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Checking in from Tokyo.  Good flight over (I waved at kerc as we went right over her town, but I guess she was awol at the time), and I'm now just waiting until it's late enough I can go to bed, since the hotel restaurant that supposedly opens at 5 wasn't open.  Thank goodness for Clif bars.  I'm climbing into bed at 6 pm, fingers crossed I make it until at least 5 am.


Tomorrow: http://www.japanican.com/hotels/ShisetsuDetail.aspx?st=4258004


Many hugs to hurting Dingoes.  Please take just a moment to focus on yourself, even if it's just a moment.

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Hugs all around, and thanks for those vibes. I could feel them. The changing season seems to be carrying challenges along with it to everyone. Hang in, ladies. Ut gets better, right? We are Dingoes.
We are all back on 2 feet. Not perfect but better and weds is the holiday. After that, thurs through sat are all wedding and we fly sunday.
We did not buy, thank G!D and all the intervening angels that prevented hasty mistakes. I could live in this country, but never ever ever within such close distance to ILs or even in this region. It is filthy and we would have nothing in short order.
I ate food this morning. I have been averaging about 1.5 meals a day, cannot avoid dairy and subjugate myself to bread probably once a day. Joints are a mess and sleeping arrangements do not make it better. I pulled a louse from my clothes yesterday.
My skin crawls anyway.
Abu Dhabi has a bathtub with my name on it.
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Geo: enjoy Mt Fiji.


Sparkle:  Here's hoping this week is better.


Real: knitting date, perhaps when I visit Denver?


Gaye:  I'm reading along, realizing that I got super lucky to find Erik (dh) when I did. I'd suck at the whole dating thing.


Nic:   ---> here's a little extra vit d for you. Also headmaster/principal   ---> sounds like an amazing opportunity knocking on your door. Sounds like it might free up your choices in your life and realize your intellectual potential. Hmm.


Jo: feel better soon. Every year when you visit I always think to myself: I wonder what it's really like. Like if I weren't related to anyone, what would I think?  And then to add in there in law drama. Oy.


I'm feeling a bit better about work now. I have a bunch on my plate, but some of it came together nicely last week.

Kid party = success!!  Kids all had fun, weather came together, and there was minimal set up/clean up.

Also successful visit with my BIl/SIL -- we went to a park and not their house. Kids had fun. I did too.

Now. On to tackling the week.

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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

Nic:   ---> here's a little extra vit d for you. Also headmaster/principal   ---> sounds like an amazing opportunity knocking on your door. Sounds like it might free up your choices in your life and realize your intellectual potential. Hmm.

yeahthat.giflurk.gif !!!

Things are much better ladies. I'm not getting too excited until a month has passed but I might be getting a little of my life back; halle-freaking-lujah. And I'm not even on too many drugs lol.gif

Meantime, I'm applying to private schools for DD1 for next year (well, and the 6 after that dizzy.gif) as back-up. There are 3, and then our district public, which is supposed to be one of the better ones in the city (but that's relative bag.gif) and is in walking distance (woot), and one charter, which is our first choice, but also that of most people and if you dont get in the waiting list is astronomically long... I like the privates, except for the private-y-ness of them, but holy crap is that a lot of $$$, times 3 kids over 7 years each puke.giffaint.gif

what's happening with the CO meet-up?
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

what's happening with the CO meet-up?

My flight gets in on saturday 10-26. I have free time that evening and on Sunday basically all day.  I think geo's free sunday.  I leave Tuesday midday.

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Does it feel like the wind just shifted a bit here?

Sparkle is doing better, Nic has a potential amazing opportunity (even if she doesn't know it yet: insert evil grin smiley), kerc hosted an awesome b-day party, Jo is on her way to a bathtub, Gaye is having so much fun, Geo is in Japan and there are a couple of dingo meet-ups coming up. Congrats to all!

Now to get JayGee's husband paid and mommajb an awesome new place to live...

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with family, and couple of terrific days of sun to get fall yard work done. Yesterday I even fit in a quick trail run in the morning. Today is officially the holiday, but we still did a bit of homeschool work this morning. Multiplication facts seem to have been forgotten once again- so we're leaving the math book for a while to remember and reinforce. This afternoon we'll all quit working/cleaning, etc and head for a hike or to the beach.
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

My flight gets in on saturday 10-26. I have free time that evening and on Sunday basically all day.  I think geo's free sunday.  I leave Tuesday midday.

Yup, free Sunday the 27th.  I might be free Sat evening, but I need to keep it open-ish in case I have to schmooz.


Holy smokes, I just read the agenda for the 26th.  It's 13 pages long!  The agenda!  Well, I guess I always complain about lack of agendas for meetings...  Anyways, the key information here is that I'm scheduled until 5, and I suspect that means I'll be having dinner with this group. 

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I should be relatively open both days, although I work the 27th, so won't be available that evening.

Typing from my new laptop, which I am very excited about, but trying to figure out...also need to do a lot of copying of old files over to the new laptop, but I am way way way too tired to deal with that tonight. I got a whopping 4 hours of sleep yesterday, and did get release from work...for 3 hours. rolleyes.gif I really am grateful that I got anything at all, especially when I got to work and looked at the board. It was a mess last night, we were so very short staffed. And two sets of twins. I finished the night with two moms and five babies. Normal is three mom/baby couplets. There were other nurses that were carrying 8 patients by shift change. It was rough. And then we went immediately out for breakfast to see a coworker who moved about a year ago and was in town visiting. I got home in time to sleep for about two hours before C came over to see me before leaving town for the week. And then a high school friend who I hadn't seen in years was in town, so I had dinner with her. All in all, pretty much entirely good, but I am WAY WAY tired. I'm supposed to run 7 miles tomorrow, but I think RP and I are going to go hit the trails for a trail run. If we get to 7, great. If not, I'm not super concerned....

Time for some serious sleeping.gif
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Geo--that looks beautiful. I hope you have a fabulous time.

1jooj-- goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gif

kerc--would love a knitting date in Denver. It would be good for my soul. Saturday evening? Sometime on Sunday, maybe when we're not hiking? I'm around Monday evening too, though you'll probably be getting ready to head home.

geo--so, dinner and knitting with coffee afterward?

sparkle--glad to hear things are on the upswing.

MelW--happy Thanksgiving and yay for a trail run!


RR: 3 at the gym. Didn't feel like it but didn't want to be anywhere near DH. He's in the post-family visit funk, which means he spends every moment telling me how I'm the cause of all problems. On the down side, it meant I spent most of the run feeling exhausted and slow and feeling like it was all my fault for being generally sucky, but on the up side, at least one of my runs is done for the week.

NRR: I really hate the fact that people we love can be so good at getting under our skin and making us feel worthless. I hate watching it happen to other Dingos. I hate when it happens here. It would be great if the next generation of women doesn't have to deal with this bit of relationship drama.
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Dinner, knitting (though I can't with my tendonitis flair up), coffee, hiking, chatting.  It all sounds good.


Typhoon edges mean that I can see across the road from the hotel, but not much further.  I can see a lava flow right on the far side of the road, so once it clears up, I plan to check it out.  And the hot springs.  Definitely the hot springs.

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Lisa. :Hug


Yeah. Here too. With the added bonus that, apparently, my human body-ness disgusts dh in entirety. :( (not that I'm doing anything so gross -- just stuff like, if one of my hairs gets in his food he FREAKS OUT, etc.)


Meeting at school re: ds yesterday. Wish we had a bobblehead emoticon. :eyesroll


RR: 6.2 this morning. Met up with my club friends towards the end which was nice. Sierra Trading Post has moving comfort fiona bras on sale, in case anyone needs ($28). I stocked up.

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Oh, yeah...I almost forgot, we have a halloween party to go to the night of the 26th. So we could potentially do dinner, but then would need to skedaddle. Of course, I don't knit, so if you all wanted to have a knitting party, I wouldn't be missing out on much. orngtongue.gif

Trail run did not happen. RP called in sick. But, it meant that I got to sleep in, which was much needed. I debated getting up and getting my run in and then taking a nap this afternoon, but decided instead to just sleep in. So it's 2 pm, and I've been up for an hour. bag.gif My goal is to be out the door by 3 for my run. Of course, when I took the dog out, it was snowing. Not hard, but snow nonetheless... rolleyes.gif
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Snow?! I am so not ready for winter. Though the daylight already feels to short, so I'm feeling like the solstice needs to come quickly.


Real, I hope the funk lifts soon and you're back to being wonderful in the eyes of your husband. We all think you're amazing, so he needs to see it too!


Nic, I can relate on the human body-ness. When my husband isn't doing well he's not allowed to eat with us, since he has issues with the sight/sound of people chewing and eating in very normal ways (ie mouths are closed and everything, but eating in his presence sends him from his pretty-crazy place to his really-crazy place). Luckily he knows this, and is able to say "I'm feeling crazy right now and can't be around you while you eat." Then he goes and sits in his office with earplugs in and writes poetry or hides under the blankets.


I have a cold that 10 hours in bed last night didn't seem to kick. I skipped my run today and instead worked/prepped/organized a wine & cheese for the faculty association next week. My 100-year old grandma fell out of bed last night and fractured her hip. I'm waiting to hear from family about whether she opted for surgical repair or not and trying to not let myself get too worked up about it. Luckily my youngest sister also understands the implications of all of this, so I have someone in the family that I can talk/rant to honestly about it. I know the stats on centenarians with hip fractures, and the chances of her going home again are pretty slim. I'm trying to free up time in my schedule to make the trek to visit her and working through logistics.

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Boy, do I have a lot of Dingo catching-up to do!


tjsmama - Snow?  Already?  Yikes!


Nic - :hug I hope things improve with my DS and DH.


MelW - sending healing vibes to your grandmother


Geo - hope you're enjoying Japan!


Real - I can definitely echo your sentiment about hoping the next generation doesn't have to deal with this kind of relationship drama.


sparkle - so glad things are looking up for you :joy and I love your DDs outfit!


kerc - yay for a successful weekend!!


Jooj - glad you're feeling better and there is a long, hot bath in your near future.  The whole situation is just yuck on so many levels :grouphug.  Hang in there.


RR - biked 14 with the family yesterday; nothing today.


NRR - I am officially married to a 50-year-old!  We had a great weekend celebrating such a milestone birthday.  I do feel like a bit of a heel since I had planned on a big party, sent out invites and everything, but ended up cancelling the whole thing a week ago because of the government shutdown (no paycheck = no extras).  I wish I could have thrown a party like I had planned though. We did go out to our favorite restaurant on Saturday night, had our bike ride yesterday and I cooked a bunch of his favorites last night and even made a Paleo carrot cake for him too.


Meanwhile, I'm stressing about the kids' schools, about the library, about the stupid auction baskets I'm supposed to be coordinating, and about everything that is not getting done in my life right now (exercise, eating well, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping).

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JG, namaste.gif Find some peace in your life. Don't sweat changing the party. Enjoy each other. Glad it was a good weekend!

MelW, worried about your grandmother's hip. How is she? How's that cold?

Geo, Kerc, Real, Tjsmama, your meetup sounds great! Looking forward to following along vicariously.

Jo, so glad you're back on 2 legs and hope all crawling critters are gone and you're in a clean zone by now. I think you deserve some pampering!

Sparkle, ugh on figuring out the schools. I have just had my first stress-out about school and he's not even enrolled yet. splat.gif

(Warning: Rant Ahead. Feel free to skip.)
DS2 took his test yesterday, aced the reading test but only scored 50% on the math, which is 1) completely unacceptable and then 2) utterly shocking since it's his strength. I have several solid (old, tried, true, rigorous, with excellent reputation) math programs here and he easily scores a grade ahead on any of them. He's quick. He gets it. He likes it. So, after being stunned and shamed (district frowns on hs-ing and really tries to intimidate you about it) the counselor said the principal was okay with letting him go into the 4th grade - as if they're doing a favor, (which I find humiliating) I go online and click around, download last year's TX assessment test and try to get a handle on why he scored so low. I show him the test (it's the exact one; I could've downloaded it yesterday irked.gif ) and we go through it. I figure out 1) - What a freaking stupid test; 2) - he made 2 simple mistakes. The math portion was 40 pages long and he wanted to hurry. and 3) 34 of the 46 problems took up an entire page and were more about decoding the problem than doing the math. Lots of graphs but not just graphs. Lots of graphs with required doing math to complete the graph, then doing 4 math problems forr a, b,c,d to find "best" steps for figuring out the answer to a convoluted question below the chart. So 5 math computations for one problem. rant.gif I couldn't believe how non-math it was. I quickly see there's a "trick" to the charts/ graphs by figuring out a formula and then a way to approach the answer by getting rid of all the extraneous words and numbers quickly and plugging in your formula. I show him the "trick" and he gets it immediately and then sees how to do the rest of them w/o being overwhelmed. So I research and discover that there is, after 2 years, a lot of hate about this test and plans to replace it already. I downloaded sample SAT and ACT math tests to make sure the math testing format I've been using is similar and it is. I swear this test would give someone who made a perfect score on the SAT a headache. So then I learn that each district decides how much weight to give it in the grade. headscratch.gif I find a recent letter from the commissioner who explicitly states that if you give an incoming homeschool student a test, you give a specific (name of) test - NOT the one assessment they gave. I then start wondering about a school that requires this non-sanctioned test be the placement guide for incoming homeschool students. nono.gif I see how demoralized ds2 was about his grade and talk him through learning how to take a test and telling him how confident I am that he can do it, but think (to myself) that teaching to the test (which will begin in earnest after the holidays) will surely kill his love for math, if not hate it altogether. banghead.gif And in the midst of it all, I can hear the counselor's voice about his score and I feel like a failure all over again. And I find myself feeling like this kind of teaching the test at 3rd & 4th grade is bull$hit and homeschooling is a hell of a lot easier and maybe it's time to move. nono02.gif

All this and he hasn't even had his first day yet.

RR: Was supposed to go to hot yoga yesterday but the night before a kid (coach's kid) face-masked ds2. This is absolutely, across-the-board against the rules and one of those things that can result in the permanent injuries you read about happening in Pee Wee Football with unprofessional coaches. It didn't matter why (tackling - which the coach was instructing them to do) you can never face-mask no.matter.what yes.gif Ds2 didn't know what to do. DH wasn't there (at his mom's) other coaches weren't there. It was a bad practice night for everyone. Coach was yelling. Kids were behaving badly. So I went tonight, talked to a different coach, and kept my eyes glued on my son at all times. It was better. But geez, I'm ready for this to be over. I'm ready for so much to be over. Missed yoga so did weights in the parking log. Felt like a dork. Oh well.

DH is at his mom's giving her pain med every hour throughout the night. She's on oxygen. Can't imagine her body can hold out much longer. Starting to hear rumblings between siblings, trying not to worry about that. Sigh. In the last 4 weeks, we've been together as a family for maybe 3 nights. And they weren't good nights. Forgive me if I'm losing it here, too.

eta: forgot to mention dh's car broke down biglaugh.gifshake.gif Thought you'd want to know that.

Tomorrow (today!) I swim. Which I so f-ing need. praying.gif
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melw~hug.gif and goodvibes.gif for your grandma.

jaygee~birthday.gif to your DH. I agree, cancelling the party was the right thing to do. Maybe you can do it down the line, once you start getting a paycheck again.

lofty~hug.gif for your DS and for your whole family.

It's been another crazy night here at work, but fortunately not in my little corner of the unit. bag.gif Lots more babies, but I already have my patients and we have enough nurses to cover it tonight. Although I did start off the shift with a whopping one patient...not even one mom/baby couplet, just a mom. And then we got a med-surg float nurse to take the moms without babies, so then I had no patients until our 8 hour nurse went home at 11 and I took over her patients. Who are all easy-peasy. No complaints here!

Did I mention here that C is doing Ironman Cozumel? It's his first IM, and although I am not booking any plane tickets yet, I may have made arrangements to make it possible for me to go cheer (it's on Dec. 1) if things are still going well. I mean, come on...it's in Cozumel, for pete's sake. orngtongue.gif Oh, and J un-rsvp'ed from my bday brunch yesterday, so that takes care of that potential bit of awkwardness. Whew. redface.gif

rr~Finally sucked it up and got out for my 7 miles. I thought I was going to die for the first two, and then I hit my groove and it was smooth sailing from then on. Hello, taper madness. I finished up with a 10:05 pace for my 7 miles, so not too shabby. Oh, and I got my bib number and start info for NYC. Eek! It's getting real!
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Lofty, many hugs to you and your DH. On the test, we frequently discuss with our kids that some of the learning they do at school is learning the skills and content, and some of the learning they do is learning to prove to others (mostly teachers at this point) they understand it. We discuss openly the whys and wherefores of the tests, and we make it very clear to our kids that we see the effort and positive approach to learning as most important, and the scores as secondary. Tests that go poorly, we deconstruct and find patters of errors, then trouble shoot on ways to avoid it.

Honestly, while I don't think little kids need these skills, a lot of the skills of checking work, cutting through a problem to its essence, etc, are good life skills to have.

After a few years of it, my kds now have an appropriate skepticism about the tests and they don't get too mussed about it. That's also a positive in my book.

You and DS2 both have a lot of learning to do. Some of it will even be academic learning. wink1.gif

I think I disagreed with something I ate. Off to find Benedryl.
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Oh Lofty - You just have so much on your plate!  I hope you're at a turning point.  


Real - :hug


MelW- So sorry for your Grandma.  


So I could use some prayers sent out towards my friend Maureen in Boston.  She's a year older than me and had cardiac arrest two nights ago.  She's still in critical condition.  I don't know any other details but she's too young to die.


RR: boxed really hard yesterday trying to make the most of each minute of class.  Then went to work and needed to lift a bunch of big heavy things until I was finally afraid of muscle failure and getting squashed.  


NRR: C turned 12 yesterday.  She got some wonderful presents and we took her to a tex-mex place for dinner where they come singing Happy Birthday with fried ice cream for dessert.  It was a very mainland kind of place :lol.  I thought it was all just about perfect but she described the day as 'fine'.  Well, on Friday we'll have some of her friends over to have a cupcake baking/decorating blowout.  Hopefully that will nudge the needle more.  

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Honestly, while I don't think little kids need these skills, a lot of the skills of checking work, cutting through a problem to its essence, etc, are good life skills to have.


Right. That's how my dd1 has perceived the skills thus far. 


In the students I see in college there are some skills lacking in the kids who have been homeschooled.  One of them is test-taking strategies.  Ok, so life isn't test taking. But sometimes it is. And sometimes the rigor of going back and checking your work is important (I can think of lots of applications for that -- one is editing typewritten material you send out to others to read. there are others, of course).


And FWIW:  although you might perceive it as anti-hs, truly know that any person new to the system might be encountering this kind of stuff. By age 12 I had been to school in 4 states. And done the entry stuff 4 times. And I was not homeschooled, I carried with me records of the california achievement test, or the iowa achievement test. But every school seemed to think they needed to test me.  The unfortunate thing is when the fit from the test isn't right. But a caring parent going in and saying, "you know, you placed kristin in pre-algebra based on the test, but really she's an ace there. (show grades), can we move her to algebra?"  often solves those sorts of problems.


My kids are in a school where they do lots and lots of benchmark testing. But not a lot of focus on the testing. So I have mixed feelings.


Student coming to my office in a few, gotta run.

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Lofty - Oh my, that is amazing. YOU are amazing!! The process you went through with DS was a HUGE lesson in itself, and like Geo said, part of the learning process; frustrating but yes, a life skill. But seriously, the life skill you just modeled for him of how to handle a set-back like that was truly AMAZING bow.gif I adore you. Hang in there! I hope you got in the much needed swim

Melw - wow, to hear about your dh, well, it must be so hard for everyone. I like that you talk about him being sort of crazy vs. really crazy, because I refer to myself that way, and there is a seriousness to it that I dont think people get, but to hear your description, you clearly do and are living with it too. Its very hard, and I feel for you having to pick up the slack so much on so many fronts. You are also really amazing. Many people dont have the strength to do what you do, and with such equanimity

Gaye - Cozumel - um, ye-ah! winky.gif

Plady - :pray for your friend. That is horrible news. Im sorry

JG - sorry about the furloughed birthday party!! greensad.gif

RR: I long for the day that I feel like myself again and RR starts happening

NRR: not great. Two really wonderful, almost normal days that felt like a vacation compared to the norm lately, but now back to whatever chemical muck is going on up there. It feels like a combination of deep grief and rattling fear that I continuously shove down (both) all day long until I can go back to bed. And of course both feelings come from nowhere "real". Its a mind-f- to be sure, that your brain can get out of whack somehow and turn into this. All evidence points to this being a serotonin issue, which has likely been set off by fluctuating E2 levels, as E2 mediates serotonin transport. I am on a low dose of E2 (bcp level, although not bcp's), which worked well over the summer, and then not. And now have added a homeopathic dose of ssri, which for two days felt like a miracle, but now I think that was a fluke. Im scared to go up too much in the ssri due to having panic attacks from them like I did in the spring (have since changed type and dose), which Ive never had before in my life and omg are awful. Bleh. The plan is to stay at this dose for a few weeks and then start creeping up. Meanwhile, its all a crap-shoot, and even the "experts" dont understand it that well.

There's a clinic at UCSF called 'the women's mood and hormone clinic' which was established in the 1990's for just such events (also puberty, pregnancy related mood events) which I am seriously considering going to, although I dont think they'd tell me anything I dont already know. Ive read all the studies they've put out. One day at a time right now, that's what I can do
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