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I Had that heavy feeling in my vagina around 9 days pp for a couple of days.
The wine did nothing. Lucky me, that sounds awful, abk!

If I didn't get quality sleep while tummy to tummy with baby sidelying nursing or ready to do so, I'd be exhausted too! I have no advice other than to try to train yourself to sleep well witht baby right there next to you. I don't see long stretches of time away from mom's smell being something your baby will be interested in, for quite some time...and presumably not a good idea even if he tolerated it, as it could be bad for your supply to go more than 3-4 hours between nursing in the first few months.
Sorry I have no advice for how to get what you want! Remember, these early months with a small infant go by so fast and a more normal routine will happen in time with an older baby who has a bigger tummy who can consume more calories to last them through "the night".
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We sleep together with baby tummy to tummy with me all night. I'm getting very decent sleep. I just have to wake to attach baby quite a bit. Which is fine. It's the hours that he lays there awake wiggling and grunting that I can't sleep. Luckily that's not too often. But today he woke up at 5 and stayed that way until 8:30. He has no schedule at all, not even close!! Lol
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Sounds great, abk!  I just felt sorry for you when you said, "I sleep poorly worried I will suffocate him", but glad you do sleep.  :thumb

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4 weeks 3 Days post partum!
Colic is subsiding thankfully, and we are sleeping reasonably well. Usually in three hour slots. My youngest son has started kindergarten this week and is absolutely loving it. So Katherine and I have three mornings a week with just the two of us at home. I think I may have overdone things yesterday as after 3-4 days with no bleeding, I've gotten up this morning with some bright red bleeding again :-(
Here are some photos of Katherine a friend took yesterday :-)
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cutie!  I still see pink on the toilet paper every couple of days....  help.gif

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She is soooo cute, Danielle!! Take it easy :)

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i had that super heavy, swollen vagina feeling around day 13 and had more bleeding and clots that day too. nothing too bad but it was really uncomfortable. he sleeps great at night snuggled up next to my boob. the only times he wakes me are when he needs help relatching. found out today he has a tongue tie but its not bad enough that he cant nurse or get enough milk. he just needs some extra help latching for now. he is upto 8 lbs now so i know he is getting plenty of milk. he will be 3 weeks old on sunday



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omg. why are my pics so huge?

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Originally Posted by abk51673 View Post

It's the hours that he lays there awake wiggling and grunting that I can't sleep.


mine spent like 3 straight hours grunting last night..it felt like that anyway


we've also had a couple nights in a row of serious angry fits before bed that last an hour+

last night was a couple hours actually


most of the time he's lovely and sweet but I am admittedly exhausted...no surprises there


What does everyone else do about nighttime diapering?  Right now I'm changing him 2-4 times a night, we're also battling a persistent diaper rash but I'm just curious about you mamas who talk about only waking to nurse and never turning the lights on.

Are there no diaper changes either?  If so, what diaper configuration are you using to get you through the night without a kiddo sleeping in a puddle?



no red for a while until a slight dab when I wiped this morning but I had sex last night so I wasn't really surprised

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We don't cloth diaper, and he doesn't mind being a little wet. He has no skin breakdown problem. I put a fresh diaper on him at 10, and unless he poops he doesn't get changed again until my husband gets up at 5, changes him, and lays him back down beside me.
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I love Dappi nylon pants, they are a  bulletproof diaper cover.  I put an oversized fitted diaper on her with a huge/thick trifolded doubler (about the mass of an infant prefold, trifolded) layed inside, so it creates a huge diaper , but it's enough absorbancy to last until morning, and she doesn't poop at night, or if any comes out in a few little early morning farts before I change, it's just a tiny bit.  No diaper rash, and those dappi nylon covers make sure that not a tiny bit of wetness comes out.

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I only change Lily if she poops at night, but it's usually just farts haha

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He's slowing down on the nighttime pooping at least. Maybe once we've kicked this diaper rash I can start pushing for change free nights. This rash is driving me insane. He's basically had it since he was like 5 days old which I guess probably means its yeast. I've just never dealt with a yeast rash before and while my mom was here we thought it was wasn't healing because she wiped too rough no matter how many times we said "dab!" . Anyway it's been more than a week since she left and though it looks better its still there. No other signs of yeast though! Argh! I hate diaper rashes!
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Okay, I'm glad my kid isn't the only one who's a champion farter.  Is it a breastfed baby thing?  Cause I know her poos are pretty liquidy, but man, she is forever farting and faking us out, making us think she needs changing.  Lol!


Had my 2 week postpartum appointment today, everything is looking really good!  I'm considering a Paraguard IUD at the moment, I need to do more research.  My midwife has one herself and was raving about it, so it's on my mind at the moment.  Using condoms for the next 3-4 years kinda sounds like a bummer at the moment.  :P


I'm just down to spotting right now... switched to panty liners, which made me more excited than it probably should have.  I really wish I could use my menstrual cups.  :/

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I love me a hormone free iud!!! I used one from 2008-2012, it was awesome. Slightly heavier/longer periods but worth it.
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Right?  I have lots of issues with hormonal birth control, so that is absolutely not an option, but man, a hormone free IUD sounds perfect.  And my periods have always been 2-3 days and heavy, so I don't mind upping that a bit, that's the benefit of using menstrual cups - you don't automatically have to go through ten million tampons a day if you have a heavy flow.  And I believe it's free to get on my insurance, especially if I get it before January.  I think I'll ask about it again at my 6 week appointment. 


Also, I've heard about hormonal birth control interfering with breastfeeding and supply, and that's something I don't need. 

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The progestin only BCP does not transfer to baby and doesn't interfere with breast milk. I have catholic insurance because I work at a catholic hospital and they won't cover any form of birth control. I want the IUD, but can't pay 2,000 for it.
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DH is getting on the vasectomy train on the ASAP.  I'm defintely tempted to have more kids (especially after having such an amazing birth experience this time and when I look at this sweet lovely baby ) but I know we need to be done for a number of reasons.  DH's age (he's only 43 but by the time we would have another he'd be pushing 50) and finances being at the top of the list. Deciding to have a second was a pretty big deal for us.  Anyway, I need to figure out when, where, how the vasectomy will work because even though he's agreed to it I know he's not going to take the initiative to make it happen.

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Sigh... I really need to think about a permanent form of birth control as well. Before I got preggo this time I was open to letting the universe decide if we would have another but now I know I don't want to be preggo again. I just had such a rough go and so many complications. Plus I had another c/s and I don't want to have three major surgeries!

I admit I am worried about the side effects of everything. I've even heard bad things about getting your tubes tied although I admit they were from a friend and not anything I read anywhere. I'm also worried about DH getting a vascectomy. IDK what the heck to do! Maybe abstinence is the only way LOL!!!
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Condoms until you decide. smile.gif

Two thousand dollars for a copper IUD?? Mine was less than a hundred. Huh. I think I'll get another one at my postpartum checkup. It's so much easier than fiddling with condoms for a year or two and insertion took under a minute, removal under ten seconds.
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