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Hippy- Yay for cardio saying you can deliver with whomever!    


I haven't leaked any colostrum in any of my pregnancies.  


I am still fighting this darn cold on a new homeopathic so hoping it takes it away. Elderberries arrived from Mountain Rose herbs so I made some syrup and took that today too. Hoping it will kick it out of my system 2 wks is too long to be sick!  

MW- a little concerned I only gained 1 lb last 2 wks... told her I am feeling fine and I gained alot last month. lol.   I think she is okay when I speak my mind but can see how maybe if you weren't informed it would be more medical with her... 

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Good news from your heart doctor hippy . That would make me highly anxious too.
Meks - try a few cloves of crushed garlic stirred into some warm v-8 with as much cayenne you can stand . It's horrible but it seems to knock out anything that tries to get me .
I think I'm going to do the backpack , I like the idea of having my hands free with this being my third .
I'm still feeling ho hum that labor may still be 6 weeks off yet . Anyone pack their hospital bag yet ?
Also where is everyone on breaking water ? Going into labor the first time, a few seasoned moms were like - do not let them break your water . And even my midwives were like - ok I want to have this baby on my shift so we need to break your water . But this time I may refuse . Any thoughts ?
37 weeks is when I let myself get excited , not that I want a 37 weaker - just 3 weeks is so much better to think about than 6. I'm playing head games with myself .
I had to take my mom for a pet scan yesterday and when she's done she's like - you can't touch me or ride next to me in the car I'm radioactive . So she rides in the back and now I'm mad I didn't think of that before or she didn't tell me . Guess it's more of a concern in first tri .
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My 36 week home visit is tomorrow! Really makes me feel closer to holding my baby, even though I know I'll be pregnant for 4 more weeks.

I am willing to share some of my weight gain with those of you who are losing weight! orngbiggrin.gif I realized yesterday that I've gained 10lbs in the past month. That's about when I stopped really trying to eat less grains/carbs. Though I'm not sure if it's the grains or the sugar really. Since I stopped trying to eat less carbs in general and not tracking my food, I've just been eating whatever. Which when I'm tired equals more sugar.
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Hippy, I have been leaking bits of colostrum. At the end of the day I'll take my bra off and see some spots on the inside of the cups. This is my first pregnancy, so it's definitely throwing me for all kinds of loops! Gap had a 35% off sale sitewide last week; I bought two nursing tops and two nursing bras--one to sleep in and the other to wear out and about. I don't want to take the sleeper bra off!


I have been super tired and worn down. Has anyone had a flu shot during pregnancy? I got one the other day; never had one before in my life. Wondering if that might have something to do with it.


My doctor put me on Nexium since my heartburn has been out of control these last few weeks. Yesterday was the first day that I took one and it worked wonders. I could sleep without having to uncomfortable prop my head up! We don't have a lot of chiropractors who see pregnant women up here... I cannot WAIT to go get an adjustment after everything is done and I get the clear to do so!


What does everyone really *like* to eat these days? Right now I am loving pumpkin cookies/muffins, beef, Diet Pepsi (I limit myself but for the first time in my life I love it), hummus, potatoes (mashed or baked) and my husband makes these amazing baked zucchini slices that I just can't get enough of.

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So happy for you Hippy!! That's GREAT news :thumb  It must be a huge relief.


Sunni Ugh, that would really make me mad :angry  Did your mom not know before?


Meks :Hug Two weeks is definitely too long!  I hope your new remedies are effective and that you are feeling like yourself soon. I am also not leaking colostrum, and don't recall any leakage with DD. I never gave it much thought. Maybe a tiny bit on my bra but nothing really noticeable. Hmmm....


Vaquitita Yeah for 36 weeks!! I am personally of the belief that if you gained 10 lbs, you probably needed to. Weight gain is so variable and mine has never been regular. Some visits I have gained what is expected, others less and some more. shrug.gif  Not that I am immune to worrying about it (I am a woman in our body obsessed culture and I have lots of body image issues and a history of disordered eating). I am just saying,  I am sure it was what baby needed.


AFM Had my 36 week visit today. Baby bean remains head down - yeah!! - and growth is right on track. I am SO hoping he stays in at least another week so I can deliver at the birthplace within the birth hospital, rather than L&D. I asked today and was told they are VERY strict about mamas being at least 37 weeks, 36 and 6 wouldn't even cut it. I brought up that all my ultrasounds, including the earliest which is most accurate, indicated an October 30 due date and that I am due a bit earlier by ovulation and implantation ( I had been temping and tracking for a few months so I KNOW I was accurate) but no dice. Hopefully it is all a moot point and baby boy will stay put!!

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Sunnie- I refuse to let them break my water. It will break when it's ready to. More chances of infection/bacteria when AROM happens.  I also probably won't let anyone do internal checks either this time until I am ready to push. Ugh I would be upset too about the radioactive scan and not knowing. 


Vaq- I am eating whatever also for the most part but trying to limit carbs after 8pm. 


-Electrical- The flu shot is probably why you are more tired. It takes a lot out of your body. I won't get one anymore.  (but used to when I worked in Chemo office 11 years ago). Cravings.... PB&J toasted. I have no clue why...  Also my friend just brought over sour cream ranch dip and I couldn't stop eating it!


Sparkle- YAY for head down!!! and hoping that baby boy stays in til 37 wks. I delivered at the Birth Place that you are for my 1st 2 kiddos and loved it there. 


I think this new rememdy is helping a bit! YAY!

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Hippy - Yay! I'm glad you don't have to stress about delivering where you hadn't planned to and didn't want to! 


Yep, I've got quite a lot of colostrum. I did with DS as well.


Meks - Ugh this cold! It was a good 10 days almost 2 weeks for me. 


I'm with Sparkle on weight gain. I'm not sure why these midwives are making it an issue. Besides extremes of course, I don't really believe there is any right or wrong amount of weight to gain. If you are eating a healthy whole foods diet, baby is getting good nutrition, and everything measures right, I call it good. Everyone is different.


Sunnie - Did she not know she was going to have the scan??? Anyways, I hope her results are normal at least. I always lean toward letting the membranes rupture on their own like Meks said, but I did let my midwife break mine when I was 9cm with DS and had to push immediately after.


Electric - Glad the heartburn is better! I still get it occasionally. I've been eating a lot of persimmon banana smoothies because our persimmon tree is going crazy with fruit and they are so good! I was really craving Thai last night so I made a veggie green curry. Now I have heartburn because I ate the leftovers for lunch...


Vaquita - How exciting! I know I will feel "close" when I have my home visit too. Sure you can send me a pound or 2 ;) But I wouldn't worry about the weight gain.


Sparkle - Glad he is still head down! Ugh, why do they have to be so annoying with these stupid policies!? I hope he stays in there a good bit longer.


AFM - Our baby shower was a lot of fun! It was fun to celebrate our baby girl with friends and family. I was waiting until after the shower to start washing and organizing things. I got out all of DS newborn - 3 mo stuff that I had saved and got out all of the gender neutral stuff. It's actually a good amount and more than I thought. I'm not a pink frilly girly girl and definitely don't have a problem dressing her in things that aren't "girl" per se. 

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Meks-:(  The avg is 14 days for a cold, right?  I can't remember, we're not sick long much, barring my pneumonia last year.  Are you still coughing?  Going to guess you already avoid sugar, or at least have cut it out.   Pears are a decongestant-eat up, and bananas bring more mucus-avoid.

  I've found the same thing with all dr's I've met.  If you know what you're talking about, they seem to actually listen, instead of brushing you off.

 Oh, yay for the remedy helping :)  What is it?


Sunnie-if you avoided breaking water the other times, why now?  From what I've learned, only break as the last resort, and baby is super low station and it can help.  Otherwise if too high, it can hinder labor, or cause the cord to drop through, shoulder etc.   I think they did it with me with ds1, but it was an induction and they did it after the pitocin.


Vaquita-yay 36!  Did you go to 40+ with the others?  My guess, like Sparkle, you needed the weight.  Unless you're loading up on bad carbs/sugar, then that wouldn't be so great.  I eat very little of them, as we're gf and are sugar free too.  Not to say we don't have sugar occasionally :)  


Electric-yep, flue shot.  It depresses your immune system as well, so just be super good about hand washing and stuff.  And you can still get it :(  Start taking some probiotics, vit c, vit d, no sugar, lots of whole foods and avoid anyone sick.

   Do you have a list of foods that trigger hb to avoid?  I avoid any tomato sauces and anything spicy, or it triggers hb for me.  


Sparkle-all right for head down!  You'd probably feel a big shift at this point if he tried moving.  Are you still getting adjustments?  I haven't been, since no pain, but thought about going back.  She said there wouldn't be a ton she could do at the end though, very small adjustments. I'm almost afraid her making sure my pelvic is aligned will further drop this baby.

  Argh, in the same boat as you with the whole weeks thing.  It's so frustrating.  I'm trying to convince them the other way though, because I ovulated later, not earlier.  Stay in boys, stay in :)


Sila-yay.  It was hard for me to get gender neutral last time for some reason.  Everything had trucks or girl stuff on it.  Do you have to get much more or are you pretty set?  I have to order my prefolds and get them ready.  I feel like I'm cutting it close.  


Weight-? why the mw's are fussing either.  I know mine won't be happy, but maybe she'll be so happy we can stay with her, that weight will take a back burner.  


 So I feel like I should have told everyone our due date was Oct, just so if they are sending stuff, it'd be here and washed/ready.  Why do people wait till the last minute? I just didn't expect so much uterine activity or to be feeling him this low already.  I know 2nd and 3rd babies can drop before labor, it's just messing with my head.  I keep thinking being able to feel his head already (if I check myself) + all the ctx is going to lead to a before 39wk delivery.    Baby shower is next week, and from what I've gathered, my friends are all making us things or getting something not on registry.  I'm very thankful, the gifts will be more meaningful, but I still need to buy this diaper stuff, lol.  I have no idea what to get the hostess.  All I can think of is a really nice bookmark-she reads a ton, and maybe a natural candle?  

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Vaquita-yay 36! Did you go to 40+ with the others? My guess, like Sparkle, you needed the weight. Unless you're loading up on bad carbs/sugar, then that wouldn't be so great. I eat very little of them, as we're gf and are sugar free too. Not to say we don't have sugar occasionally smile.gif

This is my problem. While I try to eat bad carb and sugar free, I have been eating this stuff lately. I bought a bunch of chocolove chocolate bars cause they were on sale B1G1 and then ate them all. And we've been eating pb&j, and stuff like that, a lot cause its easy and I'm tired. So it's hard to feel that my baby really needed all of this 10 lbs. I have now gained 35 lbs total, if I only gain 5 lbs in the next 4 weeks then I will be on par with my last pregnancy. Which is possible, I have certainly gained in starts and stops this pregnancy.
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Meks/ hippy / sila- I did let them break it both times, against my original plans . Maybe I need to look into some real risks with it so I will be more forceful in my conviction this time .

Elec- I've been trying to eat well. I had some mad cravings for diet pop / sweets / etc. but since I don't normally keep it in the house it's easy to let the craving pass once I get to the store and start reading ingredients . My heartburn starts up in the evenings and puts a damper on them . I'd been enjoying a glass of wine of a beer throughout and the heartburn put a stop to that . Also I've been garden eating cause I just have so much tomatoes / kale ( I made kale chips but they came out oily )/ peppers/ beets ( my beet juice is terrific ) etc.

My mother is very self absorbed and I do not really get along with her - a lot because of her selfishness - ego shit . So this is just yet another example of her not thinking of anyone else but herself. She's highly educated and very concerned all the time about wifi waves and cell phone towers but never thought about her being radioactive ?! I just thought pet scan was injecting sugar in yr blood then looking for cancer cells to light up . I am taking her to all her heart and cancer drs appts only because out of four sibs I am the only one not working -for once in 20 years - so it's more to help them so they don't have to burn sick/ personal days . It will stop once the babe comes of course . But I'm very mad- if it had been first tri I may have just left her there for someone else to pick her up. Her scans have been clean and her heart is good despite a lifestyle that promotes these diseases . So at least it's not that kind of stressful . Just irritating .

I've been leaking colostrum for weeks . My areolas have darkened and take up half the teat . Plus it's like their color has bled throughout because the whole breast is reddish now . I think they're ready - haha .tmi .
There's a big mom to mom sale tomorrow at our fairgrounds and the only thing I really want / still need is a swing . Maybe a bassinet but it will just be for the cat to sleep in . But with having given my other kids stuff away and no one offering me a shower or their hand- me downs I'm hoping to get lucky ! I saved my mei-tie luckily . I've got 80$ to spend there . Hard to go from 2 full time salaries to one - but definitely worth it . I swear I haven't been sick this whole pregnancy b/c no job stress and I'm not up @ 5am like usual.
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Meks/Sparkle-I just realized you are near each other.  Have you been able to meet up?


Sunnie-that's pretty crummy about your mom.  

  My areolas are bigger/darker now too.  I completely forgot they did that.

 Are you going to co sleep?  We are, but I do have a pack n play w/ bassinet set up to put baby down some place when needed.  The chair is removable, so can carry to another room.  Never used a swing.  We gave away all our baby stuff too and had to start over.  Good thing is they don't need too much.  The most exp things we've bought were the pack n play, car seat and diapers (when added up).  If I count breast pads and pp pads, that's a bit of $.  We're down to one salary as well.


34/35wk check up went well.  My mw is completely comfortable with us staying there :)  I was right, baby is low, he's started to engage.  For the first time I could actually feel where his head was on the outside-it wasn't budging.  Before when it wasn't engaged, I had a hard time feeling it.  She didn't think he'd move back up from this point, but continue to drop. I know some babies have moved up, but don't know if they were actually engaged yet.  So she said no bd, nothing strenuous, nothing to aggravate my ctx.  Her thinking was that we'd maybe get to 39.  The difference between ds1 preterm and this babe, is ctx stopped w/ ds1.  Don't know if the ctx will make a difference this time.  Ds2 did not engage like this early.  He only started to engage at 39wks.  

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I've been MIA lately because of work stuff and am trying to catch up. Thanks so much for all the posts about labour clothes. I'm packing my bag today and was having such a hard time. With DD I wore a stretchy loose skirt until almost transition when I changed into the hospital gown but I want something better for skin to skin and bf'ing.


I used a JuJuBe bag for DD that could be used as a backpack or messenger style. I love how wipeable it was, but it always seemed so jammed full of stuff. Not sure why. I think I'm just more laid back about it now. Not sure if I'll use it again or something else. I had a friend who just used a regular backpack and loved it. I liked my bag when DD was small, but later when I wanted to carry her on my back it was awkward. 


Weight gain - not sure why the issues? My mw just asks if I've weighed myself lately and I forget a lot but they don't seem concerned. I had my 36w home visit yesterday and I grew 2 weeks worth in the last week! I've probably gained close to 35 lbs. already. I was 10lbs less pre-preg this time then I was pre-preg for DD though so I really don't care too much about weight right now.


I'm officially 37w today so I'm having a term baby!!! I couldn't be happier. I'm starting to freak out though about actually giving birth. I feel HUGE. How am I supposed to get this baby out??? But then I remember that my body was made to do this and it will be ok. Baby is really low and movements often cause nerve pain that runs down the tops of my legs. Usually my right leg but lately left occasionally too. MW isn't sure if baby will come early or not this time. She told me she sort of expects baby to come before 40w but who knows. We don't know why DD came at 34w so it could've just been a weird fluke and this one could be late. I'm a little worried about DD's reaction to me nursing the baby all the time. She is at a stage where she really wants me or DH a lot. DH has been amazing too so hopefully they will get to spend more 1:1 time together too. My nipples have been crusty this whole pregnancy. Not sure if it's because I weaned DD when I was around 8-10w preg or what, but it seems to be getting worse now and they feel huge and full all the time. I haven't really noticed any actual stickiness though. I've been eating a lot of fruit and pasta lately. And that box of halloween candy we bought 2 weeks ago to try to stock up early...bad idea...

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Allison-that's awesome you're 37.  Your dd was probably a fluke-did you have any ptl this time?  What station is baby at, did your mw tell you?

 My oldest is extra clingly lately- I worry about that too.

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Allison when I feel like the babe is so big I remember that Ds head was only about as big as my fist when he arrived . Even though my belly is big , that's not all baby and a fist sized head isn't that big . Also, there's not far to go- not a long journey- a quick pass through . Inches .

Hippy- I will bed share as I did with my other two. I didn't find a bassinet at the sale but the one I had and gave away was used only once or twice . I got a portable swing for 20. I felt like I needed a swing cause my babies don't like to be lain down w/ out me . But they will spend a little time in a swing . But that's just for if I have to cook of something . Mostly he will be in my arms , sleeping next to me or a big later in a mei tie for brief walks/ outings . My mil saved her pack n play at her house which she's giving me for here. I found a britax b safe at target marked down several times. It rang up at 39$. I practically ran out of the store I was so excited !
Also hippy I'm hoping ur dates are off if ur babe arrives sooner than later . Are you checking ur self when u feel him externally or in the area (peri) bulging ?

I'm hoping my five yr old dd will take on a motherly stance for this one and not compete . I worry about that too....
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Allison-I swear it's a mind thing, thinking the babes won't fit :)  


Sunnie-that's a good deal.  I was happy the chair thing detached from the pack n play for that reason too.  What's a britax b? Oh, booster, lol.  I got ds one marked down at a great deal too.  You never know what Target is going to sneak in the clearance :)


  The one time I checked I could feel his head, and my best guess was 50% effaced with maybe a 2cm (didn't poke fingers in).  I was 70% and 5cm with ds1 for weeks, oh and he was very engaged, but I was also on partial bed rest and no contractions going on-the ptl had stopped.  I don't see these ctx stopping any time soon, and it's the only reason I'm thinking he might be early.  If I had no ctx, I wouldn't worry much about it.  Next check is 36 and will see how engaged this bub is.  Will have mw skip internals though.  She said she's seen women engaged early w/ consecutive pregnancies and go to 40, but they weren't having ctx like this.  My new mantra is 37wks, 37wks, 37wks, then when we get there,  38, 38, 38 :) 

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Hippy- No we haven't been able to meet up... Our schedules do not work out. =)

I have been on 3 different Homeopathics and the one that is working is Ars Alb. along with elderberry syrup and upping Vit C and D.  It is a slow recovery but we are getting there. It is not like it's possible to stay at home with a 9yo in sports and a 5yo. We also homeschool so we are out and about 4 days a week. 


We will co-sleep since it works out better for us and I don't have an extra room for the baby. Dresser/chg table is in living room and I will have bins with blankets and extras in the kids rooms if I can keep them from taking it for their dolls. lol


I ordered a squatty potty too and that should arrive soon! I need to pickup postpartum pads from my friend who is making them or at least contact her and see if they are done. Also have to order my pool and hose for HB. 


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Glad you're feeling a little better smile.gif The correct high dose for vit c is on vitamin c coalition I think. I'm bad about keeping up with dosage and should know better. It's why I got so sick last year, not enough vit c early on, not enough rest etc. Never making that mistake again.
Would love a water birth, my labor is so quick though. That's awesome your friend is making the pp pads.
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Hippy, if you have a bathtub you can use that for a water birth. All my home births except one have been water births. The one that wasn't was because we were trying to use a pool and couldn't get it full, plus warm enough fast enough. I used a regular size bathtub the last 2 times and was only in for pushing, which only lasted maybe up to 10 minutes. It was still a huge relief even if I wasn't in long.
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I'd try that but not planning a hb. Birth center is 10 min from hospital in case of transfer. Going by prior births, we'll should get to bc just in time for delivery if I have no warning again/early labor signs. If my water breaks at home, I don't know, maybe the shower while we wait for mw.
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Hippy I had hoped Meks and I could meet up at the Labor Day Birth Rally but my little one had other plans (as I was in the hospital). Maybe some time closer to delivery or after!! I've known plenty of mamas with babies engaged early and having ctx go to term. Don't get too focused on that, though I am sure the discomfort makes that hard to do!!

I plan to cosleep but I do have a pack 'n play to set baby bean down. If he can be put down, that would be great but I am not counting on it. DD always needed to be skin to skin

I have been having some really uncomfortable/crampy contractions for several hours at a time, 6-8 min apart, since yesterday and quite an increase in discharge. I got kind of excited last night thinking maybe this was it but looks like not. They've mostly spaced out today. I checked my own cx and it seems very soft and maybe 2cm dilated. Nothing surprising for this point in general. I'll see my MW for my weekly appointment Wednesday and see what she thinks then.

Any fun weekend plans? We're heading to a pumpkin farm tomorrow. The weather is just amazing!! Sunny and 70, not our typical cool, rainy fall weather smile.gif
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