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Vaquitita, I slowly switched my kids clothes over to winter. Just washed the summer clothes as they wore them, then folded and put in boxes without them going back to the kids. Then pulled out the winter stuff.

I have energy some days, like yesterday. Now today I'm tired and have been laying down most the day.
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Ugh. It took me all day to switch out their clothes and get everything organized and put away in their dressers or the garage. I had to get all that stuff (boxes and hangers from stuff I'm selling plus piles of clothes I bought and a big bag of hand me downs I recently received) out of my front room as there will be a meeting held there in the morning. We didn't do any school, which is ok for staying on track, but not ok for getting ahead like I wanted. Maybe we can do a bit tomorrow. I thought I'd swap the clothes and get atleast part of the afternoon to lay down, as I'm definitely sick. Didn't happen. I'm just now sitting down at 5:30. I called dh to bring home some dinner. redface.gif
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I ordered my birth kit and birth pool last week. YAY!  As it gets closer I am getting more excited.   I decided to decline GBS and just monitor our temps. I also might add colloidal silver in the birth pool before birth or peroxide to help prevent anything even more.   I also think I will decline Vit K and just take the nettle tincture I am brewing and drink more nettle tea between now and then.


MamaEcho on the FB MDC group had her baby. 

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ok ladies how is everyone doing today i am so tired but happy to still be pregnant and doing ok at this time just really sore from all the add weight on my pelvic 

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ok since we have had two mommys have there baby i think we need to start a birth  announcement thread so i want to start one if no body minds 

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Stinky car seat - if the other ideas don't work, you could try stripping the car seat like you'd strip diapers with detergent build up.  You put some dish soap in the wash, and keep running it until the suds go away.  That's supposed to get rid of detergent residue, so it might get rid of the smell too.

Oof, I'm so uncomfortable today!  I'm having lots and lots of contractions - not real ones, but some of them are pretty uncomfortable, and they were close enough together this evening that I was starting to wonder what was going on.  I would be completely surprised to have the baby this early - I'm 37+4, but expecting to go at least a few days past my due date - but I don't want to ignore the signs, either.  Not that there's much I can do about it either way, I suppose.  I drank lots and lots of water, which usually makes the braxton-hicks go away, and I think I'll go to bed soon, just in case.  But my mom is still in Texas, and there's no one else I really want in the house to watch the boys.  *shrug*  I think they'd be fine anyway, the computer and TV are really good babysitters (okay, I can say that without feeling bad, because I usually restrict their screen time pretty severely), but my mom will be upset.  I'm mostly just trying not to get all excited for nothing.  :)  I'll just keep telling myself that this is not real, and try to ignore the way my lower back is feeling...  Maybe it's just the baby's elbows, he seems to be really shoving one of them out to the side hard.  Or it could be clambering around at the play gym on all the super-squishy mats that make it hard to walk (we had a birthday party), or walking around the neighborhood after that with my son selling cub scout popcorn...

At least I finally made some progress last week on my to do list!  I got all the clothes switched over to cold weather (just in time, we've had an early cold snap here!  It's actually been great, it's the first time in months that I haven't been hot and sweaty all day.  My husband was very nice about not turning the heat on in the house until this morning, when the temperature inside hit 59.  I guess I won't complain.)  And I got all DS2's clothes out of the baby dresser, and moved his big brother's clothes to the top three drawers of his dresser so DS2 could use the two lower drawers.  It barely fits with all the giant four-year-old pants, but I think it will work.  So now all the baby clothes are in the baby dresser, and all the blankets are sorted, and the diapers are washed!  We even cleaned out two closets and found the attachment for the birth tub hose so we can hook it up to the sink.  :)  And the good side of today's weird contractions is that it got my husband to blow up the birth tub to make sure it hadn't gotten holes in it since last time.  It seems to be staying inflated, so that's good.  So we're a lot more ready than we were.  We still need to figure out a middle name, though.  The only ones we can think of right now are so geeky that I don't know if I can stand it.  :)  (Atreyu is a pretty cool middle name, right?  Or Aslan?)  :lol

Yep, I think I'll stop making this post longer, and go to bed.  :)

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Sienna and Mamaecho right?  Or did I miss someone?


Reading along when able.  Been getting stuff done and relaxing.  Losing lots of mucus plug-it's so strange to me since it didn't happen with the others.  I'm pretty sure we skipped Vit K last time, I can't remember, will have to look at ds chart.   Ordered my luna pads, but going to make the inserts.  They have a pattern you can download and I have the fabric, might as well save some money, yet hope I have time to make them :)  I did pick up some disposable pads just in case, plus the mw insists to use them while at the birth center to monitor amount of blood loss.  One more bag to pack and I'm set.

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Last night I felt sharp belly pains around 7pm; came home and started to feel messing with my bladder. Then at 1am, my back began to feel "rusty," almost broken, on the lower left, making walking very hard. My lower belly felt like it had a constant pressure on it, like an elephant decided to take a seat on it. I thought it would go away... at 6am, I was still there. (Kept entertained by watching "Orange is the New Black.") 11am I wake up and the feeling isn't gone. Normally I am happy, chipper—I felt burned out and a little sad. SO not normal for me! We call my OB after an hour of seeing if it will calm out. He recommended we visit triage to see how things are going. When he asked "are you having contractions?" I had no clue how to answer because I'm a first time mom! We get to triage, hand over a urine sample, and have fetal monitor + contraction monitor on. I figured out that these pangs are the baby's hands punching my bladder—contraction central! After a while of noticing my contractions occurring 2-5 min apart, they were not strong enough, and reaching my cervix to her a # is tough.

Now, I have an ambien, due to such little sleep. Please pardon sphelling errors! I'm just glad to be home.
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Hey everyone! Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth for a while. I was pretty overwhelmed for a while, and everything here just kept getting longer and longer and hard to respond to. I am so excited by how close we are all getting, and have been watching to see if any more babies have arrived!


Sorry for those who are struggling with different pains and fatigue. I am still pretty exhausted most of the time, but trying to make sure everything is prepped for Baby. Bags are packed for the hospital, cradle set up at the foot of the bed. Car is cleaned and I will have my car seat soon. Baby showers are done and baby stuff washed and mostly sorted. I am having a hard time keeping up with mine and my husbands messes though. I am still working, and while it's a nice distraction I get pretty tired. Sleep has been pretty good however, which I am extremely thankful for. I am finding that I get irritated at everything though. 


An update on my husband. He was supposed to leave for basic training at the beginning of this month. We were all prepared (as much as possible) and went up a night ahead of time (we live a couple hours away from the processing station) so that we could eat dinner with some friends and family, and be rested. I had to drop him off at his hotel room, which I was not allowed to even be in. I drove myself to my hotel. Got lost on the way and broke into tears when a couple of police men pulled me over to help and I tried to explain what was wrong. The next day when I got to the station I waited with both our families for a while before he came and told us that he was one pound under weight. We ended up waiting four hours or more (about seven hours for him) for them to tell us he wouldn't be allowed to go. They did what they could., but ultimately the doctors signature sealed his fate, and with our government shutdown being announced that morning they wouldn't budge on it. It was awful. He was heartbroken and humiliated and it was so hard to watch. Not to mention my own disappointment. We decided that maybe it was meant to be. I am certainly glad to have him with me still. But he has only just gotten a job and we are struggling a lot.

Not sure what I will do after baby comes. I was planning on quiting my job, but now I am afraid to. And I will only be leaving a week before my due date. Wish it was sooner. 


But I am happy to have my husband safe and with me. And I am so happy to be meeting my baby in the not too distant future! I have been having braxton hicks for weeks now, but I am only 36 weeks, and suspect I still have a while. 

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aww Tiffa, I'm sorry for the disappointment and uncertainty now.  :(  Will he have an opportunity to gain a little weight and try again?  I don't know how these things work...  Thank you both for his willingness to serve and your willingness to let him.

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I kind of fell behind too...


I had my home visit with my MW last week and I just ordered my birth kit today! I ordered some of the rest of the stuff off of our registry with my discount. I have all my HB supplies ready. DH just needs to get the hose and attachment from Home Depot this week. I've pretty much got everything else ready too. Washing diapers as we speak. I realized on my walk today that maybe I should buy some full butt underwear to wear PP after I use the disposable ones that come with my kit. I haven't had to use pads in a long time. For AF I use a Diva Cup and thongs totally work just fine tmi. This baby is feeling bigger and bigger and more more uncomfortable. I'm sure you can all relate!


How exciting that babies are already here or on their way! 

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Tiffa-1#.  That's crazy.  Your weight can change by pounds daily pending what you eat/drink.  Is he able to go back in like a week or so?  Though, I guess you could look at it as good and maybe there's a why this happened.  Who knows.  

  Glad you're getting stuff together.  Did you have nice showers?


Sila-lol :) full butt underwear.  I've been wearing them for months.  Well bikini, so maybe not "full" butt.  But they work with pads.  I could not get my diva cup to work after ds2 and have no idea why.  Right size, but wouldn't work.  Not even after our loss.  Going to try again when my cycle returns this time.  

 Yay for hb stuff.


me-37wks.  Ordered cloth pp.  But going to make the inserts.  Ordered a few other things, but left some stuff on our registry for family in case they ask what we need/want.  It's extra stuff like wet bags and nursing pads for later when my boobs are smaller, and infant dipes.  I may order those by Dec if no one offers.  

  Working on my LLL goal :)  Have the womanly art of breastfeeding book on the way, to reread again.  Not sure if I'll make the next meeting.  If so, I'll be either very pregnant or with a nb.  You have to go to 4 for the series and I guess some other training with a mentor.  I'm pretty excited about it, and would get certified lc, but that's a lot more and I don't have time.  Maybe down the road.  It will be enough to help mommas out this way for now.  


 Is anyone freaked out some at having a nb in the house?  It's been 6yrs and 4 since nursing.  I don't think I'm quite mentally prepared yet, if that's possible. 

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Hippy, It's not even been 2 yrs, but I'm starting to wonder how I'll get anything done with a newborn. smile.gif

Sounds like everyone is getting ready.
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Hippy mum, I had the same problem with the diva cup after my second son was born!  (I never tried it before my first.)  It was so annoying, because it had worked so perfectly before that, it was like I wasn't even having a period.  *sigh*  I tried all kind of different ways of putting it in, and it just leaked all the time.  :(

Had sushi for lunch.  Ordering Famous Dave's for dinner.  :)   If I have room from all this cookie dough...  I should go away from the computer, though, contractions seem to be dying down now that I'm not moving around. 

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Hippy & 100%- it's been 3 years for me. I've been wondering the same thing. How am I going to get anything done with a nb? I'm already not doing a good job of keeping up on housework and school at the same time, now I'm going to throw a nb in the mix? I ec'd my other kids, but I just don't see how I can this time. I can't just drop everything every time my baby needs to pee. We'd never get school done! I intend to wait atleast 6 months before even considering it. Maybe I could start then, school would be over, but in a very part time kind of way. Just Before/after sleeping maybe.

My friend due the same week as me was induced for pre-e. After two days on drugs, she ended up with a c section. This means all 3 of the people I knew due close to me, have all had serious health issues, have all ended up having their babies early, and all via c section.

On my way home from the grocery store today I ran out of gas! Just glad we were only a few blocks from home and that I had a stroller with me. Just pushing the 3yo and the groceries in the stroller wore me out. I can't imagine if I'd had to carry them and keep my 3yo moving, I'd have to take to my bed! I want to now, but need to go do math with my oldest son first...

This weekend we swapped around the kids bedrooms/playroom. Figured out a way to just do it now without having to buy any new furniture. Hopefully my 3yo will start sleeping through the night in his bed, now that he has his brother to cuddle with. First night in new arrangement, both big kids peed the bed and 3yo peed through his diaper after climbing into my bed. Sigh... Well, I wanted to wash everyone's comforters anyway and it was time for clean sheets. Just maybe would have preferred not having to do 4 loads of laundry today.

Must get off the computer.
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Ctx- none here. I do feel my stomach tightening a little more often now, but completely painless. So nothing going on yet. I may actually welcome being woken up for a few hours with ctx. At least then I'll know my babe will be here sometime soon. Right now he seems totally comfy and in no hurry to come out.

For the first time I feel ready to be done having kids. Like this is my last baby and that's ok. Like I'm ready to move on past the baby stage. I have never felt like this before, not in the final weeks of a pregnancy, not in labor or right after a birth, not when walking the hallway with a nb at 3am. I have had baby fever for the past 12 years (my oldest is only 8, it took awhile to get DH on board). And it's not even something I'm thinking about consciously. When swapping the kids summer/winter clothes, I just automatically set aside my DD's stuff in a sell pile. I also contemplated the storage boxes that will be freed up as the new baby outgrows stuff and I get rid of it. When I ran across a bag of maternity pants that I have not worn this pregnancy (maternity pants are the worst!) they to went into the sell pile without a thought. It was only later I realized what I had done. Even though I knew we were probably done having kids after my 3rd, I put all my maternity clothes in the back of my closet 'just in case'. Including these pants, I have hung on to these stupid much hated pants through at least 2, if not 3, pregnancies in case I needed them. eyesroll.gif I'm sure I will have future relapses of baby fever, but I also can't imagine homeschooling more and more kids while also dealing with pregnancy fatigue and a nb. Or maybe this is only fear of an unknown and overwhelming challenge? And once I AM doing it, baby fever will return? I almost hope not. dh is DONE and another baby might kill him. orngbiggrin.gif

2nd night of kids new sleeping arrangements- 3yo decides he wants to sleep with big sister instead, fine. He falls asleep easily on his own! joy.gif At 3am he wakes up cause he's soaked his diaper (he will go weeks dry at night, now he's peeing at night again?), hopefully he didn't soak the bed. I do not feel like stripping and washing all the bedding again. After a diaper change, he's in bed with me.

Only now I can't sleep. A nagging cramp in my side, his head in my face, I can't breathe through my nose, my throat hurts. Why won't this cold go away? Thursday afternoon I felt like I was getting sick, Friday i definitely was sick and took a huge dose of vitamin d and sipped ACV/honey tea all day. Woke up Saturday feeling good, not sick. Did rest most of the weekend, but did not take anything for being sick, not even tea. Sunday I felt worse than Saturday, Monday I felt worse still. Still didn't take any vitamins or tea, and did not rest, it was a busy day. Though I did use my neti pot finally. At bedtime, while reading to the kids, my throat went from sore to sore and scratchy. And now here I am, at 5am, not sleeping and sipping a cinnamon/honey concoction/tea. And hoping I can get some more sleep before the day starts. I should probably do a lot more resting, I've been real busy the past week. But I really need/want to finish up our school term this week, I'm getting so close to my EDD. And I have to do the quarterly taxes for our business this week, cannot be delayed at all. I have a babysitter lined up Wednesday so that I can go do those. I already cancelled/moved a few things to lighten up this week, it was going to be extremely busy, because of being sick. Today? Tomorrow? Tuesday- I can spend the day on the couch, we will just have to do school there. Wednesday, taxes are a must. But I cancelled my afternoon commitment. Though DS still has his piano lesson, and he missed last week, so I think we'd better go. Thursday... I do have a midwife appointment, but other than that we can do another lazy school on the couch day. Friday... Same. Only thing going on is a chiro appointment at 4. Hopefully 3 'rest' days this week will get me over this thing. I want to be healthy for labor!

Blah blah blah. Why do I ramble so much? Blame it on being awake in the middle of the night. redface.gif
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Crikey, vaq!!  :dizzy from reading about your upcoming week! lol


Had a bit of a contractions scare last night. DH and I had sex (nothing new), and at the end I got a Charlie horse type thing in my uterus (new). I could barely breathe for a minute and had to roll over on my side and curl up into a ball until it went away. I had some pretty bad contractions after that for about 3 hours. I chugged water, went downstairs to finish laundry, and finally tried going to bed for real before they would stop. Things are calm this morning, but stuff is getting ready!!

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Just re-visited the thread. So embarrassed about the spelling in my last post! That's what I get for writing when I am drifting off. =/ I look kind of foolish! Anyway... Still having regular, small ctx. They vary between 2-15 min apart, lasting from 10-45 seconds. I have no energy. I definitely still don't feel like "myself." Hopefully she will be coming soon! I am 37w3d at this point.

Everyone sounds like they're doing pretty good!
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Same here Vaquitita. I'm finally actually noticing BH/belly tightening (36wks) and feel like this babe is certainly a long way off. But hey, it's a good sign. Take a deep breath, focus on the baby you are about to have, and cross that bridge when it's time. I do hope you are feeling better!


Ultra - Sounds exciting! 


Electric - No worries. It sounds like your body is doing what it needs to do! Try to get some rest.


I'm still having pretty good energy and enjoying it. Now that I officially have 1 month left, I know this final month/ 4ish wks is the hardest and most uncomfortable. Yet, I'm still feeling patient.

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I'm actually more comfortable the closer I get to my due date. I think It's from a craniosacral adjustment I had a few weeks back.

Vaq. Hope you can kick that cold!
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