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Baby name indecision, need kind opinions!

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I'm brand new to this club (due oct 6), hello! I'm actually having a bit of a crisis regarding a name for my baby. I'll preface this by saying that my names are not traditional and I'm already aware that most people don't care for them. I'm actually ok with that, my issue is more choosing between 2.

I have a toddler (girl) named Ezra, we call her Ez or Ezzie for short. This entire pregnancy we thought our soon to be daughter would be named Solstice Rae. Like it was never a question, until now, less than a week away from DD. The new contender is Ever Rae. If we go w Solstice, she will be called Sol (pronounced SOUL) or Soli (pronounced soul-EEE) for short. If we go with Ever then we will call her Ever Rae (Rae pronounced Ray, and yes it's the middle name) or just her first name of Ever. We wouldn't want to call her Ev or Evie because it would rhyme with our other daughters name (Ez/Ezzie).

So...if anyone has any thoughts I would be grateful for some feedback. Honesty is good so long as its kind. smile.gif Do you like one over the other? Would having two daughters named Ezra and Ever be cute or annoyingly matchy? Thanks in advance for your help!
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I prefer Solstice, mostly because I like the pairing with Ezra, but also because I like the way the nicknames sound. And seeing how I shorten my kids names all the time, I think that's important!

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Thank you Maine Mama, that is so helpful! I'm also wondering if Solstice Ever-Rae could be a way that I can get the best of all worlds. Although our last name is 3 syllables so my sensible side is saying that simplicity is best. But...it would be nice not to have to give up any of my beloved names.
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Solstice Everae
So much nn potential.
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I'm afraid I won't be much help, but I wanted to say I like both name possibilities. So beautiful.

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I like both.... but Solstice slightly more because it's so much more different than the other one. 

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I totally vote Solstice mostly. I love the nick names. I'm a big proponent of nicknames in general. My girls name choice is almost totally based on the fact that it has a nickname possibility that I LOVE!
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I'm going to echo what others have said and vote Solstice. I don't know how it works with your last name, but I think Solstice Ever-Rae flows better than Solstice Rae.
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Wow, so helpful! Thanks everyone for the input! smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
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I too love the name Solstice, mainly because I love unique nature type names, and this one totally reminds me of our holidays we celebrate! We celebrate the seasons(solstice/equinox) rather than traditional holidays. I would also combine it with Ever Rae, such a gorgeous unique name!

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I'm voting Ever because I am the opposite with nick names. I named all of my kids with names they cannot shorten or have nicknames from. Lol.
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