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October 2013 Chit Chat

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Ajbaby-Melissa (28) a Midwestern transplanted to the Sonoran desert. Married to DH (28) and mom to DS (7) and DD (2).


CD'sMom1031- Nicole:  (25). DH (25). DS (10/31/11) DD (9/17/13). I'm an outgoing introvert with entirely too much on my plate. I love: Sleep, coffee, and my family. I hate: Money, the government, and most people.(25). DH (24). DS (10/31/11). DD (EDD September 2013).


Early November

Seraf- Sara: thirty-something mom of four Ohians. When not nursing in public, she is generally found in the company of young men (hahaha!)


Mal85- Mallory: (27), married to DH (31) since 2005. Mama to DD1 (4) and Greta aka Junebug (21 months). I'm a full time mom, part-time teacher, part-time childcare provider who likes reading, cooking, and way too much Facebook.


SoCaliMommy- Kami: 11/4 baby boy Harlan Drake,  6:48pm at 10lbs even 21 1/2"


Autumnshades- Sonja: (29) DH (30) and our little dude born 7th November 2011. Stay-at-home Mamma and secretary for DH's online store (http:/novelstudies.org) smile.gif totally addicted to Starbucks Lattes and Awake tea, and since I use Starbucks as my livingroom I spend too much time there... Lover of chocolate cake and anything else inbetween like Indian food, German food, Asian cuisine and more! Love reading and spend wayyyy to much time socializing online smile.gif

Mid November

MrsKatie- Katie, 31, and DH, 32. Mama to sweet KJ, born 11/10/11.  Oh, and I got kicked out of the convent for being kale.  Also an ENFP.  Also let's get the enneagram in play.  I'm a 2...


Jill the Pill- Jill: 11/11, baby girl Audrey Catharine 6lbs 5oz 19 inches long


TalkToMeNow- Amanda: (33), mom to dsd (16), dd1 (11), dd2 (8), and ds Jasper (11/12/11). Aspiring actress/model. Likes long walks on the beach at sunset, sushi, bow hunting, and snuggles.  I'm a melon, a heathen, and an INTJ.


KayPea- Kirsten: 11/13, baby boy Oren Edward Adams, 5:45pm, 9lbs 11oz, 21 in long, 15in head!


Beccawprice- Becca: Homeschooling mom of 5 kids, daughters 11 and 10, and then three little boys ages 8, 5, and Teddy, who's 1. I love cooking and reading, and my escape from the 5 children is sewing.


jhsmama11-Amber: (35), DH (32), DS (Nov 2011). Full time mama, part time people helper, avid reader who probably could have finished the sweater she's been knitting for a year in all the time spent playing candy crush.


Late November

dashley111- Ash: (really close to 30), DH (even closer to 30), DS (10), DD (6), and baby B (November 2011). Crazy front-yard gardening neighbor to several suburbanites, friend to mostly recovering alcoholics, and stay at home mom to various children and occasionally some very immature adults. Former ER nurse and goat pimp.


birdhappy85- Joanie:  (27), married to DH (31), mommy to DD (11/24/11), planning for more but figuring out life in the meantime!


ZippyGirl- Anthia:  Depending on whom you ask, may be a genetically engineered super soldier or invisible woman.  Sometimes accused of being a member of the Ictaluridae family.  Now knitting and crocheting in a convent to do penance for too much Doritos consumption in college and tirelessly serves as a major CFA advocate.


glassesgirlnj - Kathy: 11/28, baby girl Annamaria Sigyn Estelle, 7lbs even, 19.75 in, 8:09pm


KaliShanti- Kali: 11/29, baby boy Enoch Noble Grandison , 8 lbs 7 oz. 21.25 in, 11:45pm



Jaimee: (34), Dh (a younger university professor), Avalon (6), Austin (3), and Avery (Nov. 2011).  Vegetarian, organic gardening, food preserving, co-op leading, photo taking, running, reading, natural parenting advocating, online forum over posting stay at home mom with degrees in biology, chemistry, and anthropology that are waiting to once again be used.  Former API leader and tutor/teacher to girls in rehab.



Nun Quiz


Garden Vegetable Quiz


Personality Type Quiz

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Yeah, it's October, y'all.

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If you say so!
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Marking my place!
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Me too.
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29 days until my work release! LOL

Have you taken up drinking, Jaimee? You were drunk when you ran into the door, weren't you? Mhmmm. wink1.gif

I scheduled an appointment for my ears. Sigh. I hate having bad ears.

I'm down 20lbs!!! 21 to go. Halfway there.

I also turned my AC off. Eat it, electric company. Jerks.

... I'm hungry... Gotta go find food. Velveeta sounds like a win.
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The moms are the park are good, but you know, they suck too..  Heh.  Everyone is friendly, they are all stay at home moms, the kids are nice, but I'm sure they're CIO types and they eat a lot of junk food.  Ah well, it's only for a few more month, I can keep my mouth shut until then.


Joanie,  Do you usually cry that much, that seems like a lot to me?  I hope you're able to make it through this and then things will calm down.  ::hugs::


I haven't looked at my Snaps in hours.. I'm off to check that now too.

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Subbing. Too tired to post anything much. Sick and tired.
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Nah, I'm just very unhappy.
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Abra, if you're not sleeping at their house or eating with them, do those things matter?
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Abra, if you're not sleeping at their house or eating with them, do those things matter?

I understand how it can be hard to relate to people that do not share some of your most central philosophies.  Especially when you're doing playgroups, which center around kids, you often converse about what's going on with your kids, struggles, etc. and when your parenting styles are so different it is difficult to relate and share advice.  Plus people that have similar parenting/world philosophies tend to share other interests as well, so sometimes if those things are really different then the conversation really goes no where.  I get it.

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Well, we are eating with them, like we went to a BBQ party on Sunday and today was a picnic at the park..  We brought our own food today, but they're still offered a bunch of junk.   I was thinking about spending the night over there too, I really like to get close with my new friends.  Ha.  Like I said, they're all nice and I'm sure I can get along well enough.  


Pics of the inside of the bus..

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The entire hour of sunshine we had was well used at least shrug.gif why did the rain have to come back?  I am glad I was able to take Eli to the park so he could run the entire length of it (it is a huge park) and went down for a nap when we got home.  Too bad about the rain, I could tell it was coming back because the sky clouded over awfully fast when we were out in the park. 


Can't believe it is October.  Next month Eli is turning 2, how did we get here so fast?


I agree about there not being food stamps for fresh things.  It is entirely upsetting that the things we should have access too (fresh fruits and veggies) are often the things that are THE most unaffordable.  I still find this to be true right now for us. It is hard to make good choices when the fresh things are so freaking expensive.


Jaimee ... ouch, hope you are okay


Kirsten, did you catch that nasty cold that is doing the rounds? 


Abra, love the bus, it looks cool!  I know if I showed my dh he would say: "Lets buy it and travel across the country" heh!

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Yeah, Abra. How much do you want for it? LOL

I'm glad you were able to let Eli run off some energy prior to the rain coming back.

Kirsten, that cold sucks. I'm on the end of it now... Just gotta deal with the ears issue.
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Amanda, how's it going in your world? Update us!

Speaking of you, Amanda. I set official plans for my ATL trip. I'm traveling the 24th, staying the 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th, then traveling on the 29th.
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Joanie, hugs.

Sara, lol.

Abra, the bus looks awesome. I want it.

I'm ok, Nicole. Just so busy with all the things. And tired. I've totally given up on studying. I'm trying not to kill AH, bored at work, kids need to be everywhere all the time. It's just a lot and I'm not 100% that I can do it because I keep failing. It's just little things, but it's everyday. Anyway, I mostly feel good, though.
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Ah! Our babies turn 2 next month!!

Weird factoid. A woman from my DDC from DD1... Her first daughter was born exactly one month before DD1, her second daughter was born exactly one month before Greta, and now she's pregnant with her third. Just found out she's having a boy. And guess what? I am not at all jealous. Not even a little. In fact, I see people having babies or hear my friends talk about having another and think they are all insane. Think that means I'm done?
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Originally Posted by Mal85 View Post

Ah! Our babies turn 2 next month!!

This month for me. greensad.gif
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And yes, Nicole, that means I think you are slightly insane. smile.gif
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Ok, Nicole. I will get a sitter and take you somewhere. Somewhere boring because I am an old lady. But there will be booze.
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