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Abk - my goodness that wee boy of yours is gorgeous ! I love his onesie what a neat idea!

Katherine is 2weeks 3days old today. She is such a sweetie, dh went back to work yesterday he does 14hr days and we miss him so much. But we have done amazingly well getting into our new routine, and I'm so proud of how I'm coping with three kids. Having a wee issue in the evenings for around an hour or two where Katherine gets upset while feeding, I have oversupply issues and a super fast let down so laying down to feed is the best option for us right now. Still bleeding, not huge amounts but I don't see it stopping anytime soon :-/
We have a midwives appt tomorrow for a weigh in.
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Little girl is gaining 40 grams per day.  She's up to 4.57 kg ( roughly, 10 pounds).



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Omgosh Danielle and Serafina, your girls are so beautiful!!! Love it!
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Day 5 here.

I have a sore body, boobs, back, belly and below.

I tore. Kinda bad I think. And I moved to fast in the wrong way the other day, ouch!

Swelling, peeing, and pooping haven't been too bad. But I've been taking ibuprofen every 6 hours, and that helps a lot. Plus this pain relieving spray, and witch hazel pads on my pad. Bleeding as been pretty mild.

She is a dream. Only gets fussy when gassy, I'm starting to figure out what foods are no no's. She gave us a scare wile still at the hospital. She would gag when she pooped, and started to choke. But that's not an issue now that her body has a better handle on things. She nurses well, has a hard suck. Kinda hurts even though she is attached nicely. My tatas are just not used to it yet. Getting better on my end tho.

Last night we went to bed at 3:30 am, she slept for 4 hours nursed had a diaper change and slept another 4 hours. I loved it! That was the most sleep I've gotten sense the day before I had her. I was up 32 hours when I had her.

I don't have any other children {yet ;) } but her uncles and grandparents have been fawning all over her, and helping us out.

DH is #1 diaper changer! He adores her and is so natural with her. I'll be so sad when he goes back to work on Monday night.

I've been pretty emotional. Not the baby blues. Just really snappy at DH, or so happy I want to cry. Most of the time I feel normal/happy. Thankfully DH doesn't take personal when I snap at him. Yesterday I was nurseing her and it hurt because I was so engorged, and he made a joke. I normally take that well, but I yelled at him. We all laughed after it happened.

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day 5 here. my precious little boy is nursing great and only lost an ounce since birth. he's nursing in my lap as i type this. I got to have an awesome, quick and easy birth experience I'm very pleased with it :) I got "risked out" of the natural birthing center because of a great deal of maconium but I still did all natural, no meds, no epidural birth this time and I'm so proud of myself :) (although i did beg for it while i was transitioning LOL) 


My postpartum body is doing excellent!!! I never expected to feel so amazing right after birthing a baby! No soreness, very light bleeding, energy is a little low but I'm not complaining over here :) I didn't tear this time either WooHoo! no stitches to deal with!

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Originally Posted by UntilForever29 View Post
  all natural, no meds, no epidural birth this time and I'm so proud of myself :) (although i did beg for it while i was transitioning LOL) 



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My lil pumpkin head smile.gif
Day 6 here and my boobs are fully engored and sore now! Yikes. It helps when we cosleep and i let him nurse all night.
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This is the best thing by far:
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Omgoodness!!! That is too cute!!
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Hi everyone! I finally got around to reading through everyone's posts, your babies are all so adorable! My little one is 4 days old now, and we just love her so much. She's doing great with nursing, but still perfecting her latch. It's pretty painful at times, but I know we'll get it right if we keep trying. Not sure what to think of her sleep patterns yet.. Thursday night she was up basically all night long, but then slept like a champ last night, waking only to nurse/diaper. We'll see what tonight holds! I think I have a little bit of the baby blues.. I'm fine all day, but then in the evening I start to feel so sad for no reason. It's not interfering with anything except for my mood, I still love taking care of Lily, and I don't think it's anything serious at this point. Just wish I could shake it off and feel normal but I don't know how. 


Here's my sweet little girl! 


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Oh Dahlia, she is so pretty!

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about the blues. Give it a little time and if it doesn't get better then I would look into some help. Good luck!
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Dahlia - what a little sweetheart Lilly is! As for the blues day 4-7 i was a bit of a mess, crying for no reason. But day 8 and onwards happy as could be. It's normal, and just hormones overloading our bodies with a few too many feelings at once.

Katherine is three weeks old today. It's all going so fast. She's doing really well, gaining well and is such a sweet content baby. I just love her sweet cuddles. She is up over 4kgs now which I'm pretty pleased about. Her skin is a wee bit spotty today but I'm sure it will clear just as fast as it came on.
Already thinking about Christmas and wondering what to get her???? What are you other mummas planning for your LO?
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Thank you :love She's so sweet and cuddly! As far as Christmas goes, I haven't thought of any ideas yet. I know I want to make a tree ornament with her hand or footprint, but I'm at a loss as to what to get her. I was just counting the weeks til Christmas, and Lily will be almost exactly 10 weeks old.. it's hard to imagine her any older than she is now! I also can't believe how close Thanksgiving and Christmas are! They're just around the corner!

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I'm sure to give two breasts bursting with sweet milk  :thumb

Goodness, I've purchased so much for her in the past months, everything I could have thought up that a baby could need, that I think for the holidays, it's time for grandparents and aunts/uncles to step up and start buying stuff for her!

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So true, lol! I'm thinking more along the lines of something sentimental, like a little keepsake, rather than gifts. I know that my siblings and I always loved and looked forward to hanging our First Christmas ornaments up on the tree each year, so I think we'll do something like that with Lily. I'd also like to get her a stocking that she can help hang up for Santa as she gets older. I love the holidays, and I'm really looking forward to starting our own family traditions!! 

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I love the holidays, too.  I think I'll make an ornament with a pic from our newborn photo shoot and the year and her name on it.

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my pp blues was more sporatic. i feel lik,e the first time i felt it was about a week in. I had a day where just about anything could make me cry.  Crying so hard I had to just excuse myself from everyone else and go let it all out alone.  Then at about day 15 I had another day like that. DH was trying to talk to me about roofing material for our new porch and this craft show I'm planning to do next year and I just lost it.  Other than that I've felt pretty stable. Once in a while I get that feeling like I could either start crying or move on and I can consciously choose to move on. Hormones are so awesome!


I like the idea of making Xmas stockings for the boys. Since DS1 has never had one maybe this is the year and I can just have that be my special thing for Porter.


I can't help but add a couple more pictures. The second was a nap the three of us took together the other day. I woke up and looked over and my oldest was kind of spooning his little brother. He moved before I could catch it but they are still pretty cute.


You can see in the second one that Porter still has a bit of breastmilk jaundice.  I can't wait for him to not be yellow anymore.


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Day 10 for us. Things are looking up. Baby has been great and he sleeps most of the night which is great. But after the first day and a half I started having a lot of pain in my lower abdomen and was pretty worried. I figured out a few days ago that I had a prolapsed bladder. Basically I felt my organs shifting around at first and my bladder ended up too low which made it painful to pee and walk and stuff. I did some exercises (cow pose from cat-cow) and was conscious of my posture and I'm happy to say it doesn't hurt anymore! Phew!

So I'm still staying only upstairs for a few more days and I'm gradually being more active, doing some laundry and stuff and we should be getting to a normal schedule soon. Boy, 6 babies really takes it out of you! This is definitely my grand finale!

Oh and baby has a name now! Narayan Gopal!
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littlebird - wonderful name!  I love it.  :)


So I'm, what, day 4 postpartum now, I think.  Just got my baby home with me today, yay!  I have to say, physically, very little of what everyone told me would happen actually did.  And that's with my birth being a traumatic one.  I'm sore, but not unbearable, my bleeding tapered WAY off (I only need those small regular pads now, and I barely fill them), and pooing was no big deal.  However, because I got catheterized (ugh), I'm kinda having trouble peeing.  Like, it takes me a few tries to actually empty my bladder, and I can't feel the urge the same.  I'm not having any pain at all, but I am watching for it. 


That spray on lidocaine stuff - the one with the menthol?  Dermaplast, I think it's called?  I want to kiss whomever invented that on the mouth.  That stuff is freaking fantastic.  :P


I've totally got the periodic weepies.  Leaving the baby for an extra day was freaking hell on me, and when I tried to pump at home, I broke down crying every time.  I feel loads better today, but I'm still taking it pretty easy.  My husband is very patient, and my midwife went right up to him when she discharged me and told him to remind me every time I cried that it was normal and nothing was wrong with me and that I was doing great.  He took her at her word, and it really helped.  Lol.


Picture time!



The second is my favorite, because she wasn't even about to cry in that one... she was just sucking on her bottom lip.  It's still too cute for words.  :P

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I have boobs for the first time in my life.  Real boobs.  What... what do people do with these boobs?  I think I'm a D cup now!  I've been a B cup for ages and ages, and I only crawled up to somewhere around a C cup during pregnancy.  And I think they might get bigger, cause my milk only really started to come in yesterday!  I'm going to have to buy a grownup lady bra.  Holy crap.


It's amazing what's entertaining.  :P  As soon as my husband found out he could actually HELP me pump by massaging my breasts, and my midwife TOLD him to do it... yeah.  The man is pretty much over the moon about everything in his life right now.  Haha!

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