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Trish, sorry to hear that DD has pink eye. I had never heard that breast milk cures that. I have had pink eye a few times and man it was miserable. Hope her eyes clear up quickly so no one else catches it.

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I am 30 weeks today (or Wednesday,or really who the hell knows.  I'm having a baby sometimes in December ;-)  It feels a little surreal to be 2 months out already.  And then I also sort of am done with it already, which is an attitude I am trying not to indulge too much.  I need to set up an appointment with a chiropractor.  I have (self-diagnosed, but my midwife agrees that is likely what is going on) SPD and I am just in so much pain all the time.  Walking, sitting, sleeping, standing, everything makes my pelvis/crotch/butt hurt.  I am super bad at bodywork type medical care (It gives me anxiety, PTSD stuff) but I think I am going to have to get over it, or I am not gonna survive two more months.  It's so frustrating, because when I have a day I feel good about (house is picked up, kids are in a good mood, laundry is caught up, I make some progress on various projects) I inevitably end up unable to move by bedtime.  And if I relax on the couch and don't worry about getting things done, my body feels better but I end up super depressed.  Blah.  


Re: appointment frequency, I think I am supposed to be at bi-weekly now, but my midwife was fine with stretching it out to three weeks.  When there is nothing in particular going on that they need to watch/treat the super frequent appointments seem like overkill.

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I have ultrasound #5 today, and rhogam/GTT on Monday. Fx'd baby is growing well!!
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I've been going to a chiro who has training in prenatal adjustment for the last month and I can't believe how much better I feel. I wish I'd started going from the beginning of my pregnancy.


Lilac, breastmilk is a great "cure" for a lot of things with the live anti-bodies it has in it.

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Yeah, I've done chiro from the beginning of this pregnancy and I cant believe how much less pain I'm in. Last week I started prenatal massage and it was great for my sciatica. I went from having attacks almost daily to none in a week and half.
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Ok, you have convinced me.  I will call tomorrow.  I hope it helps, because it is going to be a rough fall, otherwise.

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Yes, court, get some help!!  


I had my ultrasound yesterday to check on the placenta, and I was pleasantly surprised she took a quick look at the baby too.  OH MY GOSH he is so cute!!!  and familiar!  He had his foot up above his head and was grabbing at it with both hands.  As for my placenta, it went from .7 cm to 2.7 cm away from my cervix...they recommend a cesarean for less than 3 cm.  So she thinks it will be fine when she checks again in 4 weeks.  She said the concern was placental rupture from pressure from the head, but looking at the ultrasound, it didn't look like the baby's head was going to be pushing into it if it was on the cervix so I'm not sure what I think of that.  I'm going to try not to worry, have the ultrasound at 32 weeks and if I need to get some other opinions from midwives and my family doc, I will.  I think of all the women (me included) who didn't have ultrasounds with pregnancies and I don't know anybody who suffered from placental rupture.  

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So, today I got an invitation to a friend's baby shower, and while I am really touched to be included - she's kind of an acquaintance who I'd love to get to know better - I also started feeling sorry for myself that I don't have anybody who would throw a shower for me. The only shower I've ever had was with my first, and I ended up throwing it by myself because my mom threw a fit and backed out just because DH wanted to be there. greensad.gif

Then I remembered that I actually used to have a really supportive friend, the kind who probably would have thrown me a shower, but I unintentionally pushed her away. She was a student midwife while I was pg with our fifth, and she was so helpful and supportive of our UC. She even handmade a bunch of gorgeous baby announcements for me! But I was really struggling with my Social Anxiety at the time, and I wasn't diagnosed yet, so I didn't have any understanding of what was wrong with me or how to deal with it, and she ended up thinking I hated her and stopped talking to me. So now I'm feeling all self-pitying AND guilty. greensad.gif

On the bright side, I bought my first Bella Band (actually, a brand called BeBand), and I'm in love with it! A single $20 item that makes all of my old clothes suddenly fit again? Why did I never buy one of these before?!? Today I wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that have both been too small for months, and I was actually comfortable! So much better than having to buy a bunch of maternity clothes! Now I'll just spend that money on some cute, long t-shirts (which I love anyway), and some nursing tanks for after baby comes. smile.gif
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Hugs, Michelle. Maybe that friendship is still salvageable?

I have two bella bands, which I love, because I use them instead of buying nursing shirts. I just put one on over my belly and all my regular t-shirts suddenly work for nursing. I don't like them for unbuckling my pants, I feel way too naked, but for postpartum they're great. They even give a bit of extra support to my belly smile.gif

So, it's 4am, I've been wide awake for an hour, so I ate a bagel with cheese and roast beef smile.gif this is possibly my least favourite part about the third trimester...luckily I took today off because of needing to spend the whole morning at the hospital for GTT and rhogam/other bloodwork. Still, I had planned on doing a bunch of errands this afternoon and now I'm probably going to need a nap, which means tonight I won't sleep well again....argh!!!
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Michelle, hope you can enjoy the shower. Developing friendships can be tough, especially when you have so many things going on in your life and your social anxiety challenges.


Lida, I hope your GTT goes well today.


AFM, I have my diabetes education this afternoon to learn how to deal with gestational diabetes.  Fun, fun. Had fun sewing this weekend - making things to trade with other people for stuff they make that I want - I love bartering!

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Ooh, I wish I could do some prenatal chiro and massage!  Sounds so good. For now I am depending on my yoga to help with proper alignment. If I wasn't already committing so much financially to making this VBAC happen (travel costs and doula),  I would definitely spring for a massage at least. (Unfortunately, all the prenatal chiros are 2+ hrs away.)


Jenny,  Yay for getting to see your handsome lil' babe! :throb


Michelle, (((hugs)). I had lost a very close friendship a few years ago that has been really occupying my thoughts lately.  It is hard. I really long for a close female friendship, but it just isn't going to happen here and now.  That is why I am sooooo thankful to have connected with y'all and this DDC!!!!  :grouphug 


I have decided to ask my sister, SIL, cousin, and a few of my scattered female friends (once real close friends, now scattered across the nation, and we talk about twice a year) to send me a bead for the birthing bracelet. For some reason, i don't know if it because I am having a girl or what, but I have a stronger need to feel connected to other women....but this time, I know better than assume that any of the women near me are going to be able to bust out of their lives to be of any real support to me  in real life.  So instead I will appreciate having a bead that will symbolize the very best of their loving presence.


So yeah, it looks like no baby shower for me this time around either. :irked One of my coworker buddies had suggested a while back that she would organize a work one for me, but I have yet to hear anything else about it. As for a family shower, well, I think my DH discouraged my SIL from organizing one b/c there are just too many weird family issues...it would be a minefield for all of us!  


As for bella bands, I LOVE MINE! I had no luck finding maternity pants during pregnancy #1, and this time I haven't had the need as long as I got my bella bands. (I will have to try them out for nursing coverage.  Great idea!)


Lida, I was awake most of the night, too. I would have been smart to get up and eat.  Both DH and DS are recovering from colds, and I couldn't sleep with all their tossing, turning and snoring!  Plus, this lil babe in me is getting super active. And I guess it is because she is starting to run out of room, but it is no longer just little jabs. When she moves I feel it all over!  She is so much more active than DS was...it has me a bit scared. LOL!


Her moving around woke me up for the first time a couple nights ago. It was like my whole belly flip-flopped!


Lida and Lilac, I hope all goes well at your appointments today.

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Earthwalker, that is a neat idea to have a bead from those people in your life that are significant but won't be at the actual birth.


Did my diabetes education yesterday. The only "earth shattering news" was that for gestational diabetes, I am not supposed to eat fruit or drink juice or milk at breakfast. I guess that is when pregnancy hormones mess the most with insulin. Basically they said eat dinner for breakfast. Carb counting is the other big thing, but I had been doing that already. 15 grams of carbohydrate is one carb exchange and my dietician gave me how many carb exchanges I am supposed to eat at each meal and snack - 6 times a day. Learning how to take my blood sugar was a trying experience. It is a tiny needle of which I am thankful, but it still hurts. Thankfully my fasting blood sugar was well below the max value this morning it was an 86 when it is supposed to be less than 95. When I did my test for gestational diabetes, I had a fasting blood sugar of 96.

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I'm feeling really depressed lately. Money is super tight. I'm trying to figure out how to make the girls' halloween costumes happen, but I don't think they will. We have dress up stuff though, so they can just be princesses again. My friend who had offered to throw me a shower this time has pretty much backed out, and I could probably get my mother in law to throw it but I feel greedy even bringing it up. Realistically, it would be so great to have a little help with the stuff it's looking like I won't be able to afford (mostly breast pads, nursing bras, and postpartum supplies) and diapers. My second daughter's birthday is in the middle of next month and I don't know if we can afford a party for her either. I'm just so sad about it all. I feel like I'm crying at the drop of a hat, not sleeping, having bad dreams constantly. I just feel so overwhelmed and alone. Ugh. Money is stupid.

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I hope you can find someone to throw you a diaper shower. That is what we do at our church for 2nd babies and after because we want to get together and celebrate the coming of a baby! I know money is a great annoyer - never seems to be enough when you need it.

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:Hug, Sarah! I know what you mean -- worrying about $$$ sucks. I was hoping for a little baby shower that would help take some of the stress off of us for some of those basic supplies, too.  The lack of sleep can really wear on someone's ability to stay positive!  I find i get sooooo sad when I am tired. I cried before going to sleep a couple nights ago, and I really had no idea why...other than I was exhausted.  :goodvibes Here's praying for some restful and restorative sleep for you and all the ladies here! 

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I think that's a lot of it. If I could actually sleep I probably would feel a lot better about everything. I did talk to my dad and he's offered to pay for the park rental for my 2 year old's party, so that certainly helps at least.

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I'm so sorry for all those stressing about $$, it really, really sucks. Last time around we were so tight I literally bought nothing for baby. Good thing she was a girl.

Thats a really nice practice of having a diaper party for 2+ time moms...churches can be really great for that kind of community. I did toy with the idea of setting up a meal train, but it will be christmastime and thats a really busy time for families, and I don't want to add to their stress.
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I hear you about money.  I haven't been able to buy anything for the baby, and it is my first so I have no baby things. Luckily this is also the first grandchild for my parents, so clothes and toys are well in hand. And my mom has bought me a good number of cloth diapers.  But I've been planning to save money by making carriers and things, and  haven't even had money for buying materials.  This month has an extra paycheck though, so I'll see how far I can stretch that.  Good thing most AP practices save money!

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Originally Posted by Lidamama84 View Post

I have two bella bands, which I love, because I use them instead of buying nursing shirts. I just put one on over my belly and all my regular t-shirts suddenly work for nursing. I don't like them for unbuckling my pants, I feel way too naked, but for postpartum they're great. They even give a bit of extra support to my belly :

OMG, that's GENIUS. I am so doing that!
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Sarah, :Hug so sorry you're feeling down, lack of sleep can make everything a lot worse that it is. Is there anyway you cancel all your commitments for a while and focus on getting lots of rest and naps? And I vote for feeling "greedy" and asking your MiL for help. Actually it's not greedy, it's perfectly normal. Everyone needs help (especially with two small kids and a 3rd on the way) and there is nothing greedy about asking for help (and all of the items you mentioned are necessities!)


MissBrea - it's true, one needs so little with a new baby. If it works out well with breastfeeding, clothes, diapers and a carrier (ok, and a car seat if you have a car). We got a lot of good deals from thrift shops. And I wasn't shy about telling friends/family what we need when they asked. Honestly, most (all?) of them seemed happy and relieved not to have to think of a gift.


Earthwalker - I love the idea of beads from family and friends. I might just do that too. Can't wait until mine get there.


Everyone else, wave.gif


Yesterday I had my first real contractions, 2 or 3 in total interspersed with a lot of BH. I guess it was nature's way of telling me to slow down. It scared me a bit honestly and I had DP bring me a big glass of water with magnesium. The whole single umbilical artery / preterm labor thing popped back in my head (I have completely forgotten about it). I'm fine now even though the BH are increasing in frequency and I think there will be a lot more contractions in the coming weeks. Kind of a bummer because this is my last week at work and I was hoping to get a lot of stuff done before the baby is there. Ah well!


Right now I'm staring at the calendar and keep thinking, "next month may be the month I give birth!" yikes2.gif

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