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I think it'll work to have both :) You won't get abandoned!

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Yup, it will just be half as busy around here, if that. Oh, well.
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So I think my little lady is sick. She's barely eating today and is sleeping lots. When she is awake she just stares off and doesn't cry (usually she cries for attention often, today not a peep). She's also spit up vomitted bright yellow twice which she hasn't done in awhile. No dirty diapers today, only wet. Should I be worried?
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Aw, sorry your little one isn't acting like herself :( I'd call the doctor to get a professional opinion, but I'm also a worrier. 

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So I called the dr and he said to take her to the ER which is what they say EVERYTIME. I think it's a liability or something so that's why they say to go... I wish they would just reassure me instead... Now I feel like I must go just in case but I bet she's okay
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I'm sure she's ok too, Superbeans, but I guess it's just a better safe than sorry thing. It'll be ok mama :)

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My baby took a 3 day break from pomoina this week. Not so uncommon. But trust your mama instinct and go get a dr's opinion. I hope She's fine.
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Did you end up going to a doctor, Superbeans? How's your gal?

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I decided not to go. She didn't seem dehydrated and my husband wasn't home... So I figured I would wait the 2 hours until he got home and see how she was. And a bit after that she drank a bottle and kept it down. So I figured she was turning for the better. This may sound horrible but the good part of her being sick was that she slept from about 9:30 pm to 9:00 am (except for feedings, but then she woke and went right back to sleep) so I basically got nearly 12 hours of sleep last night. I haven't felt this good in a long time. And she's clearly much better today too
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I'm glad she's feeling better today! Sick babies are so sad! But a big hooray for sleep, haha!

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i finally wrote my birth story.....  http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1394363/my-disappointing-traumatic-homebirth-turned-hospital-transfer


superbeans- I hope your baby is 100% happy healthy and well soon! 

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Well, I'm 10 weeks PP and we finally tried to have sex last night...and it was not a success. Disappointed. greensad.gif
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:HugHugs, mama.  It will get better.

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I felt like I was gonna fall apart yesterday. It was everything I could do to keep it together.

With my husband out of town most of the time, night time makes me feel like I'm going insane. It's not the baby, but my 4yo. He wants to sleep basically on top of me. He wakes the baby, or the baby wakes him up. I'm exhausted. During the day he is incredibly difficult.

To top it off I am suffering from chronic back pain. It makes my threshold so low. I'm being awful to my 4yo. I am worried I might lose it with him.

I have met with my therapist every week and went to acupuncture today. I have some calming herbs from my naturopath. I have help during the day. But... Still...

I just need to hear this is gonna get better. :'-(
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:Hug Big big hugs to you, Dalia! It will definitely get better! I'm so sorry you're having a rough time right now, it's so hard being the main caregiver at times. Is there anyone who could lend a hand at night? A relative or close friend? Being tired just adds to the feelings of being overwhelmed. I'm thinking of you and hope things get easier for you soon! 

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Oh dalia, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. I had my first night alone with both boys last night and it felt so overwhelming. My 3.5 year old didn't want to go to bed at all and Porter wouldn't go down til about 9pm and I was desperate for a moment to myself. I wish I had something helpful to suggest. I do feel like it will get better. The baby will get older and more independent. I also have back issues and I feel like once the baby can sit up on his own my life will be soo much easier.

Slammerkin, it'll get better. I'm sorry it was disappointing.

Hugs to both of you
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Dalia it gets better.
Be a drill sargent.
Take no prisoners, my just turned 5yr old went from I'm so big I'm a big brother to a passive aggressive whiner. Bed time for him is now 7pm.
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Are any of you guys on Instagram? Would love to follow and see some cute babies smile.gif
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i'm @ashleyshanti on instagram :)


regarding sex after baby.... how horrible is it?? I'm not even 7 weeks postpartum now and already my husband is hounding me about it... really?? i'm covered in spit up, I haven't showered in 2 days, my boobs are leaking all over the place... and .... he SAW my vagina rip open almost to my butt. how can he expect me to feel sexy when I can't even wash my hair.. and the time I do have that is "free" for personal maintenance i spend doing laundry or cleaning up or eating/drinking something myself. gahhhh. i get that he works all day so I do the domestic shit but expecting all that plus sex is too much. i'm thinking valentines day (12-14 weeks out) is more realistic. 


ALSO I can't stand how all the baby/parenting websites say that sex "may" hurt for the first couple months... as if you're supposed to just power through it.. if it hurts- we're flat out not doing it til it doesn't hurt AT ALL. sex should never hurt, and it should always be mutually beneficial. 

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AMEN yogini! I totally agree. If sex hurts, I'm not doing it. We haven't tried yet, and I'm between 9 and 10 weeks. Luckily my husband hasn't been bugging me about it, but I know he really wants to have sex. I just don't quite feel ready yet, plus, I'm honestly scared to try. I agree with your timeline for trying again. I was thinking around 11 or 12 weeks I might give it a shot. Men just don't get it sometimes. They don't always understand how much we really do during the day, and how little time is actually "free" time. 

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