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The progestin only pill doesn't usually interfere with supply, but I have known people whose supplies have been affected by it. Of course, maybe it wasn't the pill and that was just their theory. I have no personal experience with it since DH and I have always just used condoms...not the most exciting method, for sure. He'll probably be getting a vasectomy within the next year or so. We just need to make sure we're done (if that's possible). Right now I feel satisfied with four kids, which is a good sign because I've never felt that before.

Things are going pretty well here. Ivy's not quite two days old. I'm starting to get a little emotional, but that will pass. I'm healing really well. My breasts are starting to feel like my milk's going to come in, but it's not quite in yet. I was lazy with latching her on the first day which was stupid of me because now I have to fix it...and of course, my nipples are super sore because of it!

My abs are pretty much mush, which I'm never prepared for, but I have less of a belly every time I see myself in the mirror! I'm not too concerned with that yet, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't excite me a little.

My sons seem to be doing well with the new baby. DS2 is absolutely head over heels in love with her! I expected that because he's always crazy about babies, but it's still very sweet! DS3 doesn't pay any attention to her, but things are normal between he and I, which is something I was very worried about! He'll develop a relationship with her in time. DS1 wanted nothing to do with DS2 for several months, but they're super close now, so I'm not worried about it. I'm just glad my boy's not mad at me!
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We're just past three weeks. I started going places this past Tuesday. Wednesday I went grocery shopping and it's a good thing I had the idea of my husband coming to help me because otherwise I'd have been a mess. As it was I had a lot more bleeding and abdominal pains the next day which was Halloween, so by that night I had to get myself together for more activities. But I played it well so it ended up not that bad.

My husband is going to get a vasectomy. We never considered it before but now I feel quite sure I'm done. Six is good!

I had some problems with my bladder early on. Things seem to have moved out of place. They seem mostly back but my peeing still isn't 100% normal. Pulling up often speeds it up and I can't stop it once I start. I just hope things fix themselves all the way.

Narayan is amazing. He is easy to put down when he's asleep and he lets go of my boob when he falls asleep. My others were harder in those areas, although all my babies have been peaceful.

Nursing keeps getting better. I was really sore at first but now I'm mostly adjusted. Until recently it still hurt to latch him on but it is starting not to. Phew!

I'm still kind of wiped out feeling. Once I start feeling like I have a normal functioning body again I can begin looking forward to losing 30-40 pounds. I've lost 20 so far and have another 40 to my pre pregnancy weight- cry! I've done it every other time without trying but it has taken longer as I've gotten older. I miss dancing and being in great shape! But hopefully all will come around in due time.
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gracisue - so great to hear about your boys!  I'm sure they'll all be thick as thieves eventually.  :)


littlebird - I still have to remind myself that if I'm being really active, I'll probably bleed a bit more later.  It's a hard lesson.  I'll have a lazy day at home and think that my bleeding is tapering off, and then the next day I'll do errands and there we go.  And I'm sure you'll get there with the weight loss, no problem.  :)


I forgot to mention that I found out on Thursday that I've lost all my pregnancy weight already and a bit more besides - I'm 2 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm so happy!  Now, I didn't gain much - only like 15-16 pounds - and I started out overweight, so it's not any kind of surprise.  But it really makes me feel good to get into all my pre-pregnancy clothes, and now I can get back on the weight loss & fitness train that I started on wayyyy back in January with my husband.  I really think the weight loss so far has been the breastfeeding.


Speaking of my husband - we had our 4th anniversary on Wednesday.  :)  We chose not to exchange gifts, because, well, new baby is a gift enough.  But it was so great to pass that milestone with him, and think of how far we've come in 4 years of marriage. 

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I still feel like a beat up boxing bag. I can't wait till all the aches disappear. It's only been since OCt 31 though since I had Mathew.
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I was going to ask the same thing about the copper IUD. When I had mine put in back in 2009, it was just a couple hundred. My primary care had one on hand at his office, and he was able to put it in right there.

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One month post partum today & things are fully back in the swing of things in the bedroom, if not on the scale.  It's nice to feel passionately desired again  :throband be reassured that my lady parts are in great working order/good condition.  :thumb    Whew!  


I think i'll get the copper iud at my dr checkup.

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My big man is 7 weeks old today!!!! I am done losing weight, and still a little less than 5 pounds from my prepregnancy weight. I will only lose it with much diet and exercise, and I don't want to do it!! lol. I feel so much more normal now. Yay! Finally had sex yesterday! It went better than expected! I'm so scared to go back to work in 5 weeks greensad.gif

Here is a photo of my Beauty King!!!

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Figure its time I join in on the post-partum check in now that Im FINALLY not pregnant anymore! And goodness I sure did feel like it would last forever too! Our baby girl is 4 days old today, my milk came in full force yesterday and dealing with the possible lip/tongue tie has not been easy, but Ill make the apt to see the specialist soon and see if we can figure this thing out. I feel extremely great(minus the engorged porn star boobs) and have felt this since the day after even, Im so shocked how much Ive been able to do physically since my last birth was so traumatic and I took weeks to recover. The day we had Izell I was preparing a birthday cake for her and a little party for the 4 of us to celebrate, we had alot of fun singing happy birthday to her and my son blew out her candle and baby Izell was kind enough to get her big brother some gifts to make him feel special as well. My son is doing better than I ever imagined, Im so proud of him! However I wish he were still nursing and could help out with this engorgement, lol! He actually tried but I think he lost the ability to suckle properly. He had to wean when we became pregnant, my supply dropped completely and he had just turned 2 so Im proud we made it that far, though he probably would have nursed longer if he could. Im mainly battling how to spread my love between both kids and my honey, I just wish there were more of me to go round, I can barely take care of myself and if Im not happy then nobody is, so Im trying to remind myself that I need to slow down, ask for help and chill out! :meditate


And of course a cute pic of our gal...

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Welcome to the other side Irieyln! I remember feeling similar about my family and wanting to care for everyone right after my baby was born, too. Don't worry, it will come! There is lots of love to go around. But it is a good idea to really take it easy in the beginning. I didn't learn that until my third baby.

My boy is so good! He sleeps for long stretches during the night, naps through our homeschooling time, and has a long wakeful stretch in the evening. Plus he is easy to lay down. He was awesome and far out to carry and I think he's going to be a very interesting person. :-)
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littlebird - so happy for you!  My kiddo sleeps very well at night as well, I'm not sure how I got so lucky.  :)


Soooo.... I am having pretty much the worst problem I could have envisioned now.  Whenever I sneeze, I pee myself.  If I don't have a full bladder, I can prevent it, but if I do... no chance.  I went the ENTIRE pregnancy without peeing myself, and then this.  I'm really depressed about it, because I feel like I can't stop wearing pads even if I stop bleeding.  And what if it doesn't go away?  Argh!  My mother had incontinence issues in her 40s, but I think hers started after having a few uterine surgeries in a row (C-section, tubal ligation, hysterectomy).  Still, I'm terrified.  And it's only when I sneeze!  Thank god it's not allergy season.  :P
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Rainydaycraft, I had the same thing happen with my 1st, but it was whenever I coughed or sneezed or laughed really hard, my mom had the same issues after pregnancy as well and has since developed prolapsed uterus and had sx for it. I did alot of pelvic floor exercises after my sons pregnancy and it went away, thank goodness. I havent had any issues yet with this but still plan to do the exercises to tone things back up.

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I've been lucky so far to have no incontinence issues. Hopefully I'll still be so lucky when I start exercising again!

Things are going pretty well here. I feel really good, but am still taking it easy. My milk came in a couple of days ago. I haven't gotten engorged, but my breasts are still uncomfortable and ridiculously huge! I can't wait until my supply regulates. We've managed to fix our latch issue. My nipples are still healing, but they're almost there. I'm disgustingly sweaty, which I've read is common postpartum, but I don't ever remember experiencing before. It will be nice when that stops!

I weighed myself yesterday out of curiosity. I only lost 10lbs. from the birth of my 8lb. baby. I never lose much weight from the birth...kind of disappointing, but I only ended up gaining 21lbs., so I don't have much left to lose. I'm not actually that worried about it yet anyway (even though I realise it sounds like I am). It'll come off eventually. I've got more important things to take care of!
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Graci, I am a sweaty beast too!!! No joke, I wake up soaked in sweat pretty much nightly. It's gross. 

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Irielyn - yeah, I figured I'd better start doing the Kegels again - I did them plenty while I was pregnant, which I think helped stave off incontinence during the pregnancy, but my long labor and super long pushing stage probably just trashed my pelvic floor.  Sigh.  The glamorous things you learn after the fact.  

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What is the deal with the sweating? I've never had anything like it. I wake up in a pool!
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I sweat like crazy but during the day. I have about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening where I have these wicked hot flashes. And I stink pretty bad, but not as bad as when I was preggo!!!
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I sweat like crazy but during the day. I have about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening where I have these wicked hot flashes.

yeahthat.gif same here.

I so want to lose my baby fat. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid about it but it just gets my mood a little down when I see it in the mirror. Its been just under a week since baby came but I think I'll start a mini workout tomorrow.
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Firmfoot, I understand what you mean about the mirror. I'm 7 weeks PP though, but I am getting very depressed over my squishy chubbs. I started really exercising today. You are not far enough out for me to recommend a real work out, but look up the 30 day Plank Challenge. It is good to start working on your core without overdoing it. I just learned about it yesterday and started that too. It seems like it could really work!
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I so want to lose my baby fat. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid about it but it just gets my mood a little down when I see it in the mirror. Its been just under a week since baby came but I think I'll start a mini workout tomorrow.

Be kind to your pelvic floor.  Any kind of bouncy exercise with impact is likely to put strain on your pelvic floor that it's not ready for.  It's still healing.  Your uterus needs six weeks to return to pre-pregnancy size, and the rest of your body is also slowly healing.  As impatient as we all are to see the pregnancy pounds disappear, isn't it better in the long run to have strong, healthy pelvic floor muscles so you don't find yourself peeing when you sneeze or laugh.  Ok, maybe a couple drops come out in a particularly violent sneeze/cough for nearly all mothers or if the bladder is extremely full, but if you let your body heal naturally it shouldn't ever be more than a tiny bit.  Just keep your eye on the big picture that your waistline can be trimmed later, but you don't want to risk really overdoing it with your lady parts, and end up with any sort of prolapse.


Speech was also given to myself, FYI, since I'm also depressed when I look in the mirror and would love to somehow kickstart aggressive weight loss too, but I keep reminding myself that walking is an excellent place to start....long, brisk walks after the bleeding is totally over, and then after the dr gives us the OK, we can start with more fat-burning cardio agressive workouts.  :)

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Thanks ABK I will look into it.

I was thinking a couple gentle crunches and other zero impact exercise, maybe stretches and stuff.
I won't overdo anything I'll just have to avoid the mirror a little and enjoy my baby more. They are this small for such a short time. I can't stop admiring Mathew.
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