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Favorite Fall Recipes Anyone?

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I don't know about your neck of the woods, but where I live, we are fully in the swing of fall. Definitely feeling the baking/cooking urge stronger than usual. So would anyone like to share their favorite fall recipes? Can be general Fall, Halloween (healthy please), and/or Thanksgiving. TIA! :eat 

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Chick pea chicken chilli, topped with cheese!
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Wow, I never thought of using chick peas in chili - but why not?! What a great idea thanks!


I have a super yummy pumpkin bread recipe but I find it's really more like cake. So I'm on the hunt for a healthier version...

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Pumpkin makes anything cake like. I love it though!
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Grain Free Pumpkin Bars Very easy and healthy, if you can resist eating the whole pan in one sitting. Seriously, I will stuff my face with them and then make another batch the next day. And I'm not normally that crazy about pumpkin foods


Stuffed Squash This isn't exactly how I make it, but adapted from the same recipe. We always use acorn squash, no sunflower seeds, and green onions instead. It sounds totally weird with the cottage cheese, but even my anti-squash hubby likes it and a half a squash is a complete meal for me 


And soup, all the soup! Lentil, split pea, minestrone, beef barley....mmmmm

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OMG! That grain-free pumpkin bar recipe is soooo perfect and exactly the type of thing I was looking for! "Tis soup season to be sure, but I've not been feeling very inspired on that front...the few you threw out are kinda getting me going though. And thanks for the stuffed squash - how could I forget that?!

Also, we just harvested over 30 apples, I'm not a huge applesauce fan so I'm looking for other healthy alternatives apple-wise as well...

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As far as apples go I love dehydrated apple chips, apple crisp, apple butter, and apple jelly. It also seems to go well in some savory dishes, like with pork loin or chops, and I think I saw a roasted squash and apple dish on Pinterest the other day that looked interesting. 

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Roasted butternut squash!  On its own or pureed as soup.  My all time fave fall food!!

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My favorite fall dinner recipe is a pumpkin penne from, of all people, Rachael Ray, who I'm not typically a huge fan of. But this recipe is so good -- there's garlic, shallots, sage, Italian sausage, nutmeg, hot sauce, cream ... it's so flavorful and yummy. Here's the recipe link:


ETA: I just checked the recipe, and there's no Italian sausage -- apparently that's something I added on my own. I use the mild kind and just brown it right after the shallots/garlic. It tastes great in this recipe!
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That sounds really incredible! Definitely gonna try this one! Thanks so much!

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