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Both my DDs came at exactly 39.1, but we're not as sure on the dates with this one. I keep having dreams of the 18th, so I can only hope. I really want her to be born before xmas (both so she doesn't have to share her birthday with the holiday, but also b/c I'll have much less help if it's on xmas (friends all busy or out of town and my inlaws will be on a cruise!).

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Originally Posted by mataji4 View Post

Wow, some of you are 35 weeks already?!  Jealous!

I'm just 32 tomorrow...long way to go yet.  

I was 31 weeks yesterday...I fully expect to be the last one in this DDC to give birth! I am much more crampy and have more intense BH than I have had in any of my previous pregnancies but I'm still not getting my hopes up. My 1st was my earliest at 39.4 weeks, then the next two were 41.2 and 41 exactly so I'm expecting this one to wait until around at least January 6th. I really hope she's born on the 27th or 28th (our girl's will be with their other parent until the morning of the 27th) so we'll have over a week to get adjusted before school starts again. But of course it's not up to me, we'll just have to do the best we can whenever she decides to show up. It's just crazy to me that some of you could actually be having your babies in a few weeks! I still feel like I have forever to go!

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I keep thinking, oh, I have plenty of time but I have to remember that birth is a spontaneous event. I was having lots of Braxton hicks contractions yesterday. Went swimming last night and that seemed to help them go away. Woke up about 11 pm and rock hard belly was back. Woke up again at 1 am and hardly slept just tossed and turned until 4 am. I was hungry but didn't want to mess up my fasting blood sugar. Slept through dh alarm at 5 am. Having to wait 30 minutes for my thyroid pill to do its thing was torture this morning. Finally ate my breakfast and now I need to not fall asleep before I do my breakfast blood sugar stick. Laying down with lots of water to drink. Glad I don't have to drive anywhere today for work. I don't think this is labor yet but what do I know? 32 weeks 6 days right now.
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I'm just chiming in that lots of BH and contractions don't mean much. With DD, labor came out of no where and I really didn't believe that was it until it got really strong. I've had contractions but they stopped for a while and then labor just started. I'm also expecting early because DD was early and big, this baby is constantly measuring a week ahead and my mother always gave birth early (4 kids).  


Here's to hoping because right now I'm one very cranky and overly emotional pregnant lady. I'm thinking of sending DD to her grandma for a week because I'm taking it out a lot on her and end up feeling even more emotional and guilty.  It does not help that she is one very strong-willed girl (watched her yesterday boss 2 five-year-olds at the Kindergarten - and they complied - and all I could think about is "oh my the teenage years will interesting"). How are you ladies with multiple children doing this :Bow?

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I'm 34 weeks tomorrow, so about 8 more weeks to go. It feels like FOREVER. It feels like time is slowing down -- days keep passing, but it's not getting any closer to December.

I'm having a ton of BH, more than I have ever had in any of my previous pregnancies. Honestly, I don't remember even noticing them before. But I don't dare hold any hope that this baby will come early. There's a little voice in my head that tries to come up with reasons to think I could go early, like, "Well, you couldn't be completely 100% sure of your dates with the others, because you weren't charting." But then the rational side says things like, "Yeah, but the one other time you had a dating ultrasound, THAT was the baby who came at 42+3. So maybe the others were LATER than you thought!" LOL.

DH and I were discussing when we could reasonably expect this baby, and I mentioned that when you average the dates for all our other babies, it comes out to 41+4.6, which would be December 23rd or 24th. And he said, "That means we wouldn't be home by Christmas!" And I was like, "Um, yeah, that's why I keep saying that we need a plan for in case we aren't home on Christmas!" LOL. I think he's been so distracted by this whole job change fiasco that he hasn't had a chance to really think about the baby coming!
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With my other two I was induced for IUGR at 39 weeks, so to my mind that has been the end point for this pregnancy. At my last appt, my midwife started trying to focus my mind on not being induced, since so far baby is measuring right on track, in the 50th percentile. So now I'm left wondering when this baby will come...with my other two, I had no signs of labour before my inductions, so I have to think that maybe I will cook a 40-weeker... Or more... Hopefully he doesnt go past Dec 31, cause thats the cutoff for the school year...which means I have to pay for an extra year of daycare greensad.gif
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I am so emotional I can't even stand myself. I know I'm stressed about money (and of course, the HVAC broke...great timing) and my husband is being kind of an ass and I'm getting no sleep, but gah. I just feel crazy. I'm crying like 10 times a day over every little thing, fighting with my 4.5 year old, snapping at everyone. I wasn't this emotional with the other two and I have no idea what to do with myself. I just want this baby here so I can feel like myself again.
Oh, and if I hear from my family/friends/strangers one more time "how in the world will you handle three?!" I'm going to lose my mind completely. I already don't know how I'm going to do it, but it seems like EVERYONE has said this to me lately and it's really making it hard to have any kind of confidence in my ability to parent three kids.

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I'm sorry Sarah...sounds like mama needs a break!  Hard to ask for that when husband is being an ass, but sometimes I just claim it.  Wake up on a Sat or Sun, make breakfast, get dressed, and then I announce "I'm going out today for a while."  And then go!  Walk to town, get tea, go in shops, just be with my body in space without children, see a movie, go to lunch with a friend.  It's so very refreshing.  Of course you can parent three kids.  Hey, I yelled and cried when I only had one and was pregnant...but now there's a good chance with five that one of them will be in a sweet good helpful kind of mood!  So really with more kids you are just increasing your chances of happiness : )    


I'm still sick and now husband is too.  He's a teacher but he acts like he's a brain surgeon and can't possibly get a sub.  I'm glad he takes his job seriously, but my gosh, it's ridiculous on days like this.  Poor guy, he gets offended when I suggest he could put off the test or whatever, like I'm insulting the importance of his work.  I guess it's his deal.  Having a 3 year old asking me for a cough drop every five minutes is making me crazy!  No No No you may not!  ugh.  The cough is awful at night...as if my lungs aren't already compressed!  


Trying to remind myself that I'm pregnant and to take it easy...that's very hard for me but knitting is helping.  I've made 7 hats for Christmas in the last month, so only three more to go before I've made one for my family, nieces and nephews.  

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Well, I think I spoke too soon. At today's ultrasound, baby was around the 20th percentile, a 30 percent drop in four weeks...estimated weight is 3lb3oz, which is only a gain of a pound in a month...then I had my midwife appointment and I told her the results, though she didnt have the official results yet, she said she will speak with my primary midwife tomorrow and I will probably have another growth ultrasound in two weeks instead of four. Midwife said it will be a wait and see and balancing taking him out early vs. letting him go a bit longer, but she doesn't think I will make it to term. I'm worried, but I'm trying to stay focused on taking it week by week and believing that one way or another I will get a healthy baby out of this.
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I'm sorry you are worried, Lida.  Have your midwives or you any idea why the babies are slow to gain?  Have your placentas been healthy and functional?  Other than that I can only think of diet.  I'm wondering what else could cause that?

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Jenny, after three kids with the same issue, the only thing they can think is that my placentas just stop working well after a certain point. I did have a bit of a heads up with the prenatal screening with this babe, the result being elevated alpha-feto protein, which in studies has been correlated to IUGR, so it seemed at the time that it was an indication that my body was going to do the same thing this time, as with the other two, only sooner. The placentas have been tested after each baby, though, and nothing abnormal has come up, but on the diet front, I really can't think of what I am doing that is so different thanwhat most pregnant women do...I certainly don't limit calories/eat tons of processed food, but many women do and their babies are perfectly healthy, so who knows?

In the short term, though, I will be giving some thought to how breastfeeding is going to work/getting my pumping kit sterilized, and possibly packing some milk storage bags for the hospital. I may also have to end up giving birth at a different hospital, because I don't think the hospital I currently am planning to give birth at takes moms before 37 weeks, and if he's going to be tiny, he will likely need to be born at the hospital beside the children's hospital.

Either way, project baby has just moved up, and I really need to get my last few sewing projects done and out of the way, as well as getting everything organized at work in case I leave before they find someone to take my job (very likely), as well as getting some more food cooked and put aside, and warning my mom. Oh yeah, and doing my Christmas shopping. Luckily, there is a big toy sale on starting next week and I should be able to grab some stuff for the kids, and me and DH just do stockings because we usually buy a few big ticket items around Christmas, so that will be easy. This weekend there is a craft sale at a local school, so I should be able to get the rest of my shopping done then/at Costco. On the bright side, its not likely that this little guy's birthday will be anywhere near Christmas. Now I just need some time and energy smile.gif
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Lida, it sounds like you have a plan in place and peace about getting things done, even if it is faster/earlier than you would prefer.


AFM, I can't believe I am 33 weeks today.  These babies are sure getting big and they woke me up at 3 a.m. with their little kick the can game they like to play. I woke up this morning to do my blood sugar and it took 7 sticks to get enough blood. I think I was really dehydrated. Fasting blood sugar was higher than normal. Went online and found that dehydration can cause "high blood sugar" levels because the blood sugar is concentrated in the sample. I have drank 4 glasses of water and eaten breakfast so hopefully my breakfast blood sugar is easier to get (I hate sticking myself so many times with the lancet :( ) and that the value is within range.

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Hello All!

So - finally found the mw we will be using last week - and she scheduled an u/s for today! (34w3d)

So - my daughter went to the first, and this time my sons will also be able to join us for a little peek at the babe!  :)

CANNOT WAIT -- in 2 hours we get to have this experience! 


Just thought I'd share the fun!  Oh! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


Anyone else have/having late ultrasound?



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New Baby 12/9/13..... 

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Things sound good for you Rachael!  I have an ultrasond scheduled mid-Nov (I'll be 34 weeks) to re-check the placenta.  My mom will be here and she's excited to come with us!


Lida, we definitely all have our challenges in pregnancy/birth.  At least you know in advance about it and can plan the best you can to make everything smooth.  I do hope things can continue to go on and grow inside a bit longer.  Don't wear yourself out with all those preparations!!  Take good care of yourself.

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Lida, I'm so sorry you're going through this again. *HUGS* Considering this is your third baby with IUGR, I can't imagine it's diet or something you're doing. It must be genetic or something like that. Just one of those things that happens that you can't control. greensad.gif I'll be praying for you.

Rachael, I'm having another ultrasound at 36 weeks. I was pretty surprised by that, as apparently it's just routine, no reason to think anything is wrong. I'm so surprised by how many things have changed since the last time I had prenatal care from an OBGYN. But, I decided not to worry about it, since I'm not actually opposed to ultrasounds, just don't see why it's suddenly necessary to do so many on every pregnant woman. :P The only thing I'd worry is that the doctor would use it to look for an excuse to risk me out of my VBAC, but he's already had excuses to pull that on me if he really wanted to, so I'm starting to trust him. He's actually genuinely supportive!!
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Michelle - YES! It's been *12* years for me - so LOTS of changes!!


U/s went great today -- and ANOTHER change- the tech just casually switching to 3D when I mentioned it.  I had no idea they would have it there - or could just "take a peek" with it just because! Naturally, babe would not give us good face shot (this kid LOVES his/her placenta lol!  Face buried right in there!).. but we got a little bit.  And I am already in love with those lips!!lol  ;)

New mw was fantastic with all my kids... we also toured birth center at hospital where I'll be delivering today (again for me) -- and they made my kids feel so very welcome there too.

Happy mama here!  :)    And just amazed to be at the "appointment every week" stage!  



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DS 12y

New Baby 12/9/13

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I was like, "Wow, 12 years!" -- and then I realized that it's been 10 years for me, LOL! I'm glad your ultrasound and tour went well! smile.gif
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Thanks for the prayers and good wishes, ladies. DH is more worried than I am, but like I keep saying, it's a watch and wait situation.

So, as if we didn't have lots going on already, yesterday my DD's school called that she had to be picked up because she has head lice. D'oh! I picked her up, checked her, my other DD and myself, and only DD1 and I had a few eggs. So we did the chemical treatment, washed everything, quarantined what couldn't be washed, and generally worked my butt off. On halloween!! Luckily it was pouring here and DD1 decided that she didn't want to go trick or treating, because my DH worked until 10 last night.
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Oh boy - LICE!  Yes, unfortunately, I know all too well about it!  For some reason, over THE LAST THREE YEARS (YEARS!) they have come and gone from our world.  Mostly my poor almost 16y old daughter!  My three kids live with me 50% of the time and the other 50% with their dad. Recently, my ex's live-in girlfriend and her daughter got the little buggers again!  Then... sure enough, my poor daughter too.  *sigh*

So! What to do when pregnant? And not so much wanting to put those nasty pesticides on your head??  I did TONS of research. (If you ever need the info.)

Seems to me, the best action overall is prevention.  My daughter has looong hair, and she keeps it crazy clean, and no products!  It's HEAVEN for lice!

So now - I picked her up an all-natural preventative spray (smells nice, kinda like patchouli). She sprays that on her head almost every day. Also the other biggie of all - and the easiest I have learned - is using a HOT blow dryer regularly.  I have her still doing it once a day, again - as a preventative.  Bugs AND most importantly - THE EGGS - can't survive through the heat.  For sure blow drying is easier and cheaper than treating (chemicals, even natural products are crazy pricey... then washing EVERYTHING.. again and again... the stress of it all.. the time to comb out, etc...).  As not to destroy her hair, I have her focus mainly on the roots/scalp area (where lice do their thing anyway).

Also knowledge is power - bugs and eggs cannot survive off the body long - nor do lice jump nor are they very interested in walking off a head that's working perfectly well for them. Thus, the cleaning and washing and general upheaval is way less needed than most people think (I know the first time we had lice -- OMG!! I/we went crazy/overboard!).

Sounds like you handled it all in stride, though! And that you got it before it got too bad.  :)



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New Baby 12/9/13... 

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I've read a good preventative is to mix a few drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo. Also, some TTO and water in a spray bottle to mist on dry hair ( I know my DD showers every other day so we use the spray on the non-shower days) is suppose to help prevent lice. Apparently they hate the TTO. I can't verify it actually works, but we've been lice free the last few years when other kids in her class have gotten it, so I'll keep doing it!

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