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Best place to buy nice quality BABY CLOTHING

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Looking for two packs Pooh and Mickey Mouse printed Onesie for my little sister's baby boy. So far I have found this quite cute BABY CLOTHING with varieties of choices and prints. But searching for kids wear made from cotton and reasonable priced one. If anybody has better options than this, then do post me here. I will be grateful

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Honestly I would visit resale shops. Babies outgrow their clothes so quickly they hardly have time to wear them out and you can find really nice things for really affordable prices and at Goodwill they have 50% of everything every other saturday for double the bang for your buck. I've gotten loads of super nice things for crazy cheap amounts of money. But if you're set on buying things brand new check out these places for cool kid deals: 


Even walmart & target have 100% cotton carters brand nice clothes sometimes even organic! Costco and Sam's club are great too. 

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Hi Eva San666, 


We just moved your thread from the Babywearing forum to the Life with a Baby forum. The Babywearing forum is intended for conversations about "wearing babies" and related products, such as baby carriers, wraps and slings. We hope you will get more replies and eyes on your thread in this forum.




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I would look at marhalls or ross, both have branded baby clothes that are new and reasonably priced.  Target sometimes has them as well.


In my state, resale is more expensive than new, so I would honestly check the disney store sale rack before I would hit a thrift store.

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