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Birthing Clothes & Hospital Bag

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DH wants to start packing the bag as soon as possible, so I need to do some quick thinking.   Right now, my biggest challenge is trying to figure out an outfit to birth in.  I really want to wear my own clothes! Last time I  had the attitude that I might as well wear the free hospital gown since whatever I wear is likely to be thrown away anyways....but the hospital gown really did effect how I felt ... like a sick patient. This time I want to do everything to feel like the strong, autonomous woman that I am. I saw some birthing gowns for sale online, but I can not spend that type of money on something that I am going to just throw away.


Any ideas for easy birth clothes, that would allow for telemetry monitoring?


Also, for those going to the hospital, what are you going to pack?


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Last time I had a cheap nightgown with snaps all down the front, and I liked that. This time I am planning to also bring along several pairs of men's boxer shorts, which I wear around the house all the time as cheap, comfortable pajama pants. (My thinking is that I want to wear something on the bottom to discourage cervix checks, and boxers are cheap enough to change as often as I want and even throw them away later.)

I'm considering bringing nursing tank tops to pair with the boxers for the rest of my stay after the birth, but I can't decide if I'd rather be topless to keep the baby skin-to-skin. I guess I could bring them just in case and see.
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I just wore a knee length black cotton skirt and tank top. Neither had to be thrown away. Although after the birth my midwife couldn't figure out how to get the tank top of me with the iv in and threatened to cut it off. I refused. I like that tank top. Lol. I may wear am old crummy tank that could get thrown away this time. But the skirt worked well.
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Hmm, well, with my first I had an ob, so when I was induced they gave me the gowns in my room, but I didn't put it on till the next day, I just wore my pjs till my water broke and I was in active labour. But I had taken my clothes off for a shower when my water broke, so I just didn't think about what I wanted to wear. I didn't mind the gown, but I think its kind of silly for it to be the standard back-tying gown for birth.

With my second there was no gown in my room (midwife and different hospital), so i just wore pjs till I wanted to get in the bath, then i had the baby in the bath, so i wasn't wearing anything. Even though I packed half the stuff that I packed for #1, I still felt like I had way too much stuff. Although, since this is going to be a December baby, I will likely have just as much stuff to account for the cold and based on a planned induction and a hospital stay of 24 hours. The hospital has an a la carte menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks available in the fridge, so I am not worried about food. Eating and drinking is not restricted during labour.

This is my hospital packing list this time:

-Gatorade (red and blue)-6
-granola bars, apples, nuts
-water bottle
-phone, ipod, chargers (me+DH)
-a book
-TENS machine
-tennis balls
-moist hot compress

Personal care:
-toothbrush, toothpaste (me+DH)
-bobby pins, elastics
-soap, shampoo
-pjs with 2 bottoms, socks, slippers, housecoat, nightgown (in case I don't have a waterbirth)
-bra, undies, depends
-yoga pants, nursing top (to go home in)

Baby (all packed!)
-2 sleepers
-3 undershirts
-half a pack of newborn diapers
-2 hats
-thick sleeper and carseat cover
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Well they don't have hospital gowns here, at least not in the maternity unit unless you're having an operation. So with DD, I went to H&M and picked a cheap maternity top in a flowy style and one size too big for me - designed to work with leggings so it looked a bit like a short dress. I put on leggings before I went to the hospital and took them off once we got there. It was very comfortable and since it did not get too messy, I washed and kept it in DD's memory box. Either I'm going to give birth in it again or get another one for DS..


Lidamama - great list, I'm going to use it as a guideline.


As for the baby, at the hospital where I'm giving birth, they actually have clothes, diapers. and everything required for the baby. You also get to keep the sleeping bag as a gift. The only thing I need for the baby is a going home outfit.

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I will definitely have to come back and think about this some more. Lida, that looks like a great list. Last night as we were driving through the town where I will give birth we passed a grocery store that has vegetarian "sushi" and I told my DH that is where I want you to go get me some food after the babies are born. I am not sure that hospital food is going to cut it for me as a vegetarian. I am talking to my Doctor today about the policies about food and drink during labor then I will plan out what I will be bringing for snacks while I am in the hospital.

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I've always been hungry as h*ll after giving birth, and after DD1 they gave me my congealed ham-steak and mushy string beans and I almost died, lol! DD2 was born at a different hospital and they have sandwiches and the like in the fridge, so my midwife fed me a sandwich and tried to avoid getting her fingers bitten off while I held the baby, lmao!! This time, I want to have the forethought to send DH out for some takeout before baby is born so I can chow down on some really good stuff....like...pizza...or chinese food!! orngbiggrin.gif

Oh, for those who are interested, there are lots of custom hospital gowns for sale on etsy...they look really easy to make too, if you are handy with a sewing machine...
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I am going to pack better snacks/drinks, too. You would think after 5 births I would know by now , but somehow I always forget food for me and I am *starving*, haven't eaten in weeks starving, after I birth a baby. A stale turkey sandwich and cup of jello just don't cut it!

I have a simple knit skirt that hits just below the knee that I am going to see if I can wear this time. Or go get a snap front nightgown somewhere and some boxers, that is a great idea! I can't stand the hospital gowns, but haven't found something else that will work. I always take yoga pants, nursing tanks and a light sweater/jacket to wear home from the hospital. And I've saved the coming home outfits from my first boy and girl. So they've all worn the same thing coming home from the hospital! Awww...makes me teary just thinking about it!
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Originally Posted by LoveBaby View Post

And I've saved the coming home outfits from my first boy and girl. So they've all worn the same thing coming home from the hospital! Awww...makes me teary just thinking about it!

Oh, that's such a cute idea! I wish I'd done that!
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Well, I turned in my hospital bag list to DH...I will try to recreate it here later if I can.


As for birthing clothes, I have decided on a shirt and skirt combo. Now I just need to find the ones I want as cheaply as possible. I have a black slip that I had cut short a looooong time ago. I wear it around the house all summer long. I am already planning on using that for if/when I get in the water.  I might try to find another slip at the thrift store. (I have a couple skirts I could wear, but they are polyester and if I haven't shaved they can be very annoying so I am going to try to avoid those.)


As for a shirt, I would love to find a cheap, babydoll tank. I want something with easy access to breasts and a bit flouncy around the belly.  I wear regular men's tanks a lot now, but sometimes they feel too tight, and sometimes they flatten my breasts in a way that sometimes is just not comfortable nor attractive. (Writing this makes me wonder why I am wearing them at all! shrug.gif)


I really like the "pretty pusher" nursing gown on amazon, but it has a halter top. For some reason, I have never been able to do halters, they always seem to  pull on my neck.

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