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@delighted- I feel exactly the same way. Exactly! It's so hard to describe that feeling of knowing your family is missing someone. Yet on the other hand, I too am nervous about how the change will impact my family. We have just recently settled in after a few very difficult years for our family (death, major illness, etc) and everyone is finally doing well- really well. Am I just inviting trouble by wanting to add to the family now? But if that's the case, then how do I move on from this feeling of being incomplete?

The other really difficult thing is that I did not allow myself to react or feel any emotion about my CP in Sept because I was so focused on trying harder the next month & convinced I would just get pregnant and it wouldn't matter. But now in light of all the uncertainty about continuing to TTC, I feel as though that was my one chance-- my shot at a family of six. And I lost it. And that makes me very sad.
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Has anybody here tried using guaifenesin syrup before and during ovulation? I ask because like a bolt of lightning I remembered reading Toni Weschler's Taking Charge of Your Fertility and the recommendation, and lo and behold, I started looking online and it seems that a lot of women have had great success with this method. I haven't been charting in years now and have just been sort of *hoping* that by having sex between days 9 to 15 sporadically that I would miraculously become pregnant. I haven't noticed as much fertile quality cervical fluid as I used to have years ago, but just last night noticed the eggwhite quality stuff. So, this morning I jumped straight out of bed, ran to the store and bought some guaifenesin syrup and will be taking it several times a day for the next 5 days and then will start again next month earlier in my cycle.

I got blood test results back from the doctor yesterday where they tested my hormone levels at day 20 of my cycle and they were normal. My husband is planning on getting his sperm count checked, but I'm beginning to think that perhaps I haven't had the right amount of fertile quality cervical fluid and that coupled with timing is all it's about perhaps? At the very least, if the guaifenesin syrup improves things, then the sperm would have a longer chance to survive before ovulation anyway so that can only be a good thing! I am bound and determined to get pregnant now! :nod

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Not even a squinter!!!
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Originally Posted by Katemonster128 View Post

Not even a squinter!!!
Was wondering if you'd tested!! Guess you will be passing on that champagne!! Congrats!
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Congrats Katemonster!



AFM - I'm having trouble posting on MDC so I'm not able to take over just yet. I'm also having crazy problems with my charting. I'm just going to eff up this chart as bad as I can and laugh at it. I still have original data stored in the comments so I can fix it later (yeah, right) but its so FUBAR that I'm not even going to try. Move me to WTF IS GOING ON?!?! and, if things don't drastically clear up, I'll just test once before I leave for my mom's (13 DPO?) just to waste a pee stick at the last minute (I'll be there 4 days I think). I'm seriously trying to find some humor but this may be the last time we're able to try for the year, depending on when/if I'm ovulating when we're allowed to try again (avoiding all due dates near August).

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Well, I'm guessing Cp cause I just started bleeding. The only time I've ever bled during pregnancy I miscarried. This is effing fabulous.
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I'm so sorry rosie. :Hug

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I knew I never should have taken that test and allowed myself to get all excited. If I had waited one more day I would have assumed this was my period.
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rosie - how heavy is it? I don't want to get your hopes up too much but if it isn't really heavy you can try taking another test in 2-3 days to see if its gone back to negative.





AFM - I think I realized why my temperatures are wacky as heck. I'm getting EWCM again. I must not have ovulated at all. I hope its soon or we'll have to stop mid-cycle, as August due dates are coming up.

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Aw, sorry Rosie.  That stinks. That is why I have moved to forcing myself to wait until I am late to test. 

See what happens over the next couple days, if it isn't heavy, it may not be over just yet. 

AFM, I started bleeding ish last night, but nothing today.  I am tired of the weird limbo.  I'll test again in a week if I don't have heavy bleeding by then. 

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Went to bathroom and undies were stained as if I'd had a surge if discharge. As I peed a fibrous like clot came out. And when I wiped there was more. Went to bathroom again 10 mins later and it appears to have stopped. But we'll see how day plays out. I have pretty much zero hope. I never spotted once during my 3 healthy pregnancies.
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Bright red and doesn't seem to be stopping after all. So tired of this greensad.gif dr told me on fri to go to ER if I started bleeding or having bad cramps, but seriously, what can they do? Too early to see anything on US. All they'll do is shove a catheter up my peehole (which ain't happening today), and check hcg. Screw that. Wait all day in ER and spend small fortune for nothing. No thanks. I just hope it's not ectopic. If I start having severe pain then I'll go.
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rosie - I don't *think* ectopic pregnancies can cause too much of an issue this early. They are too small. The most common treatment of an ectopic that early would be to give a medication (methotrexate) to force the body to miscarry.

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I had an ectopic in Feb. it just started out with BFP, about a week later some spotting, then started having pain that my OB's PA assumed was gas pains. HCG was rising appropriately at this point, but then bleeding picked up and I started having severe pains in the same spot I had before. Went back to ER and hcg wasn't rising appropriately anymore. But then out of nowhere it started rising again, even got into thousands. That's when my dr started suspecting ectopic. All in all, I think I got BFP around 1/22 and I had the shot on 2/12. That's how long it took to diagnose. And then it took until 3/8 for levels to go down to 0. Then another 3 months before we could try again.
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Congrats @Katemonster128 !!!!!!! Wonderful wonderful news!

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Rosie- Hugs to you. Such a let down. I know you were excited. 


I'm going to test in a week. I think I might have ovulated late though...maybe day 17. LMP was 10/06. Still taking vitex, PNVs. Feeling a little juicier than usual. 


I'm not very hip to all your lingo around here. Can anyone catch me up on your abbreviations ?

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Originally Posted by OregonMoon View Post

I'm not very hip to all your lingo around here. Can anyone catch me up on your abbreviations ?

OregonMoon - here are some... let us know if there are any others you are thinking of and we will fill you in :) 

TTC= trying to conceive, BD= baby dance (same as DTD =doing the deed), AF= Aunt Flow (period), DPO= days past ovulation, CM= cervical mucus


Katemonster - congratulations!!!  :bgbounce


WifeofAnt, I moved you like you asked but I wanted to mention that my temp took a nosedive at 4DPO and I had fertile CM at 5DPO so maybe it's not out of the realm of possibility that you did O when you thought??


Eve Maya, it's great the hormone test was normal!  


Rosie, I am so sorry.


updated to here.

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Well I'm over here on cycle day 36 no signs of nothing lol except boobs are a tad sore and I'm a grouch the last few days lol. My husband keeps saying ill start I said no I'm not not for another 9 mths lol. Haven't tested since last mon I believe and of course neg so just waiting if dont start by halloween ill test on halloween. And also I have Been smelling alot more like stronger and yesterday I got carsick with my mom but I think just too many curves lol idk I don't ever get carsick last time I got carsick was when I was preg with my son 3 yrs ago
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Congrats @Katemonster128!!!!!

I'm so sorry @rosie2727
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Wow, this forum is reading a bit like a soap opera these days.  So many ups and downs and tugging at heart strings.


Rosie - so sorry for the utter disappointment.  the bummer resonates with all of us.


Wife - you seem to have a lot up in the air at once and nothing certain... guess that's the name of the game though.  hang in there!


Katemonster - very nice 2nd line there, congratulations!


Scjp - you apparently have the patience of a saint.


Rainbow - I am with ya on the "weird limbo" - seems that is the norm these days. 


mygreenestgrass and delighted - your posts about feeling like somebody is missing from your family were very interesting.  We're TTC our 1st so I don't have that, but your insight about the feeling of completion... I could imagine.  Thx for sharing.


AFM:  CD4 and this will be our 5th cycle since our surprise preg/mc.  I took Femaprin (contains Vitex and B6) last cycle and it gave me several things I've never experienced: sore boobs mid-cycle, cramps from CD 19 through AF (and beyond), BLOATING, and general indigestion - all wrapped up with no EWCM.  That said, Femaprin is off my med list.   My husband has got the worst baby fever ever... but me, not so much (I raised my brother's kids).  However, I am gung-ho to get this baby show on the road, and being that I just turned 40 I'm both a tad worried but mostly impatient.  btw - when I was preg my point of view changed and all the baby/family plan made total sense.  Then I mc and went back to my old indifferent self.  I don't know what's wrong with me.


Game plan:  I have the CBFM but don't trust it.  I don't like how it goes into autopilot mode once the first sign of a LH surge is detected.  All results from that point forward are pre-programmed.  My 1st/only pregnancy we BD on CD 14 of a 22 day cycle.  Now my cycles are 24-25 days and I'm thinking maybe ovulation is pushed back a bit - or maybe I'm having 2 LH surges. I'd never know this with the CBFM.  Often the EWCM and general horniness shows around CD 9-10 but the monitor doesn't show ovulation until CD14-15 and I'm all dried up. 

So I have upped my game ladies and have enlisted not only POAS OPKs but also an Ovacue monitor with both the oral and vag sensors.  Apparently this will pick up my true O-day and will follow through multiple surges.  All of this could be for nothing as my MD said my #s were fine and everything is in excellent working order, but still.  This 5 cycles is like a neverending TWW!!!!!  Being a former ICU nurse, I was used to monitoring anything and everything (leaving absolutely nothing to chance) so I might as well get some data on myself.  Still no temping for me though - I don't have regular sleep cycles at all. 

I am also considering using guaifenesin mid-cycle.  FYI for anyone who plans to use it, the onset of action is 30 minutes and the effect will last 4-6 hours.  Let's go get those BFPs!

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