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littlebird, I'm sorry to hear about the prolapsed bladder and glad to hear you are recovering well.


rainydaycraft  so glad to hear that your whole family is safe and sound at home and you are recovering well, despite the occasional weepy feeling.


I'm pretty bummed in general, not weeping (ok maybe once last night) but just feeling like everything is blah and dark and bad, the way I did in the first trimester.  I hope this passes soon.

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Well done Mumma's for growing such beautiful little people!

Serafina - me too, just feeling sad and a bit lonely although in my tired state company is the last thing I want. Katherine is upset in the late afternoon/evening most days. Increasingly hard to wind and settle. All due to my over supply and fast let down. Laying in bed to feed helps but is just not practical with a three yr old and a house to take care of. We went to the osteopath today to try And help her, another appointment Friday. I hate seeing her upset. Makes me feel like I'm failing her.
I really hope the adjustment today helps her.
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Originally Posted by rainydaycraft View Post


I have boobs for the first time in my life.  Real boobs.  What... what do people do with these boobs?  I think I'm a D cup now!  I've been a B cup for ages and ages, and I only crawled up to somewhere around a C cup during pregnancy.  And I think they might get bigger, cause my milk only really started to come in yesterday!  I'm going to have to buy a grownup lady bra.  Holy crap.

I know, right!? Though mine did jump to a D during pregnancy and are now a DD, I started out a B. I didn't remember how huge my boobs would get. I've always been a skimpy soft cup bra kind of girl but now I have to wear a supportive bra all the time...even to bed. Granted that's partly because I need something to hold my nursing pads so I'm not drenched in milk 24/7 but whatever. The boobs are out of control.

Danielle. I hope the osteopath helped. I think I might have a bit of oversupply as well. Porter always has to back off when my milk lets down and then gets a milk shower. Fortunately he only gets mad about it some of the time.

After staying for a full month and doing almost everything for me, my mom left this morning. It's kind of bittersweet. It hasn't been 100% easy having someone living with us all this time. Particularly when she would point out what she considered to be our parenting mistakes but she was also incredibly helpful and had she not been here DH would have had to take off way more time and wouldn't have been able to complete some of the household projects he did. Having a live in nanny for our 3.5 year old was kind of amazing. My dad came for the last three days and drove home with my mom. I love the man but holy c$&@ I was ready for him to go. Within 10 minutes of entering my home he commented on how I still look pregnant. My mom almost slapped him. He caught me totally off guard and all I could sputter out was "I had a baby 2 weeks ago dad!" After having felt okay about the rate at which my body was recovering I then spent the next day or so feeling like poo...fat poo. So yeah, I was relieved that we had decided he was only allowed to come for a few days.

My little boys and I had our first successful solo outing today after my parents left. We went to the library for story/art time. It probably took us as long to get in the car as we spent there but it was great and DS1 was sooooo well behaved and helpful.
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Omg, Ciga, I'm sorry your dad wasn't very sensitive :( I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt your feelings. And I'm positive that you look great! You're right- you JUST had a baby! Take it easy mama <3

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Thanks Dahlia.  Unfotunately, my dad has a history of dumb comments like that. So much so that my mom and I had a conversation about needing to explain to him that he's never allowed to make any comment about a woman's appearance unless he's telling them they look beautiful.  He was terrible through both my pregnancies and my sister's constantly commenting on how huge we were and were we sure it wasn't twins though never thought anything he was saying was rude or inappropriate.  My brother's girlfirend is pregnant and coming for Thanksgiving and I need to pull him aside beforehand to remind him to keep all dumb remarks to himself.  Maybe we can at least save her and my younger sisters from it.  He's a wonderful person but a complete dolt when it comes to other peoples feelings.

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My dad can be extremely insensitive too, I completely understand! He's a sweet, caring, stupid man sometimes haha. He once made a comment to my husband that I was getting fat, and I wasn't even pregnant. I was really really hurt. Sometimes they are just totally oblivious to how hurtful they can be. Hugs lady!! 

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Hugs Ciga! Men hey, they really don't get it sometimes.

I'm saddened to say that in the last 48hrs things have gone from amazing to hideous, and I feel like a total failure. Katherine sleeps well at night thank goodness but during the day she gets over tired and she screams and screams and I'm not enough to even calm her, she exhausts herself and falls asleep. None of much children have ever done this, and im at a total loss. It's exhausting and she cries and so do I. I am scared of when she is awake for fear of not being able to settle her again.

The rain here today really doesn't help. We also have a postnatal appt today which I wish I could cancel because I don't want to wake Katherine for it.

I hope this passes soon :-(
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Danielle,  so sorry about the fussyness!  It can be so hard to keep calm, huh?  I hope you can figure out something that helps!!!!

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Day 9 for us here.  PP bleeding was almost gone completely yesturday but this morning I got up and a HUGE clot fell out and then a gush of blood.  Then kinda on and off all day. But it startled me this morning. I thought I was done, but then that happened! Grrrrrr....






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Untilforever, he is so cute!!!

Danielle, I'm sorry your angel is so fussy greensad.gif I hope it gets better soon.

Baby John is 5 weeks old! We are doing pretty well. John started sleeping in 3 hour blocks a couple nights ago, and I appreciate it! He also has been very fussy at times, screaming, and causing me to cry. I don't know when I should run to him and when I should walk away because I'm so frustrated. I feel guilty regardless. Nursing is going beautifully, but I'm starting to worry about how I will have enough milk stored for when I go back to work. I have 7 weeks to build my freezer supply. It's a little stressful. I'm starting to adjust dividing my time with the other kids a little better. I'm still not having sex; I have no drive and can't seem to get rid of this yeast infection. My husband is getting frustrated about it. Overall, I'm good though!

Here is a picture of my good looking Dude!!
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Well after feeling so flat his morning, little miss Katherine has perked up considerably. We napped around lunchtime and I'm feeling much better mentally (thank goodness) she is sound asleep on my chest right now. Hopefully we can make it through this evening without any crying from either of us.
Keeping everything crossed!
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Abk - squeeee John is adorable! And 5weeks old! Time really is flying by!
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Awww everyones babies are so beautiful!


12 days here. My milk has leveled out, and not really sore at all. I think using cloth pads overnight helps cuz they get to breath. It looks like I have just about stopped bleeding.My belly no longer has that flabby look. And I've gone from 4 ibuprofen every 6 hours, to 2 once or twice a day. And none of my stiches hurt anymore! I feel almost normal down there. On the down side almost everything I eat seems to give us both gas. Acelyn also went through a phase where she guzzled down a belly full of milk just to throw it all back up, she seems to be over that now. Even though it didn't seem to bother her it upset me. And she would get so mad when we would change her clothes or diaper that she would throw up, I hated that... when she would cry I would nearly join her every time. Things are better now tho. For the most part she is a very happy, easy baby.

We gave her a bath last week, she had mixed feelings about that. Yesterday I took her in the shower with me, she was so content, didn't even fuss when I handed her off to hubby to get her dried and dressed.

Nights are going pretty good for us. Depends on how gassy she is. She'll sleep around 4 hours in a row. These last few nights I've turned some quite music on, and that seems to help her sleep better.

I love being wrapped up in her. All the little sounds and faces she makes, it's wonderful! Being a mom feels so right, so natural.

Oh I finally posted my birth story.


My mother did a little photo shoot last Saturday. The pumpkins are from our wedding, they are the first letters of our first names. And we sat all this up on my grandmothers table.

And this is how she is most of the time

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13 days.
Bleeding is every other day.
Spent yesterday in hospital,
Stuck kidney stone.
Dad managed the 4 little ones on his own.
Yes he expects medal.
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Day 11 for us. All of the sudden feeling pressure down below. ??? I have had no pain til now. Organs shifting back maybe?
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Katherine is 3 wks 4 days old
And often inconsolable, we are seeing the osteopath every few days as her vagas nerve is deeply impacted. Which is causing her a lot of discomfort. Poor darling hates the adjustments & I hate seeing her upset but feel even worse knowing she will be in pain all the time if we don't persevere.
Baby wearing is my life saver.
I'm doing ok, tired, and emotional when Katherine is upset and I feel useless. Still bleeding *sigh* tmi only lightly though.
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Originally Posted by Shiloh View Post
Dad managed the 4 little ones on his own.
Yes he expects medal.

Lol. I love that.


Danielle - You and Katherine both have my sympathy. :Hug Don't feel useless mama, your doing an awesome job.


One day shy of 2 weeks.

Guess I spoke too soon on the emotional part. I've been a mess today. DH walked in on me with my face buried in a tissue... I'm not even sure what set me off. He let me cry on his shoulder while he told me he loved me, such a sweetie.

Bleeding was the one thing I was kinda worried about before hand. But it really has not been that big of an issue. I'm down to a normal panty liner now.

Acelyn seems to be getting into a sleep/awake rhythm and I think I like it.

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3 weeks 1 day and occasional red gush of blood, and then maybe 2-3 days of nothing. Weird.

I was pretty grumpy and depressed until 3-4 days ago and then I had a couple of glasses of wine with my DF and just managed to cheer up.  Thank goodness.

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Did the wine affect your baby at all? I have had a drink on three different occasions, literally one drink, and John did not sleep at all those nights. He was up from 1am-5am roughly each time. He has never been a good sleeper, but nothing like that. I'm assuming it is due to the alcohol, but I can't fugure out why it would cause that. Any thoughts? Oh, and the lack of sleep started 5 hours/3 nursing sessions later.

Anyway, 6 weeks old! We are doing well. I have my check up tomorrow with my gyno. I'm curious to see what he will say about my UC. Lol. I am concerned about the yeast infection I haven't been able to get rid of, and I feel kind of heavy in my vagina! Right now, I would like him to sleep in his bed for a little while. I sleep so poorly worried I will suffocate him.

I'm starting to function as more than just HIS mother. Still don't have a desire to have sex. This is not me. I wanted it multiple times a day. What is wrong with me??? Ugh. Still wish I got more sleep. He slept one five hour stretch last night. That was weird. It's already not happening tonight. He is still cranky, but I love him so much!!

They fell asleep like this on the couch so I went to bed and left them. Lol. Now I'm up nursing him. I only got an hour.
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Yay! I'm not preggo anymore!!

One week PP here. LOVING having two kiddos. Healing very nicely. Crazy baby nurses every five seconds. Here's a pic
of my little piglet.

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