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Okay, so I think I read everyone's posts and am caught up.

MIL died today. I didn't get my swim in this week due to a double music schedule conflict I had forgotten about. I also didn't get in my hot yoga due to the face-mask issue with ds2. So, blah. Did weights today but I don't feel as good as I usually do from the combo of hot yoga and a swim. Not sure when I'll get another workout in.

So up at 5 am tomorrow for ds1's audition 2 hours away, 1 way. Ds2 has football. I'm scheduled to work our community's annual benefit. This is cool: let your imagination about country go wild. Our tiny little community puts on this annual fundraiser in memory of a woman who lives here who died during childbirth. As a result, they raise a substantial amount of money and now offer medical help and scholarships to people who live in our very, tiny community. It's not even a town. No lights. No stores. Just pastures. Oh wait, we do have a sawmill. I love it. I love being a part of it. I made a cheesecake to be auctioned and I'm supposed to sell t-shirts from 10-midnight. It has begun drawing people from several counties away. But now I need to go out of town to mil's again b/c siblings are working in earnest to put the house on the market. Since they all have to fly in and use vacation days, they want to do as much as possible beginning tomorrow. Visitation Mon. Funeral Tues. Nice family next door went out of town and offered us his house so all of us can be together. I can barely even wrap my head around where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing. In the meantime, dh came home for the first time in a week. A bit awkward but I kept repeating Kerc's mantra: Dh lost his mama. And it helped so much! I finally got over my petty self and gave him a giant hug and held his arm while we walked. So hard.

Real, you are so right about the testing. So, so right. And about the piano - my granny left me her piano: 100 years old, too, was her birthday present when she was about 8. I love it so much but it needs so much work the piano tuner gave me a "death certificate" instead and I bawled like a baby. I refuse to let it go. So now it sits behind our sofa and right up against the wall covered in photos up top and with books over the key cover. It makes me happy that we still have it and I am hopeful one day, we'll be able to replace and fix those broken pieces. Good luck. I do understand.

Mel38 & Tjsmama, I am just so excited for you. Your upcoming race gives me something to root for. orngbiggrin.gif

Sparkle, what a wisecracking son you have! winky.gif Wonder how he'll like it when you work!

Jo, glad you and dh are still speaking. Enjoy the wedding.

Nic, I, too, am intrigued...

Plady, how is Maureen? praying.gif

I know I've missed a bunch but I've got to get up before dawn for a super long and hard day. kiss.gif
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Plady and lofty, sending lots of love to both of you an your families.
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Lofty and Plady, I am so sorry for your losses. So sad. HUGS!!

My friend's father passed away last night. Last Sunday another friend's GM passed away. So much loss.

Gaye- I reread my post and I'm super sorry if it came off like I was calling you drunkard!! I totally did not mean it that way!!!

We are in FL till Friday morning and I'm soaking it all in as much as possible. Life will get crazy again upon our return with surgery for one child, braces for two, long work hours for dh, etc. Dh and I have mused if we could live in this 2 bedroom, 2 bath, one main room (living/dining/kitchen all kind of one room) permanently. The weather and sunshine are right up our alley. Plus a pool in our backyard, multiple beaches within 20-30 minutes and tons of other things to do. Supermarket across the street. Ah.
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Plady, candle.gif

RM, so sorry to hear about your friend's father. The other coach of my son's football team lost his dad, too, this week. So much loss.

I can't believe I was thinking about working the benefit tonight. I just got off the phone with sil, crying, and realized we just need to all be together. There will be stories, laughter, hugging, holding and I need to be there. MIL

Go Bec and Bec's daughter!!! thumbsup.gif
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Sending out my sincerest prayers, mamas.

Also got a msg I lost a cousin. Sigh.
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Plady, I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

Jo! That's so sad - and you so far away from family! So sorry...

I'm also sad to hear of your MIL's passing, Lofty. So much loss in just a few days time. You will be so busy for these next few days but how nice to have a place nearby for family to stay. Your community really does sound wonderful. And so are you!


RR: final 20 before the taper. Whew, it was tough. I wanted to shoot for running the final 12 at my marathon pace. It works if I net out my bathroom break and a water filling break or two. That's legit, right? I am pooped though and need to go have a bit of a lie down while the kids are busy.

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So much loss. candle.gifgrouphug.gifhug.gif plady hug.gifhug.gif lofty hug.gif

rm~No worries, lol! It just made me realize that I *have* been talking about alcohol an awful lot lately! orngtongue.gif

nic~Congrats on the article! That's awesome!

Guess who I ran into at the race expo yesterday, while picking up my packet? J. Yep. He actually came up to me, just to say hi. It was only slightly weird. My friend who was with me thought he was really cute (which he is). I really do like him, I just think that the timing is all wrong right now (since he's obviously ready to be way more serious than I am) and the situation is just not great, with both of our kids and stuff. Sigh. I didn't really need the reminder about how much I liked him, though...and in the meantime, C came over last night and we got to spend a little time together. I like him, too, but in different ways. And the more time I spend with him, the more I really don't think that I see anything all that long term with him. This whole dating thing is HARD. orngtongue.gif

rr~Easy spin class at the Y this morning. Well, the class wasn't actually that easy, I just chose to make it be easy. I thought about going for a quick run after, but decided I should probably just rest my legs for tomorrow's half.
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Lofty, Jo, RM - :candle:candle:candle:candle:candle:candle Wow, it's been a rough week in Dingoland!  I'm sorry for each of you and your own loss, it doesn't get easier with practice or company.


I finally came to my senses at the moment I'd gotten all the way to the Click to Make Reservation and suddenly my whole body started shaking and my heart started beating a mile a minute and I realized that one more heartbroken friend underfoot was specifically not what her family needs this weekend.  It would have been all about me getting a grip but I should and can do that here.  For you Lofty I'm sure being with the family was exactly what you needed to do too.


Today I'm playing hooky from some responsibilities though.  Shhh!


Gaye - I am giggling at you and your reluctance to commit.  I love it.  What's the big rush anyway?

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:grouphug for jo, RM, Plady, lofty and anyone else who wants to join in.


Plady, I think you'll do well to remember your friend without the added stress of travel. 


Have a great half tomorrow, Gaye!!! And a terrific birthday brunch birthday.gif 


Happy taper, Mel!


RRish- I skipped bootcamp yesterday because I was still coughing, and had my husband bring home pho for dinner. I'm still coughing a bit today, worse after a bike ride with the kids. We have an air quality advisory right now after days of fog and lots of smoke trapped in the fog. I feel like I could kick the cough/cold if only the fog would lift- yesterday we briefly saw the sun but today we've been fogged in *all day* and it's not forecast to leave until tomorrow afternoon.


NRR-  A year ago one of my daughter's preschool classmates was diagnosed with leukemia, right as my FIL's partner (who has been grandma to the kids) was dying of leukemia. We downplayed it as much as possible, but always gave honest answers. The classmate is finished her treatment and returning to preschool one day a week later this month. My daughter heard the news yesterday, and has obviously been processing it in a big way. She spend over an hour this morning making a welcome back card, a birthday card (since she knows the girl had a birthday in the spring while she was away), a card for the girl's mom, and wrapping some books to give them as gifts. After a morning of effort, she finished her projects and started crying. It's sometimes such an honour to watch kids process and understand things. 


Today I made granola, did readings for the week, made lunch, had an afternoon nap, biked into town, did some lego street art, went consignment shopping for a pirate shirt for Hallowe'en and a lucky wool coat find for me, baked cookies and are now going to have dinner and go to a contra dance where my oldest is playing fiddle tonight. It's been a full day with my husband out of town for a writer's festival this weekend. 

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I am so very sorry, Plady, Lofty, RM, Jo. What a difficult time. :grouphug


I apologize for being self-involved and 'bragging.' (And in any event, it seems the editor took some liberties with our piece, alas, which unfortunately included not only typos and grammatical errors but somewhat in a shift of focus. Glargh.)

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So much grief this week. candle.gif for all who are missed.

And at the same time, a very birthday.gif to tjsmama! May your race be smooth, fast and fun today!

Meanwhile, I shall contemplate the concept that perhaps I am tired because I do not sleep. Hmmm.
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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

I am so very sorry, Plady, Lofty, RM, Jo. What a difficult time. grouphug.gif

I apologize for being self-involved and 'bragging.' (And in any event, it seems the editor took some liberties with our piece, alas, which unfortunately included not only typos and grammatical errors but somewhat in a shift of focus. Glargh.)
What? Bragging ? Not brAgging. Nice job nic!
Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

So much grief this week. candle.gif for all who are missed.
yes. This. Sigh.
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Prayers and hugs for Lofty, Plady and Jooj grouphug.gif. So much loss this week.

Good luck and Happy Birthday, Gaye partytime.gif

Nic - not self-involved or bragging. Very cool. DH read it and mentioned that Forbes needs a new editor though lol.gif!

Mel38 - let the taper madness begin!

MelW - your DD is so kind and thoughtful

RR - not so much

NRR - DD2 had a soccer game yesterday morning, then straight to an 8 and under swim meet (which was great because as soon as they swam their event, they got back in the bullpen for the next event - no waiting around!) And last night was the annual Halloween Party at the barn where DD1 rides. They have a huge bonfire in the outdoor ring, all the horses are in their stalls with writeups about each one, there is a hayride all over the property, and they serve food to everyone who comes. DD1 brought one friend, and DD2 brought 3 friends and they all just ran all over the farm, feeding horses, pretending to scare the people on the hayride, and climbing on the giant hay rolls in the field. I love knowing that "country" is only 10 minutes from my house. DH came for the first time this year and just enjoyed sitting by the giant bonfire and talking with people. Oh, and the Jell-O shots!
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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

And at the same time, a very birthday.gif to tjsmama! May your race be smooth, fast and fun today!

Meanwhile, I shall contemplate the concept that perhaps I am tired because I do not sleep. Hmmm.
ROTFLMAO.gif And thank you!

Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

I apologize for being self-involved and 'bragging.'
So totally NOT bragging...dude, that's a major publication, and regardless of the liberties the editor took, YOU were published in it. Awesome.

I am just in a world of happy right now. Great race this morning, awesome birthday brunch. My soul is filled up and happy. Waiting for C to get his 2 1/2 hour run in (I told him to just run the race this morning, but he didn't listen orngtongue.gif) and then he's going to come over and hang out. Life is good.

rr~As you all know, I love this race. I don't know what it is about it. I hate the fact that the Rock n Roll races have gotten SO big and so commercial and so expensive ($$$) but I just love this race. It's a great course that starts in downtown Denver, runs past a lot of major sights (starts at the Capitol, goes past the Convention Center, Pepsi Center, Coors Field), through two great city parks, and has good crowd support throughout the half course (the marathon is another story...). It's not a super easy course...it's mostly flat, but there's one BIG hill coming out of downtown, and then two or three smaller hills that come late in the race and are pretty tough at that point. So my strategy was just to see how I felt and go with it. I didn't really want to plan on trying anything specific two weeks out from my goal race, but I felt like my training has been going so well that I could go out there and have a really good race. When the gun went off, I felt good, so I went with it. I thought I might have gone out too fast the first mile, but I wasn't working that hard, so why not? I got a little boost at mile two because C was volunteering at the aid station (best water I had all day winky.gif). I just kept ticking the miles off, kind of disbelieving that I was still running that pace and it felt good. I felt pretty great, in fact, all the way up to around mile 10, when we hit the first of the late-in-the-race hills. I sustained my pace, though and kept going. By the time we got to the last of the hills (in Cheesman Park...really pretty, but NOT flat!), I knew how close I was to my PR and that I just needed to suck it up and push through the pain. I thought I was going to die up that last hill, but there was no time for that! As I came around the final turn (into a giant downhill), I was wheezing and miserable, but C was there, cheering and I just tried to kick it in to the finish. After I crossed the finish line, I was the closest to throwing up that I have ever come in a race. I actually dry heaved a few times! So, I'm pretty confident that I gave it all I had and left everything out on the course. Here's the kicker...I was SEVEN STINKING SECONDS off my PR! lol.gif There are SO many places on that course that I can look back and see that I could have picked up those 7 seconds, too! Nonetheless, I had no intention of trying to run a PR today, so AWESOME. AND, my PR is on a much faster, downhill course, so really...this probably was a true PR! I am absolutely thrilled beyond belief (and still just a tiny bit bummed, lol)! Official time: 2:06:48. SEVEN STINKING SECONDS. lol.gif

And then, I had just enough time to zip home and get a shower before heading out for my birthday brunch. Amazing food, good friends, and bottomless mimosas. And C, who was totally sweet and got the stamp of approval from my friends. orngbiggrin.gif I have to say, I'm in a pretty happy place right now. love.gif
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Checking in ...

Plady, RM, Lofty, Jo - I'm So very sorry for your losses grouphug.gif I hope you are able to find a time and place to ponder the person and connect with them and send them off, psychically anyway. Such a hard time goodvibes.gif

Gaye - Sounds perfect. Happy Bday and near PR!!!

NRR: yesterday was hectic with 2 soccer games in the morning across town from each other, and a climbing comp. in another corner of town, all at overlapping times, and then two birthday parties in the afternoon, and the climbing continuing until almost 9p. Dh asleep for the first half of the day, me driving all. over. creation. Long but fun day.
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sparkle--the DS situation sounds miserable. I really hope you can find some long-lasting solutions there.

tjsmama--congrats on the fantastic race and happy birthday again!

Nic--your article was lovely and not at all bragging.

JayGee--sounds like a busy weekend with a lovely end to it.

RR: headed out to do 8. It started sprinkling but it's Colorado and I didn't think it would really rain, yk? (It tends to sprinkle or be a big thunderstorm downpour, but rarely much in the middle). I had a jacket and figured I'd just deal. This mostly worked, until it began coming down hard, and sideways, halfway through my run. The wind was miserable and it was already in the 40s out there. So the last half was not fun. To make matters worse, I had my phone with me in my waistpack which also got wet so my iPhone had stopped working when I got home. It's submerged in rice now. I think it will be fine because it's not like it was directly exposed to the rain (the pack was waterproofed, mostly, once upon a time), but I'm a little concerned because I was trying out Saucony's Run4Good app to record my miles and I've heard it's worse if they get wet while running. Grrr. Guess I'll see what it looks like tomorrow morning.

If I had any brains at all, I would have had a ziplock bag in my pouch to stick the phone in. Hindsight and all that, I suppose.
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Safely back in Abu Dhabi. Apartment seems really quite nice at first glance. More later and maybe some RR in the evening. Love to you ladies.
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Wow, so much loss.  Love and light to all the dingoes suffering loss.


I'm back.  I have a functioning kitchen.  So it's 4 am, my first batch of oatmeal in 3 months is on the stove, and I'm wondering, how early is too early to go for a run?

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Wow, so much loss.  Love and light to all the dingoes suffering loss.

I'm back.  I have a functioning kitchen.  So it's 4 am, my first batch of oatmeal in 3 months is on the stove, and I'm wondering, how early is too early to go for a run?

Is it ever "too early"?! Hope you got a run in.

Jooj - I am so happy to hear that you are back at home. Enjoy a hot bath, clean laundry, and a nice run.

RR - meeting friends this morning for a run, so there is no weaseling out of it for me.
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Running in the middle of the night has been written up in the police logs for this town as "suspicious activity." 


In the end, I went out at 5:15 am.  Other people were out then, so hopefully I was safe from being suspicious.

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