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Sparkle, when are you 37 wks?

Hippy, now I'm curious how long your labors are? My shortest was 1 hour and 45 minutes. Longest was all day, but so sporadic that I thought it was false. Both times we almost had to deliver the baby ourselves. My others were around 4 hours give or take.
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Per my official EDC, not until next Saturday, 10/19. But I know I ovulated on 2/14, which puts it next Thursday. I am also sure baby implanted early. All my ultrasounds, including an early first trimester scan, put my EDC at 10/30. So I feel pretty comfortable we're good anytime now!
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That's awesome.

So exciting that our due date club babies will start coming soon. I know we already have at least one.
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100%mom Considering I didn't think we'd even get close to term after our preterm labor scare 6 weeks ago, I feel really awesome about it!! Wow, an hour and 45 minutes!! Wow! My DD was posterior and I had a marathon labor last time, 52 hours. When we set goals with our doula a few months ago I said I was really hoping for anything less than 12 hours. Obviously, it is completely out of my control but I can hope smile.gif I am really excited to see our DDC babies too!! I've been lurking over on the October DDC board and it has me all psyched up to see our group's sweet baby photos. I also love the birth stories, I am a bit of a birth junky, could never get enough even working in L&D.
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My teeth/mouth have felt so weird this whole pregnancy. I'd brush and floss like crazy but my gums would bleed and bleed no matter what... Ick greensad.gif Three mornings ago, I started "oil pulling"... Swishing some coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes, spitting it out in the trash (to not clog up our sink), and then rinsing/brushing. My gums are pinker, not red anymore, and have stopped bleeding while brushing. I do this once in the morning and once before bed. I feel so much better!
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Electric-I've read oil pulling is supposed to be good for a lot of things.  It's very healing-coconut oil in general, so should help your gums.  Are you missing a nutrient/mineral maybe?


100%-3hrs (40wk induce) and 2.5 hrs (39wks & was op like Sparkle too).  I really wanted a water birth with ds2, but it took me so long to go from my bedroom to the car ( I was locked in a hand/knee position), we got to the birth center maybe 30min before ds was born, so no tub.  I already told my mw if my water breaks at home, I refuse to get in the car, she needs to come to us.  We're pretty sure if he'd been positioned right, it would have been a quicker birth, and what we're thinking this time.  I know it might not be though.


Sparkle-But you need to get to Sat to birth where you want, right, even though you know your o date?  My very first u/s went along with my o date, but the others didn't.  I got a bfp -10dpo. You might be an Oct momma :)  I know you feel so relieved to get this far after that scare.  I know I do.  


My dates change pending who does the cycle wheel, lol.  It's ridiculous, I just wish they'd use the o date, not lmp.  Bub has only switched sides a few times, he's mainly stayed with his spine along my right side.  Must be getting harder to keep moving side to side and engaging.  Been very aware of kick counts/movements.  Not sure if that's making me have more anxiety or less.


Hospital bag-I forget who asked about it.  I'm in the process of getting ours together and we're 35/36wks.  Only have a few things packed, going to finish it this week, and the kids bag too.  Not sure how to put meals aside, like sandwiches, but can do snacks.  Just don't want to have to have dh run around and try to pack bags like last time. 

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Hippy, all births are so different. My first 3 when my water broke I had to push and baby was born 10 minutes later. #4 my water broke in the car and baby wasn't born for another hour. #5 water broke first, contractions started 30 minutes later and baby was born 3 hours after that. Also, #1 we were only in the hospital for 45 minutes, #2 midwife got to our house 1.5 hrs before, #3 assistant was there for 10 minutes, midwife walked in and over to me to deliver the head, #4 was 15 minutes and #5 doula 40 minutes, midwife 30. smile.gif Midwife wants me to call her right away this time. Which I did last time, but she was new and didn't believe me.

Oh, and I make ahead meat and cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and freeze them. They don't get soggy. I plan to have a couple weeks worth in my freezer for easy lunches for the kids for after baby is born.
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100%-those all seem quick though.  Were you in labor long before water broke or not much warning?  I had no warning, well, with the induction or with ds2.   

 That's amazing the jelly doesn't soggy the bread on de-that.  You'd think it would.  I can make some sandwiches and leave in the fridge, hadn't thought of that.


 I met this couple at birth class who was on #6 :)  All but one of her labors was 1.5hrs, start to finish.  My mw was telling me she had one mom with 2 quick labors and the third was 10hrs.  We're prepared for short/long, but thinking short still.


Food craving-the only things I'm craving are fresh fruits, cheese and beans.  Mostly citrus fruits.


Stuff left to get-some prefolds, diaper clips, wet bag/wipe bag/pail liner, nursing stuff-pads, pump, storage and pp stuff.  Doesn't seem like much, but sort of costly and I wish I'd have gotten earlier instead of putting on registry.  So excited-I thought I gave my friend a handful of prefolds, but it was about 2 doz nb size, and she's past them, so giving back-yay. Only have to get the infant ones now. I'm waiting till spring to pick up a jogger, unless I see one at a great deal.  I'm not a stroller walker in the winter months.

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Hippy Yes, you're correct. I can't deliver at my prefered location until next Saturday. I'm not trying to encourage this baby boy before then but these ctx are definitely different. Could, in theory go on for weeks though so, I am preparing myself emotionally for either way. I'd certainly rather he was born next weekend or later but wouldn't be panicked if active labor starts at this point. I'm feeling like it's probably going to happen soon.
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After a recent dream of having my baby at 35w (and turning 35w yesterday), I'm a bit nervous right now.  I also want to get to at least 37 so I can birth outside of the hospital.  Let's just get through this week so we can all relax (relatively)!!!

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Ultra-gah, what a dream.  


Sparkle-mantra to baby-stay another week :)  Did the consistent contractions come back, or any bloody show?


We'll all get there.  Seems like most of us are within a week of each other-should be a shower of babies soon enough :)


 Decided to experiment with rrl, after reading that it can help calm, for lack of a better work, the bh's at the end.  I made a mix of rrl and nettle.  Had 24oz yesterday and 24 today.  Yesterday I did have a bunch of ctx, and they were pretty intense, but not as many as the day before.  Today, I noticed that I wasn't having as many irritating bh's, but the ctx I have are stronger.  It's nice not having so many, but thinking the stronger contractions will cause more cervix changes.  If the pattern stays like this, I'd rather have the 1-2 strong ctx an hour, vs 5+ of both irritating and strong ones.


 Sore breasts today.  On the sides and deep.  


Oh, Target has nursing sleep bras on clearance-at least the ones near me.  2 for $11.  So comfy.  And surprisingly supportive I think, but I've been wearing cotton sports bras for a few months, so....

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Still contracting, about every 5-7 minutes. Getting more intense as the evening goes on, I need to stop what I'm doing. No bloody show. We shall see! I still think it could be days more...
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Drink a bunch of water and lay down :)  

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Sparkle- Sounds interesting. I hope it relaxes but you can still have the birth you want in L&D  just be vocal about your wants. =)

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Hippy I did that but ctx actually picked up. They gained in intensity until about 10:30pm last night and then, while focused on my breathing and relaxing, I fell asleep!! Woke up (4 hours later) and they are moderately intense and still 5-7 min apart. Meks Thank you, mama. I will!!

I am pretty excited while remaining calm. Focused on peaceful and powerful energy om.gif
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Good luck, Sparkle!

Hippy, no idea on if I have some kind of deficiency. Either way, I'm happy with pulling. I've been drinking a RRL mixture, a quart per day, since 21 weeks. I plan on upping my RRL starting next week. I started having BH ctx when I started taking it all those weeks ago but it's made it easier to tolerate BH during this time. I also infuse nettle/alfalfa/spearmint in my mixture.
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I've been drinking a rrl mixture for a while now too. Mine is rrl, dandelion, peppermint and rose hips. I know too much peppermint isn't good while pg, but It's just a small amount added to my mixture to try and keep the nausea away. I'll be adding more of the rrl to the mix and drinking more starting in a couple wks.

Hippy, when my water broke an hour before I had been having contractions all day, but they were 10-30 minutes apart. So not really what I thought was anything real. My last baby the water broke first before any contractions and baby wasn't born for 4 hours.

How's it going sparkle?
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100%-didn't know that about the peppermint.  I have an aversion to it.  It's in the yogi pregnancy blend and a pregnancy blend my friend made, and soon as I taste it, yuck.  I'm really enjoying the rrl/nettle mix, and I add a dash of pure cranberry juice to my glass.  What does the rose hip taste like?


Lol, ff makes me laugh.  Supposed to ovulate tomorrow.  Anyone know if ff or tcoyf has a breastfeeding setting?  Just thinking ahead.  If this one doesn't like to comfort nurse like the last, I imagine af will return a few months after birth.

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I creep in other DDCs periodically, and I'm wondering if we should start some sort of "labor" thread...

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That's a great idea, Ultra!!


Just checking in :) Still riding the ups and downs of ctxs coming and slowing. They feel SO intense when they come in waves of 5-7 minutes but then when they slow to 10-15 minutes apart, I am unsure again. Thought we were getting close to heading to drop off DD and hit L&D several times last night. My doula is very glad I fell asleep and was able to get some rest in. Attempting to maintain my calm and accept that this baby boy is on his way, perhaps not tonight or tomorrow, but soon. These feel way too intense to NOT be real!! And the more work my body does before active labor, the less I'll have to do then.

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