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Working on "school prep" with your child at home?

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I'm just curious how many moms are doing some kind of "school prep" with their kids at home?  I'm sure most of us on here are reading with our kids at night and doing simple math stuff like counting, but I'm curious if anyone's doing a more structured "learning" or "teaching" method with their pre-school (meaning before school) kids.  I've been using some free worksheets from School Sparks with my 3yo that I think are great -- I love the math worksheets and sight word flashcards, in particular.  (My 6yo is reading at a 3rd grade level right now and I think it's because I did all the School Sparks phonics stuff with him when he was three.)


Anyway, just wondering what other people are doing and if you've found any great resources.

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I don't do anything academic per se, but I read to my kids A LOT. A lot of nonfiction as well as the usual storybooks.
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I never did any lesson-type stuff, just lots of reading and general fun stuff like counting, sorting, drawing, etc. Both my kids read far above their grade level.
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noooooooooooo worksheets.

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My DS really liked to do cutting projects. I found a book called "I can cut" or something like that that had a bunch of different pages/projects involving cutting at increasing levels of difficulty (straight, zig zag, spiral, cutting fringe, etc.)  He LOVED that.

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I think reading with your child at home is the best practice for him to know new things and enhance his/her learning ability. This will help your child to take an interest in reading. It enhances the intellectual level of the kid and also his reading skills. Other than text book you can also go for non fiction  story books, and general studies so that a child can know many things. Reading also helps to improve a persons personality hence reading at home will be beneficial for the kid and the parent as well.

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The other thing I think that's important is to go out and have lots of experiences. Music concerts outdoor activities museums festivals you name it... The more experiences kids have the better background knowledge they tend build. This helps a lot when they hit the school years. Incidentally it's the thing that schools are least equipped to do.
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Nothing other than fun stuff. My kids have all been different. My 4 yr old is my youngest right now and she likes to draw, color, paint and play with play-doh and I just started letting her do ABC mouse online but she isn't real in to that yet. She gets a lot of stimulation with art, reading, writing and stuff at preschool all week long too. I'm not worried. She will learn it all as she is ready to do so, just as she's done since birth with everything else.

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This site provided many hours of fun crafty projects that were also educational.


starfall.com taught my kids to read- one at age 3, one at age 5 before she started school. They loved that website.


Lots of board games like Candyland, Go Fish. And puzzles.


Reading and reading and reading to them.

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