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Just a drive by to say Lofty!!!  You are the BEST!  I LOVE YOU!  You have never ever ever disappointed me.  So there!


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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

I could drive down for xoffee or something. I do have my three ypungers traveling with me. My phone is going beserk.
biglaugh.gif Thank you, phone, for the beserk. I was literally LOL.

lofty--emotions are running high, but if you can manage, don't take what she said to heart. She is on some pretty strong pain meds, right? That can exacerbate issues that really weren't that big of a deal overall.

tara--I think I should be doing weights, if to ward off old-age bone issues if nothing else. I have yet to do them more than once a week. Maybe next month! Or next year! I generally do at least some core work once or twice a week, even if it's as minimal as a few sit-ups, but trying to fit in a 30-minute weight workout on top of my regular runs is a struggle (this is partly because I don't like to do them when DH is home because he tells me he feels like he's married to a Marine, and I haven't gotten to the gym as often as I'd like because he needs to be there to swim). In theory I could do it with the kids around, but the reality is that the kids want too many things (food, behinds wiped, a spill cleaned up) approximately every 8 minutes.

RR: finally did some. Didn't want to but got 6 miles done anyhow, complete with intervals. I miss my mojo and my energy.
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Lofty, :Hug. I can empathize with that feeling of being a disappointment to everyone, I struggle with that all the time. But you are NOT. And your kids ARE frickin awesome, due in no small part to YOU being AMAZING and AWESOME.


So there.


Tara, welcome back!


JayGee, that person who said that to your kid is a doofus. And you can quote me on that. One dear friend's favorite expression comes to mind: "Opinions are like noses. Everyone has one, but just because someone's is bigger than yours doesn't make it better."


Today is dd1's 13th birthday. I have been a mama for 13 years. That's....hard to believe. As we slide into the teen years, I am thinking about how she taught me everything I know about being a mama, not-so-gently got me into breastfeeding, LLL and leading, natural parenting, MDC, and because of her all of you are people I hold dear and have as friends.




RR: 6.2 fast this morning. Chilly! I almost ran right over a racoon. Yikes. I don't know who was more startled.

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:nod Yeah, Lofty, you and your kids are amazing.


Happy mama-birthday, Nick :joy

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Checking in again from the cyber cafe...hugs to each and every one of you. And ok, now hug me back.
We are hemorrhaging money on projects that I know will be reduced to rubble by this time next year. We have not traveled except for one day trip high into the mountains to find a wife for a nephew. Yup. Found one. Dh and I are a sort of irresistible horse and pony. I habe a lot of other thoughts on the whole thing bit they belong in the lit work I have to do.
I am so disgusted by my ILs. In every imaginable way and I will leave it at that. These trips provide material.
Dd is doing OK but ds less so, as always.
Bowels are all over the place. RR = hiking hills at altitude wearing a long robe in between 12-hour stretches of sitting around looking at our hands. Finished Age of Miracles and State of Wonder. Dowloaded a couple more books but need more fiction. I think I hate this more every year and that makes me sad.
There is a vague plan so see the macaques on Saturday. Kids can't wait to get to UAE for a bed and a bath.
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:hug Oh Jo, it sounds so hard. :hug I can't wait for you to get to UAE either.

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I like your attitude, Jo, of doing this for material for your next writing project. Many hugs, and sending you a virtual bath and box of wet wipes.
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I just got more travel details for my trip next week.  The hotel hot springs & spa with a view of Mt Fuji.  Think anyone will notice if I didn't go to the conference?  And running paths.  Guess I should pack my running shoes.

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

I just got more travel details for my trip next week.  The hotel hot springs & spa with a view of Mt Fuji.  Think anyone will notice if I didn't go to the conference?  And running paths.  Guess I should pack my running shoes.

What?  AWESOME!  My work trips usually mean some kind of waterpark. The state of Wisconsin system apparently has some kind of giant contract with waterparks and most meetings I attend are with the system, somehow.





I was just chatting with a hs mom who decided her kids each needed things that she wasn't able to do -- one kid asked for public high school (and that had been their plan all along). one kid was struggling to learn to read and she felt strongly that the structure of school would work better. And then there were a variety of things for the other two.  She expressed the same kinds of wistful feelings.  Sigh.  It is so hard to let them all grow and develop sometimes.


I'm over my head in work obligations. With no breathing room in sight. sigh. I hate when this kind of stuff happens.

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Geo. That's totally AWESOME. Wow! Photos, photos, photos please!



Ok, so how mean a teacher am I? Yesterday, in my AP Euro class (seniors, the same class I had last year for AP USH -- 6 very raucous and smart boys I call -- with total love -- the 'peacock brigade' and 2 amazingly intelligent girls) one of the boys had a large pyrex container of soup in his backpack. (They have started this thing where they all bring something for lunch enough to feed their 'group' and they share). He opened his backpack in class and lo and behold, the soup (split pea/lentil) had spilled all over all his books and notebooks, etc. He let out the f-bomb. I started laughing and I could. not. stop. Then he put the bowl on another boy's desk, who looked at boy1 incredulously and said, WTF?! (well he said the whole expression). I'm telling you, it took me a good 10 minutes to pull myself together to talk about the New Monarchs of 15th Century Europe. (of course i gave him my cloth napkins I keep at school for my lunches and we all helped clean it up. Not the least because it did not smell so good once spilled everywhere.)


So today I think I will have to show them the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld. Because it still is making me laugh. I'm so mean. :rotflmao

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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post


So today I think I will have to show them the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld. Because it still is making me laugh. I'm so mean.


No soup for you!



You're a liberal arts person, right?

It's your duty to educate them in cultural references too.

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Definitely.  Seinfeld is history to these kids.




Lofty, you are under such weight.  Are you still getting to the pool?  You know that public schools have so much to offer.  How lucky to be a kid and get to experience both public and home schooling.  Hopefully this experience is positive and it meets his needs.  When does he start?

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NRR: something happened at the end of August to get me imbalanced again, hormonally/chemically. The past 6 weeks has been h***. The lows have been lower than they were in the spring, if that's possible, probably b/c anxiety is a new symptom and it is beyond awful. I can write this now b/c I am in an up-swing, which is relative. I have been in the process, with Dh, of studying my symptoms as they happen and trying desperately to solve this. I have also sought outside help, which has amounted to consultations with specialists who now know less than I do. The only specialist I have yet to meet with is backlogged (and I mean all of them) until dec. Im trying to find a private resource in that area at this point. I think dh should have and could use back-up. We are both reading pub-med studies in our free time. I am versed on all the pharmacology, and he fills in my gaps in understanding. The lows have been so low that I feel in danger, which I probably shouldnt be writing here. But then those feelings go away, as if by magic, as my cycle goes through its phases. The standard protocal for treating what I am experiencing, I have attempted in small measures, and they have created such scary side-effects that I am terrified of pushing through them, but the literature says they are not uncommon, and in the end, I either stick with the hell Im in or push through a worse, but hopefully shorter lived one in the hopes of coming out of the other side. A crucible. I dont want to wait 3 months to try this option, but I dont want to do it without specialist consultation, at least to judge what is a normal sh**** response and what is beyond that. We will pick a stretch of days when dh is off work so he can be with me through the worst. I am doing accupuncture, and she wants me to give her a month before I try something else. some days I think I will and others I think Im just prolonging ... I have a sense that I will come out of the other side of this in the next few months (hopefully sooner) and look back and wonder why I didnt do X sooner.

So, not feeling super chatty lately loveeyes.gif

Meanwhile, Im trying to get through this IRB application which requires passing a 13 page test ("learning modules and quizzes") about how to conduct research with human subjects. Sorry but eyesroll.gif I think every day of dropping this whole thing and trying again next academic year...

And no "RR" biglaugh.gif

Jo and Lofty - goodvibes.gif Deep breaths. This too shall pass. One day at a time. Jo, I will take two showers and a bath for you today lol.gif

Gaye - yes, I think you made the right decision too! And I also enjoy reading about your adventures

Nic - it is great for students to see you be human! Glad you had a nice, borderline appropriate moment with them orngbiggrin.gif Happy Birthday DD1. My DD1 just turned 11 on the 3rd orngbiggrin.gif

Nic/Lofty - I use this. I get the mint one (we tried them all, the fruit ones were grosser). I order 6 at a time (yes, this amounts to $$) and they last about a month each with 4 of us taking a lot every day. I keep it in the fridge after I open it, and serve it every morning at breakfast with a drink of something; ds and dd2 like a shot of juice, dd1 likes milk :puke, and I like decaf coffee. The kids have also taken it with unsweetened chocolate almond milk that has a few drops of stevia in it, or with tea. The juice/milk is quickest. I have been giving it to them all for years off and on, so it has always just been a requirement. They dont like it, but they do it. Sometimes I have had to threaten ds when he balks (no legos or something), but mostly I think the fact that we all do it together makes him more amenable. He and I get a big soup spoon full. I dont ever measure precisely, and as for the expense, I consider CLO a non-negotiable. I will scrimp elsewhere to make that happen. Fortunately, I have dh's support - he sees a difference in ds too...

Tara2 - yes, I usually do a lot of weights and love them. I find regular running too abusive unless I have a lot of strength, and I find the weights pleasurable. I think its a matter of subbing one out, which I did totally reluctantly b/c I was injured so couldnt run, and having a more balanced approach to training than just one sport. But I think everyone's fitness path evolves through their life depending on what their body is doing, so maybe you just want to run right now, but some day it wont feel as nourishing?

Geo, Kerc, Mel38, Melw, mamjb, JG heartbeat.gif
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sparkle~I'm so sorry for what you are going through.  HUGS  I hope you are able to find answers fast.


lofty~quite normal to feel it coming at you from all sides when you are already emotionally compromised and worn out.  You are an amzing and wonderful mother and teacher and friend, and more!  Wishing peace upon you.


Nic~soup Nazi is a must!!!  great story, and the kids will really love it after that/


Kerc~sorry about your stress level right now, I can relate and it's not good.  Hope it passes quick and in the mean time that you can find a few quiet moments to breath.


NRR: I can't wait for vacation so I can breath.  Just way too much to try to get done on a day to day basis then add all the laundry, cleaning, packing and marathon running it's overwhelming.  dh has been working early and late to launch a new program at work to make sure it goes over before he leaves for 2 weeks, and when he gets home I'm squeezing in a run and then dinner and kids homework, then he wants to "chill" together.  While I want to do that as well, all the to-do list is that still needs accomplished is weighing on my mind.  Ack!!


RR: today is rest and stretch so that we can do 20 tomorrow.  Then I can run 3 animals to 3 houses and have everything done to leave early Saturday morning, right?!  Right?!  :)

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sparkle~grouphug.gif I hope you feel the love and support of all of us with you. I wish I could make a quick trip down south, just to give you an IRL hug.

nic~Happy birthday to your dd! And I also agree that a soup nazi ep is totally relevant, and an important cultural education. winky.gif

jo~hug.gif for you. I really don't know how you do it every year. I'm pretty sure I'm way too prissy to put up with those conditions. bag.gif

geo~WAY jealous! Yes, lots of pictures please!!

Today starts my stretch of way-too-much-to-do-without-enough-time-to-do-it. Run, followed by errands, followed by picking BIL up at the airport (he's pinch-hitting on taking DS back to Ohio for the long weekend off school since XH had to go on a last-minute trip to London!), and dinner with a friend. Tomorrow: take DS to school for an hour before picking him up and taking both of them to the airport, then my 20 miler (most of it with real, hopefully!), then work fri/sat/sun nights, one night off monday, and back for two more tues/wed. Oh, and hopefully somewhere in there squeezing something in with C in between my weekend shifts. dizzy.gif And I'm starting it off by being absolutely exhausted. rolleyes.gif I was on call last night, and I had the worst time sleeping because I really thought I was going to get called in. I went to bed at 9 pm, and woke up at least every two hours (and sometimes much more frequently), checking the clock and my phone. Sigh.

rr~Kind of a disaster this morning. Between my legs being tired from the time trial and trail run yesterday, and the rest of me being exhausted from not sleeping, it ended up being mostly a wog. And it was supposed to be 8 miles, but I cut it to 6. The good part was that I got to do it with my former/sometimes/wannabe running partner, who has been way too busy to run with me lately, so we had lots of good chatty time. I really need a nap now, but unfortunately, no time for one...
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Ohmygosh, I love y'all. blowkiss.gif Thank you all so much. I have tears in my eyes all the time these days. Though I am incredibly sad - but about a lot of things, so it's hard to untangle what's what - I am also really excited. Really. Ds2's excitement is palpable. (This is the very school where my mom was valedictorian and I think ds secretly has his sights on that.) I am truly very excited for him to have this opportunity. I look forward to being on a school campus again. Really, I adore school. I mean, I do have some serious problems with certain elements of it, but I also love group learning. I'm just very grateful that both boys have the opportunity to learn in a way that best suits each of them. One: energized by a group, challenged by being together; the other: in his own home, at his own pace, with few distractions and the ability to delve into any subject as deeply as he wants. It's truly win-win. I also think it may be a "door opening" because I will finally have an opportunity to meet other moms and be involved myself. The homeschooling nerd mom in me, however, does not want to let go of teaching Latin and the Great Books. We are reading Dante's Inferno right now and next week, we're supposed to start Morte D'Arthur. So I will have to learn how much "after-schooling" I can do and how much is too much. Kwim? A learning curve.

So, I can tell he wants badly to start on Monday which is the 2nd week of the 2nd six weeks. Here are my concerns and I would love your feedback. I will also be addressing these with the principal in the morning.

If he starts next week, it's after the six weeks has begun, but it's also in time for a lot of fun: Halloween, Thanksgiving, his birthday at school, Christmas, basketball at school. These are all important to him. However, starting next week also means having to juggle his music lessons - which means making a 2nd 2-hour round trip to the uni each week. If I started after the holidays, it seems like it would be easier. He could finish out his music and swim lessons this semester. But, in Texas, teaching to the test begins in earnest for 4th grade after the holidays. It's the first year for writing and it's a biggie. This is also the only subject in which he is weak b/c he hates it and I don't push. His vocab, grammar, and journal writing are beautiful. So it seems, in a way, like it might be helpful for him to start now while it's more fun before the really hard work begins.

Another concern, how do you decide how long you have to stick to something before you're allowed to change your mind? My inclination is that if he doesn't like it, he still must be committed through the end of the school year. One, I feel sympathetic with the job of teachers who have kids coming and going, having been there myself. Two, I feel a little bit like I have a reputation to upkeep since I'd like to be respected as a potential employee. Third, I think homeschooling gets a really bad rap here. The school seriously frowns on it. I think bc of Texas' hands-off attitude, there are plenty of people who get nothing. And I don't mean they unschool in a good way where they are continually studying something of their own but maybe truly nothing happens. The school secretary already tried to intimidate me with horror stories of the test he'll have to take, how they won't place him according to age but according to his ability and, to paraphrase, if he is 10yo but tests at 2nd grade level, he goes to the 2nd grade. Hmmm...

Okay,blegh, enough about me. So sorry for rambling.

Jo, what a week! I'm ready for you to take a shower, too. Did I ever tell you how, after I came down from Mt. Kilimanjaro, the bathwater turned murky brown as soon as I got in it. It took 3 tubfuls of water before I could actually get all the dirt off. Here's hoping for lots of clear, clean water for you!

Sparkle, I'm worried about you. redface.gif Seriously. Have we already talked about fat intake? Good coconut oil, full fat real butter, whole milk? Blue Ice is the brand we take, too, and, like you, it is expensive but worth it. I've bought a few flavored kinds but my kids hate it. We even tried the chocolate, but no go. So now we only take the gel capsules. But with the butter combo.

Nic, definitely Soup Nazi. thumb.gif

Geo, Mt. Fuji? Cool!!

RR: Trying out "hot yoga" tonight. Seriously, does anything sound grosser than hot yoga? But, it's the only thing in town. It's brand new. We have a new dr in town and his partner teaches this, so hey, I figured I should go check it out. But I still think hot yoga sounds gross.

Dh called last night upset b/c mil took a turn for the worse. greensad.gif
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Lofty, maybe I'm misunderstanding, but how would the music lesson juggling be easier if he started after the holidays (different time slot? different lessons?). Given his desire to start sooner and everything else you have going on, I think that giving him the time to do the adjustment and to enjoy the "fun" part of school sounds wise. I would talk to him about making the committment of staying until the end of the year, since it may change his opinion on start date (if he's thinking of it as a "try it out" situation, then starting post-holidays may seem like a more reasonable committment; if he's quite convinced then I suspect he'll still want the sooner date). I also wonder if a gradual entry is possible, or if it would be too disruptive. I pulled my oldest out of school one day a week for music lessons at her old school because of scheduling and it was surprisingly easy, but I think this may be the nature of a laid-back village school. Good luck to you on all fronts. :grouphug


Sparkle, :grouphug . I'm glad you're puzzling through this and truly hope you find something that works and gives you hope and energy. Please, please ask us if we can ever do anything (even if it's just a tearful phone call).


Geo, sounds like a terrific trip. I'd be figuring out how to minimize conference time in favour of running and spa, too.


Tara, I'm not as diligent with strength training as I should be, but it truly makes a difference in minimizing injury. I'm pretty reliant on a once weekly bootcamp to kick my butt in gear for strength, and it's lead by a runner who is very aware of common injuries and imbalances in runners.


jo, you are amazing. Hang in there!!!


Nic, :lol . I would have a hard time not laughing, too.


RM and tjsmama, good luck to both of you with your 20s and busy, busy schedules.


kerc, I hope you can catch a break soon. It seems like you've been drowning in work for weeks now.


RR- Just the 30 day yoga challenge, still. We're on day 13, but I confess that I've probably only done about half of them. My daughter is very committed and serious (as she is about almost everything), but I often wander off to prep dinner and don't quite get the stretch or the calm. The next video is yoga for runners:



NRR- It's the Thanksgiving weekend here this weekend- my youngest sister is going to be in town and we're having family dinner and lego ship-building extravaganza at MIL's on Sunday. I am not working this weekend, other than many a tiny bit of reading/study.

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The world seems against me staying caught up with the Dingoes. I was successfully reading, and occasionally posting, on my phone...then I upgraded to ios7, had to reset my network settings which erased my MDC password, and haven't had (taken) the time to fix that debacle yet.


Then, I found myself driving yesterday...notable because I was alone which I *never* am...and realized I was wondering how sparkle was holding up, and how lofty's mil was doing, and where in the world Jo was, is gaye still with J, etc.


So, I'm here. Just finished a quick skim. You all are amazing as always. I love you.


I'm going to figure out my password now...

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And BAM!--posting from my phone! It's amazing how little the seemingly huge tasks really are when you take the time to do them.
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towson - easy, peasy!  Right?


lofty - I think you should start him now.  At least where we live, school for the month or two leading up to ISATs is nothing but drill, drill, drill.  They actually cancel Social Studies and Science in January and February and use that time for test prep.  Of course, Texas may be different.  In Indiana, we did virtually no prep at all.  YMMV...  Prayers for your DH and MIL :Hug.


MelW - have an awesome Thanksgiving!


sparkle - I wish I could come down there and go for a nice long hike with you or something.  I think you should make the appointment for December, but tell them to call you if there is a cancellation before then.  I've gotten in really fast with some hard-to-schedule specialists by doing that (the dermatologist with the 6 month wait comes to mind - they called me within 10 days of making the appointment!) In the meantime, I'll send my happy thoughts and rays of sunshine. You WILL get through this.


RR - biked 35 miles yesterday.  It's getting easier:joy!


NRR - kids are off school today for a teacher in-service.  The head librarian wants me to come to the in-service talk about the online card catalog and a few other search engines they are implementing in the libraries. After that I am taking the kids out to shop for DH's birthday. He turns 50 on Monday!  I'm married to an "old guy"!  Luckily, he still acts like he's 12 :twins.

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