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Thank you for the info, Hippy!
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I was just asked at the vitamin store if I was doing epo in the last trimester . I said no that I thought it was only when you were ready.
If you remember epo put me back into menses after 5 or so years with none from ebf my two kids . I know it does something!
I just picked up some rrl tea and told her I'd look into it and possibly get some- so thanks hippy for the info.
Also I looked into the pertussis question up and down the past few days and it's going to be a no. I read the same thing that fully vaxed are getting it and who is to say the endotoxins can't affect my developing babe's brain - from the vaccine - like the so many who had the adverse effects. Plus hippy to answer your question it does no good to vax the whole house because you make "silent carriers" out of your family .
I've seem many who do self checks - I'm wanting to start when I start having contractions - I hope my arms are long enough- and I'm sure it's better than being checked by a dr or midwife . I swear that hurts more that active labor !!!
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5W is nature sunshine's version of gentle birth formula. It's supposed to be taken the last 5 wks of pg, but since my 1st came early I don't take the full dose until 37 wks.

As far as epo, I didn't notice it helping at all.
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Oregano in high concentration-so I'd guess oregano oil can cause menstruation, but I'm not touching it, even though I'm fighting the start of a cold.  From what I read, it can cause placenta rupture.


I wasn't checked during labor with ds2-they are hands off and besides it was quick labor, the first look I think she had was when my water broke and she started the perineum compress since he started crowning. 

  With ds1, I only remember 1 check during labor, it was right after the epi and they started yelling not to push.  Not the best exp.


  I don't think I could do a self check during labor if it's anything like the others.  I've checked myself twice to see if I could feel his head and because I was curious :)  


Placenta encapsulation-anyone?  My birth center offers it, but I'm wondering to do it myself.   We're allowed to take the placenta home, so I figure why not.  I'm going to have the assistant do a print though-I think that would be neat to have.

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EPO - I've come across the same info when looking into it for clients. I took it orally with DS and I don't think it did anything. Now that I have researched more it makes sense why if it doesn't work the same orally. I'll skip it this time.


Placenta - I'm going to eat it. My midwife will blend it in the vitamix and put it in ice cube trays so I have them for smoothies. If I get around to getting a nice piece of paper I'll have them make a print first!


Self checks - I probably won't. Not sure yet though. I was only checked twice during my labor with DS.


Yeah, my cold seems to be coming back too...

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Sila-they offer smoothies too.  Didn't think about freezing into ice cubes, that's a great idea.  I need to see which would be more beneficial.  

  Boo on the cold coming back.  I'm taking echinacea and garlic, drinking rrl and reg decaf tea, eating soup/lots of broth.


Just saw this-wonder how long or how many obgs will actually change the term dates?  http://www.natureworldnews.com/articles/4579/20131023/narrower-definition-for-full-term-pregnancy-reflects-new-understanding-authors-say.htm  I couldn't find the actual journal article yet.  Seems to go along with a lot of other info regarding babies born prior to 39wks.  I wonder if they will start trying to stop labor if it starts prior to 39 now?

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I've been toying with the idea of placenta encapsulation, but it's pretty expensive around here and we're on a really tight budget (about to get even tighter!). A good friend had hers encapsulated and just raved about how it helped her. I'm not sure I could do the smoothy - although if I remember correctly when I'm bf'ing I'm even more hungry than I am pregnant so I'd likely have no problem with it at that point.

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I'm taking everything again too blah.


That's why I'm going to eat it. It's too expensive for us to encapsulate but I want the benefits. So, I'm going the free route. I just figure it's like most things, best raw and uncooked/dehydrated. I know that when a lot of people have them encapsulated they use specific chinese herbs/method with it that is supposed to be beneficial. I don't eat meat, but I eat a smoothies almost every day, so I'll gag through it if I have to...

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I'm thinking about encapsulating it myself, since we have a dehydrator and that would save a lot of money, but I'm still on the fence about it. If not I may plant a tree in it. 


Hippy--I read that at a certain point, the drugs they use to stop labor would be more harmful than the baby coming out early, so I would think they might encourage the mom to rest and do other non-invasive things to slow or stop labor but probably wouldn't force-stop it after 37 weeks. Plus it would be hard to say if maybe they miscalculated the due date and the baby actually was 39 weeks according to when the mom ovulated or conception occurred. Hopefully though this new guideline could cut down on non-medically necessary inductions prior to 39 weeks. 

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All 5 of mine have been born at 39.1 or earlier so I hope they don't start trying to stop labor before 39 wks.
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Allison--My son had to be induced at 36 and a half weeks because there wasn't enough fluid and supposedly he wasn't growing well enough in there. Well, he was born 5lbs and 15 oz, so probably at 39 weeks he would have been a pretty decent size, but the odd thing is that my placenta when it came out was "old" and there were pieces of it that had disintegrated that my ob had to fish out manually :/ I was 20, didn't smoke or drink, didn't have hypertension (all things that have been linked to premature placental aging) or any health problems that I know of, and my diet was fairly good, minus the fact that I was eating too much soy. Fortunately he really thrived from that point on, and is healthy, happy, strong and tall! I don't know why if my placenta was disintegrating though why I never went into labor on my own though. At that point, it would have been a good thing. I'm hoping that it isn't likely to happen again, but I do kind of wonder if some people's bodies just handle pregnancy differently, or some babies just "bake" faster, or some people's placentas just tire out sooner for no particular external reason. I have heard of babies being born spontaneously (not induced) at 37 and 38 weeks that had perfect apgar scores and strong lungs and hit all the milestones without any incident, so the 39 week point is ideal but not one-size-fits-all--the new guidelines are probably mainly meant to discourage women from opting to have inductions or c-sections before their bodies and babies are really ready. It would be interesting to see in the study whether the babies that didn't do as well before 39 weeks were induced or came on their own. 

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We are encapsulating and making a tincture with a chunk of the placenta too so I can use it further out in future if need be. 


Sila-  Will you take more of the tincture (nettle) as you get closer or keep it where it is for dosage? My MW just told me that the tests for oral performed England? do not mean anything over here in US tests because out oral Vit K is of a different source than what we get...  So she is suggesting I get the shot for the baby. ARGH!! So many darn decisions..


On the FB group page for Nov DDC they were talking about how in UK and Iraq they don't test for GBS so I think I came to conclusion I will be skipping that and keeping up with taking probiotic and garlic daily. 


I just had a sacred birth reiki session with 2 more to go before I have this babe. So awesome! And I have to schedule my prenatal massage I rec'd for my birthday... I am afraid to go before 37 wks though just in case I go into labor or something.


I still have this darn cough too... at least I don't feel sick anymore. 

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Oops that reply was to 100% Mom not Allison, sorry. I am such a space cadet right now...

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Sunkist, my oldest came on her own at 36.1 for the same reason your first did. When she was born they said it looked like a smokers placenta. I didn't smoke and was probably my healthiest with her. Also only 20.

My others came between 37.6 and 39.1 all spontaneous. All had good scores too.

I an totally against being induced for no GOOD reason. I've had 4 homebirths so I'm pretty natural as far as birth goes. Just don't want the hospitals to start stopping labor before 39 wks or homebirth might not be an option for a lot of ppl.
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Meks, I opt out of getting tested for gbs. I do take a probiotic daily though.
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From what I read of the guidelines yesterday was that it was more for inductions and scheduled c-sections. The article I ready is here: http://www.today.com/health/term-pregnancy-now-defined-least-39-weeks-8C11440870 and this is the piece that I found the most interesting:

The new definitions, released Tuesday in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology:
•Early Term, between 37 weeks and 38 weeks 6 days.

•Full Term, between 39 weeks and 40 weeks 6 days.

•Late Term, the 41st week.

•Post Term, after 42 weeks.

So you are still considered "term" at 37 weeks.
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We are planning to have our mw apprentice encapsulate for us.  I just don't feel comfortable trying that out myself, and ain't no way I'm eating it raw in any form.  :lol  I'm drinking a pregnancy tea with rrl when I think about it, but that's not even every day (I am trying to be more diligent about that).  I don't foresee that I'll do a bunch of other stuff later on to try and kick start things either.  On the vit k thing, since we're skipping it, I asked if there was anything at all I could do to help bieb start out not so low (is it really a deficiency if that's what's actually normal in a newborn??  just random questioning of the medical establishment), and she said since it's produced in the gut, the best thing I can do is keep on going with my pre/probiotics like I already am.  :thumb


Re: the new term guidelines, if they discourage someone enough to not do even one unnecessary vanity induction, then they're a good thing.  The only concern I could have is if the state of Texas decides to rewrite their birth laws again regarding when someone is legal to birth outside of a hospital.  This fall, the new law went into effect that one needs to be at 37w instead of 36.  If they try and make that even later at some point in the future, that could be pretty bad for the midwifery/home birth camps.


AFM: My GBS and 3rd tri HIV tests were both negative (yay and duh in that order).  woot!  We had our final ultrasound on Tuesday, and I got some most excellent news.  The cyst on my ovary is not only COMPLETELY out of the way and will not affect birth at all but has also shrunk a little.  WOOT!!  I'll still need to get it taken out a few weeks pp, but that's fine.  It's all part of the plan.  We didn't get much of an anatomy scan at either previous u/s because the focus was always on the cyst so I had the nurse check out what she could see with the bieb being so big now.  My mw saw something near the top of the baby's head and asked what it was, and it turns out it was HAIR!  hahahahaha :rotflmaoGood grief, we can even see the hair on the ultrasound.  I know these things can be highly inaccurate, which is why I'm not freaking out, but the u/s estimated 7lbs already and measured me at 38 weeks. 


Bieb is so far into my pelvis already (I'm 36+5) that they thought s/he had turned breech.  They were feeling the neck where they thought the head should be, and it was skinny like a butt.  But the u/s confirmed that we are NOT breech, just reeeeally low.  No wonder I have an appetite again!  :eat (pardon me for being on a smiley rampage today)  We've been advised to put our car seat in.  Of course there are NO guarantees, but my mw said she wouldn't be at all surprised if I went in the next couple of weeks.  That was a huge kick in the pants for DH.  He writes the schedule at work so after next week, he's going to make sure he's not on it very much (he'll be basically an extra person that they wouldn't miss if he wasn't there) so that when it's "go time", he can just be gone and not have his store fall apart.  I'm really really excited now.  Our birth center is a two story former house with a little cottage in the back yard.  I hadn't ever been out to the cottage before (if they happen to have 2 mamas in labor, they'll put one out in the cottage as it's just as fully equipped as the birth suite in the main house), so we peeked inside on Tuesday just for grins.  I LOVE IT.  I told them I want to labor and birth out there instead which they're totally cool with.  I think part of it is because I'm really struggling right now with deciding who I want to be present and when.  There's when I'm laboring (early and kinda active labor) and then when stuff's really starting to go down, and I want some people to be present during the laboring part but not for the transition and actual birth parts.  With this cottage, I can have whoever and their dog come and hang out in the main house while I labor (even in there with them when I feel like it), and when it comes time to get down to business I can kick everyone out but just a couple of people and really have a physical separation from everyone else while they wait in the main house.  Now I just need to communicate this to a few people who I know will probably be sad that I don't want them there while I'm pushing.  oy


ish is getting real....  :dizzy

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Had a great OB visit today! Doc examined my belly and said, "I don't think she has dropped much, but let's do a check." So, he did the GBS swab (barely felt it!) and got in there and then said, "Oh, wait, she has definitely dropped, her head is pretty low here!" and I felt relieved. He said there was a bit of effacement and dilation. I was so glad to hear of progress due to all the aches that have been persisting =) Totally worth it! I go back next week; I'm sure that more solid numbers relating to effacement/dilation will come out. I'm glad that he checked inside to see if she dropped. After having a really bad midwife to start with (nothing against midwives; this one was just NOT very knowledgeable or kind) and a so-so OB, I'm happy to have one who is hands-on, is open to discuss things, and has a sense of humor. That makes a huge difference for me because all three things put me at ease. (I like to know things and ask questions, and I love to laugh!) I feel like I lucked out; I have heard horror stories about a neighboring clinic and their OB's and terrible communication! I guess there's still the last three weeks and some change until my due date to really figure out what's up, but I'm still pretty satisfied and glad that this route is working out on my end. Everyone should have the pregnancy and birth that suits their wishes and needs, and so far I am pretty jazzed about how this is going! Mostly I am just happy that this girl is healthy, busy, and on her way =)

I doubled the RRL heap in my daily quart of tea. Talked to the OB about EPO; he said that I can take it orally if I feel like it, but the word is mixed about inserting tablets or if it works at all. Lines up with the discussion that has been taking place here about it!
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Ultra-Thanks for sharing your excitement with us- I'm only 36, but ill be where you are soon. I'm hearing both sides of the vitamin k argument . I'm def avoiding the shot- carries a risk of death. As for the liquid vitamin- idk. Part of me thinks god didn't want them clotting so.....but then there's stories of the bleeding- ugh.as of right now I am going to have the Ob practice have the liquid on hand and decide that day .
I encapsulated my own placenta last time. It did not prevent ppd - I had none with my first, took the pills I made with second and had episodes at two/4/6 /15 months. It was a bit of work to do it. Like making jerky- then food processing it , but I bought an encapsulator which was very simple. But knowing it did nothing for my mood, I'm doing what I did with my first - had no symptoms of hormone brain stuff- eat a plate of liver and onions as prescribed by my polish grandma. Now the italian( dh ) side recommends tripe as their home remedy. So I will do that days 1/2 after babe .
Elec- I too wouldn't want anyone but dh watching me push. No need ! I even told him I wouldn't care if he was tending to the kids while I delivered. I don't need him spending the next three years snickering at me if I have a bm right before the baby comes out.
And I am also liking my obs just as much as my last midwives. I was expecting not to but so far they've been alright.
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Ugh. Not sleeping again. Makes me want to not be pregnant anymore, even though I know I won't be sleeping after the baby comes. Trying not to be jealous that the 3 IRL people I know that were pregnant, due close to me are all able to hold their babies WEEKS before me. None of them are good situations, I try to remind myself I really don't want to be in their shoes. One was on bed rest for 6 months maybe? They so didn't think she would make it. Another had a c section around 36 weeks because her baby stopped growing (was 3lbs 14oz), she's still in the NICU. And the third went on bed rest a week ago for high bp, today (Thursday) she's back in the hospital and will be induced in the morning.

Obviously I would not want to trade having my baby now for any of these problems. But when I'm feeling huge and impatient, I wonder why do I always have to be the last one to hold my baby. redface.gif The curse of the healthy pregnancy! :-D I know when my baby is born, full term, strong, healthy and easy going I will be so glad that I do have such healthy pregnancies/babies. I just have to keep repeating this to myself for the next 2-3 weeks when I feel impatient to hold my baby. Is it wrong of me to be glad that at least here, in my DDC, I will be among the earlier ones since I'm due 11/9? With my last baby I was in an August DDC, but my son wasn't born till September. It felt like everyone had their baby but me. eyesroll.gif

On a more positive note, I had an appointment with my midwife today. Well, her assistant because my mw has a cold which she didn't want to give me, though I don't think that matters because today my nose started running and I have a sore throat that won't go away. Maybe this is the trouble with a November baby. Trying to stay well for the birth. I have been taking congaplex, which in previous years has helped a lot in keeping me healthy through cold and flu season. But I'm not taking a full dose (only taking 2 caps instead of 3, trying to make the bottle last longer), I may need to go to the full dose. I picked up my aqua doula labor tub today, yay. I do still need to buy a couple plastic drop cloths, but other than that we now have everything ready for the birth. Last week I asked my midwife about the herbal birth prep formula I had gotten, she wasn't familiar with that one (mountain meadow herbs gentle birth) and said she'd do a bit of research and get back to me. Well today she asked me not to take it because of the blue cohosh and the blessed thistle in it. Sigh, should have asked her before I bought it! Well, I'm not tossing it yet. If I don't go I to labor by 40w, maybe I can take it then to get things moving. She did suggest cramp bark tincture to take in labor, to help ease labor pains. I may go get that. I was also thinking of buying nettle tincture to take for vitamin k after the baby is born. Since I will be relying on dh or mil to make my infusions, I may not be able to drink as much of them at first. I could take the nettle tincture instead if that happens. I wonder how much I should take?

More nesting going on here. I woke up this morning full of big plans on what I wanted to get organized or scrubbed. Though it's hard to have the energy for it, and to remember what I was going to do, after we finish school. All we need to do is get through next week, and then it's the end of our term. The following week, I will be 39w, and will basically be a vacation week. The only thing to do will be for my oldest to answer about 12 questions regarding the terms work. Typically we would start the next term the week after, but since I will be 40w then, I think I will just call school vacation till the baby is born (I may be sorry if this turns out to be a 42 weeker!). So, I only need to get through next week, then I will have more time to work on things. Or rest. redface.gif. This week was the children's resale event where I sell outgrown stuff (well, only my daughters since we are having another boy. Sniff, I sold all her old clothes from size 18mo to size 4. Those small clothes made me sad, no more baby girls for me. She's 6yo now...) and buy everything they will need for the next 6-12 months. I am exhausted, so much work to get everything ready, and tonight I was at the sale searching through the racks for 3.5 hours. Ugh. Tomorrow I need to wash everything and swap out their summer clothes for winter clothes. It is the end of October after all. A big project with 3 kids. This definitely needs to be done before baby comes.
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