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Jess, how's your weather?  Could you let it air outside for the day?  Another thing you could try (it's not very crunchy, tho) is getting a pet urine cleaner from a pet store and washing it with that.  That stuff is designed to take out really tough smells (Nature's Miracle is the brand I use on my cat pee, damn them, and it's THA BOMB)!



I'm kinda freaking out at how close we're all getting...  I made it past 35 weeks which makes me feel better since I had that super vivid dream about having a squirmy wiggly baby at 35 weeks that I couldn't even get a grip on to breastfeed.  :rotflmao  I'm 36+2 today.  Juuuust need to make it to Saturday to be able to birth out of the hospital.  I tell you, though, I woke up yesterday at like 5:30am for NO GOOD REASON with just this feeling that things aren't going to go to 40 weeks.  Then I started cleaning my kitchen, and I did NOT want to stop to go to my own shower.  I don't even want to work today; I'd rather do housework, truth be told.  I'm sitting here trying to be productive, but then I look to my left at the kitchen and think of all the other things I could be cleaning and organizing instead.


My shower was a bit of a bummer.  My cousin organized it, but she didn't tell anyone where we were registered so we got maybe 4 or 5 things from our registry, and that was only because people had personally asked me about registries beforehand.  Please don't misunderstand me... I'm extremely grateful that people thought enough to help us out with things, but this is our first and we aren't made of money.  This baby will need things past the diapers/boobies/love newborn stage, and I was hoping for more help than we got.  But you know what?  Things will work out.  They always do.  Our church is throwing us a shower in 2 weeks, and they are more on top of things than my cousin.  Give me a second, and I'll post a picture of the onesie my mom got us.  It's hilarious, and I'll explain why.  lol

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DH is a manager for Starbucks.  Tell me this isn't the most perfectly matched onesie for a sbux kid ever!! :laugh

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That's a pretty awesome onesie.


I'm going to have to get some of that Nature's Miracle stuff not for the carseat, but for a corner of my room that my bunny has decided she would neglect the litter box for a couple of times.


I'm having the opposite problem with my baby shower (not really a problem I suppose). Even though this is my first, I'm lucky enough that my sister and a couple of friends have wanted to empty their houses of baby stuff and maternity clothes.

So I'm struggling to find a few things that will be useful in case people want to buy from the registry.

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My bff has given me a TON of stuff (car seat, play mat, toys, etc) so far, but there are still things we need that she wouldn't have.  Like a gate or gates for the stairs, for example.  I was super upset about the whole thing last night, but I really do feel better today.  Tonight, DH and I have a "date" to organize the stuff we do have and start washing the neutral baby clothes we received.  We had some folks give us both boy and girl outfits just in case so we'll hang on to those and figure it out when bieb gets here and reveals him/herself.


Part of me REALLY wants my baby here now even though that would mean having to deliver in a hospital.  It's not that this pregnancy has been difficult or anything, I just love this little one so stinkin much and want him/her in my arms right.freakin.now.  lol

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Meks - It's supposed to be 30-60 drops 2-3x a day, but I kind of just take a tsp or so once a day because ain't no body got time fo dat. This is in addition to what is in my tea.


Sparkle - No problem! It totally came across as support thing. It just momentarily freaked me out. I'm in a better place. I totally understand that a few of you are term now (yay) and that I'm at the back of the bunch since my EDD isn't until the 27th.


Ultra - I'm sorry you didn't get everything you feel like you need. Save up any gift cards/cash you were given and use those to buy things as needed as baby gets older.


AFM - I've been in nesting mode a little bit too. Which means I get so busy doing a project or cleaning something especially while DS is at school or napping (the times I usually can lay down) that by evening I'm absolutely pooped. Oh well. I want to get everything done so I can rest once I'm term. I've got most of my HB supplies all gathered up too. I'm feeling very connected with my body and trustful of it and for now I'm happy waiting at least 5 more weeks until this baby gets here.

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So a friend gave me his car seat that his daughter just grew out of which is awesome. Only one problem, he washed the cover in like Gain or some other very strong detergent, I've put it through the wash twice. Once with vinegar and once with borax. The smell has dissipated somewhat, but it's still a little strong for my liking for something the baby is going to be so close to. Anybody have any other ideas on how to get rid of lingering strong chemical detergent?

yes i do wash it in some lavender oil that will take the small out plus it will help the baby relax

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Vent ahead: Holy frijoles! I have to tell you how grateful I am for this forum, and how kind and, frankly, mature everyone is here. I decided to pop into another forum to ask a simple question and got all these vulgar responses that were like "oh, SEX." Which had nothing to do with what I asked, and I was asking earnestly. Then I told them I wasn't looking for that kind of advice. Out of nowhere like seventeen of these nutcases came out and called me sensitive, blah blah, "Virgin Mary"... But my frustration dissipated quickly when I realized that I might not be the more sensitive one. Holy moly. I just shut off the website after telling them that this was silly. Who has time for repeating grade school like that? Doesn't that kind of exasperate their emotional well-being and moods? Aren't there better things to do than that?

Anyway, I wanted to immediately come back and say THANK YOU to all you awesome ladies who listen and offer advice from the heart and are sensitive to what others are asking. This website and forum is a treasure and so are you ladies who make up this community.

Okay, I feel better now. Onward and upward!
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UF- Cute Onesie!! 


Sparkle YAY you made it to 37 wks!! So excited for you to be able to birth where you want now.  I still have a cough (very random) but MUCH better. Damn weather  here is crazy back and forth. 


Sila- Are you skipping Vit K then by upping your levels so much?


Noone has really asked if I need anything (my friends are having a blessing for me very small) but family hasn't asked.... and they all know we gave everything away 3-4 years ago. Oh well! 


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I'm glad we can be here, too, alaskan!!!!  This was the first mom forum I stumbled upon earlier this year, and I'm so glad to have found it also for the exact same reasons.  :heartbeat

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Second time my response erased itself!  I give up, lol.  Will check back after appt to catch up and reply :)

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Meks - Definitely :wink Unless there is some unforeseen major trauma I suppose.

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Ultra - that onesie is TOO cute!!! I love it :) Also, if any of your gifts aren't exactly what you were looking for and you know a place that sells that gift (like Target or Sears or something) most of them will give you store credit for the last sale price of that item if you don't have the receipt. My sister does this all the time with gifts she gets that she doesn't want her kids to have (she was getting a ton of plactic noisy toys when her kids were small and she couldn't handle it anymore!). That way you can get some items that you really need, or even hold on to the gift cards for later as Sila said. And you're right - things will find a way to work themselves out.


No shower or party or anything for me either. I'm a little sad, but am happy that my close friends have all reached out on their own to see how I'm doing so far. I have a "date" with one friend for lunch on Friday that I'm looking forward to.


This forum is seriously amazing - I have been on a couple of others but got so sick of hearing the bad advice and judgements from the other moms. I love how open and non-judgemental this forum is even though we may all be quite different in our approaches.


AFM - 38w+4d today! I'm due November 1st so am likely one of the further along folks here. I'm so thrilled to be term now and am just trying to keep this baby in until at least Sunday. My mom comes back from Arizona late Saturday night and I'd really like her to be around. It is amazing to me how huge I'm getting - I never got this big with DD. I'm starting to freak out a bit about birth. DD was only 4 lbs. 12 oz. so this baby is a LOT bigger and will likely be harder to push out. But since I won't be a transfer to an OB this time I will have more options for birthing positions. I finally watched "The Business of Being Born" last week and it really solidified my decision for a natural birth again. I forgot about that amazing feeling you get right after giving birth. What a rush! I can't wait to feel that again with a little baby in my arms :)

My hospital bag is packed, although I don't plan on being there very long. I have mostly snacks and juice and stuff in there and a few other things like a scrunchy (yes, a scrunchy - I can't handle the pull of elastic when I'm in labour) to tie my hair back, flip flops for the shower, and some pp stuff.

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Allison, you are so close.)

Just pulled out the baby boy clothes. Still have to get the girl clothes out. I'm just getting a few things out of each gender since we don't know the gender.
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Allison, so true. This is a good place to be! I think so many people wind themselves and subsequently others up for no reason. Happy people don't go looking for fights on the Internet, or in general!, and this is supposed to be a happy time for every woman expecting their new arrival. I wish all those other folks well, as I hate to think that someone is so unhappy that they can justify purposeful immaturity and rudeness; we all make mistakes, of course, but goodness, that doesn't sound very fun to be that person at all. I'll take being a goody-two-shoes and a dork who is positive than being an "Internet harpy" any day. Better for my health, my family, my baby... Yadda-yadda-yadda!

Okay, I realize I need to let it go now smile.gif I haven't been angry about much recently so this is kind of a weird thing for me.

I've been up for several hours with massive outer thigh pain. Just had to round out last week's inner thigh pain, I guess =) I have a case of the sniffles that I am hoping to knock back, also. Is it wrong to want Thai food for breakfast? =)
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I got out the infant car seat to wash the cover and realized mice had gotten to it. Chewed a tiny hole in it, not bad, but mice poop on my car seat???? Yuck! So I washed the whole plastic part and base. While doing so I realized this car seat expires in May 2014! That's just 6 months after the baby is born. I was thinking it didn't expire till may 2015. I'm not worried about using a car seat for a bit after the expiration, but our last son used this till he was almost 2 (this car seat goes up to 30lbs). No way I want to be using a car seat for a year and a half after the expiration. We could switch the baby to the car seat my 3yo is currently using earlier, but if don't know if he'll be ready for a booster yet. He is 35lbs now, but who knows when he'll hit 40 lbs? I guess I do have 6 months to figure something out.
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Vaquita-what does your other car seat say for height/weight?  You may be able to switch them by 6 months.  We're using a convertible right off, the kids outgrew the bucket after only 4m, and we never took it out of the car, but used a sling.


Sila-how much K are you taking daily?  I think I missed the dosage, and then you have to do oral for baby for so many months too?


Sunkist-have you checked the vaccine forum?  Or your sources since you're non vax?  We are too.  Irl, the people I know who had Pertussis were fully or part vaxed, and Pertussis goes in a 4-5 yr cycle, regardless of the vaccine.  I haven't figure out why the hospitals don't push all the house hold adults to get dtap, but only mom?


I really enjoy this forum too :)  


Showers-it was nice.  I too had a stack of cards etc from ds1, but was working and my coworkers threw the party.  But, family also sent a lot down.  Guess that just happens the first time.  It's been 6yrs, we gave almost all away after our loss.  I'm so glad I started buying clothes and making some diaper stuff early on, because only 2 people picked from our registry.  It's irritating that people make a fuss about what do we need, then here we are weeks away from baby, and none of them have bought anything.  I think it's just rude, personally.   So now I'm ordering what we need.


I missed some catch up posts, need to go back and reread :)


afm-mw visit went well.  Babe and I are fine.  We went over what exactly to look for on labor signs, since I already have ctx and twinges.  She said when my ctx get 1 min and do not go away, or when I have bloody show or water break-hopefully not the last two, but that's the little warning I had last time, so....She thought it was a good sign my mucus plug was breaking off.   This is the mw I don't really like.  I hope she's not the one on call for baby.  I just can't get comfortable around her.

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Is anyone taking Evening Primrose Oil? I'm past 36w and am considering using it, since I'm already on RRL and my body seems to be showing signs of progression.
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I'm not with this pg, but have with a couple of mine. I drink lots of rrl and then take 5W at the end. Actually started a small dose of the 5W yesterday. Will take the recommended dose starting at 37 wks.
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How did your experiences with EPO fare?
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What's 5w?


Electric-I started to take it with ds2 vaginally around 37wks then read some contradicting info and stopped after just a few days.  My friend did oral & vag to try to avoid a cscec, she was going for vbac, but still had the surgery.  I don't know how much it ripened her cervix.



  I can't seem to find clear info on it.  If anyone has clear info it would be great. I can't even find clear info on the mw forums.  Some say they don't recommend it any longer.  Here's what I have found-

-body only turns the epo to progesterone when taken orally not vaginally

-taken orally messes with natural hormone time frame for baby

-vaginally-either ripens cervix or doesn't ripen it

-can lead to longer gestation

-should be avoided for vbacs as can soften scar-not sure if oral or vaginally applied

-can increase vaginal bacteria since inserting daily

-possible increase of arom due to more bacteria or if rubbing onto cervix

-very few comments I found women went into labor within 1-2 days, but who knows if that would have happened anyhow


afm-? yet on epo.  Drinking rrl tea now though.  Not sure if it had anything to do with it, but 90% of the bh's stopped and I only have ctx now.  All my mw's said ctx are the longer/painful ones vs the not so painful/shorter bh's.  I think the rrl tea is doing this.  It's better than the constant bhs + ctx, but the ctx are breath stoppers for sure.  On a self check, I can feel baby's hard head, but around it is very soft and spongy feeling now.  Cervix seems 1-2cm still, between 50-75% effaced and not very firm.  So it's getting softer around the cervix if that makes any sense.


Stinky car seat-I second the lavender wash, maybe soak in baking soda too along with lavender overnight? I wash everything new twice anyhow, but even things from the consignment store or from friends, because usually the laundry soap smell is way to strong for me.

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