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Tons of BH contractions & cramps today. Guess the chiro loosened some things up! 


On another note, my 6 and 3 yr old asked us tonight exactly where baby is coming out (they already know about the uterus, cervix, amniotic sac, placenta, etc.). Guess this was the next step. Wondering when the "how did it get IN?" question will occur. 

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Kali, sounds like a fun conversation. DH and I were discussing "when" we would tell our boys about having babies. DH is definitely more reserved than me. I would rather they know the information from us, not from school, friends or some other source. Age appropriate obviously, but timely.


Whitney, I will have to get a picture of the dresser we bought. Sort of waiting for DH to get the cribs  put together than take a picture of the "in process room".


For all you ladies getting chiro adjustments, enjoy. I think I need to get a massage. I was reading the spinning babies website about keeping the ligaments balanced so that my currently breech Baby B can get himself turned around. I love swimming belly down :)


Well, I think the exercise helped me yesterday. All my sugar levels were well under the goal, even my supper level where I went out to eat and had a wet burrito from a restaurant with a flour tortilla, rice, and refried beans - with avocado on the side. Since it isn't a chain restaurant, I had no idea how many carbs it had really, I am sure way more than 4 though. I won't push the envelope with every meal but last night was my dH's birthday and one wet burrito didn't seem like going over the top.

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Originally Posted by LilyKay View Post

I so understand! Friday was my last day at work. Everyone was asking me how I feel or whether I'm excited to be off. Honestly, I felt mostly zombie like (probably the hormones) and my brain could not process anything...

I counted today, and I have 9 weeks and 2 days left before I get a break from homeschooling for Christmas vacation. Our last day will be December 20th. I planned our break to coincide with the public schools, and so that I'd get all of my vacation *after* the baby comes, but now I'm just wishing I could take the rest of the year off starting TODAY!
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On another note, my 6 and 3 yr old asked us tonight exactly where baby is coming out (they already know about the uterus, cervix, amniotic sac, placenta, etc.). Guess this was the next step. Wondering when the "how did it get IN?" question will occur. 

Good luck with that one, lol! When my DD was 4 and I was preggo with my surroson she brought up something about how her dad had put her in my mouth and I swallowed her so she could grow in my belly....um, what?


I too am getting tired of the "How are you feeling?" comments...how am I feeling? Annoyed that everyone keeps asking how I'm feeling! Or "How's the baby today?"...um, she's still in there so I guess she's fine. I mean really, how do you answer that one? It's really bad where I work because there's over 70 servers and we all work different days/shifts every week so every time I work I see someone I haven't worked with in a week or two. And then of course I get the size comments because of that..."Wow, baby's really getting big!" Yeah, she's inside me, I know she's getting bigger!


I don't know if nesting is kicking in already or if it's my OCD Type-A planner mode coming out but for some reason I'm really feeling the need to get everything we need for baby right now. Even though I know we still have over 2.5 months I want everything done now! There's still a bunch small stuff we need but I'm trying to hold off buying anything yet. We've had a lot of people asking if we're having a shower (unfortunately no :( ) but we have an Amazon registery so we'll see what we get from that.

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Trish, that happened to me on Monday.  Bam!  Bookshelves moved out, dresser moved over, and changing table all set up with baby's clothes, diapers.  phew!  Now I'm ready : )


Had a freak out at husband yesterday.  My energy is so good and I've been rockin it this pregnancy and keeping up with chores and my life and all the kids' stuff...and yesterday I was exhuasted.  I need help, especially in the morning, and also with housework.  Bending and lifting has got to let up.  After email and letter attempts, I think it got through.  He always claims he doesn't hear the kids in his sleep so doesn't wake up to help in the night, but last night the cat woke me up meowing in the house (not supposed to be inside!) and husband got up right away and let him out.  He also woke up a little earlier this morning and made scrambled eggs and oatmeal.  He usually just makes himself something and has total tunnel vision on getting himself to work without lifting a finger to help get the kids ready for school.  So that was really really nice and I hope it continues.  It's tricky having your sixth kid, everyone treats me like it's old hat and I must be so used to this by now, etc, but the reality is that I'm still pregnant and I'm still feeling all of the pregnant stuff!!  So I need to be treated like I'm pregnant- a little more help physically, a little more emotional support...

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Yeah, I hear you on needing extra help...especially now that I'm in the home stretch...I have learned to just ask for the specific things I need and ignore the grumbling and moaning. smile.gif
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Mataji, I am totally with you on the "bam, I am exhausted now". The last 2 days I have been so tired.


Thirty one weeks for me today! Getting read for my 3 sisters, niece, and mom to come visit Saturday and Sunday and stay for my baby shower on Sunday afternoon. I am so excited.

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Aw fun, Lilac!!  I hope you have a great weekend and shower!

My mom is coming to my shower in November- will be the first one she's come to!


I just put my boys to bed at 7:00!  An hour early, because husband is at marimba practice and I am exhausted.  Teenage son driving me to the looney bin (he actually said he just doesn't want to interact with me in public and that is why he said 'stay out of my life' to me at the grocery store when I asked how he had money for treats.)  Lord help me.  I have to do some sewing for my daughter's Nutcracker costumes and hopefully will get to bed by 10!

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Saw the dietician and diabetes nurse today - thanks to 30 minutes of exercise every day, I am able to stay away from insulin, for now. Stress can really screw it up. If I end up on insulin, then I have to see my OB twice a week! Um, no, I don't have time for that, but I do have time for exercise. I will do whatever it takes to keep away from insulin.

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You can do it, Lilac!
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You sound like you have a plan and you're determined to do what's best for your babies, Lilac. 


I got good news from my insurance that will help with the money issues. Turns out they're going to send me a WalMart gift card to use for a car seat. That will really help a lot. I got a pack n' play from someone on OfferUp for cheap. Now we have somewhere for baby to sleep. Between those two things I'm feeling much more ready. There still a bunch of "little stuff" that would be nice to have but nothing that seems like we can't live without. Nesting urge has been temporarily taken care of.

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Go Lilac!  Way to be pro-active!


I just got some good money news that my mom is giving us a little money before the end of the year which will cover extra Christmas expenses, covering my loss of income in January, paying off a couple of small card balances and hopefully have a little something leftover for savings.  I was so relieved!


I had fun setting up the baby's changing table...now all the washed clothes and diapers are in it.  That's the bathroom door there, so easy access to water and the diaper pail : )  The mini cosleeper will be right next to my bed, which sits so it faces the bathroom door, but I won't set that up til the last minute b/c then I lose my side table.  It's tricky to have nowhere to put my water, burp cloth, clock, but I can't figure that out.



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Nice set up, Jenny! Couldnt you move the co sleeper down the bed so you can keep your night table? Sleeping arrangements are so tricky, especially when you have lots of little ones!

I had to buy some winter boots for my oldest this year, so I went to sears. Their boots were 40% off plus I had agift card from someone, so I paid $2.44 for the pair. Sweet!
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DH set up the two cribs in the boys room. He planned for an hour . it took him three. He wanted to say he had done it himself without help. They look great. Two screws on the spring area had some glue on them and won't go in. Contacted the company to get replacements.

My mom, my three sisters and my niece are up for my shower tomorrow. I am so excited.
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I've taken crib screws and bolts to the hardware store before to match them and it's been easy to replace them that way, and it'd be much faster than waiting for the company to send them.


Cribs are a pain to set up!  I always forget how they go back together!  Have a great shower!!


Lida, if I moved the sleeper down then I have no room to get in and out of bed.  It'll be alright.  

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Mataji, I may end up doing that if I don't receive them Quickly from the company.

I am concerned about getting into and out of bed as well once we side car the third crib in our bedroom. There is just so little space.
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Yeah, I've just resigned myself to crawling in and out of the end of the bed in those situations...now we live in a bigger house, so space isnt so tight, but it was with the first two...our master bedroom in this house still isnt huge, but I guess we'll see how this baby sleeps before making any big changes to our sleep set up.
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We set up the changing table/anchored it to the wall yesterday, too.  I need to dig all the baby stuff out of the basement, wash it and figure out where it is going in my son's room (which is where the changing table lives).  Eventually, the baby will sleep there and he will move in with his older sister (I think).  Right now I can't imagine how either of them sleeping with another child would work.  I fear no one would ever sleep again, ever.  When do people normally get all the baby stuff out by?  I am a little worried that if I take it out now, my kids will think it is a new toy and it will end up pulled out of baskets and drawers and needing to be washer multiple times.  


I finally saw a chiropractor for the first time on Friday.  I felt better for about...5 minutes afterwards, then I sat in the car for a half hour, to pick up my husband from the train, and was back to the pain level I started at.  She warned me that I would likely not have much/long lived relief from this first adjustment, though.  I am hopeful it will help with continued treatment.  Or that this baby will decide he is fully cooked by 37 or so weeks, and we can end the torture (unlikely).

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My kids defintely enjoyed playing with this baby's stuff....for a month or two...now the novelty has worn off and they mostly leave it alone....eyesroll.gif

I stayed up late last night finishing re-covering our glider. What an improvement! So glad I did it!!! I will post before and after pics later orngbiggrin.gif

I still have to finish the tissue paper mobile and start the crib skirt. And DH has two projects he needs to do as well in baby's room...

Oh, and the stabbing cervix pains have started. Woohoo! Midwife said baby was in perfect birthing position though,so all I can hope is that he comes before his due date. I can't do many more weeks of this redface.gif
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We always say that we can't do many more weeks, and then we don't have a choice!!  ; )

I remember saying at 38 weeks last time that I felt like I'd go into labor any moment, was so emotional and tripped out, my cervix was thinning and crampy...and then he stayed in ANOTHER FOUR WEEKS!!   arg.  I hate that part, the waiting game at the end.  At least this time I'll have the holidays to distract me!

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