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Gaye, really, not a lot of grace. I just gave up trying to make it fun or nice, and am learning to make the best of interesting when I have the presence of mind. Also, cuddling with an old lady is surprisingly comforting. shrug.gif Not suggesting you skip Mexico for a cuddle with an old lady, but just saying. :wink Oh, and remember, then I come here where the weather is sunny every day and the Gulf is right across the street.


JayGee, I would love to hear that your work turns into a paid position. 


Real, I think you should try sleep. Harder. I'm amazed the taped forum and websites didn't get you there, frankly.


Plady, G!d bless you as you miss your friend. It sounds as though she is sent off by a universe of love, and I hope that gives you some sense of tranquility. I'm so sorry.

RR: An hour and a half of ashtanga yoga. :namaste Wow. And the teacher is just...whoa. My old teacher moved out of town and a new team is offering yoga like every day, everywhere. I could take a class almost every day within walking distance of the apartment. But this class is a little a lot out of my current ability, I think. I did OK but tomorrow is likely going to hurt. There might be crying.


Actually there will almost guaranteed be crying. I am getting the kids up at 7AM. We are in need of a gentle attitude adjustment (in which dd comes down a few notches and ds gets out of neutral gear). And so I am off to bed too. I want to get out for a walk. Unless I switch to evenings like the rest of the UAE, since night weather is pretty nice. 


Nic, btw, your thoughts on testing and validity have really had me thinking about how little thinking itself was ever a part of most of the tests I (easily) aced through HS. And how messed up it is that the system is so easily gamed.



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Yet another teacher murdered today. :( What is going on in this world? 


And there are days where I really wonder if I'm an idiot for continuing in this underpaid, undervalued, much-maligned, and seemingly now also very dangerous profession.

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Nic - you are hardly alone. By the way, just sayin' loveeyes.gif

Plady - holding you in light as you grieve this loss. Thanks for the Karma police beat down, btw sulkoff.gif

Jo - yeah. What Mel38 said. Amazing, inspiring, frightening. Glad you are in recovery mode finally. Good to have done it, good that its over nut.gifnamaste.gif


NRR: It frustrates me that the "experts" are not more educated or informed about what we seek them out for in the first place. I suspect we could all write articles, if not the book Geo will write, about some experience that it would have been deeply helpful to have had someone guide us expertly through eyesroll.gif All to say, I wish the gyno. I saw in Feb. had the knowledge to guide me through the past 8 months instead of having to live it, research it, study it, and suffer painfully through it. I had several epiphanies last week, both from reading a few a-ha articles and living through a full cycle that have led me to think I *know* what happened and what to do about it. As of Sunday I have started a new/modified old regime for this and so far, SO much better. Ridiculous. And now, with hindsight and all this research/note-taking/experience, its a no-duh head-slap kind of thing. Thank you gyno. irked.gif I can now tell you all about the interaction of serotonin and estrogen, estrogen and progesterone, the symptomology of estrogen dominance and estrogen deficiency, how they happen, and what to do about them, etc, etc. ssri's are out. This is clearly an estrogen deficiency issue (as I realized when I O'd this weekend and felt like myself for the first time in 5 weeks, and also at which time the little dose of ssri went into overdrive when my E2 peaked :nuts). I dont want to count chickens, and this is an ongoing titration algorithm, but I feel more optimistic and motivated and back in life than I have since August. Thank g-d

DD2 is at a buddy0shadowing day at one of the private schools today. Dh and I were interviewed this morning. It was funny thinking about all the obnoxious things we could say to sandbag the interview lol.gifbag.gif Meanwhile, I think she would fit in well there, I think she would be happy and it would nurture her in the right way. Yikes.
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sparkle :HugI am trying to pretend there are no such things as sex hormones. Do you think that will help?


That murderous-feeling yoga class taught by the Cirque du Soleil gymnast was not as bad on me as it might have been. I mean I can lift my arms.


About to run out on my kids so that I don't hurt anyone. Recovery means I need some time away from these people. Ideally I would get about 3 weeks. :rotflmao


Nic :Hug, mama. 

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1jooj--wow. I'm shaking my head in amazement, both that you didn't get sick worse and that you're able to manage nevertheless. I know people live like that, but it's fairly rare for Westerners to find themselves in those situations unless they're doing research or humanitarian work. How did you meet your DH or did they used to live in a different part of the country?

kerc--no worries. I'm pretty open and DH has been warned that I want to visit while you're here. I may have snooped around and noticed that the conference is downtown, so that's an easy and fairly short commute for whatever we decide to do. Good luck getting the poster done!

Mel38--packing is so hard, especially for a race. Good luck!

sparkle--I'm pretty sure it doesn't help that so many people write about one-size-fits-all approaches, nor that that field has been dominated by men for long enough that it influences the research. There's also the issue that if a researcher wants to look into a topic that seems too crunchy, they probably have a hard time getting funding and the research won't get done without funding. It's a vicious cycle. We'll look forward to your book. smile.gif
Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

Real, I think you should try sleep. Harder. I'm amazed the taped forum and websites didn't get you there, frankly.
lol.gif I go to school board meetings mostly out of interest too. Really, I was looking to see if any of the candidates might be reactionaries (and hiding it) or for other red flags. I found one--an elementary school teacher who's not mentioning that her husband is the former state rep who lost last year's election.

RR: 3 at the gym.

NRR: This is a really weird week. So Sunday I get my phone wet, but by Tuesday I knew it was ok. Today I went to a thrift store to look for a shirt for DH's costume. Instead I found a couple of things for me (proving my theory that I only find stuff at the thrift store when I'm not looking and can't find the stuff I actually went there for). While I was checking out, J was singing and there was another little girl who got really snotty and said something mean to her. J burst out crying and so I picked her up and am trying to comfort her while finishing the purchase. I had my credit card in my hand and thought my wallet was in my purse and figured I'd put it away when we got out of the store 'cause J was really, really upset. I get out to the car, go to put my card away and my wallet isn't there. yikes2.gif So we run back in the store, but it's not on the counter and the register guy didn't have it and so I kneel down on the floor and go through all the compartments of my purse again. Nope. Run back out to the car and check under it and in the bag of clothes. Nope.

Usually I wouldn't have freaked out this much--Colorado has many more honest than dishonest people--but last month someone stole a woman's wallet at the grocery store where I always shop. One distracted her while the other grabbed it out of her open purse and within minutes they were buying gift cards at two nearby stores. Now, J provided an excellent distraction and my wallet was gone. So I asked the clerk about security tapes in case maybe we could see if something obvious happened (like someone taking it out of my purse) and I called the police and started canceling credit cards. We'd probably been there 10 minutes or so when an older woman came walking back in and she had my wallet! It had apparently gotten caught in their pile of clothes and made it into the bag, and then they got home and realized it and thought maybe I'd still be back there. Everything is in it, with the possible exception of a grocery store gift card (which may also be somewhere else). I didn't have any cash in it, so that wasn't an issue. Also, the couple was older and parking in the handicapped spot and I'm reasonably certain they don't have an identity theft gig on the side. So joy.gif

With any luck, the rest of the week will avoid further crisis moments, even if they end up ok.
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Jo - I'm so sorry about your cousin. Your in-law visiting certainly takes the cake. I pray that you will be pleasantly surprised when you return to find that they have taken care of the new facilities and actually use them.

Real - Glad it all was okay, but yes, who needs the adrenaline? Here's hoping for calm.

Sparkle - Sorry! I'm one of those NPR listeners who doesn't change stations during the pledge drives. And I've got a ridiculous number of t shirts. I'm so glad you feel like you're onto yourself at last! If not a book might you do a pamphlet? loveeyes.gif

Nic - I hear you. I can't believe how much work teachers do that goes unrecognized. And to add bodyguard to the list of roles they're expected to play? Yikes.

Mel38 - I agree that a marathon calls for some fresh gear.

JayGee - I'm sorry about your cousin as well. This seems like it's been a rough year for so many people close to me. I guess things just go around but 2013 seems like it's been particularly rough. This year I told the kids we'd do a real Dis de los Muertos altar back when our cat Ninj died, then it was the dog and then Grandma and now my friend. It's going to be a crowded altar.

Gaye - Yay for new coworkers!

RR; I should be at boxing right this minute. I'm not because I've got the first hints of a cough and I just don't have time for it to take hold. I think the past time or two that I felt a cold coming on I went boxing anyway and it didn't help. So this time I'm resting. DH was adamant that I chill out too. We see so little of each other these days. He gets home around 6:15 and I need to be out the door by 6:20. And I feel a little guilty that I'm out having a nice time doing things I enjoy but on the nights that I am home it seems like everyone just wants to watch their own screen and I don't have the energy to demand that we do something different.
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Not funny but... At the college dh's life insurance had double indemnity if he died on the job. I should check and see if the policy at the school here includes that clause.
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At the e r. Tried my doc first. Then urgent care. I have what I think might be a gallstone. But I've been here for 55 minutes, lying down and maybe I just needed to leave the office? Feeling subtlety better. But haven't seen the doc yet.
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kerc - ouch! I hope you can get in quickly and get out of pain.

mommajb - plotting something wink1.gif?

Plady - it has been a hard year for you hug2.gif. Glad you rested today.

sparkle - I heard a really interesting story on NPR the other day about PPMD and thought of you. Not sure if that's exactly what you have, but it sounded similar. I'm so glad you're figuring all of this out though.

Real - glad you got your wallet back. I just read an article in edweek about Colorado Prop 66. Is that what you're busy working on?

Nic - the cold-bloodedness of these murders is mind-boggling.

RR - nothing today due to a field trip to the St. Louis Zoo with DD2's second grade. That girl RAN everywhere. She seriously didn't stop. Hope she still has energy for her soccer game tonight.
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kerc - feel better!
Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

mommajb - plotting something wink1.gif?
No, feeling vulnerable and adding to the thoughts about teaching as a dangerous position.

I really do want to add more personals but time and focus are not here today.
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Sparkle, and mamas, can you please give me some focus? I will take this to the yahoo group if you'd all rather.


Basically I need to figure out what I need to be doing for supplements, herbs, etc. For regular vitamin type needs (including immune support, B12 supplementation - vegan) and my extra stuff (specifically, SAD for which I think I need extra D -- how much?), and hot flashes/hormonal flux plus the anxiety issues.


I get so confused when I start reading on the internet and I can't figure out whether I'm coming or going, what to buy, how much to take, when to take it during the day, etc. UGH.


Plus I need to work fish oil (or flax) into ds' and dd2's diet somehow; it needs to be kosher (not codliver oil) and palatable (picky eaters). How much? Does it depend on their body weights? How much vit C to give the kids? Do I add flax oil to dd1's diet (she's a vegan also)? If yes, how much?


And can someone PLEAAAAASSSSEEE tell me how to get dd2 to do some kind of regular physical activity given that 1) we do not live near the rock climbing gym and cannot afford it anyway; and 2) even when she takes rock climbing for the 6 weeks the JCC offers it, she needs to do something else as it's only 45 min/week?! She doesn't want to do swim team. Or  gymnastics. Or ballet/dance. Or zumba, pilates, or the pre-teen "fitness" class. Or, or, or. She's too young to go into the main cardio room to go on the bike. blahblahblah. Dd1 does karate and the stationary bike at home; ds will be in wrestling. Dd2 needs to do something and I am at my wits' end.


I'm sorry, mamas. Self involved again and probably asking things I *should* know about. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, confused.

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Okay I'm back nothing major wrong. Possible inflammation of the duodenum, no coffee, beer or spicy foods for a few weeks. Glad nothing major there.

Nic have you come right out and said, "you will do something x minutes per week. What would you like it to be? ".
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Kerc - Hope you're already feeling obviously better but that the doc rule it out with something super simple.


Nic - Overwhelmed here too.  I don't know about amounts of this and that.  I try to remember to take my fancy new probiotic or to add an emergen-c packet to my protein shake now and then and call it the best I can do.  Any chance you could visit a naturopath?


Turns out when I don't have to hold it together for an hour or so I totally totally lose it.  Sobbed for well over an hour today and then ranted crazily and loudly about what f#45ups humans are wrt the future of the planet and how to raise kids on a train headed at full speed for a cliff.  I had skimmed through a FB posting about the radiation showering the west coast from Fukushima which was apparently the last straw for me.  My poor dad (who just arrived last night) was probably wishing there was a handy psych ward.  

I should have gone boxing. :o

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Ay Plady :hug I wish I could give you an IRL hug. I'm sure your dad is feeling your pain and emotions, too, not thinking you are crazy or anything.


Nic, were you thinking of getting one of the lights for Vit. D? My father's wife had a heck of a time in Alaska and found that the light really helped a lot. And for your DD, how about running with mom? :D


Kerc, thank goodness! I was hoping you didn't have to have surgery or something crazy. :goodvibesand chamomile tea.

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Omg, Plady, I hear you! Loud and clear. hug.gif Your dad will love you anyway, so rant away. I'm so sorry about Maureen. And I miss you. And I could use a hug. Or three. heartbeat.gif

Busy week. Very hard. Sad. Tried to add some joy. Ate and drank like crap. Need to get back home and some structure into my life. Again. So damn lonely. Weeks since my last workout. I need something to change hard and fast in my life and I don't know what it its. Dh is commitment-phobic so it's up to me to get out of the log cabin, as in move or build. But then I have to deal with all his reasons against it, which eventually become personal. So then I try to do it anyway on my own, w/o his input and get criticized. I know I need change but I'm looking too many different directions at once. Maybe I should see a counselor regularly. And swim after. Plus some kind of pampering. Also feeling very powerless.

Nic, hadn't seen that about the teacher. bawling.gif

JG, I wish for a paying library gig for you.

Mommajb, wave.gif

Kerc, I'll give up beer, coffee, spicy foods with you if it helps. Anything for clarity these days.

Real, so glad you got your wallet back.

Jo, huh.gifuhoh3.gifyikes2.gifbow2.gifom.gif

Mel, wave.gif thanks for the kind words. hug2.gif

eta: took out some expletives, adding some NPR love stillheart.gif
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Nic - hug.gif You have a lot on your mind. I know the feeling. B12 is good for supporting the immune system and to combat the effects of stress. It is water soluble, so you cant OD. I think I have 500mg pills. You might also consider iron, especially if you are vegan. Did you ever have your levels checked when you had bloodwork (didnt you have some recently?) Floradix is supposed to be good, as it absorbs well and doesnt cause constipation, but when I took it post-partum (I was anemic) it turned my teeth dark brown. Gross. So I got my teeth cleaned and stopped taking it shrug.gif I dont know about kosher fish oil. For dose, I just read the label and quadruple it. Flax is a different form of omega-3 and harder to absorb. It is ALA, and your body needs to convert it. Also, it has not been shown to have the same effects as fish oil, but I think it is still good for health and we eat a lot of it. I dump about 1/4 C. in everything I bake. Make sure you buy refrigerated flax oil and keep it cold. I dont give myself or the kids vit. C b/c it gives me a tummy/gut ache (oh, so does flax if I eat too much). I take Zinc at the first sign of a cold or illness, but you could take it every day as it too is water soluble. I think I take 50mg of that as 'needed'. Black cohosh and evening primrose oil are supposed to be good for hormone balance, but I have never taken either so cant speak to them. Not sure of there are any studies about them out... For anxiety I take one of those homeopathic Calm pills, but I havent had any more anxiety since I got the hormone thing on track (knock wood). It could be hormone related, as hormones fluctuate throughout the day and so it makes sense that you experience it in the evening (although this could be a stressful time for you where you worry about your kids and work and dh and...). In any case, I find those Calm pills really work and they strike me as benign in the way Rescue Remedy is (or oral Arnica). I dont think it matters what time of day you take any of this. I usually take it all in the morning, Lastly vitamin D. Did you get results for that? Optimal level is btwn 50-80 (on the higher side if you believe alternative folks, on the lower side if you believe conventional folks). When I got boodwork in Feb. I was at 22. I take approximately 5000mg/day (1000mg in a vit D pill, 800 in my multi, and then whatever I get in my huge tablespoon of fermented fish oil). Mayo clinic says it would take months at 10,000mg to reach toxicity, if you reached it, and the symptoms are nausea and vomiting and the treatment is to stop taking it. So I figure if I start getting really nauseus Ill stop. But the treatment for low D is a bolus shot of 50,000mg once a week for (cant remember if its a month or 3...). Anyway, I was worried about potential toxicity and now Im much less so.

HTH. Need to go pick up DD1 from practice... (p.s I dont have any idea what to do about DD2. DS is much the same and I sort of let him slide. He is active in his own ways, but hates most structured activities. Sigh)
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mel~I am totally stressing out about all the little details, too. I really need to get to goodwill for my throwaway stuff. Hopefully tomorrow.

kerc~Yikes! Glad it was nothing major, and hope you are feeling well enough for some good dingo time this weekend!

plady~hug.gif and hug.gif some more

My work week is done, and I have another weekend off! Two in a row! Craziness! And I'm starting to freak out because when I go back on Sunday, I work three (maybe four, with a call shift) in a row and then head to NYC. EEEEEEKKKKKKK! Work was pretty good this week. Oddly enough, I only had one patient until 11 last night, and then picked up four more, but three were babies. So it was a pretty good night. Then I went shopping after work in my coworker/friend's closet for a halloween costume for a party this weekend. She sent me home with a cheerleader and a Daisy Duke costume. I'm trying to decide if I have the guts to go for Daisy Duke. The shorts are seriously short. But more so than that, the tank top does not really disguise my mommy tummy. It's not bad, and my friend insisted that it was fine, but I just don't know if I can pull it off. But I kind of like it more than the cheerleader. bag.gif So four short hours of sleep later, it was time to get up, and then C persuaded me to try the weekly group swim with the tri club tonight. I don't normally work out the day after working a night shift, but it wasn't bad. Actually, the workout was kind of fun, in that sadistic triathlon kind of way. orngtongue.gif It was pretty much an hour of straight swimming. It was split into sets where we started with 3 minutes and a set distance (depending on speed, I was in the slow lane, so started at 125 yds) and dropped 5 seconds every set. If you couldn't make the distance within the time, you went down 25 yds for the next set. I have absolutely no idea how far I swam. If I had to guess, I'd say 2500 yds or so. All I know is that my calves were cramping pretty bad the second half, and I am exhausted now. 10 miles on tap for the morning, my last "long" run before the marathon!
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Plady--hope your cough heads on its way back out the door.

kerc--glad you're ok. Should I bring tea when I see you?

JayGee--no, though it's related. The candidates we don't want to win are opposing it; the ones we do want to win are in favor. But it has big players behind it and more funding. It is one of four campaign signs in my small front yard though.

Nic--any chance she could just go on walks at home with a family member? My parents had me in dance classes as a kid, and I was so relieved when I was able to quit after fifth grade. The lack of coordination and extreme embarrassment at the fact that I can't translate body instructions fast enough make it unpleasant. Or maybe she could just help more with chores like carrying the laundry up and down and vacuuming and such?

lofty-- goodvibes.gif for you. I hope you can get some pampering which may help with many of the other issues. I feel your pain--that's very similar to how I feel when everything gets to me all at once.

Another school board meeting full of drama tonight. This was only a study session but I think everyone is just in high-gear right now, whether it be politics or schools or driving (there were so many accidents today!) or anything else.
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Nic, I like kerc's idea. Gives her a choice, but not the choice to do nothing. We are looking at karate because the studio is close enough the kids can walk there without our having to get them there. I wanted to keep them in TKD and they are not thrilled about being white belts again, but whatever. We keep them active but it takes someone else to encourage them to challenge themselves.


Speaking of active, we walked about 6mi to go out and buy dd a bike. She rode it home so her walk was only about 3mi. This after a 4mi walk in the morning, so I got some miles in yesterday. Dd is pleased to have a bike. They are expensive here, but we talked a good price and got her a youth size with gears, so she should be set for many years.


Plady, I had a similar convo with my mom yesterday. I said something about picking a place far above sea level and then had to laugh because I live below sea level.


Nic, I just yesterday got some fish oil and started with my daily sunshine. I added a fancy probiotic (motivated by stomach discomfort). I take magnesium, which I highly recommend for the anxiety/stress feeling. I take it evenings and it helps me wind down.


Lofty :Hug


mommajb, we revisited insurance when we came out here. And again recently. One never knows.

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Nic - I also take magnesium at night to help me wind down for sleep. too much can cause loose stool/gut discomfort (I get there at 800mg), but I take 500mg just fine. nothing fancy - i get it at walgreens...
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