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Today was super rough. How long until two kids gets easier???

Conner took a THREE hour nap, I'm sure to make up for his crappy sleep last night...

But Miss Thing, I just don't get it. She had one nice solid nap, about 3 hours... But besides that, she'd take a five minute power nap then be good.

I'm really very thankful DH was here today. I probably wouldn't have survived otherwise. I now have a pounding headache and am drinking a Coke trying to get rid of it.

I imagine my rough day attributes to the terrible sleep I got last night. I'm sure it's a waterfall effect. I'm wiped out.

In better news, my most favorite band in the entire world ever released their new CD today, so it's been nice listening to that. smile.gif

What's everyone else up to tonight? Surviving okay?
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The universe did you a huge disservice by giving you a rediculously easy child first. I get it- after DD1 having B was my worst case scenario. Total opposites. You will adjust, but even with my 3rd kid it still took me months. Get extra sleep, drink extra coffee, get extra babysitters...it will be easier someday.

What band?
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I hate the universe and it's twisted sense of humor. I really do.

A Day To Remember. If you're into rock, screamo... They're legit. =) I've seen them live five times and it's fantastic every single time.
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I agree with Ash. It sucks, but it all sounds totally normal. I mean, I think nearly every here has btdt. ::hugs::
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Been there still doing that. Lol.

Nicole, my husband got tickets to gwar for his birthday. I couldn't be more disgusted. I don't like screamy things.
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When she can sit up!
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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

Been there still doing that. Lol.

Nicole, my husband got tickets to gwar for his birthday. I couldn't be more disgusted. I don't like screamy things.

ADTR isn't nearly as heavy as GWAR, LOL. Not even close.
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

When she can sit up!

Can she come stay with you until then?
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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

ADTR isn't nearly as heavy as GWAR, LOL. Not even close.

It all sounds the same to me. Haha. Old lady, right here!
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Yeah, I'm not into screamy music at all, I'm horribly old.  


Nicole,  You'll get into a rhythm soon enough, you might be sleep deprived for a very long time, but you'll at least get comfortable with the day to day stuff..  I mean, I'm still hoping that Coralie sttn someday soon!  Feel free to vent away, we've been there...  


The people that looked at our bus are still strongly considering it and asked us to hold it until the end of this weekend.  FX!!!

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Abra is right. It takes a bit but it won't be hard soon enough, it will just be life and seem natural. The transition is different for everyone.
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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

Can she come stay with you until then?
Sure thing! I don't sleep anyway.

In all seriousness, I had an ultra easy boy and then a hard girl (she cried for days at a time when I ate chocolate, she probably had reflux, and she saw the doctor weekly for torticollis). To top it off, I had some post partum stuff going on, so I've blocked almost all of it out. Even with all that, I felt like I had it under control around four months. I don't really want to tell you that, for us, it got worse until 8 weeks. I think if you're going back to work soon, you will get a major mental health break. If you're working second, you get to skip the baby sundowners that's so horrible, too.

Mal, when does your mom come home from Chicago? Did you get the sense that the hospital up there coordinated the care better than what she found more locally? Hugs.

Last night we moved all the appliances out of the kitchen. Today I will scrub the floor and begin painting. I have to allow at least 8 hours between coats, and since I'm working 12s this weekend, I'm hopeful that I will have a freshly painted and beautiful floor that's ready for light foot traffic by Monday. Why paint? I can't afford anything else. I already have the paint. But I have a plan. And because I'm getting a new phone tonight, everyone can expect to see progress pictures. Poor everyone!
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Nicole, I feel your pain!  Like the others said, it's probably harder to handle when your first kid was pretty easy going.  All my kids have been terrible sleepers, but each one has gotten slightly better than the last so I've been prepared.  It's one of these tough parenting situations where I feel like the best solution is an mental shift- just accepting the fact that sleep sucks and working with it as best as you can.  Your body will adjust to operating on less and broken sleep and you won't feel quite so dead.   As for two kids, that does get easier and easier.  Two under two is rough for a while- more than if your oldest was 3 or 4.  The neediness factor is just so high all around.  But as Layla is able to entertain herself a bit more and Conner starts to be more independent and self sufficient (within the next year) and they can start playing with each other, then you'll feel things lighten up.  And it just takes some time for you as a parent to adjust to the increased need to multi-task, get in a rhythm of what needs need to get met first, what can wait, how to breath and simply deal with the inevitable stress of things like blow outs and freak outs happening at the same time, and gaining confidence so that you can more easily take them places and not feel trapped or isolated in the house.  Plus your body is still healing so that will improve over the next several weeks as well, making issues seem easier to tackle.  Keep asking for support.  This transition is no walk in the park.  We're here when you need to vent or need some advice.  But also find some IRL support.  Friends to make you dinner next week?  Friends to watch Conner sometimes?  There is no shame is asking for help.


Sara, I look forward to seeing pics of your progress!

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Sara, yes we definitely feel like this place is more organized. I mean, they started her chemo right away and scheduled her to come back in two weeks for more. The place she was going has just been dragging their feet for 6 weeks and look how much it spread in that amount of time. I'm so pissed off about the wasted time. We're all getting together on Sunday to get the full report from my sister who went with my mom. Still no one has mentioned a prognosis. On one hand, I'm thankful. The logical side of me says I hate it when doctors make guesses and put a person on some sort of timeline. The other part of me just wants someone to validate what I think. It's really bad and I want a professional to tell me just how bad it is. Anyway, needless to say, she's not going back to the local hospital.

I took a mental health day today. DH just left with the kids, now I am sipping my coffee. Going to indulge in one tv show, a very hot and long shower, then I' going to start cleaning and cooking for tomorrow.
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Oh, Nicole, Jaimee said a lot of good stuff. I want to add that slings/wraps carriers are your friend. Swaddling makes it easier to pick up a newborn one handed. Without challenges, you never get to find out exactly how much of a badass you are. Lol. Good luck with the learning curve.
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Taylor Swift is as rock as I get. I'm more of a folksy girl. 


Nicole, you've gotten good advice. It will get easier. Baby wearing definitely makes it easier. High five.


Mal, I'm glad the new hospital seems good. More hugs. Hope you enjoy your day.


Sara, yay pictures! 


@birdhappy85, how are you this morning?

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Mal, I hope you can enjoy some down time today. And I hope you're letting out the emotion when you need to. When I'm grieving, I'm a fan of sitting alone in my car in my garage to bawl my eyes out and scream where no one can hear me. Then I regain my composure and go back inside. I think a lot of people feel that they shouldn't be sad when the ill loved one is still alive. But there is real grieving that occurs in that time when you're worried about the what-ifs! We all love you here and will help you through any and everything.
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I like the "@" feature. Pretty cool.

Amanda, I am having a great morning, thanks! I "slept in" til 7am. Sora woke at 7:40. DH took her to daycare. I have plans for coffee and vegging out. Going to catch up on online shopping for stuff I haven't gotten around to in a while. Hanging out with a friend at 2pm and then picking up Sora and doing something fun with her, not sure what yet.

Abra and Anthia, I appreciated the RO discussion! I am going to pass the info along to my sister since she is interested in remineralizing her water. Thanks!

Sara, definitely snap pics. I love seeing home project progress.

Sonja, how are things with you?

Kirsten, how are you doing?

Jaimee, you still been cutting lots of stuff over there? Lol

Nicole, the infant stage is so great and so awful all at once. I have yet to experience the two-kids-multitask. Sounds intense.

Kali, are you feeling ready to have another addition to the family soon? :-)

Katie, how's your day going?
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My boobs tell me girl slept much better last night. I remember DH asking me at one point if I wanted him to grab her for me because she was crying. My response, "No. Let her cry, idiot." LOL

Thanks for all of the encouragement. I feel recharged and ready to conquer the day.

Mal, enjoy your day off. I hope it's awesome.
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I'm totally failing at scrubbing the kitchen floor on top of the double trouble of toddlers and the normal daily cleaning plus the morning after work.

I have a stove, a fridge, cabinetry and shelves in my living room. The stove is my problem, not the electricity (yay!!!) I think I'm going to scrap this beast and get a used stove without the hideous double oven.

Also, while I was at work and the boys were carefully supervised, they did this:

In case you can't tell, that's 3 cups, a bowl, a measuring cup, 2 lids, 4 cupcake liners, a plate, a pencil, a toothbrush, a piece of paper, a cookie wrapper, and a roll of duck tape in the turtle tank. I can't say much after Shay emptied 3-4 bowls of bath water on the living room floor on my watch. Ahh, Nicole, what was my badass advice? *sigh* I can carry two tantruming toddlers in one hand and groceries in the other. That's kind of badass, right?
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