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Sparkle-anything similar with dd?  Hope it's just your body getting ready this week.  5 days till Sat :)  What's your doula say on timing since you get the 5-7min apart ones, on heading for birth?  Wait till closer, bloody show, water breaks?  Do you see your mw this week? I need to ask my mw what she thinks.  If my ctx roll in at 5-7 min, I think I need to get to her, especially if bloody show.  


Ultra-? what that is.  Like we think we're in labor or headed to delivery?  I thought Uriver started one awhile ago when she was in preterm, but not sure if that's what you're thinking for a thread or not?


The Dr Sears birth book says the whole last month we're technically in pre labor-our bodies getting ready.  

And that weight can level or we might even drop a few pounds due to fluid loss on getting ready for birth.

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Oh, I never saw another thread.  oops

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Hippy Yes, with DD I had a day of on/off ctx but they became regular and didn't slow by day 2. They were also not this intense before the second day. I didn't actually deliver until into the third day. But I was so excited and sure birth was imminent, I hardly slept or ate for 3 days. Not ideal. I was term then. I see my MW Wednesday morning so, we'll see! My doula keeps reminding me to rest and try to conserve my energy. It's all a little frustrating. But as you said, it would be best if things hold off until Sat.
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I forgot about that thread too! Oops smile.gif
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I think it got lost further down :)  


Sparkle-maybe some increased magnesium?  Does chamomile tea make you very sleepy-if not, maybe have a cup or two during the day for rest?  Or save for night time for a good nights sleep :)  Some lighter meals with high protein and some fruit?

 I can't imagine three days of contractions like that.  Just the ones I have every hour wear me out after awhile.  I try to lay down every afternoon, for at least 30min, I don't usually fall asleep, lucky if I do. It was much harder to do when I was pregnant and ds1 was 2.  I wasn't this tired though, nor the ctx.

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Sparkle- I double what Hippy said.  


I would be so cranky and tired dealing with ctx that often for days. My thoughts are with yoU!  


I never heard that about peppermint either... it's in most of the herbal teas you buy in store or in my herbal book. 

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Well, I heard peppermint oil can put you into labor. I need to research it again. I hadn't heard anything about peppermint until this pg.

Sparkle, hang in there. I've been reading the other due date club labor threads and some ladies have prodomal labor for days. greensad.gif Doesn't sound fun.
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My dh was having a conversation at work w/2 pregnant ladies and he came home shocked to tell me they implied there was no DTD while pregnant . He said he told them - we don't have that problem, says they say they just don't feel like it . Soooo just thought I'd poll my due date club: How often?
Us it's every 3/4 days . I'd say I'm just as into it as he is - it's just being awake enough when my kids are asleep that's the problem. I am one to do it even if I don't really feel like it . It's never something that just stops .

Also I turned 39 and got my first nite time Charlie horse . Oh my goodness - it was horrible . Then my little pelvic resident nugget got the hiccups and both little ones were having noisy bad dreams etc. so I'm on no sleep. I got up and took a vegan iron and magnesium and will now google which deficiency causes leg cramps .

I want to take a walk but I think this nugget has dropped and simultaneously invaded my ribs and I just know it's going to be uncomfortable . When I strain to empty my bladder it's searing labor type cervical pains . I'm stopping a few times in the woods to see if I really have to go or if it's just pressure . Sucks . I will prob try - I know it's better for my blood pressure and fat metabolism and immune system- plus he won't really fall out - right?

Ultra-Probably a good idea-about the labor thread .
hippy you and sparkle are staying so positive about these contractions - I'd be on pins and needles ! And probably complaining ....
I'm going to try to have my hospital bag packed by the end of the week- car seat installed by week 37 ( 2 weeks )
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We threw our car seat into the car to use for one of our maternity photos, and it's still there.  But not buckled in.  I keep saying I'm gonna go ahead and do that and then get it inspected at the police or fire station (since I live pretty close to both), but then I procrastinate.  I don't feel like anything is at all imminent, but I should be realistic... there isn't a whole lot of time left!  Our 35w appointment is this afternoon, and then we go to weekly visits.  I can't believe I'm here already!!

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I can't believe were getting so close! Can't wait to start seeing some baby pics! Or maybe I can... Those sweet newborns will only make me more impatient. joy.gif I'm starting to get a few bh ctx. Yay?

Had my home visit yesterday, next week I pick up the labor tub. Feeling so close and yet so far. I sat down and made a list of things I want to get done before the baby comes. 15 items, not all going to happen. eyesroll.gif I'm feeling so tired and yet so let's get this stuff done! At the same time. I am motivated when I look at my list, but since I'm struggling to stay up with daily housework and homeschool, how am I going to find extra energy to tackle cleaning my fridge or scrubbing my bathroom? Or the necessary buying and selling of kids furniture so we can rearrange and hopefully get the 3yo to stay in his bed all night? Right now our 3kids choose to all sleep in the same twin bed together. But the 3yo keeps rolling out (don't worry its a trundle on the floor). Even the older kids wake up because they are so squished. No one wants to sleep in the top bunk. They are asking for separate girl/boy rooms and it should take care of the problem. Then there will only be 2 boys in the bed.

I hate it when after laying in bed fir an hour not sleeping in the middle of the night, I get up only to realize its 6am. Nooooooo! That means no more sleep for me. I just get to start my day at 5. irked.gif
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Vaquitita I hate that too! It has been happening lots lately.

Sunnie Until this past week, we've been dtd 3-4x per week. I've been very interested and initiating actually. I really like being pregnant though. I know a lot of women feel gross, which would certainly dampen my mood.

Ultra I just got our car sear in last week too. It was super easy to install.

So, ctxs revved up again last night and spaced out again this morning. While I know it will be soon and I would prefer he hold off until Sat. it is rather disheartening and disappointing. And tiring. I am seeing my chiro who specializes in pregnancy this afternoon. Perhaps my pelvis needs adjusting for baby to position ideally. I know that can often cause prodromal labor. I am getting so excited to meet this baby boy! Hard to be patient, especially with the tease of labor... Thank you for the encouragement and support mamas! Soon smile.gif
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Wow, SparkleMaman!  Things are getting exciting over there, good luck!  :)

I've been gone again, and had to catch up with all the posts - I keep telling myself I'll check the forum more often, but this time I have a good excuse.  I've been using my evenings trying to get things ready for the baby, instead of messing around on the computer after the boys are in bed.  :)  I have all my cloth diapers washed (some of them are looking kind of ragged, I hope they last!), and a bunch of baby stuff piled in the spare room.  We got our son's booster seat and the baby seat - and they didn't quite fit three across in our car!  It was close, but the booster seat's arm rests kept it from sitting against the back of the seat.  So we had to order a BubbleBum seat, the new inflatable kind, those are so weird!  But they are the very smallest booster seat, and apparently just as safe.  So we still have to try all three across, but it looks very promising - the BubbleBum doesn't have arm rests or anything, it is really tiny.  I also have to finish my son's Halloween costume...  lots and lots to do still!

I'm 36 weeks today!  I don't expect that I'll be early at all, but at this point I can have the baby at home without worrying.  :)

This discussion may have been a couple of weeks ago, but I do use postpartum cloth pads.  I found them more comfortable (much wider, but thinner) than the awful thick pads that come with the midwife's birth kit.  I've even heard of people just using a prefold, but that doesn't sound super comfortable to me.  :)

I'm still having morning sickness - not bad, just queasiness at random times.  It's annoying - and I thought I had it figured out, and would be okay if I kept dairy to a minimum, but now it just hits me without rhyme or reason, after I eat things that didn't bother me the day before.  Hmph.  It had better go away after the baby is born, that's all I'm saying.  :P

We went camping with the cub scouts last weekend - it was pretty fun, though this baby has started trying to stab me in the pelvis every time I climb hills.  Oof!  We brought a big air mattress and stuffed it in the tent, so the sleeping arrangements were pretty comfortable!  :)

I just remembered that I need to order oral vitamin K - does anyone else use that?  I probably should have gotten it a few weeks ago so I could be taking it already - I like to take it myself to make sure I'm providing whatever I ought to be providing for the baby, then we just do a drop for the baby at a day, a week, and a month, instead of the injection... (or something like that, I'll have to look it up again.)  I almost forgot about it entirely, it's been a long time.

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Hapersmion, wow thirty six is not term in my state. Need to be thirty seven for any birth outside a hospital.

Sparkle-I'm setting a chiro appt too, feeling a bit out of sorts in the hip. Are you hydrated enough? Might sound stupid, but since the ctx are more at night, maybe you're needing extra liquid?

Oral k-? Never read to do that. I know it takes a week or something for baby to have enough for clotting.

Cloth pads-I saw some are more bulky pending your size. I think I'm skipping the pp and overnight ones and just go with longs with extra inserts. If I were taller, maybe I'd get the bit longer ones. My friend said the premie prefolds work great too, but to me that seems way bulky.
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I've heard peppermint, or mint of any kind, can slow breast milk production. I've heard RRL can start milk production off right but should be discontinued a week after.

Upon recommendation from a friend, I took maxi pads and spread a witch hazel and aloe gel on them and stuck them in the freezer. Can anyone attest as to if this works in helping ease postpartum soreness?
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My doula froze me some pads with sitz bath herbs for my last birth. I completely forgot them and they are still in my deep freezer. Thought I'll try them for this birth.

My dh is starting to worry about the birth. Found out a week ago that we need to find a different babysitter. Closest homeschooling girl I know that we could use is a half hour away. Plus, she can't drive yet. I don't know what to do now. I've never lived so far from anyone that I could drop the kids off with if needed. We are planning a homebirth, but they don't always come in the middle of the night! We've had 4 homebirths and 2 were day and 2 night. With the ones at night, the kids slept and woke up to the new baby. The day ones we had babysitters. My labors haven't been that long for my husband to be able to leave me for an hour or more to pick someone up or drop the kids off.

So anyways, thanks for letting me rant. Homebirths here also need to be 37 wks.
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Hapersmion Nice work!! Good for you. I ordered my cloth pads and they feel so soft. I am loving them already. Amazon has a few different brands but I ordered from a woman owned company in Washington State, Talulah Bean http://www.talulahbean.com/message.asp?msg=49 I also found a few on Etsy to try http://www.etsy.com/shop/NaturallyHip?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count I have heard the same about preemie prefolds but that sounds really bulky to me too!


100%mom/Electric I think frozen pads sound awesome!! I recall being very grateful for the disposable hospital versions and would have loved my own. I ordered some reusable ones when I ordered PP pads, they are fleece covers on frozen gel packs http://www.talulahbean.com/Chilly-Bean-Original_p_69.html  (would be very simple to make as well). I also really appreciated witch hazel pads for pp discomforts. The two combined sounds really nice.


100%mom There's no one that could drive her to you? Or anyone else, ideally closer, that could be on call to come to your house? A neighbor? I am so sorry you have this situation, not something you really need to be stressing over at this point.


Hippy That's not a stupid thought at all!! I am well hydrated though. I drink about 3-4 liters of water daily, probably 1/3-1/2 of that in the afternoon and evenings. I don't think that's the issue. My urine is almost always super light. I feel great after my chiro adjustment. She told me it would either stop things for a few days or kickstart everything into high gear in 12-24 hours. She also mentioned that the muscle tension in my mid-upper back was new and indicative of imminent labor shrug.gif So far, everything has quieted down. I did start losing what I believe is mucus plug last night, very gelatinous (sorry, TMI, I know) but no bloody show or bloody tinge to it (which I recall from DD). I actually slept last night (happy dance!) and was just up my lately usual 3 times to use the bathroom :) It is amazing how sleep makes everything SO much better. I see my MW this morning and the chiro again on Friday. I am focused on "anytime Saturday or after."  I hope your chiro adjustment helps you feel more balanced too!!


:grouphug  Big hugs to all. It feels so exciting and amazing to get to this point in our journey together!! Can't wait to start seeing pics of those chubby cheeked babies.

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Eek! So many of us are so close now!! I'm thinking of doing the witch hazel on pads in the freezer thing. I don't remember being in a lot of pain after DD's birth (I do remember my mw being surprised I wasn't taking Advil or any other pain medication) but she was very small (4 lbs. 12 oz.) and this one is likely going to be much bigger since I'm term now.


No out of hospital births for us until 37 weeks either - at 36 weeks the mw can deliver the baby but baby needs to be seen by the pediatrician at the hospital as they are still considered "late pre-term".


100%Mom - I totally understand where you're coming from! My mom, who is my only family in town, left this morning on a vacation for 10 days to Arizona (we live in Canada). I'm 37w+5d today with a history of pre-term labour. My only option right now is to have my Dad and Step-Mom drive down from where they live (about 1 1/2 hours away) to watch DD when I'm in labour if it happens while she's away. And my Dad told me yesterday that he and his wife are both battling a cold, so now I don't think I even want them here. We have a really great neighbour who would help out in a heartbeat, but I don't know if we're 100% comfortable with that. It's just not the same as family. Thankfully, now that I'm term, we get early discharge when baby is delivered by a mw so I could be discharged from the hospital 3 hours after baby is born, and I don't want to be at the hospital very early on so it should only be a few hours away from DD.


Sparkle - Way to go with dtd! I wish I was more in the mood :( I just get so sore after and baby is so low. I was worried about it before 37w and have only done it once since. I miss that connection with DH though - and it's so much fun! I'm feeling a little more frisky lately so who knows what will happen now?

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Dtd- 1-2x per week at this point. I'm so big and tired I'd rather sleep. But I keep reminding myself atleast I'm into it right now, after the baby comes I know I really won't be for the next year. In fact I probably won't be that into it until my hormones change and AF comes back, around 20 months pp. greensad.gif maybe TMI.

Car seat- the infant car seat we used with our last baby is still good. I haven't installed it yet and don't plan to till after the baby is born. It's so nice having two empty seats for friends in our van. The 3 kids sit in the back row. I do however want to wash the cover on the infant car seat, it's been sitting in the garage awhile. I should probably wash all the car seat covers while I'm at it, I'm sure they are filthy! I also need to swap out our 3yo's car seat. It's about to expire and a friend gave us her britax (she moved her DS to a booster). That one still has many years left, hopefully last us till the new baby is in a booster. I just hope it fits 3 across. It is a narrower britax, the diplomat I think. But I've been too lazy to do the swap, it's no fun climbing in the back of the minivan and wrestling with car seats.

Witch hazel pp pads- my midwife made these for me with a previous birth and they were nice!

Pp cloth- in the past I have used the bulky disposables my midwife provides for a couple days, then switch to some happy Heiny overnight cloth pads I have, after I'm up to washing pads/diapers. I don't feel comfortable having someone else washing these, gross right? I only have 3 though, so I end up rotating in the disposable ones too. I have 3 regular glad rags pads now as well, so that will give me more this time. I had switched to using a menstrual cup for AF, so I don't want to buy more cloth pads. Unfortunately you can't use a menstrual cup pp.

I have to be 37weeks to deliver at home.

Chiro- from this point on, I am going weekly. I will make the time! My hips and tailbone get too wonky and sore without.

RRL- I've heard this too. So why is it in mothers milk tea? I guess In the next 4-5 weeks I need to drink the entire pound of bulk RRL that arrived in the mail yesterday...
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There. Just had to get that out. orngbiggrin.gif
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Vaquitita Not TMI, I recall the same. No real interest for the first few months and then very little until AF returned, around 18-19 months. I'm with you mama. Like you, Allison, I did miss that intimacy and connection though. And the fun :wink


Saw my MW this morning - I'm 2cm dilated but only 30% effaced. She was surprised I wasn't thinned out more with all the ctxs. I am pleased to know that at least the ctxs have done something!! And I know I wasn't dilated at all the last time she checked so, feeling pretty happy!!

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