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Doula willing to travel?

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Lack of family around I am trying to look into the possibility of someone willing to travel with my family for my next birth. Should I look for someone local to me and willing to travel or look for someone closer to where I will be giving birth? While I'd love for my children to be present when I give birth (in my candlelit version of a daydream birth)... my youngest is very sensitive and my husband is likely to be stretched very thin come time. I plan on checking with one family member who isn't very close in proximity but her children are older and she loves where I am traveling to - the kids love her as well but it's a tall request.


On the other hand I operate best on my own and there is the possibility that my husband being tied up with the kids is just what I need to go within myself and focus on birthing.

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How far are you traveling to have your baby?

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2 hours.
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Bumping up. I guess I should start calling around to see if there are any here I can connect with who'd be willing.

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Hi, I just PMd you.  I have a few thoughts.... a friend of mine is a wonderful doula in Reading- she just had a baby but is taking on home births with clients who are comfortable with her bringing her nursling.  Depending of specifics, I may be able to help you myself, lets talk more and see who/what might be a good fit. 

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Thank you. I PMed you back and sent a note on Facebook as well.

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