She feeds anywhere from every two hours to doing a longer 5hr stretch.
So nice to check in with all you lovely Mumma's and your babes :-)
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Yogini - I've never heard of no chocolate, and I totes eat it, frequently. Like abk, the only thing I really worry about is alcohol, and I still drink lightly and early in the day (since we bedshare).

Danielle - My husband and I are both 26. He feels done, too. I just can't see never having a little baby again!

AFM - It's been a crappy week. My grandmother died on Friday. We were very close. At least she got to meet her youngest great-grandchild.

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Yogini, I also do not alter my diet for breastfeeding. I don't drink alcohol, so that's something I don't have to worry about. I've only ever heard of removing things from your diet if you think it's bothering your baby. Dairy (which I'm pretty sure you don't eat) is the most likely to cause problems.

Danielle, my husband and I are 30 and I feel too young to be done! It probably is the right decision for us, but it's still difficult for me.

I think my household's coming down with a cold. I certainly am. Yay. So far, no signs in baby. She's definitely getting my antibodies (very frequently!), so hopefully, she doesn't get it!
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Revolting, I'm so sorry about your Grandma :Hug My Grandma passed away 2 years ago to the day that Lily was born, and we were very close like you were with yours. It's so hard to say goodbye to someone who has been so important to you for so long. Big, huge, hugs to you.


I haven't changed my diet other than not drinking coffee since I noticed it was causing Lily to be gassier than normal. And I definitely eat chocolate... frequently. Haha. I've never heard of having to cut anything out of your diet while breastfeeding, unless it upsets baby's tummy. As for alcohol, I just make sure to only have 1 or 2 drinks (beer or wine, no hard liquor), and space my drinks pretty far apart. 


I'm 6 weeks pp now, which is just crazy to me. I can't believe it's been 6 weeks already! I feel pretty much back to normal, bleeding is basically non-existent, just a little discharge now. I had my 6 week doctor's visit yesterday, and things look good so I'm cleared for sex.. whenever I'm ready for it. I'm honestly just really nervous that I could tear again somehow. And I feel a little self conscious still. I'm not holding onto any pregnancy weight, but I just feel like I'm not used to my body anymore. 

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I'm jealous of you ladies who have dropped all the weight! I still have 20-25 pounds to go, I always gain so much so I have lost half but still feel so pudgy. greensad.gif
8 weeks pp & had my checkup today and everything looks remarkably good, back to normal tone so I can do whatever. Lady bits are bounced back but waistline is a mess!
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I used to work for the dairy industry.
I loved talking to the lactation doctors on staff. There is very very little that "passes" through milk - believe me if the dairy industry could make milk "enhanced" they would. I eat everything, I have a nightcap too. The only thing you really shouldn't do is diet much.
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I too am jealous of everyone who is back in shape! I'm still up by 8 pounds which in my head doesn't sound too bad except its ALL on my belly which is so squishy and flabby still. I look like I'm pregnant but if you touch it it feels like jelly. Eww. Have my 5 week pp visit next week. Can't wait to be cleared to excercise! Though to be honest I don't know how much I'm ready for yet. although my stitches look healed my lady parts still hurt when I stand for too long.
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Revolting, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I feel similarly, Superbeans. I'm only 11lbs. over my pre-pregnancy weight. Compared to the 85lbs. I've lost in the past, that's nothing. Although, it is a little frustrating because I only gained 22lbs. this pregnancy. I always lose so little from the birth. I don't look pregnant anymore, but I'm very flabby. I was much more toned before I got pregnant and can't wait to be ready to exercise again. I'm really looking forward to feeling strong again.
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Argh! 8 weeks postpartum and I'm getting my period. This is bullsh@$!

Same thing happened after DS1 so I don't know why I'm surprised
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6 weeks here ciga.
With kids 1-4 it was 12-18 MONTHS
I'm breastfeeding with uber supply.
My OB said 6 weeks could still be pp not first ppperiod.....I know its my period.
Why because its karma I told dp at 4 weeks my gp said breastfeeding was 98% effective bc....he smartly still wrapped his baby making sausage....thank god or I'd be crying in my nonalcoholic beer about getting only a month off pregnancy
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Baby is 2 months and a week already!  Ack!  How in the world does time go so fast?????  She continues to be my best eater and sleeper, which has helped with our crazy lifestyle (housemom to troubled boys, homeschooling daughter, etc.).  We've pretty much figured out that she has a sensitivity to dairy, so I'm cutting that out.  But otherwise is a sweet darling.  My other two are still in love with her other than car trips . . . she hates the car still and screams her lungs out 50% of the time!  

We're hoping to get outside this week for Christmas pictures . . . though winter has arrived in Florida for a day or two, HA!  Hope everyone else with real winter is staying warm!


Yogi, here is a great link with all kinds of breastfeeding resources. www.kellymom.com  I used to think everything I ate might be a huge deal, looks like the most current research shows that the foods we eat don't have as dramatic affect on baby as it seemed.  Though things like dairy are more likely suspect.  It seems like lots of babies are fussy in the evening.  My baby likes the shoulder hold, have you tried the draped over the arm (facing down with belly on your arm) hold?  That at least allows me one free arm . . . 


HAPPY THANKSGIVING ladies . . .American and not :)

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Omgosh...periods?!?! I have had nothing, and normally don't until I wean baby. We will see what happens this time I guess! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
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Both my Boys were 16months old when af returned with them so having it come back at 6weeks I tell ya I was majorly unhappy! We co-sleep and breastfeed on demand but having not lost weight so quickly this time has made a massive difference. Trying not to hate my thighs too much..... But secretly wishing I hadn't been so carefree in the eating department while pregnant with Katherine. Even worse its summer here. So summer fashion is the only thing you can buy. Need to get my sewing machine out and whip up some skirts that are of a reasonable length.
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What do you mean? Having extra pounds triggers your period? I've never heard that. I've understood it's all about how many hours you go between nursing. As soon as it goes over about 4 hours between feeding, you may get your fertility back.
We have had many instances of baby sleeping six hours so I guess I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't get it back.
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I have to weigh 120lbs to get my period, and usually I drop below that post baby this time around I'm plateauing at about 135lbs and it's back. During the day I'd say we feed every 2ish hours, sometimes it's just a tiny snack comfort feed. During the night though it's only ever been a few times where Katherine has slept five hours in a row.
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You are a very thin little thing if you don't always have the min required body fat to menstruate! I have never been so thin it kept my period away, even when 118-125lbs @ 5'7", as I always am when not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Anyone pondering rotavirus vaccine?
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I was serafina, I decided against that one.
I weighed possible side effects against the disease itself, & I'm just not comfortable getting it for her. We declined the hep B as well, so as of right now she is vaccine free.
These damn shots make me so nervous. I'm dreading this 2 month appt. greensad.gif
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The rotavirus is at least not a shot but I think since we have school aged kids and their friends coming in and being around the baby, the risk is very high of her getting it and the thought of her being hospitalized isn't nice. It seems pretty rare for the known side effect to happen. I dunno. Never took any vaccines with my sons but it was easy to decide when were little, breastfed, home with me and not really mixing with society in any huge way. Having siblings in school affects things so much... sigh.
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I am 1 month postpartum today and my baby is up almost 3 pounds from birth weight- she's 11 pound and 8 oz and was born at 8.11- so that's a LOT!!! thriving! and drinking lots of boobie milk. She's super healthy and happy.... me.. not so much. I am STILL bleeding at 4 weeks pp, I am 99% certain that the dr. did a botched sew up job on my 2nd degree tear because I am still in pain- my clit hurts/HAS NO GOOD FEELING, and it appears that she did not sew up the bottom centimeter of my perineum, it's just gaping. fun. So my midwife is making me wait til the 6 week exam just to see if it heals up correctly, and if not, I'm going to go get surgery to get it fixed, which means another 6-8 weeks of no exercise and doing 200 kegels a day. wonderful. 


also my mom has been in town for the last week and a half helping me, which has been great, until my stepdad (who i do NOT have a relationship with, we are cordial at best) decides to just show up at my house to surprise her and then decides to stay the rest of her visit, essentially causing a huge rift between my mom and me to the point where I don't even want her at my house helping me because she's just being sulky about feeling torn between her needy husband and her daughter who actually needs help... so today I told her either tell him to leave (I was fine with him staying for thanksgiving weekend - they stayed at a hotel and my husband was home with me and i wanted solo time with him anyway) or go and be with him and sightsee (like he wanted to do anyway- every day he was going on daytrips to places with her- i live in coastal california) and don't bother helping me. She told him to go home. so stressful. ugh. 

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Ugh, Yogini, that does sound really stressful. I'm sorry that you're still so uncomfortable as well! My clit is pretty sore feeling too, and I'm 7 weeks pp. I think it's just from pushing. It's slowly been getting better, though. Each week is an improvement :) I hope you start feeling back to yourself soon. 

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