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Queer Conceptions October

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Let's make some summer 2014 babies

Please put your updates in BOLD.

GRADUATES: Please click here to share how you got your BFP!

Waiting to O whistling.gif
Fmorris28 chartnew.gif








Waiting to Know... Braving the 2ww fingersx.gif




Working on IVF


Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be readywave.gif



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Welcome to the October thread! I love the fall - it is my favorite season - and I think this is going to be a lucky month on QC. Is there anyone that needs to be moved to another spot at the moment? Please remember to put your updates in bold so I can move you as needed. 

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Happy October! I'm just popping in to say that I agree with Lea that fall seems like a lucky season. Fingers crossed that there are lots of BFPs this month! fingersx.gif
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lea: thanks for the new thread. I agree October is going to be a great month. I've got a lucky feeling about it.


AFM: CD 1 is here finally! DW and I will be deciding whether or not to do an IUI this cycle or try another at home ICI. I am leaning towards the IUI, I really just want the best chance. Lea can you move me to waiting to O

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lea thanks for the thread - FX it's a great month after a few lean months.

redrock - I'd go for IUI to maximise chance if I was you but good luck whatever you do.

Sandiegongp, Agrex, Kbfs, pookafaye how are you ladies all feeling?

AFM back at work today after pretty much three months off. Urgh. I'm having real trouble getting back to sleep affter my 4am wee, often takes me a couple of hours. Had a dream had a little girl so FX next week's scan goes well, am a bit nervous! Oh yeah and i also just found out on FB that I've become an aunt for the second time - Grace Penelope smile.gif My dad bless him said 'you're next!"

good luck to everyone getting ready to insem x
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Hey! we are hanging in there. Waiting to test. Between my 3 history classes and 1 sociology type class I've been keeping pretty busy reading and writing when I am not working. And she is very busy with her engineering courses. The U.S. government shut down isn't fun so technically I don't have work right now. But hw and netflix will do to keep me busy. Can't wait for the weekend!

Lizbian- glad you're doing well and congrats on becoming an aunt again!

Redrock- good luck! We went right to IUIs.
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Redrock, yay on a new cycle! Good luck with it!!

Afm, in the midst of packing for mye trip tomorrow I couldn't help but feel the damn pain coming from mye ovaries. I was thinking it can't be O pains already as I'm not expecting to O until Saturday when I'm back. Sure enough I took a wondfo nd cb digital ovulation test nd both clearly positive. Mye test line on the wondfo was darker than the control nd the cb digital gave meeh a smiley. So now I'm trying to squeeze an insem in before mye flight in the morning lol. Please let kd be free!
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Catching up with some posts from September as well as October...


SanDiego78 – hope you and your wife are doing well as you grapple with the decisions ahead.


SanDiegoNGP – How is the TWW going? Hope you aren’t too swamped with work. I hear what you’re saying about so many accidental pregnancies and how much harder it is for many of us (I run a program for teenage girls, and that is a whole other thing in terms of surprise pregnancies)


Kbfs – any news since you last tested?


Redglitter – have you gotten any answers from your doctor? Hope you resolve the mystery. Let me know what status of your process you’re in and I’ll put you under the proper category. 


Invitn – I have to say, we tried having our donor send sperm by mail using tyb twice, and also heard from others who had success with it, but it didn’t work out for us either time, whereas the in-person tries did (so to speak). Our donor has slightly low motility and morphology, so I think that with him we’re better of with in-person visits, although he lives 3000 miles away (redrock – I think you asked how far away he is – so far we flew him out here once, and I’ve gone there once – we try to make the trip 3 or 4 days, to account for any wonkiness with my O date).


Lizbian – congrats on your new niece! Good luck with your scan next week!


agrex – fx as you get through the end of your wait. When will you test? (Sorry to hear that you’re affected by the shutdown – good that you have other things to keep you busy)


Fmorris – good job recognizing those O pains - I’m impressed. Hope you can get an insem in before your trip! I don’t know of any great fish markets in Bellevue, but I do know of a really good Thai restaurant there, if you like Thai food. It is called Bai Tong. I recommend it!


How is everyone else doing? Any other testing or insems coming up?


Is the gov’t shutdown here affecting anyone else’s work? Anyone find any info about if fertility treatments and pregnancy are well-supported with any particular plans in the Healthcare Exchanges that opened today? 

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Thank u lea for this thread

Could u pls put me waiting to know?
Ill be back w personals and more.
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Thank you Lea for hosting the new thread. I hope you'll get to graduate one or more of us.
Good luck for upcoming insems!

afm got even more vaxes yesterday since it turned out I wasn't immune to chicken pox, but now I should be totally covered for the IVF procedure. I guess those 7 shots were good training for the stim phase of the protocol but really, which women does an in-depth vax status check before becoming preggo? My meeting with the clinic is on monday, so right now I am gathering every document that could potentially be useful and also doing all the bureaucracy after our wedding. My name changed so I need new IDs, drivers licence and passport and the electronic taxing system that is mostly used fails to properly recognize gay marriages so they have to take us off the system. I bet my next payslip will be faulty.
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fmorris - oooo I hope you squeeze it in!

fried - it's a pain, isn't it?! I meant to ask what you thought about the recent election in Germany & Angela Merkel getting back in.

Guess what girls? I moved my scan up as have been really bloated & wanted to check the ovaries & heartbeat all good! saw lots of kicking & punching and things are going perfectly. Also my ovaries are back to normal size so the remaining bloating is just pregnancy. Woo hoo!!! We're now starting to tell people, work today and friends tonight then announcing to the world. So excited.
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Lea- Thanks for the new thread! I can't believe it's October already.

Fmorris- good luck with your insem and trip!

Me, I've been testing every morning since Saturday, all bfn. But no af still, even though I was due Sunday... I had cramps all day yesterday and was sure I'd start any time, but today I feel fine again. So weird and annoying.
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Hey I would love to join your forum!  DP (37) and I (28) have been together for 5years and are TTC#1 using our handsome KD#2.  We started TTC about 3yrs ago after I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent treatment.  We used KD#1 on and off for 18mos, and then found out he was basically sterile.  Oops!  So we took some time off for some much needed emotional healing, as well as aggressive financial savings for IUI/IVF treatments.  One week before our first appointment with the RE to initiate the process, our wonderful friend (handsome KD#2) volunteered his services.  October will be our second month using KD#2, and we are very optimistic he entered our lives at this time for a reason!  (It also doesn't hurt that he fits all our criteria for the "perfect" donor!) :thumb   We are doing at home ICI's with fresh sperm, 3 insems per cycle, and I am monitoring my cycle using BBT, Wondfos, and an OvaCue monitor.  I am currently waiting to O.  


Baby dust to all! 

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It feels like this process is endless, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  My DW is waiting to O, CD4.  This will be our 5th attempt with our KD and several people have mentioned maybe switching donors.  

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Hi greenpants and bettertomarry - I'm excited to have some cycle buddies - I'm CD 8 and doing in-person IVI with a KD - so it seems like we've got some similar things happening. This is our 5th  try.


lizbian - congrats on the good scan! 


fried - good luck with your paperwork. All those vaccinations sound annoying, especially when, like you said, most people would not even think about that sort of thing before getting pregnant.


I think this QOTD went around (at least) once before not too long ago, but I'm bringing it back, inspired by greenpants mention of the "perfect" donor. So, folks, what do you look for in a donor? Specific criteria? Deal breakers?


DP and I didn't really have strong criteria. We talked about things like hair color and ethnic heritage, but didn't come up with any specific wishes. Mostly it felt like a windfall to find someone willing to be a KD - I've known him for a while, but he's not a close friend, so I think that fit well for us in that we want our kid to know him, and want to know we can trust him, but don't necessarily want him to part of our daily lives. Also, we know he is creative, intelligent and has good ethics - all good things.

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Welcome greenpants. I hope your stay here will be swift and you get your BFP in October.

liz the elections, oh my. I volunteered at the polling station all day and when we started counting the votes, it became clear quickly what a mess it was gonna be. At least we didn't get an absolute majority for the conservatives, that would have sucked big time. They would have prevented any development in equal rights. Right now it is exciting, at our political science department we spend a lot of time speculating what the coalition options will turn out to be. A conservative+social-democrat coalition would be okay, but we would leave the parliament with a tiny opposition only, so less control of the government. I would prefer the green party in coalition but there is some major cultural differences in both parties, so it seems highly unlikely to happen. Merkel as a person is very pragmatic which I like about her. The country is doing very well under her government but I hate her position on gay rights of couse.

bettertomarry our endocrinologist also recommends switching donors of possible after half a dozen negative tries. She says that sometimes some antibodies in the immune system are incompatible preventing implantation. There are tests for that but those are expensive so we figured it would be easier to just find a new donor.

QOTD - we are wih the third donor right now and possibly might have to switch again if our clinic isn't willing to use him, since he is anonymous. Our hard criteria for choosing are hair color (dark), eye color green or hazel, height between 1,75 and 1,85, not overweight. We also prefer him having a job we would enjoy as well, althought that isn't a neccessity. Our first one was a sports student (I love sports), the second, picked by DW, a photographer (like her) and right now we have a law/social sciences guy (like me). We also loved the audio interview and the psychological profile of our current donor and not to forget he has curly hair, which is just so cute in little kids. With the first two guys we didn't have this info, just the basic profile, so we just went with little information. We figured that any man who helps us fulfill this dream was the right guy because our kid will be absolutely perfect for us.
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OMG I have just counted up as found out about a few more pregnancies last night with friends (two within a week of me). I have 9 friends due within 8 weeks of when I'm giving birth - it's crazy!!!! One good friend due the day before so happy I'm going to know lots of people in antenatal classes! Neucal scan in 10 days to check for chances of Downs syndrom.


QOTD we wanted an anonymous donor and one that resembled the more obvious parts of us - brown hair & blue eyes. Max 6'2 tall and not overweight. Also to narrow further no baldness or glasses and a decent job. It came down to the questionnaire and we love the donor we chose. (same clinic as Friederike) Now we have to buy some more swimmers ready for DW to have her little one in a year or so

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Thanks for the warm welcome! 


QOTD - When we first started the TTC journey, DP and I started out with only two criteria for our donor: generally healthy and well educated.  Neither of us cared about the physical aspects much, as long as the child was healthy.  However, when we went through the donor catalog in preparation for potential IUI/IVF, and were presented with list of almost exclusively physical traits, our tendencies shifted towards donors who were very tall (6'2" or taller), biracial or mixed ethnic background, dark hair/eyes, and ideally had an O- blood type.  KD#2 entered the picture, and fits almost every criteria we were looking for, plus he is extremely supportive of the whole process!  So for us he is the perfect donor!  

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Greenpants: Welcome, I hope your stay here is short 


Agrex: Any news yet?


fmorris: Did you get to squeeze in an insem? 


lea: We get quite a bit of funding from the govt and some pass through federal grants. For the most part we are not affected, but did just hear from one of our funders that we won't be able to bill anything to them during the shutdown. It's not a huge deal but I wonder what if any effect it might have one the refugee program. 


fried: I agree, I am sure that most people don't consider vaccines before they get pregnant. My pcp tested me for all that stuff and luckily we were good to go.


liz: How exciting, did you get any photos from the u/s? 


kbfs: BFP or AF yet? 


AFM: CD 4, swim team is ordered. I should ovulate around the 17th. DW is pretty committed to trying at home so we'll keep trying at least for a couple more cycles, but I have a good feeling about this month. 


QOTD: It was a lot different for us when considering a KD. We ended up with frozen WTBK donor though and we wanted someone that resembled DW physically since I am carrying this first one, so tan skin, green or hazel eyes, light hair. Other considerations were no history of breast cancer or migraines, athletic, creative musically or with visual arts, WTBK, and sounded like someone that if our kids wanted to contact in the future would be a good person. 

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Tested again this morning, still bfn, still no af. Every other cycle I'm pretty regular, so I keep alternating between getting my hopes up, and being frustrated that maybe my cycles are wacky suddenly.
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