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Slammerkin- sorry sex is still pooey. It'll get better, just keep trying

Yogini- be kind to yourself. 2 months is nothing when you consider the craziness our bodies have been through. I understand the frustration. I feel it too. I am so anxious to be back in my normal strong body and at 3 months I'm finally making progress with my separated abs and weight loss. I still have 10-15lbs and a lot of strengthening to go and I'm just constantly reminding myself to be patient and active

So yeah, I'm having kind of a crap day. I threw my back out this morning so I'm laying on the floor with porter and the ipad. Poo
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Ciga - you poor thing I hope your back comes right ASAP! :-(

I'm on a bit of a mission, we moved in just on four months ago and this house seems so filled with clutter Christmas hasn't helped. So I'm going to try a declutter binge of say 40 bags in 40days.the idea being that I fill a supermarket bag with Things that are leaving the house either to be donated, recycled or binned.
Oh and I started putting away all of Katherine's nb clothes, feels very surreal.
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Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I hope it gets better. This was the second attempt and we got a little farther than the first time, so hopefully continuing to try and giving it more time will get us there eventually.


Ciga, sorry to hear about your back! Sounds miserable. Feel better soon!


Danielle, Christmas has made my house a mess too, ugh!


I still have to get back to exercising. It's hard after being so inactive, not just in PP recovery, but in pregnancy too. I'm sooo weak. And I'm going back to work on the 8th, and this extra 7-8 lbs is sooo not gonna work with my pre-preg dress pants. Poop!

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Thanks ladies. Fortunately today was better. I'm up off the floor but still taking it easy. No baby wearing and minimal carrying at all. It definitely makes coaxing this boy to sleep a little more complicated.

Danielle- I just finished packing up all our newborn clothes for my brother. It was kind of sad to seal the box even though I know we don't want more kids. My husband and are are equally sure of that but still...
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I'm looking forward to some decluttering too... there are several boxes in my dining room that I'm pretty sure are judging me when I walk past them.  They're from when we cleaned out the room that became the nursery.  Ugh.  So much random crap in there.


My husband and I are doing some personal no-spend challenges this year, starting in January - hoping to cut the eating out down to pretty much nothing and cook more.  :)


It's interesting how at 11 weeks PP I still feel odd pressure in my pelvic floor at times, but only if I do too much during the day.  I actually have to be very careful still with the walking or carrying things, since my right hip is still separated.  It makes things awfully difficult - I've slipped a few times in situations where I never would have slipped before, it feels like my leg just gives out from underneath me.  So freaky!  My midwife reassured me it would re-fuse in time, so I'm being patient.  :)  At least the sneeze peeing is done!  Yay!  


I just got the prettiest ring sling from Kalea Baby on sale - it was my Christmas gift to the babe, something we could both use.  :)  I love it SO much, and I'm hoping it'll help free my arms up more during the day for cooking and the like.

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Anybody still checking in around here? I'm really wondering how a lot of mamas are doing. Please post updates, y'all!

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Agreed! I'd love to hear from people!
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I'm still here! I was really depressed for a while and struggling big time but I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My 4yo DS has had a behavioral shift for the better (or maybe it was me???) and I've now finally figured out how everyone (except me LOL) can get sleep in the family bed. I hope everyone else is doing well. My little one is very sweet and easy.
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I'm glad you're feeling better dalia! You're a trooper to get through depression, and new baby, and an older child. I dunno if we're going to have a second one or not, but I can imagine it's difficult to manage. We've talked about having Ava be an only child, since we're both a little traumatized by the birth, but we'll see how we feel in a couple years.

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Im still here too! Just been so busy STILL learning how to cope with 2 kids, its been really hard on my body because Im always pushed to my limits and beyond with these 2. ...Izell is in my arms most of the day and chasing around a nearly 3 yr old who has cabin fever all while trying to keep up with the wood burning stove and the household stuff, its really wearing on me. On a brighter note, Izell is such a doll face starting to giggle at me and laugh out loud. Shes so long and skinny with the longest arms and legs so its been hard to find clothes that fit her properly. I have her in 6 and 9 mth clothes already shes so long, its crazy! AND she started teething pretty hard about a mth ago...drooling a TON, gnawing on her fists constantly and biting my nipple really hard. I put an amber necklace on her already and its helped tremendously but the drool OH MY!!! I cant believe its almost been 3 mths!
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Today is my last day of maternity leave! Ugh.trying not to spend the day crying. I know most of you have already made the transition back tell me it will all be okay!
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Awww beans...hugs honey! It will be ok.

I'm still here too. smile.gif I thought everyone left here for a Facebook group...am I right or did I just imagine that?
Anyway, we're doing pretty good. Lillian has finally past the colic phase. Man that was a rough 3 months!! This girl would scream for hours on end, nothing I did helped. But now she's the smiliest, most giggly little love bug ever. smile.gif
I just had to show her off. smile.gif Our middle dd turned 4 a few weeks ago, she's a terrific big sister. I'm so proud of her. Hasn't shown the slightest bit of jealousy & loves her baby sister to pieces. She's so helpful with her too. We are truly blessed with 4 amazing children. I'm so thankful that I'm able to be home with them now...I had to go back to work when middle dd was 11 weeks old & that's the toughest thing I've ever had to do.

Glad to hear from some of y'all again. smile.gif I was hoping everyone didn't leave! wink1.gif
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Hey, no worries, I'm still around too!  :)  The Facebook group is a bit easier at times for me - Mothering.com doesn't like to cooperate on my phone much.  :/  If anyone is interested in being added to the FB group, PM me!


Norah is going through that sleep regression thing that apparently hits around 3 or 4 months, and it is KILLING ME.  I went from 7 blissful hours at a stretch to 3 at a time if I'm lucky.  At least she's just waking up to nurse, but it's seriously messing with my head.  Hoping she settles back into her nice routine soon!  She's been making some HUGE leaps and bounds developmentally, so I'm sure that's what it is.  She can grab toys now and put them in her mouth easily, she's learning to suck her thumb (she alternates between it and her forefinger) and she's so close to sitting up unassisted!  However, rolling over holds absolutely NO appeal, so she just essentially refuses to do it, lol.  She did it once, so I know she can, but she won't do it again.  Little brat.  :P


Haven't successfully been able to have sex yet, sigh.  Tried the other day and it was an abject failure.  I thought I was totally healed, and I'm sure I am... but it hurt so freaking badly.  We could have taken our time and probably finished, but the kid started to fuss, and so we just gave it up for then.  Hopefully we'll get another chance soon.  :/  I knew it would be slow going with the internal tear, but this sucks butt.

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I'm here.  My little Belle is the light of our lives, including her older brothers'!  She smiles, operates her hands, almost sits unassisted, and is just so easy going and patient.  I love her.  It is so nice to have only one little kid, I think we will start TTCing another baby by the end of 2014 and I*m already dreading how it will be to manage two littles.  My almost 9 and 11 year olds are such cool guys, only occasionally testing me, but being fabulous most of the time, such great company and I miss them a lot when they are with their dad and it's just kinda boring around here with just me and baby when my DF is at work.  It is a bit challenging on days I don't have a car and it's really arctic weather and I'm running the older two to school and activities with public transportation and trudging through snow, all with a baby,but on a bright note, only 15 pounds left to lose, 35 gone.  I start to feel less like a bloated mess in regular clothes, almost can wear pre-pregnancy clothes.  Hoping to quickly lose the remainder of the pregnancy weight because my band has its' first gigs coming up!  Yikes!  If anyone wants a link to my bands' youtube channel and facebook presence, PM me and I'll share the link so you can entertain yourselves for ten minutes listening to our demos, if you want.

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Nice! I check back here every once in a while and I was sure it had been totally abandoned. I do find the Facebook group a bit easier but I still check this one and I was really curious about how everyone is doing.

Irielyn- I am so with you on struggling to figure out the parenting two little ones bit. I'm home alone with them 99% of the time, it's below freezing outside most days, we dont live near any familyfor a helping hand, and I am exhausted. I read an article about parenting the other day that described the emotional highs and lows like this —"a high-amplitude, high-frequency sine curve along which we get the privilege of doing hourly surfs"
Seemed pretty spot on to me

Nurse mom- So Sweet!

Rainy- I HATE the sleep regression. This has been going on for like a month. I was on the verge of trying rice cereal a couple times. I remember being super against it with my first but I don't totally remember why. Maybe it was a false hope thing. I don't think I'll actually do it but I admit I've been super tempted. I miss my 6 hour stretch soooo much!

Serafina- I'd love to check out the bands youtube. I'll pm you

Porter is just shy of 4 months now. I also have about 15lbs to go to my prepregnancy weight. I actually did an exercise video last week and it was kind of awesome. I felt great after. So, I'm going to try to do it 3 times a week for the rest of the winter. I need something to get my heart rate up since the ice and cold have knocked out our daily walks.
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We haven't been able to yet either rainy day. We also tried again just the other day when we hadn't tried in like two weeks.... Still hurts. I had 3rd degree tearing and had an episiotomy so I'm thinking that might be why it still hurts.
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Ugh, we haven't tried to have sex in weeks, but I'm pretty sure it's still not going to be a success at this point. Things still feel tender sometimes. I had second degree tearing down the perineum and into the vagina on either side, so...yeah a fair amount of trauma down there.

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Wow! I figured it was totally dead (not that it's far from it) here and haven't checked in a very long while. I was so excited to see there were "new" posts! I'm really glad to hear from those of you who didn't join us on Facebook! NurseMom, she is so sweet! Although, that's an old picture now! I'd love to hear how you're all doing now since it was SOOO long ago that anyone posted!

I'm struggling a lot with jealousy issues from DS3. There's not a whole lot to say about it other than it's incredibly difficult. Ivy's doing well. She's 4 months old now...working on her first tooth. It could be months, of course, before that tooth appears, but her gums are bulging and I can see the tooth.

Unfortunately, I gained some weight over Christmas and almost weighed as much as I did at the end of pregnancy! I've been able to start exercising regularly, though and now I'm only 10lbs. over pre-pregnancy weight.

I really hope everyone's doing well. It's pretty depressing how right Serafina was about the Facebook group being the death of our DDC on Mothering. greensad.gif
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What fbook group?
Post the link again
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I think it's completely private now and only members of the group can see it. DanielleNZ, Dahlia810 and, I think, rainydaycraft can add you if you PM one of them with your info.
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