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Unlatching from breast

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My son is 11 days old and about 50 percent of the times we're nursing he does this thing where he will unlatch and then immediately start crying and looking for the nipple and opening his mouth to latch back on. When I put him back on, he usually doesn't last more than a few minutes before doing it again. It's so frustrating. At first I thought maybe it meant he had finished the breast, because usually if I switch him to the other side he will latch on and stay latched on until he falls asleep. But I'm not sure, cause I can usually still manually express some milk from the first side, so it would seem to me he hadn't finished it off. But I've been warned against switching sides before he's done because he'll only get foremilk in another thread I had started called "1 week old- constant nursing" Any thoughts? Does it sound like he's just finished one side? How do you know when a breast is "finished"?
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Could you have an overactive letdown?
My DD does this too (2 months old), and I think it's because my letdown is pretty strong.
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You know, I wondered that but I don't really think so because he doesn't show any of the other symptoms. No choking or gagging, very little burps, very rarely spits up. And since it is so early and most of the solutions involve trying to lower your supply, I really don't want to mess with my supply so early on when I am more concerned about having a sufficient supply.
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If he's not effectively drawing out milk, he could be getting frustrated.  Usually, I'd say "breasts are never fully empty and pumping some out after doesn't mean he didn't get any" but perhaps in your case it might mean something?

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Thanks for your input blessedwithboys. What you would usually say is actually what they told me at the WIC office today. They seemed to just think he was signalling he was done with that breast since he usually goes back to nursing fine when he switches sides. The lady at WIC said my breasts would always have some milk in them even when he had finished. She also said that considering how many wet and dirty diapers he is having, he seems like he's getting plenty of milk.

This whole breastfeeding thing brings me a new question every day. Fortunately the lady at WIC also told me about a place with Lactation Consultants that provide free services if you're on WIC.
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Haha, my baby did this for her first week. She figured it out eventually. Sometimes it had to do with having trouble breathing through her nose due to being stuffed up. Her first day or two she also would stop to catch her breath and then panic until I helped her back to the breast. Also, she sometimes wants to switch breasts when I don't think she should be done on that side, but she knows best. If switching works, than switch away. She is 3 months old now and when she unlatches and fusses she usually either needs to burp or wants to switch sides.

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