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Yes Shiloh join the facebook group!!!

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I'm still around on mothering.com  :)
Do you guys ever go to 'Life with a Baby'?

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I'm here too! I've been depressed a lot. :-( I have been to Life w/a baby sometimes.
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Awwww I love seeing some action in our DDC again! I'm feeling those nostalgic feelings a lot lately since this time last year we were all joining this DDC and getting excited for our fall arrivals!

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Me too!
I loathe the way Facebook steals away the action from great sites like this one, where I feel more safe and anonymous. I find the mobile version just fine to post with on my phone.... I do have a Facebook account but not with my real name or any photos/information and only to check im with family's postings once a month. (Ok a few friends too but all I have known over ten years and feel certain I will still be close to them in ten years). Six years ago I approached Facebook in the mainstream way, adding everyone I ever met in life and online as friends and it got insane, and it didn't feel right. Then when I started considering privacy and internet and the direction it's headed (not necessarily problems today, but future facial recognition software) I realized I didn't want every single thing about my life out there in the cyber ether where I can never get it back. And my kids deserve the chance to decide for themselves as adults how much about their life they want on the internet.

Okrant over! :-) I'd love you guys to post here!
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Hey there ladies! Still here, just usually searching the forums in my spare time and I dont have a fb account anymore.


All is well, little Izell is 4 mths old now, 15 lbs and 26 inches! Long and skinny just like her brother was and OH SO happy and smiley faced all the time! Nursing like a champ these days and frequently shows off how much she can wiggle her tongue around now that its free. Her big bro Drezden is even more in love with her than ever and often teaches her things and tells her stories. Feeling some major cabin fever lately and SO very ready for spring so I can get my hands back in the dirt!

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Ahh, dirt sounds lovely. All is well here with Narayan and my five others. My oldest took the SAT today. Time flies. Narayan will be 5 months on the 11th which is also my 37th birthday! He's about 17 lbs and pretty tall, but I can't get a good measurement. He is such a joy and still feels like a wise man looking sweetly down on me.
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I can't wait for spring! I usually don't even mind winter, but this one's been so brutal!

We've been having a tough time here with illnesses. Nasty colds, gastrointestinal bugs, fifth disease...it seems to never end. At least I'm not pregnant anymore, so the fifths isn't a big deal, but we're even more stuck at home because of it. Also, Ivy's been having a tough time with teething. She cut her first tooth yesterday and has been calmer since, but the second's never far behind the first. Thankfully, she never got really sick like the rest of us.

I had Ivy weighed on Thursday and she was 16lbs. 2oz. and 26"! I'm excited about that because it's double her birth weight! Even though breastfeeding went fine with DS3, it didn't with my other two. With DS1, it was bad from the start, but DS2 is a different story. I still don't know exactly what went wrong (I have theories), but it was around Ivy's age (4 months) that I realised there was a problem, so it was a big relief to see she's gaining well!
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