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Me too Vaqiuta.  There was a mom with a two week old at the LLL meeting yesterday-so tiny :)  

  You're really waiting till baby is here for car seat-will dh put it in?  Mine would be so confused.  I need him to tighten the seat belt for me.


Sparkle-well, you never know who will be offended by the hydration question :) My mw's ask me each visit and I drink so much, but days I'm having more ctx, I try to drink even more.  I feel like a fish, lol.   

  Wow, that's amazing about the back muscles being tense for labor.  Nothing to do with being tense in general expecting labor?  

How are you feeling today from yesterday chiro?  Any different?  More relaxed or geared up?


100%-:(  I hope you find a solution.  Maybe the kids will be asleep.


pp/witch hazel-I saw about freezing the pads, or gel inserts for pad covers.  I'm going to try freezing some long pads with witch hazel and chamomile tea.  I wasn't very sore after ds2 (no tearing), but never know this time.  Does the frozen pad effect absorption? 


Here's what I've found on rrl and breastfeeding. Seems okay short term-like a few weeks pp.


Kellymom has brief info on it being mainly safe, short term.  The main info page with it isn't up.

The nursing mother's herbal states for short term, it can boost supply, especially if taking last trimester, but should only be used the first weeks pp.  Any longer can have an adverse effect of decreasing milk supply.  It's hard to find an online link to it.  I found one, but don't know if I can copy/paste the paragraph.  

 I have traditional medicine mothers milk tea, and it's not an ingredient, but there are others included that are contradicting, so who knows.  It may be the small amounts, so doesn't matter much.  

Can't find anything on LLL web.


Afm-not too much.  Lots of pelvic pressure still, off and on.  Some of the pressure in in my thighs, which I don't recall having before.  He must really be pushing down.  36wks on Fri by lmp, but I want to get to the 29th I think it is for my peace of mind.  I just have a feeling he's not going to be a 40wkr.  Little tyke will probably make me eat my words, and be born on Thanksgiving, lol.  

  My shower is Sat :)  No more of our registry stuff has been purchased.  Why do people ask you to make a registry, if they aren't going to use it?  

  My friend brought over the nb prefolds I lent her, a wool cover, a kissaluvs sz1, and few other prefolds I can probably fold to infant size, not sure.  So we're set for nb size, just need to get the infant sized ones, still nursing pads/pp pads, pump and storage.

 Inlaws decided to come down when he's born!  They're inlaws that need waited on/entertained-not going to happen with a nb.  Maybe he'll come around their reservations.  

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Hippy- yup. This is our fourth baby, so dh has figured out car seats. Plus we used this seat for our last baby, so he already has practice with this one. Since our baby will be born at home, he won't be going anywhere for a few days. So, who knows, I may be the one to put it in. But probably dh will do it. Though I will be double checking that he did it right. winky.gif
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We won't be installing the carseat until baby is born either. It's easy to grab and install if for some reason we have to transfer to the hospital. As far as neighbors go to use for babysitters, we live on a dirt road in farm country now. Closest neighbors either way are a mile and both teach. Don't know anyone else around closer then 20 miles. I'm sure everything will work out. I just don't like the added stress when the whole time I thought we had it figured out. greensad.gif
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yikes  I rarely actually want to DTD, but I do it anyway.  It's been like this since before I conceived.  However, I know it's important to our relationship (and I do get into once we get going) so I suck it up.  horrors.gif

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This is our third, but for some reason I'm the car seat person.  Not sure why.  Maybe if we used the base/bucket seat it would be easier for dh? 


100%-We have to take baby to a ped within 48hrs, despite mw checking baby.  I only found 1 ped who house visits, but her wait list is super long.  


Is anyone planning to just relax at home the first few weeks, and actually not do much pp?  I thought I would with ds2, but ended up out and about by the 2nd week, going to story time, the market etc.  This time, who knows.  I'm going to try to stay home more and relax more.  

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dtd maybe 1X/week. Often have super sizzling dreams about dtd with dh, only to wake up super exhausted. The desire is still there, but the energy is not! Just found out I'm borderline anemic though, so adding in floradix and more red meat and maybe that will help with this and everything else lol. And yeah, after ds, it was very difficult to dtd...mainly due to dryness and things just took a long time to heal and feel back to normal down there! Not looking forward to that part again.


So jealous of all of you that get to have home births! And excited to hear about how it goes--I will keep my fingers crossed that everyone goes at least to 37 weeks. Dh and I did just take the tour of our local hospital's labor and delivery area, and it isn't as bad as I'd imagined. They have a new what they call "baby friendly" policy, so they did away with the nursery altogether--all babies room in with you unless there is a serious complication--don't allow companies to give out free formula samples, routinely place the baby on your chest immediately after birth for bonding and nursing, and encourage you to bring whatever you want to help with labor such as a birthing ball. Still, no birthing tub, no eating or drinking while in labor, and routine constant fetal monitoring, so it is far from perfect. We see our doula tomorrow to work on our birth plan, and she is very familiar with this hospital and many of the nurses so maybe she can help us work around some of the more restrictive policies. So soon! 

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Hippy- the frozen pads I used were not for absorption, just for soothing here and there ..
I usually spent the first few pp days in bed and upstairs, then downstairs the next week- by week 3 I get antsy and plan a nature walk or drive to the mountains . The babe could care less so I guess it's just for my mental health. But I'm always glad to get back home , get nude from waist up and snuggle .
I hear ya on the hospital thing sun kist . My Hosp new birth center is supposedly baby friendly too but I'm preparing myself to get disgusted.
I was thinking about sleeping the first day and I had the panic that they probably will try to tell me I can't sleep with him!
And my sister said you can't leave till they pee? I felt so trapped and I'm not even there yet . Like- why didn't I go back to the birth center for this one ?!
It's the hour and a half drive ( I moved further from the city since my last birth ) and the bleeding anxiety I've developed since last miscarriage . But I'm already regretting letting my fears and the drive sway my decision.
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Have someone lined up where we can drop off the kids if I have a day labor. Half hour away, but maybe labor would stall if I had to drive them if my husband is working the opposite direction. The babysitter might be able to meet half way between too.

Homevisit is next week. It's starting to feel real, but most the time I'm in denial that I'll actually have a real baby in a few weeks.
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SO much going on with everyone! Yay!!  I feel  like I have missed so much in a couple days... 

We will do cloth pads mostly I did buy one pkg of organic disposable pads for right after if I need them (or make some frozen ones). 


We are planning on not going anywhere for at least 2 weeks but we will see how I feel.   My kids need interaction so I might have them picked up a few times by friends.  Our family doc might do a house visit so I don't know if that will work or not I hope so!!


Still trying to decided whether or not I will do GBS. 

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Looks like in Tennessee there aren't as many regulations as in some other places.  :)  I'm a rebel anyway - not going to the hospital just because some number says!   But really, I don't expect it to matter.  My first baby was 5 days early (I got sick the week before and nearly went into labor then, I think that hurried him along, plus he was breech), second one was 3 late - I'm betting I go a few days past my due date this time too.  I shall plan on it, so I don't start getting impatient weeks ahead of time.  Of course, if I did happen to go into labor before November 3rd, our plans would be kind of thrown for a loop, since that's when my mom is coming back to town.  She's in Texas right now, so we'd have the same kind of dilemma 100%mom was looking at.  Glad you found someone!  We're not in the country and we do have neighbors we could call, I just don't want other people around.  Of course, with my boys I could just give them free rein with the video games, and we wouldn't hear a peep out of them, no long how long labor took...  :)

I've been working hard to build up extra homeschooling days so I can take a long break without feeling like we're getting behind.  My mom will probably stay in town for the whole month (I doubt we'd be able to tear her away from the baby with a crowbar), so I can send the boys out to their activities and classes with her if I need to.  I tend to get bored when we take long breaks from homeschooling, though - so I might start back up sooner than I think!  We'll still have to make a visit to the pediatrician at some point... I forget when ours wants the first visit.  I should probably check on that... and the hearing test, that's required, but the pediatrician didn't have the equipment for it last time, we had to go out to the School for the Deaf...  and ask the midwife about the PKU screen and all that, I'm pretty sure she does those at the postpartum visit.  I feel like I've forgotten everything this time around!  I knew everything last time, lol.  :)

About the oral vitamin K, I was poking around and found a study I don't think I'd seen before, where some Danish scientists have concluded that 2mg oral vit. K at birth, followed by 1 mg weekly, was effective against the bleeding disorder they give the vit. K shot for.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12892158    So I might step up my dosing a little. 

My husband says he sees pregnant people everywhere when I'm pregnant.  :)

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Hi everybody!

I'm new here and wanted to pop in and say hello. I'm 35 weeks with my second baby (my daughter is 3.5), and we're having a homebirth this time! We're all so excited. A friend mentioned I should check out these forums instead of the Babycenter ones that are such a train wreck! Happy to have found this group. :)

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hey welcome kc04 

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i be on my way to the hospital was hope to make it to 37 weeks i am just 3 days shy of it but i think baby has other idrea have really hard contractions every 3 to 4 mins that are hard to breath thru

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Welcome, kc04.

Good luck, uriver
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Good luck Uriver!


Hippy - I'll probably be getting antsy by 2wks pp.


Hapers - I'm taking lots and lots of alfalfa since alfalfa has been shown to raise the vitamin K level of pregnant women, reducing postpartum bleeding in both quantity and duration, and increase the vitamin K stores in newborns, reducing bleeding problems for them as well. I had a pretty good pph last time around and I'm really hoping to avoid it. 


PP Pads - I'm just going with disposable. Wasteful I know. But I never use pads in real life (I use a diva cup for AF and don't usually spot before or after) and I can't justify spending so much money on something I wouldn't use monthly. I'm spending the money on diapers instead :)


I've missed a lot. We went away for the weekend one last time before there are 4 of us. Honestly, I've kind of been avoiding because of all the labor signs talk. I have no anxieties about my own labor and birth, but I'm still positive that I'll make it to at least very close to 40wks - likely past that and all of this pre term labor stuff kind of freaks me out. 


I don't remember this rib pain and harder to breathe feeling with DS. She is in a good position so I'm not sure what it is. Pelvic tilts help the most. I don't think my baby ever sleeps. She can't roll around much any more, but is constantly stretching, poking and jabbing. I think she might have more arms and legs than we saw at 20wks.

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well i am tired we get to the hospital last night just to have the contractions stop about 15 mins after being there baby looks good on the mointer so after being watch for 4 hrs to see if they would start up again they sent me home cause i still did not have any cervix change from last time so i am home again and waiting

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Two nights ago I woke up with menstrual-like cramping that continued through the night into the early afternoon. Called my doc office. I haven't lost my plug so I don't *think* it's time... They said it might be a GI disturbance. I had a cup of coffee and the severity of the cramping went away. Yay, as I was 35w5d at that point.

Now, I am awake suddenly with pains in my upper thighs. I never wake up once I fall asleep. 35w6d. Hoping this girl waits, as baby shower is tomorrow and my family and friends have been planning this thing for a while, LOL... I want her to make it to 37 weeks, at least!

Anyway... Upper thigh pain with some dull cramping. Is that just my body preparing? It's woken me up early, but I haven't lost my plug!
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Note to anyone cooking and freezing food... Don't lift a huge stockpot full of boiling broth. If it splashes on your huge tummy, it will hurt! redface.gif Last night while cooking dinner I splashed something on my tummy too. I think I'm officially too big to cook! I'm sure my kids can just not eat for the next three weeks, right?

On the plus side I cleaned out and organized my freezer. I threw away a few things, fed a few to the dog, am turning 6 gallon size ziplock bags of saved bones into broth right now, and a few things we are eating up today. What's left is organized and I made a list of what is in there. And now I have room for any food I might manage to make before the baby comes. Now I need to do the same with my chest freezer.

For the past month I've been feeling so tired that I have not been taking very good care of myself. Eating things that are easy rather than nutritious. And I just keep feeling worse. Duh. Starting today, I'm recommitting to taking care of myself (and baby!). I made myself a smoothie for breakfast, had a bit of liver on the side (why, even though I know how much better I will feel, how much more energy I will have, is it so hard to take liver?). I've also started some soup for my lunch made up of leftover bits of veggies and some chicken bone broth. Even threw in some grass fed beef marrow I found in my freezer before I blended the whole thing up. No more Oreos! I don't even like them. But I've been eating them because I'm tired and there is no chocolate in the house.
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Originally Posted by hapersmion View Post

I've been working hard to build up extra homeschooling days so I can take a long break without feeling like we're getting behind.  My mom will probably stay in town for the whole month (I doubt we'd be able to tear her away from the baby with a crowbar), so I can send the boys out to their activities and classes with her if I need to.  I tend to get bored when we take long breaks from homeschooling, though - so I might start back up sooner than I think! 

I have been working on this too. We are currently two weeks ahead and over the course of this week and the next two weeks we should get another week ahead. Well except for math, I find it hard to get ahead on this one, it's just hard to do more an one lesson per day. But I admit a lot of extras or things that are less scheduled aren't getting done every day. Like handwriting, there is no set amount we are going to do this year so it's easy to skip it when I'm tired. I actually would love to take the next couple weeks off of school, I'm so tired and would like to spend my bit of energy on finishing up projects and deep cleaning. But I keep telling myself it'll be worth it when the baby comes. I guess I'm compromising and doing school-lite, keeping up on the more important things (or are they just the things that are specifically scheduled, and thus easier to feel behind on?), skipping the others and having a bit of time for cleaning and projects.

I feel like I/we could get so much more done if I could just move faster! But both my body and my mind seem to be in slow gear these days.

Vitamin k- with my first two babies I gave them oral vitamin k. With my last baby I drank alfalfa infusions pre birth and took some oral vitamin k myself. Not sure what I want to do this time. Thinking taking the oral k myself again, though I'm trying to remember how much to take. I think it's something like 5000mg daily to raise the amount of k in my milk.

Eta- in searching for info on this, came across this fact: nettle contains lots of vitamin k. I have been drinking strong infusions that are predominately nettle my whole pregnancy. I already was intending to start drinking more now that I'm close to the end. Thinking if I drink a quart a day, this will cover our vitamin k needs just fine. Need to remember to keep drinking it after the baby is born too. Since I will be relying on dh or mil to make it for me, I think I better mix up an extra bag of herbs so that it's ready to go post birth. I would hate to be out of my mix when the baby comes.
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U river--- that stinks but maybe you will make it those extra few days now. =)


Vaq- Ouch. Did you get burned badly? 




I need to make some alfalfa and nettle tea blend for now and after.

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