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Nursing strike with biting

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Hi there,


I am dealing with a nursing strike with my 9 1/2 month old.  I have read up on it plus a good friend is a LC so she's been a big help.  I'm just wondering if anyone has BTDT for my particular situation and can give me some hope!


The nursing strike began after my dd bit me and I removed her with a firm "no."  This was probably like the 12th time she has done this in the last month.  She is working on her upper teeth so I attribute the bites to that.  Every single time prior her response to my reaction was to smile.  This time she burst into tears.  She was exhausted because her nap ended early due to the doorbell.  I am pretty sure I wasn't any different.


So, she's on strike the last 24 hours.  My unique situation, at least to me since I can't find anyone talking about it, is that she's biting me as soon as I put her on the breast.  She opens wide like she's going to nurse, clamps down and then pulls off while scraping her teeth.  To say that hurts is an understatement.  And she does it quickly so I can't even prevent the scraping part.  She often cries or yells after and that's that.


Has anyone experienced a nursing strike that included biting and lived to tell the tale?  My eldest nursed until over 32 months so I really don't want to lose this nursing relationship.  But it is hard to offer her the breast knowing she's going to chomp down on me.


As a side note, I have successfully nursed her when asleep so at least she's getting some milk.


Thanks for any stories.  Feel free to offer tips but, like I said, I have a lot of nursing strike tips at my disposal already.  The nursing strike stinks but the biting is what's really getting me down right now.

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My lo did this around four months and is starting to do the same thing again at 9.5 months.  When he was four months we struggled with nursing for about a month.  Most of our issues were because he preferred a bottle and my letdown wasn't fast enough.  He would and is biting and pulling and it is very painful.  The first time I used a pump to help give him a faster letdown.  I also would give him pumped milk if he completely refused.  I also tried a nipple shield which helped at first, but turned out to be just as painful.  My lo would also nurse while sleepy without issues.  I guess I don't have any real advice, but hugs to you and this will hopefully pass very soon

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