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Thank you mamas. 


Magnesium is not great for me (the stomach thing) but I will try a lower dose maybe. I am going to raise my Vit. D dose from 2000mg/day to 4000 and see if that is helpful. I have a sublingual B12 but also have a B complex vitamin I take in addition to my multi, I take acerola chews (probiotic) but probably should increase that. I have to deal with the omega oil thing for me and my kids...still struggling with that. Maybe Udo's oil? 





And then in addition to that for ds, a fish oil (yet to be determined) also?


I have to go back over the choices of activities with dd2, the schedules, cost, etc. and see what I can offer her she might want to do. Failing that, she'll be doing laps around the house. :lol (Chores are a good idea too.) She loves, loves, loves the rock climbing wall and I wish I could get her there but it's just not possible logistically or financially. Sigh.


My dad is having surgery on his foot this morning. Good thoughts, please! :shy


RR: 6.2 this morning. Felt fast at intervals, then very tired. Weird. So I just ran intervals.

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I wouldn't bother with a 3-6-9. You most likely get plenty of 6 and 9 from diet. These were on Amazon and looked less $$ than some other options. But I got a fluid oil because I take enough pills and I feel like straight oil is more cost-effective. shrug.gif Like I know. But there's this


My magnesium is only 300 and the one I got in Morocco comes with B6. I don't go higher than 300 usually. Even 500 gives me the inthet.gif. But there are cheapish powders and effervescents I can get here which I like.


Thoughts, anyone, on St. John's Wort? Got an hour in the sun today. It felt amazing, I admit. Tomorrow morning we will likely do a longer visit, since dh has to work and it's weekend. Might go to the fancy-schmancy club. Then I don't have to wash towels.


kerc, I am glad it's not something truly awful but pain is pain and I hope you're feeling better. Stress?

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Jo - I have started sitting in the sun on purpose hide.gif I had a similar experience this summer where I went to the pool with the kids and waited 15 before putting sunscreen on myself (full body zinc oxide kind) and the foul mood I had been in was not only gone but I was sort of giddy after being in the sun. That made me think 15 minutes on an occasional/regular basis could be a good thing (I read somewhere that one needs 15 minutes with 85% of your body exposed to get your proper dose of D). My mom was a sun worship-er (still is) and it always grossed me out. She is very wrinkly, like sharpei inner thighs hanging down to her inner knees saggy, and add the dark tan and she looks like she belongs in front of a slot machine with a cigarette with a long ash hanging off it. Turns out, the saggy is genetic! Not from the sun at all. My inner thighs are starting the creep. I am trying to embrace being saggy greensad.gif Meanwhile, if its not the sun, then 15 minutes now and then seems reasonable, especially since I am such a sun phobe and religiously wear sunscreen on all exposed body parts ..

Ok, that was long lol.gif I dont trust st. johns wort. Studies have shown it to be equal to placebo (although there's always counter examples). Have you ever tried 5htp? I take roseola rhodia and really like it, but there have been no long term studies done so there's that.

Nic - I agree with Jo. You dont need 6 or 9! I dont know if there is such thing as kosher fish oil, and honestly, I dont think there is a sub.
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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post


kerc, I am glad it's not something truly awful but pain is pain and I hope you're feeling better. Stress?

Yes, I think it's stress. Lots of job related to-do stress, plus limited opportunity for exercise, plus cruddy diet of late. And about 3-4 days ago (before this started) I ate a ton of nuts. Like 4-5 times as much as I usually do. I bet that did it.
 So..... No coffee, no soda, no beer. More  knit.gifand jog.gif . And Here's hoping this too will pass. The suck-tastic part is the normal detox from coffee for me isn't going to work -- no advil or alive.  So...

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kerc ~ glad it's not anything serious, but for me, giving up coffee would be life-threatening!


Nic - My DD1 is similar.  The only thing she loves is horseback riding, but a) it's ridiculously expensive to do any more than 1x a week, and b) it's more a workout for the horse than for her.  So, she's accepted swimming as her aerobic activity.  It became a lot more appealing to her when her swim coach told her that she used to ride horses and swimming made her a much stronger rider.  Can you talk her into doing something that would make her a better climber down the road?  IDK...


sparkle - took lots of notes on your supplement recs.  Thanks for typing all that out.  I've been having massive anxiety problems recently and may try some homeopathic Calm.  Laying off sugar helps me too, if I can just stay away from it.


jooj - have a good workout, no matter where you go!


RR - just ran 3.6 miles, no walking :bgbounce


NRR - My parents offered  to rent a house for 14 people in Nantucket this summer so they can enjoy a week with us, my sister and her son, and my brother's family.  Exciting and fun, but DH is grousing about the kids missing a week of swim team.  I feel like we really can't say no to the offer.  It's so generous, they really want us there, and honestly, I really would love to spend a week in my favorite summer vacation place from childhood with my own kids, and their cousins.  But I know DH and my parents butt heads on so many things and it's going to be a hard week for him, not the relaxing vacation he envisions for his time off from work.  Sigh.

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OMG JayGee if you are going to Nantucket we have to see each other somehow!!!!!



Ok, I'll forego the 3-6-9. If the fish oil is 'medicinal' and can't be substituted, then there are allowances for that in kosher rules (i.e. medication doesn't need to have a kosher designation). I will have to do some research.


I am going to revisit swim team with dd2 as I think she'd be good at it and come to enjoy it, but she's so difficult to force into something. She's always so compliant and wants to be loved and not make waves -- I really have become wary at trying to 'influence' her too much because I know she'd give in, be privately miserable, and then in a few months have a total meltdown and I'll feel awful for not being receptive to her (this is how things go, can you tell? crap.gif. I'd really like her to find her own voice, you know? Hmmm.

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Nic, perhaps you can find a program like Girls on the Run - empowerment plus physical activity. Even if something exactly like that is not available I think a positive team sport experience of any sort can be empowering.
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Nic - How far away is the climbing gym/how difficult would it be to get her there? Is there a team? I'm wondering if A. there might be anyone who climbs there and/or is on the team who she could carpool with, and B. if the gym/team has any financial aid and/or if your Dh's place of employment offers any financial fitness incentives. My dh's hospital pays X amount per year for a gym membership, for example. We have to pay it first and then submit the receipt but the reimbursement is substantial (like half the annual fee). Climbing is a small and friendly community, so if a kid really wanted to do it, the gym might be interested in helping that happen ...

RR: 1 hour dog walk
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Thanks Sparkle, that's worth investigating. The climbing gym is in Hadley which is about 45 mins. away, (each way). I will call them and see if there are others from our area who go. You're awesome.

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JayGee, could you go without, or is that not a thing done in your family? :innocent I'm so used to going solo whenever I tend to assume it is not the biggie that it kind of is, but I agree that cousins (and siblings) are just the best.


sparkle, I was going to say my thighs were falling down long before I got here. :wink Thanks for the SJW input. I tried 5HTP last year and had a seratonin syndrome episode and threw it out. Thought I was going to die.


The school situation might kill me. I am pretty sure dd is trying to drop out. If this continues, I am enrolling her at semester and she can stay here with her father until July. Sigh. This too shall pass.

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jaygee:  in my (IL) family it has become acceptable and even encouraged for one spouse to stay behind and join mid week. In my experience it makes it more enjoyable for everyone when the spouse who doesn't want to join in stays home. It would be a lot of  driving specifically for you, but you and the kids could drive out and then dh could fly and meet you midweek.


lisa/gaye/wendy:  going to try to email you guys momentarily. I just printed out the map to where I'm going. And I also figured out where I have to be when.

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Nic - yeah, I looked it up prior to your post and bigeyes.gif that's expensive, like, give me a break expensive! Ours is a little over a hundy/mo. for DD1's team AND gym membership, but *only* one-fiddy/mo. for the whole family. Currently its just her, but when they move to the new location in the spring we might do the family membership as Dh has been threatening to start doing some form of exercise other than cycling (hello NO upper-body conditioning of ANY kind, and middle aged back-pain etc). Our team does offer financial help to those who need it but its not stated on the website.

Jo - the serotonin thing is the worst. Ive had that happen too many times this year, and bleh, its a real double edged sword trying to find a workable remedy to feeling bad. Serotonin is encouraged by estrogen too (estrogen facilitates serotonin transport and creates more receptors) so depending on what your hormones are doing, that can cause unpredictable reactions. So fun being your own lab rat redface.gif What do you mean DD is not doing school, like balking at the hs-ing?

JG - the homeopathic thing is called Calming and its made by Heel. You can google it. Also the magnesium is helpful, but the gut thing can be problematic. From my experience, and reading widely of late, anxiety can become an issue with 'the change'. It helped me in my CBT efforts to think of the anxiety as my hormones talking to me, and the anxiety not being 'real'. Still an awful thing to live with. Seeing an accupuncturist could be helpful too? I hope you find a workable solution to the vacation. We are having a little of that here, where I am getting kind of burnt on spending bank going to the IL's in a place I dont really want to be and sitting around for a week so everyone can have their family time (like, why cant they visit us or why cant we rent a house on nantucket lol.gif). Maybe Dh just needs to suck it up harder for the sake of family togetherness? redface.gif
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Super excited for a real/kerc/geo meetup this weekend! joy.gif Kerc and geo in the same place at the same time? Proof that they are not, in fact, the same person! winky.gif

Reading along on the supplements with interest. I'm not currently taking anything, not even my multivitamin. bag.gif When I had to start taking synthroid, I fell off the multivitamin horse because you're supposed to wait four hours before taking anything with calcium in it, and I just can't remember to take a pill in the afternoon or evening. I really should try harder. I feel really fortunate to not have to fight the mood stuff that many of you have, but I definitely think a lot of my fatigue could be improved with the proper supplementation. And more sleep, of course...

rr~10 gorgeous miles on one of my favorite (city) trails this morning. Leaves crunching under our feet, perfect temperatures. If only I wasn't so tired from swimming last night and life in general, it would have been just about perfect. Nonetheless, 10 miles at just over 10 minute pace is not too shabby for me. And my last long run before NYC is done! Woohoo! It might possibly be my last run, period, but I think I'll try to at least get something in tomorrow, even if I have to go to the Y to do it. And hiking with the dingos on Sunday!

And I made it to goodwill today for my throwaway gear, so starting to get things lined up...
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JayGee--good luck on working out next summer. If there's a way he can come halfway through, that would be easier on everyone I would imagine. I understand his reluctance and yet, I'll be sucking it up for 9 days over Christmas and not in a place that's pretty.

1jooj--I think you asked about St. John's Wort. DH takes it and there is a noticeable difference between when he takes it and when he doesn't. I've tried it and don't notice any difference at all. So, YMMV.

Meanwhile, it was yet another day where I couldn't even fit in a mere two-mile run. J is very sensory about clothing and just generally 3. I'm perpetually behind (and managed to completely space the girls' appointment for flu shots yesterday!), but we did make it to the Fall Carnival just before they opened, I managed to eventually make my way into the building so I could help with tickets, the cupcakes got made for the cake walk and everyone is now home and sleeping.

I also discovered that the circle stickers I used on my red shirt for Minnie Mouse don't stay on. Now I'm trying white shoe dye (the kind that comes in the bottle) which isn't nearly as effective but may work for all practical purposes tomorrow morning anyhow.

I'm really looking forward to that Dingo meet-up tomorrow, for so many reasons.
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Hi all- dropping by to say have a terrific weekend meet-up!

Nic, I've seen kosher fish oil supplements. I think they're mackerel instead of cod.

I'm sleeping at the hospital with my grandma tonight, because she's been having terrible anxiety and hallucinations/nightmares at night. She's quite lucid during the day and aware that the hallucinations aren't deal at night, but it makes it hard to sleep. My sister gave her evening meds and I'm here in case she needs someone during the night.
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MelW, I hope this passes. Is it med induced?

Friend's baby shower tonight. Definitely jumped right into things. Signed kids up for karate to start tomorrow (walking distance! Yay!). Second beach visit is happening right now. Still avoiding peak hours because it's hot and I am not acclimated. A HS friend of dd lives in our bldg and she came with.

Dd is just being impossible and not liking the consequences of her choices. I clearly warned her about not working ahead much, particularly in French, before we left. Now she is 2 weeks behind and has a lot to learn for midterms. I am kvetching. We should be past this hump in 10 days and rolling along.
My next yoga class is tomorrow.
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Happy Dingo Meetup Day in Denver! I hope someone brings a camera!


MelW - hopefully your night with your grandma was uneventful.  You're an awesome grandchild for staying with her though.


jooj - may the catch-up with DD be quick and smooth.  Maybe it will make her think next time (although, if my kids are any indication, it usually takes a couple of rounds of "consequences" for these things to sink in).  Enjoy the beach! And yoga!


Nic - it would be so awesome to meet up with you this summer while we're travelling through Massachusetts! See if your local swim team has a pre-team.  Our US Swimming team has a 2-3x a week pre-team that works specifically on technique and perfecting strokes rather than on tons of yardage.  It costs less and has shorter practices and no meet requirement.


sparkle - thanks for the info on the homeopathic.  I honestly think my anxiety is 100% diet related.  Eat sugar = anxiety and depression.  Eat no processed sugar = happy and calm. I've got to get to my doctor so she can prescribe the anti-fungal you recommended, because diet alone is not killing the cravings. I admit that I am in denial about "the change".  But I'm 45, so it's pretty inevitable in the next couple of years.  My Mom started HRT at 40 and has no clue when she went through menopause.  All she knows is that when she stopped HRT at 50, her periods never came back.


Plady - enjoy your time with your Dad and let yourself grieve this loss.


NRR - DD2 has her last outdoor soccer game of the season this morning followed by he first indoor game this afternoon.  She's super-excited, for some reason!  DH is thrilled that at least one of his kids loves soccer and appears to be pretty good at it too.  After soccer is a massive shopping excursion to St. Louis for fall clothing.  Every single person in our family has exactly ONE pair of pants that fits this fall.  That's not going to work now that the temps are in the 20s at night and only 50s during the day.  I'm mentally ready to cough up a bunch of money on pants for 5.

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I'm lol at the pants free jaygee household.
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JG/All - yeah, this has been a head-trip literally and figuratively. For one, I didnt know for many months that it had started, but now that I know that's what is happening I can look back and see that symptoms started in May of last year with verbal memory loss, which, it turns out, is a pretty classic symptom, but wow is that a weird thing to experience. Then, if you remember, I would joke about being bi-polar b/c of how high and low I felt during a cycle. I suspect that my hormones were sort of going into overdrive first before they gassed out in the Spring. Meanwhile, I'm still cycling mostly like clockwork, its just that I have every symptom in the book of not just peri-menopause but menopause, which comes in the form of hair loss and glaring changes in skin, which make me look at least ten years older. One hears that this is coming, but it is really shocking when it happens, particularly b/c it happened in one month. And its not a vanity thing, but a lab-experiment curiosity thing, like whoa, I look dramatically different; much drier, much thinner, kind of gray or pale or just lifeless.

But, when I went on estrogen (and I am on an estradiol patch, not the HRT from the controversial WHI study), every symptom got better or went away in like a week. So surreal. And then further surreal is how happy I am on the right dose of E2, like happier than Ive ever been in my life. I'm the one who had ammenorhea technically until I was 37. Two of my babies were made by doing a progesterone withdrawal and taking clomid (the third one came magically after I started meditating and got a regular cycle and O'd). Point is, I am struck by how much hormones are part of us (duh!), how much they govern our experience in the world. I have thought off and on of how much my life might be different if Id had functioning hormones my whole life, b/c I feel more confident, more adventurous, just basically more 'in life' than ever. I know part of that is just being in the 'F you' forties (which Im loving), but yeah. Its been a head trip

And that's just the bare bones of the mind altering experience Ive been through in terms of mood (never so low in my life, not even remotely. Never had anxiety ever - awful thing!), and how that connects to my mom, who was a stumbling non-functioning alcoholic from the time she was 40 on. Um yeah. Dont think they had a clue about hormones and mood in the '70's, or hormones relationship to addiction (yeah, there is a link btwn low estrogen and alcohol cravings, which I also experienced and which terrified me, as you can imagine)

All background to the pamphlet lol.gif

MelW - goodvibes.gif with grandma. She is so blessed

JG - good luck with the clothes. Thrift stores?

Geo/Gaye/Kerc/Real - I looked at flights, and considered riving, but I dont think its going to happen greensad.gif So close, and yet so far lol.gif Have a great visit
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JayGee - Happy shopping!  Dh came home from St. Louis having spent many happy hours finding "amazing deals" at the Scholar Shop.  Do you know it?  It's across from the Galleria on Clayton Rd on the north end of the mall.  Dh also recommends the Goodwill Brentwood at 9116 Manchester.

   He asks, "who's the lucky one who gets to go to the Scholar Shop?" :lol

 I also vote for leaving your dh to his own devices while you go to Nantucket and enjoy some low-drama family time.  It's too sad to think of you missing that and too painful to think of how uncomfortable it could be if you go but are constantly and acutely aware of how two parts of the family you love just don't mesh.  And then dh doesn't have to feel resentful that his vacation time is being ruined by your family.  


Sparkle - :lurknotes2.gif Thank you for being our guinea pig!  


MelW - Good vibes to your grandma, hope you managed to get some sleep last night too.  And speaking of Dingo meet-ups, I realized the other day that I never posted any pix after my meet-up with MelW!  So here we are, in all our Dingo glory.  I'm still sad that forgot to bring a camera to the beach where we swam, it is just so freaking beautiful there.  But one of these days we'll get back.


So Denver Dingos!  Photos! 

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