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School tour done. They are eager for him to start as soon as possible. He is eager to start as soon as possible. Testing scheduled for Tuesday. However, we only selectively vaccinated and he needs 2 each of MMR, Hep A, and Varicella and 1 each of DPaT & HepB. Blegh, now I have to go research vaccines. We are happily hanging out in a coffee shop on a glorious day. I can't believe he wants to leave this good life.

Towson, yay for figuring out how to post on your phone! wink1.gif

MelW, hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. The Lego ship-building extravaganza sounds like a blast!

RR: Hot yoga was not gross and actually pretty great. Going back tomorrow. Today: weights or swim if I can talk the boys into the long drive. Still rough in mil's world. Sil had just returned back to Seattle where she teaches and flew back last night. It's rough on everybody.
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I vaccinate my kids. But have thought around it. That said, I know you can choose to not vaccinate in most states. so I googled "do I have to vaccinate my kid in texas school."  and easily found




"Exclusions from compliance are allowable on an individual basis for medical contraindications, reasons of conscience, including a religious belief, and active duty with the armed forces of the United States."


hmm. Not sure if you fit under there.

But you can find out.

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Lofty, I love, love, love hot yoga. It reminds me of hanging out in the driveway in August with friends waiting for the van to cool down so that the babies don't bake when I buckle them in. Written down it looks odd but it is a good feeling plus the 'body work' feels good. May you find a vaccine decision you and the schools find workable.

After an awesome visit with old neighbors and friends I am having trouble touching base with my bil. Figures. eyesroll.gif

I can honestly say CA is killing me and I don't understand why. I can see it from here but when I am there I have no perspective. There are good points but one of them is not my mental well-being. I told dh I would follow him anywhere he was happy but this may have pushed me too far. I have no idea what to do now. confused.gif
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Mommajb, hug.gif I'm glad you're able to get the perspective to see what is really good for you (back home) vs what is not as good. Hope you're able to see a way through...

Kerc, thanks for the link. Looks like I could fake my way out of it if I want but I don't really. I was only kicking the can down the road. Now, I'll just finish what we started. He is so freaking eager, it's killing me. So Monday, vaccines. Tuesday, testing (and crossing my fingers he doesn't have any side effects from the vaccine that will affect testing) and then Wed we'll see his piano teacher and ask about a schedule change and then, I don't know... go for two days or start the next week. I guess I can wait and decide after testing.
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Mommajb, I love sitting in the hot car, so I think I would like hot yoga. I'm glad you found the perspective and hope you can find a happy medium for a place to live.

JayGee, have a great birthday with your "old guy"!

Welcome back, Towson.

RR- Bootcamp tonight. Also the start of AF today, which usually means I feel crummy but he workout propels me forward into my next cycle. Or something. My sister is joining me at the gym tonight.
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JayGee--hope the in-service talk went well and that your DH has a great birthday.

lofty--glad he's eager. FWIW it's worth on the vax front: everything I read suggested that reactions to vaccines tend to be more minimal as kids get older. The DTaP may very well give him a very sore arm, though I think the usual pattern is that the first one causes the least reactions and then subsequent ones tend to build on each other. He'll also need considerably fewer because he's older, which is nice.

mommajb--sorry to hear that CA isn't working for you. Where are you located there? Any changes to go someplace else?

MelW--hope bootcamp went well!

RR: 10 miles with tjsmama this morning/afternoon on one of the few trails in the metro area that I'm completely unfamiliar with, which was cool. We had a tentative plan to run 10 and then I was going to grab my bike (on my car parked at the 10-mile point) and bike a few more with her before I had to head north to pick R up from school, but we were both tired and then she had a nosebleed so we ended up walking a couple miles of the 10 and then I drove her back. It was really pretty out with the leaves changing and the clouds dumping snow on the mountains to the west. She was struggling to get into a groove, and despite that, put up with me rambling on about school board politics, crazy people, and a funny story I remembered from This American Life (undoubtedly less funny when I told it). Hmmm, maybe the stories were part of the problem? I feel a little badly about suggesting that if the run went badly, she could bail at 10 and I'd drive her back, but I think the rest will help more than running another 10 would.

NRR: took R to the coffee shop after school because she wasn't ready to face my in-laws without some quiet time either. That was really nice too.
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rr~Yeah, that was pretty much a total FAIL of a long run. I just never got into my groove. Despite getting a good amount of what seemed like good quality sleep, I was totally exhausted. And my legs were still tired from Wednesday. And then, as mentioned, my nose started gushing blood. Which is just odd, because I have never been one to get nosebleeds, but I had a random one a few weeks ago, and then this one that didn't want to stop. So when real suggested that perhaps it was better to bag it and get some rest and then pointed out that I did, in fact, already get a 20 miler in for this training cycle. So, yeah. Would I have toughed it out if I were by myself? Probably, but only because I wouldn't have had a choice as far as how to get back to my car. So, I bagged it, I feel semi-guilty about it, but for better or for worse, it's taper time.

dr~C travels all week pretty much every week for work, right? And although I have no child for the weekend (DS has a long weekend from school and so is in Ohio with his dad), I work all freaking weekend. Sigh. So C managed to get an earlier flight so he could see me before I went into work tonight. shy.gif It was good to see him, we had a lovely dinner, and then I went off to work. He also has plans for us on Sunday, and I have been warned that I will not get very much sleep so that we can spend some time together. orngbiggrin.gif
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Gaye, I would've bagged that run, too! Have a great weekend and, ahem, date. wink1.gif

Real, that's kind of what I was thinking about the vaxing. I don't have enough of a problem with it to not do it. Enjoy the in-laws. smile.gif

MelW, AF makes me feel crummy, too. Good luck at bootcamp. Kick AF's butt. lol.gif

JG, how was the birthday date?

RR: Off to hot yoga in 10 minutes. Then ds2's football game. Still not sure if I can also swing going out of town again to mil's...

School related: I think music is going to be hard to coordinate with school. It's just so far away and I just finished paying the 2nd half of the semester and they're pretty expensive lessons. And he's good and likes it, so we have to find a way to work in the music. If she doesn't have time on the schedule for the rest of this semester, I may have to wait until after the holidays anyway. But then it sounds lousy to postpone school b/c of music. I don't want to give him any reason to be resentful. However, I do feel like I'm rushing and I'd love to finish out our Shakespeare unit. Or maybe I'm being selfish. Sigh. Still sorting my complicated thoughts. Anxious about his test. Eager to see how he does.
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I look forward to a time when I have both the time itself and the presence of mind to be a part of the Dingo convo.
$h!tting blood yesterday (no tmi here) amd fever so now on a 10-day course of Bactrim Forte and an amoebacide just in case. Sparkle, I will appreciate your instructions on rebuilding the flora. I should have access to most things in UAE.
I have a second week to survive.
I spent last night in a fever sleeping fitfully in the arms of my dh's milk mother. The Bactrim is working but if memory serves me, I have another week of bad bathroom time ahead.
In sad news, our beloved macaques are down to only about 2000. We visited today.
RR: down about 8lbs I would guess.
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Oh Jo, that sounds horrible! The fever, the stomach and digestive problems, the meds... I hope this passes quickly. Visiting your DH's family sounds so fraught with stuff, both physical and emotional, so I really applaud you for sticking to it.


Mommajb :hug


Gaye, so sorry that last run was a drag and the nosebleed, etc. but you absolutely made the right choice. Maybe the exhaustion + recent illness/abx have just all been too much. Nothing a nice long taper won't fix :wink Enjoy the dates!


Lofty, not selfish, your kids have a lot going on and there's no reason to rush things. Especially if you do decide to get caught up on vaxes. We had to do that, too, after years of selective/delayed stuff, and then ended up getting multiple shots all at once :(


RR: 12 miles today - the first 3 quick-ish, then 6 miles very slow with a lady from the running group, followed by a blisteringly fast (for me :lol) final 3! It was actually lots of fun, good conversation and then a nice fast finish.

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Jo - dizzy.gifgoodvibes.gifom.gif Words fail. That is beyond. I cant wait for you to be home and healing!

Mamajb - I have been there. I hope you can find a situation that works better for you. Would a move within the area help? Is there a more fitting community (your area is so huge, maybe there is a 'hood that is more your people?) hug.gif

NRR: Have had a surreal week. Studying research about all this, and started a medication protocal based on what we've read, but at "homeopathic doses" as Dh put it, as previous similar efforts have caused such terrifying, awful side effects that I was afraid to try again. Too soon to say (as this will take weeks to shake out) but today was the best Ive had in weeks.

We went Halloween shopping at the local thrift store, which is always a hoot. DD1 has a climbing comp. next weekend that has an '80's theme (first themed comp. ever), so we were also looking for clothes for that. Turns out, we hit the jackpot for her, and I am now making her do the '80's outfit for Halloween, it is THAT good ROTFLMAO.gif

p.s. you might have to know her to find this SO funny b/c she is the biggest tomboy, and pink is her most HATED color, and she is actually willing to leave the house with her hair like that biglaugh.gif
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I think it is so funny how pink is so hated by tomboys yet in the football group, the manliest men are sporting pink underarmour shirts and pink shoestrings in their football cleats. Oh and wearing pink duct tape on their helmets. What's up with the pink switcheroo?

Jess, what a hoot. Hope she has a fun climb in that. And I love the clean floors and open, clean lines in that room. My home is so freaking dark and cluttered and yours looks so light and lovely. I want to move in. Glad you had a great day with the homeopathic dosage of medicine. And I'm also glad you have a supportive dh. (B/c I'm having supportive dh envy these days.)

Mel, it's been so long since I've had a great run like that, but I do remember them. Glad you had a great run with good convos, too. That's the best! thumb.gif

Jo, you have a great book in the making, but what a sacrifice!! Ugh, I feel for your body! Really, I think I've been through $hit and then I read about your visit and I'm like, whoah. Here's to wishing for some quick healing! goodvibes.gif

RR: Great hot yoga. The instructor and her husband are new in town. From Phoenix. Do people from Phoenix have an accent? Bc she sounds just like a roommate of mine from NJ and it's such a distinctive sound. I guess I thought people from Phoenix would sound more like people from Texas or Mexico. Anyway, he's a doc and she teaches yoga and it's so weird to have anybody new in town. They're having a cocktail/costume party next weekend, which is so, not, rural redneck Texas. I couldn't help but think of Sparkle's tie dye party. So I said, yes. Seriously, who moves here?

NRR: Got to forgiveness stage in yoga and felt super energetic, enlightened, light, etc. Bottomed out again with dh. I don't think it's been this low in years. Went to go see mil w/o him (needed some space) after a fight which made the kids and me cry almost all the way there. Till they laughed at my mix of snot and tears and we got into giggling fits and I threatened to wipe my face on their shirts. Thank God for my kids who always manage to find some levity and give me perspective. Then he showed up at mil's house. And things were obviously awkward in front of family and then we left to go to my mom's. Ugh, as I write this I see how junior high it sounds. greensad.gif Am I a bitch for not playing nice? I just can't. I. Just. Can't. Why does being nice suck sometimes?
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lofty--no, you are not a witch. Remember that stress makes everything harder and it makes it harder for both of you, not just him. FWIW, I think there's a self-preservation issue too, at least for me. If DH is saying things that are patently unfair, I have to be in a fantastic frame of mind to just let it go, yk? And for that matter, if we're both in a pretty good place in terms of work/kid/life stress, neither of us says anything ridiculous and we get along. But if we are stressed, his language gets extreme, and communication issues are rampant. When it comes to the personal stuff, letting it go feels very much like I'm agreeing that he's right and I'm a terrible person. This is partly because I'm stressed too and the last thing I need is someone emptying my cup (or as happened two weeks ago, emptying it, smashing it and stomping on the broken bits). Maybe in an ideal world we'd just be "good wives" and suck it up, but in an ideal world, husbands would also be able to back off. I don't know. While running with tjsmama yesterday, I remembered that I'm not really marriage material, not least because I'm opinionated and outspoken and prickly, which some define as "witch." I don't, and I hope you don't either. It's the 21st century, yk? More goodvibes.gif as you navigate the very difficult spot your family and MIL are in.

1jooj--holy cow. goodvibes.gif and lots of them. May you survive the next week.

RR: 4 around the neighborhood after dinner. This is remarkable only because I'm very skittish about running in the dark since last year, though I'm not sure if I'm more afraid of coyotes or people. Probably coyotes. But it's hard to quiet the thoughts in my head during certain segments of the route. I think I'll be sticking to the well-lit sidewalks along the road or the gym for a while.

NRR: as in-law visits go, this is better than most. It's been interesting to watch J, who's most like me, go about the visit. She's been enjoying the attention, but after we went mini-golfing, she was just done and needed her space. She did her own thing until dinner. R needs that kind of down time too, but isn't always self-aware enough to take it. Anyhow, it validated how I usually feel, which is that the constant stream of loud noise requires daily breaks to places that are not loud and don't require interaction. It doesn't help that MIL isn't capable of asking a question and waiting for an answer. My kids are used to the fact that if I ask them something, I will wait for an answer. MIL doesn't wait. "Do you want to play a game? We could play X, or Y, or Z, or would you rather go to the park? Or maybe we should read a book. What book do you want? There's X or Y or Z, oh, how about we do this one because..." during which my children haven't managed to utter a word because she's only paused long enough to take a breath. It also drives me a bit batty when I ask one of my children if they want something and she answers for them before they have a chance to state their opinion. The long and short of it is that I need to find a way out of the house on a daily basis when we visit at Christmas, and should bring along earplugs.
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Lofty repeat after me:  My husband is loosing his mama.

When you say it out loud you realize just how hard it is to deal with. Add to that she sounds like the total matriarch of the family. And your dh sounds like he can only do one well at a time (you or his mama). 


Real: Your just described my MIL re: questions.  I've taught my kids to basically say, "Whoa, slow down. I can't even answer your question."  and more recently, "You have lots of ideas. Let me think and I'll tell you my answer."




Sparkle:  funny costume.  And I'm here thinking (of course):  how do you do that with a jacket on? 


Fun  yesterday with my oldest. Took her to Minneapolis and we did a whole bunch of errand type shopping. And she cooperated. Woot.  Little dd's bday party today. Better get my act together for that!  Thank goodness she wanted store-bought cupcakes.

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Kerc and Real, thanks. I needed those exact words from both of you. I do feel like my cup is being emptied, smashed, etc. And the mantra helps. There will probably be a right time down the road to deal with the broken pieces but it is not now and I can't make it be now. Okay, I'm letting it go. I feel easier already. Exhaling. Thanks.

Kerc, have a great time with dd today! birthday.gif

Real, I hope you get those moments to yourself to stay sane while ils are there. Because going crazy isn't worth it.
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Lofty - ((((:hug)))))  It's tough timing for ds to be "leaving" just as MIL is too.  And you're probably expected to be purely supportive without having any emotional response of your own to these things.  I got the strong sense from dh when his mom died that it wasn't my business because it wasn't my mom.  I wonder if there's some of that coming at you even though you have been totally enmeshed in that family for most of your life.


Real - You are one Zen mama.  :Bow


Jo - Really, take care of yourself, that s#!t is scary stuff.  Did you buy the property?  Sending thoughts of protective bubbles to you.


Gaye - Good call on stopping.  It's certainly hardcore to run 20 with blood streaming down your face but you have nothing to prove, we know how hardcore you are!

 HAve a fun weekend!


Sparkle - Glad you had some time to get your head above water, I hope it continues.  I imagine the saying "it's always darkest before the dawn" goes through your head in thinking about these possible remedies but it must be very daunting to be on the dark side of that darkness. :Hug


Mel38 - Happy run!  


MelW - Happy belated Thanksgiving!  Beautiful weather for it this weekend!


Mommajb - I think CA can be a pretty toxic place.  I usually enjoy my visits there but there's just something about it that always leaves me with a type of emptiness. Maybe there's something about living in a place that is constantly depicted in tv and movies as an ideal but which has just as many real life complications as anywhere else that it's like a permanent cognitive dissonance?  I get the same feeling if I spend too much time looking at Facebook.  There are only so many ads for people having perfect moments I can take before I start feeling like a failure.  Anyway, I hope you and Dh can work together to find a solution.


RR; Just some boxing.  Thinking of JG and all the other families that are being impacted to full-frontally by the idiots in charge helped me find some serious aggression this week.


NRR: I'm definitely over-booked.  Dh and I had a spat last night that sounds awfully like something Real or Lofty described.  He's so overwhelmed there were couple nights this week that he got up at 2:30 or 3am and went to his office to work.  And I've been not nearly home enough for my kids.  So last night that stress burst out all over what was meant to be a quiet family night at home. crap.gif

I'm at work right now as a matter of fact and it's about time to start paying attention again.  Love to all my Dingos!

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Plady, hug.gif Glad you got the boxing in. You are right; even if she's not your mom, you still have an emotional response - to mil's death and to dh's reaction, so in a way, it's double but it's almost like you don't get the privilege of owning your reaction. I wonder if this is still some fallout. I expect we will have a good deal of fallout for months to come.

Kerc, I've been repeating your mantra all day and it has helped enormously. I was able to see that the pieces of the cup will be picked up down the road and it helped me to not make any more of a mess than it is right now. I thought of Sparkle and tried meditating. Then the three of us "kidnapped" him and took him to the bookstore to hang out with us for 3 hours. I didn't realize it till later but it helped us to place ourselves as a family again. We didn't talk about anything important - just browsed and looked through books and magazines and sat in the cafe together. It took him away from the sadness and stress in the house. Plus it took him away from our home which is woefully neglected. So, it was almost a restorative 3 hours. I am still repeating the mantra. It is saving my sanity. namaste.gif

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Oh, Lofty. I'm sorry things are so hard, mama.

Sparkle too. And Jo. I have nothing useful to say, only :grouphug and :goodvibesand :meditate.


I'm heading into that dark tunnel too, Sparkle. Had my first real twilight-cold-dark anxiety attack the other day. It was very unpleasant. :( I am upping my Vitamin D dosage and may spring for one of those lights this year, Brookstone has one for about $100 I think.


Last week...hard week.


Ds is having a lot of trouble at school, with one teacher. Things got bad last week such that I very nearly pulled him that day. I didn't, and I have a meeting tomorrow, but I am so enraged by the attitude of the vice principal -- it's this toxic combination of patronizing, bobblehead yes-we'll-deal-with-that empty promises, jargon, a manipulative way of trying to make me feel like I'm crazy/overzealous/overreacting, etc. Makes me want to poke out my eyeballs sometimes. Meanwhile, ds...acting out all over the place. He can be a stinker, but what happened was totally unacceptable.




Then, I got sort of attacked on FB by a very close friend's husband, who apparently did not like an article I posted, and proceeded to be inflammatory, nasty, and really disgusting on my page -- and then, insult the friends who responded to him, and THEN emailed me 3 times threatening to take one of my friends to court for defamation for insinuating he made a racist comment! (he did). I finally took the whole thing down and stopped responding to him. I can't unfriend him; he's one of my best friend's husbands. And we're supposed to go to their house for a weekend for their son's bar mitzvah in a few weeks. Gak. I felt very (unjustifiably) attacked. Dude. You're on MY page, on MY post (which there really was very little to argue about). Take a pill. splat.gif


Then, my boss (with whom I have a very close collegial relationship and we're friends) told me he is leaving at the end of the school year. I knew it was a possibility but it was a blow to hear it. We both started tearing up so I turned around and left the office, I'll have to deal with that later. Within an hour of the email going out to the parent body, 5 people had emailed me asking if I am interested in the job. Honestly? I have no idea. And I am not ready to think about it yet, but it was flattering anyway.


Then (and I know this is very silly, first world problem) my bread machine conked out. This is a thing for me -- I use it several times a week for GF and regular bread. Bleh.


RR: 10.1 miles this morning with a good friend's husband who is also a friend to me. He's in marathon recovery so is willing to go my pace. :lol 

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Oh, so many dingos hurting and in need of some light and love right now. Sending all the good vibes I can muster to all of you. goodvibes.gifflowersforyou.gif

Tonight should be my third shift in a row (and third of five out of six), but I am lucky enough to be staying home tonight. At least for now. I had requested release, and amazingly, I actually got it. I could very well get called in later, but at least for now, I'm FREEEEEEE! LOL. We had another crazy out-of-control night of babies on Friday night for which I was, of course, the admit nurse. It wasn't actually THAT many babies, I think 7 altogether, but we had four in the first two hours of the shift, then a break, then three more in an hour and a half. It was busy. And then last night, I had a very nice, but not-so-smart and very needy patient who had me in her room way way way too much. Blurg.

Only 4 1/2 hours of sleep today, but it was my own fault, since I got up to hang out with C in between my shifts. Of course, now that I'm not going in to work (at least for now), he had a family thing he had to go to, but hopefully he'll be able to come over after and we can spend a little more time together...
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Nic, is that what happened to your link? I read it and loved it and went back to like it but couldn't find it. I searched on your FB page and was just confounded. Well, mystery solved. Um, I liked the article. I thought it was great. I'm having trouble imagining why it would be inflammatory. headscratch.gif Sorry about the breadmaker. I think it's great that you are recognized by your co-workers as a prospect for your boss's job! WTG! thumb.gif

Gaye, you are the baby-nurse! Hang in there and have fun with C!
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