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Stomach muscles

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Hi all,


During my last midwives appointment when measuring my belly one of the midwives said that I had muscle separation (is the term diastasis?) at the top of my stomach which made it a little difficult for measuring me.


Can this muscle separation hurt my chances for a VBA2C? I've read about possible hernia, etc but don't know much about it - including if there are safe excercises during pregnancy to help strengthen them? I haven't yet addressed my questions with my midwives office as they are just now coming to mind a week later so figured since they are closed today to ask here instead to see if anyone had insight.



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Congratulations on your pregnancy! It looks like your post might have been missed, so I wanted to bump it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have experience with diastastis? OP, any update from your midwife?

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Hmm, I've been thinking about this and what I don't really understand is... most women who have DR develop it during pregnancy. I don't know how you would avoid it. Does going into pregnancy with it make it somehow worse? I think a lot of women having their second (or third or fourth...) already have it. Did you get any more info from your midwife?

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I didn't specifically ask the why and how just the what as I hadn't heard of it before.


I asked what if any exercises that I could do to help it during pregnancy. She mentioned a book by Elizabeth Noble called Essential Exercises.


PS: Glad to see a fellow animal lover (foster cats, etc). :)

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I need to ask my midwife about this when I see her as I have abdominal separation from my last pregnancy.  I was doing a workout video (Bounce Back Fast) which specifically targets those muscles, but I wasn't sure if I should continue doing it now that I'm pregnant (besides I've been nauseous and fatigued and lazy anyways!).

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