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Nicole,  Hows your grandpa?  I hope he's okay and it's nothing serious.  :(


Jaimee,  I've mentioned it before, but green tomatoes will continue to ripen until at least Dec.  You can just put all the remaining tomatoes in paper bags and store them in a cool location.  Every few days open the bags and remove the ripe ones and any that look like they might rot.  I'd say most ripen and about 10% rot.  I've had tasty ripe tomatoes for months this way.  Free canning jars are awesome, of course you have to fill them all!  ;)


Ash, Are you making an actual leather jacket?  Can she wear it after Halloween?  I want to see pictures as you go, I bet you do a great job.  


Sonja,  It's okay to turn your heat on, I give you my permission.. but then, I don't like to be really cold..  Ha ha.  Still no AF?


Our night weaning went OK last night.  My dh was supposed to do the night-time parenting, but he wouldn't wake up after I kicked him 3 times (he would sit up, then lay back down over and over), so I just did it myself.  Coralie made it to 5:00am without nursing, so we're still doing a lot better than before.  Katie, I actually am at my crazy point now.  I've been in this constant fog for a while now and I'm pretty hoping that it has to do with getting severely broken sleep for like 4 years now.  I'm with you, I can't wait until I sleep well again!


Kirsten, How are you feeling today?


Ash,  Did you say how your appointment went yesterday?  If so, I forgot, I hope it went well.


Joanie,  Anything good planned for this weekend?  


It's homecoming weekend here, which is a huge deal around here.  My girls are performing their dance routines before the parade and then we'll probably go to football game (just because we can, not because we like football).


I hope that the mechanic gets done inspecting the bus today..  The guy that came and looked at it yesterday is really interested..!!

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Amanda, would he just give you back his key? It's not something he needs.

Ash, are you lining it and everything?

Jaimee, good luck with the canning. I Aron's Abra on just putting green tomatoes in a drawer or bag or something to ripen.

Abra, that sounds promising, when do you hear about the inspection? Or did I miss that?

Sonja, are you still feeling so nauseated?

Kirsten, how are you?

Mal, how are you? How was therapy?

I got my floor second coated this morning. Here's a picture after the first.

Also, I've been adding snaps to "my story" so no one gets fifty million pictures of my kids at the grocery store. I think you can see it if you look by my name and just feel free to look every day or so. They stay for 24 hours, I guess.
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I can see the stories! I just can't figure out how to make one.

Abra any news on the bus?

Nicole any news on your grandpa?

The jacket will be an actual jacket she can wear for a while because my pattern is a women XS. It's pink faux leather and will have sparkly black lining.
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84 years old and still cute as a button.

No fractures, YAY!!! They think his blood pressure was dropping when he'd stand up, which is what caused him to fall. So theygave him a bag of fluids to help bring that up.

They had to steri strip all of his wounds because of his blood thinners. They all just kept on bleeding. Haha.

Some good pain meds and muscle relaxers later, he's heading back home.

I took Layla and kept Conner at home.

I'll catch up and respond when I get home.

I wore her in the sling the majority of the time, minus two poops and a feeding.
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Gah, Layla is so dang cute in the sling! I wanna squeeze her cheeks! lol. I'm sorry about your grandpa, Nicole, but glad he'll be heading back home and is okay!
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Ash, that's certainly not half assed. Do you have ios7? I don't know if it's that or the most recent update (since I had to load it this week when I got my phone) There's a button at the top of the list that says "my stories" and I hit that instead of clicking on everyone's name and it should be viewable for 24 hours. You are one of the few people who has figured it out, I can tell who looks.

Nicole, cute as two buttons. I hope he's feeling ok.

Joanie, how's your day?
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Sara, my day is going pretty well, but I'm battling a headache. Not cool. No weekend plans here yet either, Abra. We talked about maybe going bowling again. Need to get some shopping done. Should probably look into getting Sora a Halloween costume if we're going to trick-or-treat this year. I'm still avoiding encouraging DH to buy his $100+ costume he's been wanting. Our friends canceled their annual Halloween party, so the only place he'd have to wear it to is just walking around with Sora. I don't think I can be agreeable about spending $100 on that now. So, I'm hoping he forgets....? lol
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I do have ios7.  I will have to see if I can figure it out later.


Ive only got TWO snaps today people, what gives? 

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It's too quiet on here. greensad.gif I need entertainment for the next few hours on break.
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Sorry. I didn't eat breakfast before the hospital so I'm frantically cooking lunch before I die.
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Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh frig, people are so annoying in this building when it comes to laundry. No common decency I am so sick of doing laundry here...

Abra, I like to sleep In a cool room, and the reason I haven't turned on the heat is because it doesn't regulate well (never lived in an apartment where it did) you have to turn it to 15 to get it going but that is too warm, if you turn it to 10 it doesn't kick in at all. It's hard to explain, I think it is the way the building is wired. *sigh*. It warms up doing the night with us three sleeping in it so I know that it will be too warm to turn on the heat. If only dh had come to bed lol then I would have been warm, guy is like a furnace smile.gif. No AF hasn't returned.

Sara, I am still feeling nauseous in waves... It comes and goes. The cramping has lessened which is good. Still very tired too but right now it is hard to tell since I didn't sleep well 3 nights in a row.
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Ash, I can fix that.

Sonja, I turned on space heaters last night and it was lovely.

Nicole, eat!

Joanie, around finally, what are you up to?
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I'm sitting here trying to text a ton of people, who aren't responding, cuz they're busy and I'm not. Lol. I'm bored and didn't bring any of my school textbooks to work with me today so I can't do any homework right now. I have approx. 2 hours before I have to do anything substantial at work. Bleh. What are you up to, Sara?
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You're not texting me! I'm laying down with the boys but I don't think they'll go back to sleep. Thinking about making new training pants and longies for Soren.
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Sonja... have you given yourself a number of days to wait before you get some bloodwork done?


Nicole, so glad your grandpa is okay!


So I lost Austin today... again.  I was putting Avery down for a nap and I had set Austin up with crayons to draw.  I finally put Avery down and go to check on Austin.  He's gone.  Crayons are open, I can see he drew some things.  He's become an expert hider, so I check under everything and in everything.  Then I call for him outside.  I check in the cars.  I start to freak out.  I check everything inside again, looking under blankets and pillows, inside closets and boxes.  I call for him outside again.  I start to really freak out.  I check the neighbor's yard.  I'm almost in full on panic mode when I see him skipping down the sidewalk.  I seriously burst into tears, which makes him cry, too.  That kid.  faint.gif


Time to can my salsa...

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Jaimee, holy crap, I would flip if my kid disappeared like that.
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Oh no, Jaimee, that sounds terrifying! I'm sorry Austin gave you a near heart attack! So glad he was okay.
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Sara, I'm not texting you because I'm talking to you right here. But we can text if you'd like. LOL.
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Wow, Jaimee. That's terrifying. Holy moly. I'm glad everything was okay though.

I think I may survive. I just ate my weight in food.

You aren't texting me, either, Joanie.

I have more sister drama to type up if I ever feel like it.
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I'm texting with Sara now and Snapping with Nicole because I don't have her number yet. There's a play-by-play for the forum. Not that it was needed. lol. Nicole, do share. Let's hear more about your sister drama. I'm game.
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