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I'm so happy! I just left my check-up. She dropped more, my cervix came down since Sunday, and I'm 70% effaced! No dilation, but the fact that my cervix came down so quickly after days of light contractions is super encouraging! Yay, it was worth that silly Ambien!
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Ultra- Thank you. He can go back and weigh in whenever he wants to. But his contract is void, and there is no guarantee that he would get the same job back. We are just tired from all the emotional energy that went into it, and think we need to take a step back. He has found another job, thank goodness.  

And the contractions thing sounds scary and exciting! I keep wondering what contractions are going to feel like. Other than the braxton hicks, which are a little strange and annoying, but not at all painful. For some reason I feel like I won't reach my due date, but that may just be wishful thinking.


Lately I have been getting back pain pretty much all the time unless I am standing. I wake up in the middle of the night and have to do stretches to relieve that back pain and get comfortable again. :/ It's pretty painful sometimes. 


The other day I stopped being busy for a minute and noticed I hadn't felt baby move a lot that day. I went home for lunch, drank a glass of juice, and laid down to count movements. I got 15 within 25 minutes, so then I felt a little better. Since then I have been careful to pay attention to him moving around. Last night I had a dream about him being stillborn. It was pretty awful. I think I just need to relax. :P

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Tiffa-that's a pretty crappy dream =(. I'm pretty anxious too with baby movements at this point. Whenever I don't feel her move for a while I start to get paranoid. I still have some nagging worries after a miscarriage last year. Then I have to remind myself that she's also starting to run out of room so the movements have been changing a bit to more stretches than anything else.

I also wonder, is your baby posterior? Maybe the bad back pains you are feeling are contractions. I'm only 35 weeks so I also haven't felt any contractions yet, but know posterior babies cause a lot of back pain (my sister had 3 posterior labors).

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Tiffa and Jess, have you tried belly mapping? Ask your mw or ob to show you where baby's bum is, and then feel along the spine. Once I learned baby' anatomy it was easier to tell if op or not. If I have back pain I do pelvic tilts and child pose to swing baby forward off my spine.
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I've been trying to do belly mapping on my own the last few days. My last MW appointment the baby was definitely posterior. She's been head down for a few months, though, so that's nice. I thought she was anterior before that appointment because I had what I thought was her bum always sticking out in almost a cone shape but it seems that's her legs and feet. I've been trying to get better about sitting on a ball or hanging out on my hands and knees while I'm relaxing, but it's tough to not just lay down on the couch for a nap...

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Tiffa a crappy dream!! Glad your partner found another job. 


Belly mapping is cool if you can figure it out!

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Tiffa That is a scary dream!

So I made a similar post in the labor thread and am looking for thoughts. I've been losing blood tinged mucus plug/bloody show since early this morning with mild irregular ctxs. Saw my MW this afternoon, when of course said show had stopped. MW was not impressed and my exam was identical to last week's. Very disappointing. I don't recall losing obvious mucus plug or show with DD until labor. I am curious any thoughts/experiences you mamas have had. I was always taught that plug + show equals baby, usually within 24 hours but nearly always by 48-72 hours. MW said it could still be 1-2 more weeks. Clearly, it's all a guess.
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I've heard that you can lose your plug and have show but it could still be weeks (I'm still waiting to lose mine). I hear that when your water breaks, it means that things have to happen ASAP.
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Sparkle - Nope. It just means that you are dilated/effaced enough for stuff to start slipping out. So yes, it's still a great sign! I've had clients lose their mucus plug and not deliver for another 1-2 wks just like you MW explained. Hang in there! Everything is moving in the right direction! The best thing to do right now is rest and relax as much as you can. Easier said than done ;)

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I just experienced the weirdest thing. Earlier today was like any other day in that breathing feels cramped... Now as I'm lying down to sleep, I can fully fill up my lungs when I breathe, and the top of my belly kind of feels normal, like there's no uterus underneath it. I think my baby dropped even lower than she already had been... which is great, because I have had shooting pains all day long! I must sound crazy!
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I wish I wAs losing plug. Yep- it means it's open enough to release it. I get excited when I see it, for me it meant a few days . Such an exciting time for all of us. Like we're at the top of the biggest hill on a roller coaster, but we pause for a moment........
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Sparkle- I had a client who lost her mucous plug 1.5wks before she went into labor. Things are happening though so let your mind rest and don't worry too much about when it will happen. =)


Electric- yay for deep breaths! 

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It feels so good to be able to breathe deep again!
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Thanks mamas!!  :hug This is just so different from my pregnancy with DD. Amazing! This morning it felt like when my period starts (cramping and the discharge), and it just keeps coming (TMI, I am sorry!!). Considering where I was 9 weeks ago, hoping for one more week, each week, I am incredibly grateful and so, so glad. I am really ready to meet his baby boy!!  Sunnie Nicely put!! I will keep that visual :thumb Thank you!


Electric Yeah!! Deep breaths are so good!

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I'd been feeling like this baby might come early--lost plug on the 20th, had a lot of heavy cramping, irregular contractions. she was very low--but after my chiro apt. last week, it feels like she is happy to stay put! I am happy that she gets more time to bake but impatient to meet her too. Thought she might be a Halloween baby, but at this point probably more like a November full moon baby! My family is making bets about when she will be born and how much she will weigh lol. My Dr. signed off on my birth plan today (minus the bit about using the Gaskin maneuver if baby's shoulders get stuck, which he was vehemently opposed to and went on for a while about it--eek), and I found out I am gbs neg., so I was happy about that--hopefully I will have the natural hospital birth I've been hoping/planning for! 


Anyone doing anything for Halloween? I'm trying not to use being pregnant as an excuse to pig out on all the chocolate he he. 

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Does someone want to start a November thread??? It's our birth month!!!

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