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Fovr me, nursing has never been especially helpful for losing weight, except I've never bottle fed, so maybe it is...but I do know when I try to diet while nursing, my milk supply drops *like that*. So I plan on eating to fullness, healthfully , and excercising, and dieting once baby is relying a bit more on other foods, like at 8+ months. We are not planning on trying for another baby (if at all) before this ongis 3ish, so I know i will get back in shape before then. I don't care about my pre-babies weight, but I do want to be lean and fit and not have a muffin top wink1.gif
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Big hug2.gif Lilac! I was EXACTLY where you are when I first found out, and I still struggle with feeling defective. Our doula helped me by suggesting that I use this as an opportunity to start mothering (you are a first time mama too, right?). Envision the type of mother that you want to be and be that mother for yourself right now. What would you want your sons to hear if they had to deal with a health issue? How would you show them your unconditional love? It helped me to think about that and then try to treat myself with the same kind of compassionate spirit. Your body is beautifully designed, wise, and powerful. Numbers can't change that. And remember your boys already love you unconditionally too, you are their hero! You are doing such great work making sure they enter the world with every advantage you know how to give them, it's a bummer that means needles and food restrictions right now, but they are so grateful and so worth it. Blah blah, all that to say, be so gentle with yourself... I guess that is my best advice smile.gif Oh and yes, your husband sounds lovely!

Yeah, weight gain... I had my husband hide our scale from me at about 20 weeks, I was driving myself nuts! I only weigh myself at appointments now which is helpful, and yes try to focus more on eating well and walking A LOT. I've gained about 30 pounds in almost 33 weeks, but I'm feeling mostly fine about that. Though, I could totally do without the constant comments every time I leave the house, I'm a shorty at 5'2 and am carrying all that weight in my big round belly and people love to say I "look ready to pop" or "are you sure you aren't having twins?". It always makes me question myself, even though I know better. Meh...

Aw, baby has the hiccups right now... so sweet.
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Envision the type of mother that you want to be and be that mother for yourself right now. 


That is excellent advice!! The way I internally talk to myself sometimes is so far from what I aim for with DD... It's really a great way to shift paradigms. 


Baby boy is making such big moves that some of them are kinda painful and I'm worried he turned around. I wish he'd engage his head already!

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"Your body is beautifully designed, wise, and powerful. Numbers can't change that."


I just don't understand why when I do the same food choices, my blood sugars don't respond the same. This morning my fasting glucose was fine, and I ate the same meal for breakfast and lunch as I did yesterday, but high numbers and tried something different even with less carbs than I was supposed to have and it was highest of the day. It just makes cry. I want to be a good mother but I feel like so much is out of my control. I am so hungry and I have lost a pound in the last week.  This is not good. I am going to be calling the dietician tomorrow. My follow up meeting isn't until Friday.

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Lilac, I think calling your dietician is a good idea, especially if you are feeling hungry. Listening to your body is so important and you shouldn't be uncomfortable. The thing that is so infuriating about the numbers is that they give the impression that everything is black and white. 2+2=4... so why the heck doesn't 2 carbs + 2 carbs equal 4 carbs, or maybe only sometimes, it is enough to drive anyone crazy! banghead.gif The fact is that it is just more complicated than the numbers imply. Certain bodies will accommodate different kinds of carbs differently, and we don't magically "reset" at the beginning of each day, certainly the days prior affect us as well. Not to mention how much sleep you may have gotten, or how much water you are drinking, what kind of exercise you are getting and when and certainly how much stress you are feeling. I've tried to simplify my strategy as much as possible, I don't count carbs but instead limit them whenever possible (think paleo type diet), I try to eat small meals throughout the day so my body never has to work too hard all at once, and I try to get my heart rate up with some good, brisk walking after any larger meal, especially after dinner with about a 60 minute brisk walk. That's just what works for me, the numbers were driving me INSANE, and I just couldn't handle the stress. Plus I figured, hormones like cortisol are released when we are stressed (part of the "fight or flight" response) which causes digestion to slow to a crawl which we definitely don't want right now. So seek the counsel you need, spend extra lovey time with that supportive husband of yours, and see if you can find little ways to pamper yourself every day so you can find peace. The numbers are just a tool, use them only so long as they are useful and set them down when they aren't. You are strong. You will figure this out. My heart truly goes out to you and I wish I could give you more practical advice but alas I can mostly just offer emotional support from where I sit. Oh, but you may look into supplementing with chromium and glucomannan, that is what my midwife has me doing. Maybe your dietician would know a thing or two about that?

Lily, isn't that a wonderful way to think about self-talk? I totally can't take credit for it, straight from the mouth of our doula. I too struggle with being so unbelievably hard on myself and definitely don't want my kid to ever feel that from me. I guess it has to start from within, so, I'm trying smile.gif

I'm so excited to see my midwife this week, it's been 3 weeks since our last visit and I am anxious to see how baby is growing and what position he/she is in. I'm constantly trying to figure it out but I really have no clue most of the time. I'm 33 weeks today... how is that possible?! Technically full term in a MONTH, get out of town!! I'm playing it safe though and fully expecting to go to 42 weeks with a long labor, hopefully that will save me any disappointment.
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Whitney, I may have to chalk up yesterday to the little amount of sleep I got on Saturday night and the stress I was feeling because DH basically told me Saturday night that he was going to "clean and organize" the house on Sunday since I wasn't doing it fast enough for his liking. Well the babies room is not empty except for the cribs that need to be set up and some baby stuff people have given us already and one dresser. I agree with him, it does look better with less stuff, but feeling under duress to do it RIGHT NOW wasn't a good thing.

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On a whole other note... who else needs to bare their belly whenever possible?  lol.  Every night I end up hanging out on the couch with my belly sticking out.


And I'm annoyed preggo today.  Someone I know vaguely is being a complete know it all and driving me bonkers.  She also volunteers in another group of the same group I belong to and just has this habit of talking down to me since she is 10ish years older than I am and has been volunteering longer.  I hate being talked down to.  Tempted to just unfriend her on fb....

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Taryn, sorry to hear your "friend" is being ornery.  Some people just don't get it how their words come across.


Yeah, DH and I found a dresser for the boys!  Seventy five dollars off of craigslist and it is solid wood, not that particle board trash! The seller even delivered it to our house (we were maybe a mile away).  Great deal for us. Now I feel like I have the furniture necessary to sort clothes and start organizing my boys' room.

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Yay, Lilac, for the new dresser! DH and I recently agreed that we need to find a new dresser for DS, so the baby girl can get his hand-me-down dresser. I hope we find a deal, too!


Taryn, just this weekend, I started lifting my shirt up when I am sitting down on the couch. She has been so active, I almost watch my belly more than I am watching my shows.


I also have lots of preggo hormones affecting my mood....Today I am totally over work and everyone here at work. God bless them all. I promise it's nothing personal.

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On a whole other note... who else needs to bare their belly whenever possible?  lol.  Every night I end up hanging out on the couch with my belly sticking out.

LOL, I'm sitting here with my belly out right now. Every opportunity I have, I pull my waistband down and my shirt up and sit around bare-bellied. :-P
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I'm always sitting around with my bare belly out! I love seeing her move around and I figure she needs some light sometimes.

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Hahah you guys do that too? I'm getting more and more uncomfortable with anything on my belly so any chance I get, it's all out. 



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I also have lots of preggo hormones affecting my mood....Today I am totally over work and everyone here at work. God bless them all. I promise it's nothing personal.


I so understand! Friday was my last day at work. Everyone was asking me how I feel or whether I'm excited to be off. Honestly, I felt mostly zombie like (probably the hormones) and my brain could not process anything...

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Yeah, me too on the belly out...mostly I am wearing pjs at home anyway, tho. Always be ready for sleep, I say!!

I hear everyone about the angry preggo hormones!! I still have 8 or 7 weeks of work left, plus dealing with my family at home. Grrr!!! Luckily my boss is great, she's there if I need to talk to her, but shes super professional and doesnt cross boundaries. Its everyone else I have to deal with, rubbing my belly (roar!), asking how I'm feeling, and all I want is for them to finish their work and get it to me!! Luckily, another girl is 4 months along, so people are starting to notice and maybe she'll get some of the attention. They also keep comparing me with another girl who went on mat leave recently and was huge...sigh
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I love to watch my belly when my boys play "kick the can" in my belly. Seeing the jostling is so amazing.

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Oh my gosh, I cannot imagine twice the movement I'm getting!!!  It's so distracting and crazy with just one!

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So I just found out that if all the paperwork works out, I can get 12 chiropractic visit covered under Medicaid! SO awesome!!! 32 weeks on Friday! 

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Wow, Kali! How's that? I'm on medicaid (I think that's the right one) and I would love to get some chiro visits covered. I'd rather go to the chiro instead of to prenatal appts.

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I see a chiro too with medicaid! I get 24 visits! I just got recommendations from my midwife of who took it and went with the one that will even come to my birth if I need her. :)

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I called my healthplan and asked. They said yes but I needed a referral and a lot of chiros don't take it but I found one. They would not accept a referral from my CPM though so I went to another family DR and got the referral. 

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That's so great that you guys are having luck with insurance and chiro! Mine isn't covered, my whole birth plan isn't covered though so we at least were able to plan to be going out of pocket during this period. It will be nice once baby is here and the constant outflow of cash slows down a bit, though I'm sure plenty of things will come up, but at least the midwifery stuff will be done and paid for.

Speaking of the midwife, had a prenatal today. It's always fun to go in and chat with her and her assistant. Haven't gained any weight in about 3 weeks, but I PACKED it on in the first and second trimesters (28 pounds so far)... glad it isn't keeping up at that rate, I was pretty freaked out for a while. And fundal height is on track so baby is growing just fine. Yay.

Fun to hear that some of our baby spaces are coming together. No new dresser for us but I do have plans to paint a hand-me down dresser a serious shade of blue. Waiting for DH to have time, maybe in the next couple weeks. Might be fun to share pictures as some of these things finalize...
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