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Love that picture, Plady and MelW!! Looking forward to the Denver Dingo Meetup! joy.gif
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Shoot, I had apost written up while on vacation but must not have hit reply?

Read through, will reply tomorrow. smile.gif. Thinking of you all.
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Dingos meetups are awesome. joy.gif Nice dinner with wonderful women and a nice long walk afterward. (Not exaggerating the long: we covered 4 miles of downtown Denver.) And tomorrow we hike. We'll take pictures then.

Hello to all the many other Dingos who I hope meet sometime!!

ETA: apparently I never put my race on the list, but this morning, I ran the Kooky Spooky Half-Marathon. So, here's my race report!

The half-mary was good this morning. I was tired and briefly considered sleeping through it and then hauled my lazy behind out of bed and to the race. The course was familiar though I've not run it in this direction. I've run it from the opposite direction for the February half-mary, which easier because it's uphill than downhill instead of vice versa. But then again, it tends to be icy in spots, so this was better. This course is set up so that we go downhill for the first 5.5 miles and then turn around. The uphill is gradual 'til mile 9 but then it's pretty steep until about mile 10 and then still uphill for another 3/4 of a mile or so. Finally there's a nice series of downhill switchbacks down to the creek and then it's back uphill to the finish line. I knew we'd be battling uphill for the last miles so that was helpful at least. Also, I was chasing the UPS guy so that gave me motivation (and probably him, because he probably didn't want to be beaten by Minnie Mouse). He was funny--he had the clipboard and an envelope and would run up to people: "excuse me sir? I'm trying to deliver a package to a Shannon, do you know where I might find her?" Or he'd ask people to sign for a package. And when the guy with the dog dressed as a shark passed him, he quipped "oh no, I'm allergic to sharks." lol.gif There were two women dressed at the twins from the Shining too. Lots of other costumes, but the dog dressed up as a shark and UPS guy were my favorites.

Turns out I ran a PR. I was thinking my half PR was a 1:56 something but it wasn't; it was a 1:57:10 and this morning was a 1:56:26. (Time in the Feb. half-mary on the same trail/opposite direction was 1:59:47.) That may be gun time; my Garmin only recorded a 1:56:13 and I didn't stop it until I was away from the finish line. Either way, yay! It was good enough for 13/89 in the F30-39. I was intrigued to see that only 30 women ran in F40-49. Why only 30? If I had been in that age group, I would have been 4th. Perhaps I will have to do this next fall, get a couple of minutes faster and see what happens.
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Wow, real! Not only a PR (and a super awesome one) but a FUN one! And that after a lovely time with Dingoes? Banner day. Jealous Jo.

Plady, the thought of your dh passionately thrifting makes him very likeable. Yes indeed. My dh misses thrift stores so very much.

Sparkle, what a ride. Reflecting on the past year or so, I am really thankful you seem to be getting to the root. Now, if there were only some functional way to alter those internal chemicals. Not that I am opposed to using all means available, but wouldn't it be amazing to discover the magic lifestyle bullet.

I was out too late last night. 1am home and our housekey situation means ds and I had to ring the bell. And then sleeping until 9 today. Not conducive to catching up. Long week ahead and I just realized that my kids' karate is at the samee time as my yoga. After dh's ridiculous weekend I don't want to ask him to do anything tonight. It's a meet-him-at-the-door-with-dinner-and-a-martini sort of moment, not hi-honey-get-yourself-a-sandwich-and-here-are-your-marching-orders. I might reschedule for tomorrow's class.
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Delightful hike with dingos.
Let's do this more often! Although next time I'm bringing boots, my toes are sore.
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OMG Beautiful DINGOES!!!!


So jealous.



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What an awesome pic! I love dingo meet ups!

NRR - I've got 3 new pairs of pants!
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melw and plady~ beautiful pic! love.gif

What a lovely, lovely weekend I have had. An amazing dinner out with a girlfriend Friday night, followed up by a super fun meet-up for drinks with friends from nursing school that I haven't seen in a long time. A nice run yesterday morning, followed up by trick or treating with DS, a dingo dinner meet-up, and a Halloween party. And a fabulous dingo hike and lunch today, followed up by getting release from work (fingersx.gif I get to stay home all night). Interspersed throughout with lots of quality time with C, and it's been a very good weekend, indeed.

meetup report~It was SO SO SO wonderful to see geo again and to finally meet kerc in person. And, of course, to get to hang out with real! I love how every time I meet a dingo, it's as if we've known each other forever. Which I guess, in a sense we have. Truly lovely time spent with geo and kerc and real yesterday and today. Unfortunately I had to bail out last night before the epic walk around downtown Denver, but I dragged the flatlanders (winky.gif) on quite a hike today. We went to one of my favorite trails and had a lovely, leisurely hike with some beautiful scenery and fantastic company. I had DS with me, and let me tell you...I don't know if it was the amazing collective parenting wisdom of so many dingos in one place or what, but he did AWESOME. We hiked nearly 6 miles, with some serious elevation gain, and the child didn't whine once. Dingo meet-ups are the best! love.gif
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Whine: my feet are *sore*. I have a blister.

But so amazing to hike with these ladies. We didn't even have to break out any of my tricks. Which is good bc I'm a little uncomfortable singing in front of a musicologist. But I do happen to know about 8 or 10 verses to this land is your land. Untapped potential.

And at the mtg tonight I ran into my undergraduate advisor and his wife and they were genuinely happy to see me and proud of me (for finishing grad school and getting a job as a professor). It was so uplifting to hear someone say it out loud. (Note to self!)
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1jooj--hope you're able to get all of the various scheduling details worked out for the better.

JayGee--yay pants! Much better than the alternative!!

Lovely hike and yummy lunch. My legs were sore enough to warrant foam rolling, probably due to a rather steep downhill stretch that did me in. The Garmin said we climbed about 1300 feet over 6 miles, so that probably has something to do with it. orngtongue.gif Hopefully our visiting Dingos will have a lovely day in Denver tomorrow!

ETA, since we cross-posted (or rather, it's taken me literally hours to get this posted): that I'm thrilled to hear tjsmama got released because I'm sitting here feeling super-sleepy at 10 pm (!!) and couldn't imagine how you were going to get through all night. I'll probably get my second wind any time now though.

kerc - I'm a musicologist, not a (professional) singer. I'm more likely to bore you with the preferred vocal timbres of various cultures and rant about how our culture does a terrible disservice to people by suggesting that they can't or shouldn't sing unless they sing like a professional.

Our preferred hiking song was "Wheels on the Bus" with many, many verses that usually morphed into ones about animals on the bus. Granted, we did the same thing with "Old McDonald." R required a lot of singing to sit happily in the backpack while hiking. Thankfully, J is happy to ride without additional musical entertainment. (The wildlife are probably thankful too.)

ETA again (because I'm getting my second wind! Laundry here I come! if I can hobble down the stairs)--it has been a really wonderful weekend. I've very much appreciated being able to meet kerc and geo in person and enjoy the company and conversation of three amazing women for a few hours.
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1300' climb. No wonder. Since Monica isn't around much to attest, me and elevation don't get along. Thankfully Lisa (noted musicologist) noticed when the sound of the number of hiking pairs of feet dropped by one. Great hike, gorgeous views, fabulous company. And sore feet. I peeled my socks off me tonight! Met up with another friend for dinner, and we ended up walking another 2-3 miles. Yikes!
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Jealous Dingo here! Great pic, and so glad you ladies got to meet up. It is always such a treat when it happens. :throb Quite a climb, though. Altitude is not my friend, either, Geo. Sometimes she makes me downright ill. 


JayGee, glad you found pants! It's still 80s in the morning and 90s in the afternoons here, and yet I am often wearing pants. AC here is sometimes really crazy. We don't use it much ourselves, but when I am at others' homes or the mall, it can be sweater weather.


RR: Walked (with a little running when it felt good) 45 minutes this morning out on the Corniche, followed by half an hour of yoga in the afternoon. We will bike down to park day this afternoon.


Kids' fitness: They really enjoyed their first karate lesson. The instructor seems quite good, and the kids are a variety of ages, mixed girls and boys, mostly Middle Eastern. Actually, entirely ME except for my kids. Instructor is Indian and seemed pretty pleased with my kids' enthusiasm so that was a relief. I mentioned walking distance, right? From now on, they should be able to handle going and coming. In fact, they are going to class instead of trick-or-treating on Thursday. I was bummed when I realized the class conflicted, and now I will be taking steps to make the day special (we love Halloween), but I really think they need the class more than they need chaos out on the streets at sunset and bags of candy.

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Dingo meet up envy!!  :)  So glad  you ladies got to enjoy it, it does wonders for the soul.


NRR: millions of things to do today, ds2 has surgery tomorrow morning so not much will get done tomorrow.


RR: I think I am due to run 3 or something today, but not sure that's happening.


Hope to post more later.

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RM, I tried to meet up but I think my visit to Indy overlapped your fall vacation. Bummer.

Kids fitness - A trampoline gym in the area is offering Air-obics. The girls had a bday party there yesterday and they had so much and got so sweaty but 2 hours of jumping will do that to one. I decided it would take one super-duper sports bra to make that comfortable for me! Swim team is easiest for me and the best bang for the buck. My youngest daughter doesn't love it which does throw a wrench into the plan. I have had the oldest and youngest dd do a C25K together and that was free except for listening to the play by play when they got home. Nic, I hope you find something that she enjoys soon. I hear the Y's here will let 9 yo and up in the classes, they also have tween and teen classes.

So, dd2 and I have a book club that we have read for and missed the past three or four months. All for good reasons but still... Today I am determined to make it though I haven't been able to get my hands on the book yet. It was at the B&N near RM but it was enough of a drive that I needed 2 reasons to make it there. wink1.gif
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Mamajb~I remember you saying something now but then I didn't get the dates of your passing through and totally forgot (well was in Florida too).  Bummer!!!  Hugs to you though!!

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joy.gif for Dingo meet-ups. Everyone looks as beautiful and strong as I imagine them orngbiggrin.gif But I'm gonna say it; 1300 ft. is not a lot bag.gif

Can I just say how much this IRB application process sucks! Who would ever do research when you have to jump through so many convoluted hoops just to do the actual work of the study in the first place. Seesh! And I'm not even drawing blood or using medical devices nut.gif

Meanwhile, can I please find my work-out mojo soon! I'm feeling like I'm in the 9th mo. of pregnancy where working out turns into walks, or I'd just rather knit or read lol.gif

Reading: working through The Orphan Master's Son (won the Pulitzer this year. Set in N. Korea...), have Dissident Gardens (Jonathan Lethem) on hold at the library, and Donna Tarts new one The Goldfinch on request at the library. Did anyone ever read her The Secret History? I loved that book in the '90's

RM - goodvibes.gif for the surgery

Jooj - woot on the karate! Ive never been into martial arts, but DD1 found Kung Fu this year and it has been amazing for her! The mind control part ... I hear you on the AC. I always bring a sweater to restaurants in the summer eyesroll.gif

Gaye and Real - sounds like perfect weekends for both

NRR: DD1 wants me to make some kind of food for her S. Africa report today, but the options seem to be some kind of meat or a deep fried, twisty bread covered in syrup. Neither do I want to make redface.gif
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1300 was a lot for this dingo who flew in the day before from 900 ft to 5280ft. And then climbed higher.
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

1300 was a lot for this dingo who flew in the day before from 900 ft to 5280ft. And then climbed higher.
This. For me, not a big deal (but not recommended the day after a half-mary), but much more so for those who aren't acclimated--and double that for anyone who flew in rather than drove.

This point is somewhat painfully driven home every spring when I do my first run of the year at about 8300 feet vs the 5600-ish of my Front Range trails.

In other news: brrrrr! cold.gif It's a nasty, overcast, damp and chilly day here. I'm so thankful our hike was in absolutely gorgeous weather yesterday.
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Hooray for a wonderful meet-up!! I need a legend for the photo: I know who Gaye and real are, but since kerc and geo are the same person, I don't know which is which.

Lots going on here, mostly good. I'm home from my trip, grandma is doing okay, and we have a week of insanity with fiddle event, hallowe'en, my oldest turning 8, a midterm epidemiology exam plus our usual lives. More later on a real computer.
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kerc is taller. smile.gif (We haven't met 'in real life' but geo and I have.)
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