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Originally Posted by Water Mama View Post

Berry--Yes! Hopefully that is the case for you too!

I noticed that you have three sons. Do you know what day you DTD in relation to O for each? Wondering if it's true about having a boy in DTD closer to the O date and a girl for a few days before the O.

DS1 - not charting but we were on our honeymoon (a fe months after getting married) so we DTD every day the week I O'd

DS2 4 days before O

DS3 3 days before O

Hope that helps!
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Lou--Welcome to the TTW!! I feel like I have been here forever, but it has only been a week. ugh


Berry--Wow, 4 days before O?? That gives me hope. We DTD 1 day before O or 3 days before O (according to FF). I would love a girl to balance the hormones in my male dominate family, but either sex sounds great, obviously.


I was going to wait until tomorrow, but can't help share...


TMI, when I came home from work while changing I noticed yellow crusty stuff on the tips of my nipples...?I am finding a lot about this happening in pregnancy, even in early pregnancy. Is this a strong symptom or could it be something else other than pregnancy? I haven't heard anyone else mention this. I haven't breastfed for 4 years and don't remember seeing this stuff since then. I am only DPO 6-8.


Waiting to see if it was a fluke or if it persists tomorrow... fingersx.gif pos.gif

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I wanted to share this cool calculator I found of when to test and the % accuracy by brand at various dpo:

Louloudeer- this is also my first month temping and i agree it is addictive! how long are your cycles usually?

Watermama- sounds like an early symptom of preg. 6-8dpo seems a bit early for symptoms like this- but you never know!

Delighted/katemonster- couldn't agree more re the healthcare aspect. I've used an OB and a midwife and the difference is night and day, and I feel it's a terrible injustice that all women aren't able to know the warm care of a midwife and a safe, normal birth. Many friends here have elective scheduled CS (for reasons other than the medical) and it makes me question how we got here- so far away from a normalized perspective and attitude towards this process. Very frustrating.

Clare- welcome & beautiful chart! Nice high temp could be a good sign for you...

AFM- Still hanging in at cd25 & 13dpo. I broke down and tested yesterday @ 12 dpo but BFN. Not surprised bc I've never had a BFP before 14dpo (I usually o around cd10-11 in a 27 day cycle.). Perhaps I'll try tomorrow @14dpo since that's when my first BFP came up last cycle in my chem preg. I'm running a half marathon this weekend so I'd DEF like to know if I'll be "running for two" and need to take it easy. Surely I'll know by then...
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I'm sorry to see these BFNs BUT I know it's early for all of you so I'm sending lots of positive thoughts!!!  :grouphug



Originally Posted by Water Mama View Post

Jen--I also don't eat dairy and have lost about 12 lbs. just from the switch. As long as you are getting enough nutrients, are energized,  and don't feel hungry, why does it matter what you weigh? I'm confused--does weight effect the sex of the baby? You said you might have a girl. I am very curious!

Ha, try telling that to certain members of my extended family.  I've been big-time berated for not eating dairy and other things that I know make me sick.  :eyesroll  When my DS was a baby, I found out he was reacting to what I ate, so I went on an elimination diet and found out *I'm* sensitive to a bunch of stuff.  When he weaned, I started eating it all again because I was a grown-up and by golly I didn't care that it made me feel like crap.  But the pre-cancer last year was a wake-up call that I HAVE to watch it.  So... fast forward to today, when I've got a BMI of 17.2 ... so I see why people around me are concerned but I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I don't eat the stuff I'm sensitive to. And I do feel like I've got the nutrients perfectly balanced (although I'm taking lots of supplements to do it.)  And I feel better than I have in 10 years!!!  :D I just need to figure out how to get more calories.


But to answer your question, I've heard the theory that the "low-everything" diet will produce more girls.  Here is a link that might explain it well:    



Which would be great -- I would LOVE love love another girl.  (BUT wow!  My son is a treasure!  Boys are awesome!)  


Isn't it great that we just CAN'T go wrong with this?!  LOL

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updated to here

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To all of you that are testing now and in the coming days....good luck!! Such a stressful time. So many hopes on the line!!
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Still no definitive positive, going to test again today... Can't help it even though I'm only 11DPO... But I think the chart is looking tripahsic no? Anyways it's looking beautiful toe and I can't wait to get up each morning and temp!
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mygreenestgrass-I have a 26/27 day cycle. I have been tracking for about 7 months. I just started using OPK's last month and again then month. O day seems to be CD 12 or 13 and luteal length seems to be 13 days. I'm 33 with a DD-12 smile.gif.

So mad at myself!! I forgot to temp this morning! I was so tired and I DID NOT want to get out of bed........DH is furloughed, he works for NPS. I don't even want to start ranting about our screwed up government right now. But getting up at 545AM when he gets to sleep in is driving me nuts! LOL, I know it's not his fault. I think I'm just having one of those days....I feel like pouting like a toddler not getting her way! I'm going to blame my poopy mood on Progesterone. smile.gif

Anyone else notice annoying mood changes after O? Sorry for the whining. I think I just don't want to get my hopes about again this month and we only BD'd on CD10-PM and CD13-AM so I feel like we just didn't get it right.......Again, sorry for the hopeless attitude. I am so glad that I have this board to come to though. You have all been so supportive and kind. Some of the other boards I have seen can just be downright nasty and rude!! Thanks girls for all you do!!

Good luck and baby dust!!!
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I'm on cycle day 19 hopefully we will catch the egg. We have been doing good with dtd every other day and around the day I should ovulate with the dull cramps and ewcm I think we hit it just right so I would say I'm about 2 dpo maybe
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louloudear: after O, I feel like I have PMS! I'm downright mean and can hardly stand anyone!! Same thing right before AF! I'm just a hormonal nightmare!!

Yes, I've been on some other threads and some of the ladies act like I'm invading "their club"....not very receptive....

delighted can't wait for more news from you!! I hope this is your month!!!
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Another BFN wink1.gif but I kinda expected it... If CD7 was implantation (minor dip) then today's HCG could still be as low as 16... 1 the first day and then doubling every day after that... So tomorrow/Sat should be over 25 if we were starting at the absolute lowest smile.gif

I'm out of $store tests since one of them apparently came to me EMPTY! Grrrrr... So I may go today and see if I can grab a couple more and keep the FRER's for as long as possible wink1.gif

I just don't really have any oft usual post O symptoms and I just feel like this is it! Although I am an emotional mess! I often am after O but it's worse this time!
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I ovulated on Monday and am now waiting.

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Originally Posted by rosie2727 View Post

Yes, I've been on some other threads and some of the ladies act like I'm invading "their club"....not very receptive....



I had a traumatic experience with some very judgmental women in my Due Date Club for my son back in 2008. I left the forums and was really skeptical and nervous to join the TTC group this time around...


Yet, I am so glad that I did! Everyone is so caring, it is such a relief! I just want to say that I am so happy to be a part of this great group of ladies (oh boy, emotions are flowing). It is so nice to have others to relate to and share in this experience. I was feeling so alone before I joined without other girlfriends in my same boat. Thank you everyone for being wonderful! Love and baby dust to all!! :joy

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Originally Posted by emilyg25 View Post

I ovulated on Monday and am now waiting.


Me too...I think, or maybe tuesday. no crosshairs yet on FF because I forgot to temp this AM. My OPK's were positive from Saturday through Tuesday though. We only DTD on Sat-PM and Tues-AM so I'm already feeling like we probably missed it. Maybe I won't stress so much over it then. LOL I'll just keep lying to myself......
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Expecting to O any day now.  Warned the hubs and told him to up his vitamins LOL.    My temps have been a bit weird, but since this is my first month temping who knows, maybe it's totally normal for me.  This is only our third month of actively trying (and month 2 was a CP) but I am over with obsessing and just want my BFP already!

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Well........late yesterday and today I got BFPs. Within the time limit, def not evaps, but still pretty faint looking. I envisioned announcing a bfp as something that I would be elated over but I'm more nervous than anything (which doesn't help I know! time for yoga!) I just remember with my last that by now I'd POAS and the line would show up immediately. This time by the two minutes you can see a faint line, and then it's even darker by the 10 min max, but I could be darker still. Knowing that there is a little one already dividing and growing I so want this cycle to turn out well, but it makes me nervous that the line is not darker at 13DPO.


Any thoughts? Are faint lines signs that this baby probably won't stick? Stories, opinions, and thoughts are welcome. TIA! 

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With my son I tested at 13dpo and it was faint and even at the doctor they said it was neg and I was like I got 4 pos at home and they sent me home. On my way home they called and said that it just don't show up quick enough but It was positive. And now he is almost 3. And also my sister had neg forever she went to doc with morning sickness and had to have a blood test to confirm even at 8 mths preg the test was neg she took one hair for fun lol and she has a healthy 4 yr old lol
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She found out at 10 weeks pregnant
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Berry Congrats!!! So happy for you! I can totally understand why you are nervous, but so far so good, right? I think Scjp is right, a have a friend that had a late BFP too, and everything was fine. I even got a BFN at 7-8 weeks with my son (after a BFN at 5 weeks and an ultrasound at 6 weeks) and they tried to send me home. Begged for another ultrasound and there he was..now he's 5.


Relax and go join the June Due Date Club--looks like it just opened today. Good timing :)

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berry: Congrats!! I think it sounds perfect! At 13dpo, most ppl wouldn't even consider that "late" yet. I bet here in a few days it will be darker. I've also had faint positives the first couple of tests I took with youngest DD and with DS. I'm sure you're fine!! Just relax!!
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