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Do you supplement with Vitamin D? IF so, what amounts?

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I'm not sure this is the best place to post this but I'm curious as to whether or not many of you give your LOs Vitamin D?

My kids are 5 and 3 yr old, but I also want to take it. We live in the Pacific Northwest, and the gloomy days have begun so I feel I should start Vit D. We give Rainbow Light MV that contains 400 iu's but I know more is important...just don't know how MUCH more.


Any insight would be appreciated..thanks!

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I was always told 400 is all that is needed!
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400 is a minimum. I've heard that we should have much more, espec ially during the grey months. Problem is, I just don't know HOW much more we need.

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That is interesting because I have always given 400 ( ds is 2 now)as per my midwife and doctor. We live in Oregon so lots of clouds............hmmmm anyone have any advice for this mama?
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Don't overdo it. There is evidence that overdose of vitamin D can have harmful effects. Sorry I don't have time to show studies but google it. Vitamins are not just harmless pills and I am wary.

That said, in places or seasons where there is a lack of sunshine vitamin D deficiency is common. Eggs are a natural source of vitamin D so now that there's less sun I give my boy an egg for breakfast several days a week.

To be 100% sure you can have his blood tested and see exactly how much more he needs. I personally would not just guess. I would do a lot of online research and use the more conservative estimates, or consult a doctor or nutritionist, at the very least.

IMO Americans can be careless about vitamins and take them as if they were nothing. I have become more and more cautious about vitamin use over the years and try to avoid too much regular use of extra vitamins. A whole foods diet is the best way to go for most normal healthy humans.

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Here in sweden they recommend that toddlers until 2 should get 400 IU vitamin d all year round. In finland is the recommendation that everyone under 18 should supplement.

I agree that food is best and that vitamin d in extremely high doses can be dangerous (for adults it´s about 30000 IU/day for a long period of time).

I give my dd about 1000IU/day in supplement because she doesn´t eat that much fat fish and eggs ( and even if she would, she would need to eat about 15 eggs or 175g fat fish per day to get that amount). I take myself take about 5000 IU/day.

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The only way to know if you are taking enough or too much is through a blood test.

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