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Gah! Fat fingers pushing send. Katie I'm glad last night was better! Hope you guys have turned a corner.
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Katie, things seem like they're settling down here. We argue a lot still but it's mostly by text. The kids know but don't seem to care, since it doesn't affect them much. Dating while living together is all around interesting. A girl came to pick her up the other night and just waited in the car and I was all, indignantly texting my imaginary girlfriend about what's wrong with young people these days, they have no manners. And of course the poor girl was worried that I was a crazy ex (points for Sara who reportedly said that I am crazy, but not that kind of crazy).

Ash, you rock. That is a great costume.

I just got to bed and found the boys sleeping like this:
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Wow, that's an amazing costume,Ash. You have some serious sewing skills.

I've had trouble logging in the past few days, there were times I wanted to reply but got frustrated not being able to log in and then something else caught my attention.

Took the quiz and scored a disappointing pretty crispy. Guess I'm crunchier in my own mind than in actual practice.

I'm way too far behind to catch up to everyone so hugs to those who need them. I don't have anything to offer to the parenting discussion other than interest and my virtual support.

Abra thanks for the request to the universe, I got offered the job I interviewed for less than 24 hrs after my interview. Now let's just hope they offer enough that I can take it. I'm trying not to worry, I don't have all the information yet. And it's not like I don't like what I'm doing now, It would just be so nice to work less in a much less stressful job.

I told my family about the baby ( which I have to stop referring to as #2). They are all happy. My FIL was less than enthusiastic according to DH but that's his nature. Step MIL was excited as was MIL. I really want to get excited and do some cute thing for emails and Facebook but I haven't been able to yet. Partly because I haven't told my employer or the new possible employer. There really isn't much way that it would get back to them but it still feels weird. And partly because my excitement...well there hasn't been much. I decided today that I'm going to try and think of all the ways this is good and a blessing.

Now that I've used up way more than my share of air time, I will resume lurking.
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I got a 149 on the crunchy quiz.


Nice costume Ash. Emily has her costume already but I still need to get something for Austin. I'm not making his though, I don't even know if my sewing machine still works.


Jaimee, I can commiserate. When Austin was little I had to lock both doors with high up hook and loop locks, unplug the microwave and toaster oven, and put up all chairs and anything else he could use to climb to unlock the doors. Just so I could take a shower. He also would frequently refuse to get into his car seat (I'm talking about an hour outside walmart in 90+ July heat) and was absolutely awful in stores. He also ruined my toaster oven by turning it on after he put a cd inside the one time I forgot to unplug it (yea, it caught on fire). Some kids are just HARD. It drove me nuts when people asked me when we were having another.  I wanted to say yea he is cute, but spend a day with him and tell me you would add another kid on top of that. I am so glad Emily is so much easier.

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Oh man that is one crazy kid! You guys must be saints. My SIL has a good story about coming out of the bathroom and finding my nephew on the fridge holding their very sharp knives in each hand.

Amber don't lurk it's creepy. Join in more! How many weeks are you now?

Sara you get extra points for a funny spin on what is probably really awkward.
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It's not even 4:30am and I'm awake... Our bedroom has insulation and heat/AC flow problems, so it's crazy hot in summer and super cold in fall/winter... I'm getting asthmatic in such a cold, dry room while already wheezing from my chest cold. Soooo I can't sleep. Maybe I can kick DH off the couch so I can sleep out there...
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Amber, lol about being disappointed about being pretty crispy. I'm still waiting for someone to score jello. Keep talking, no need to lurk. Isn't it normal to not be excited if you weren't trying?

Melissa, funny story about having to unplug everything and move the chairs. Maybe only funny in retrospect.

Ash, my sister was a fridge climber by a year. And an out the door into the national forest by 18 months. Maybe I only think my kids are easy because it's relative. Lol. And I'm glad you like my funny spin. There's a hell of a lot of awkward around here. Like when I got my new phone last week and we were somehow getting each other's texts (not funny at the time)! Maybe I'm weird, but I think the dating is hilarious. She's happier getting attention, which makes my life easier. And I keep hearing about these really young, femme vegetarians because I ask. Lol.

Joanie, do you have a space heater? We have these oil filled space heaters that look like radiators. I've been using them for a decade and it's my favorite supplemental heat ever. Sometimes I put a dish of water on top, to humidify. Do you heat the rest of your house with gas or electric? I despise electric heat otherwise. Lol. I have no insulation in my walls and the raccoons compressed the attic stuff, so I need to at least insulate the attic as my next project.

I have a crazy lot of social plans today. So out of character. I was worried I was becoming a hermit, so I set up a picnic dinner with a mom with big kid friends, then we were invited to brunch with more big kid friends. THEN Sara reminded me that her parents want to visit the kids this afternoon. Holy people! Fried potatoes for brunch and I'm not sure what for dinner because that friend has even more dietary restrictions than I. Maybe I can do soup in the crock pot.
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Soup in the crock sounds perfect, Sara. Do you do anything special to fried potatoes to dress them up/make them interesting? It's my mission this week to eat simple meals on the cheap, and I suck at making simple meals GFCF and tasty. Nobody ate my soup last night but me.

RE: Space heaters. I didn't know there are gas space heaters out there. That's interesting. Is it more cost effective? I'm trying to avoid using our small electric space heater til closer to winter. It uses so much energy and makes me mad at bill time, heh. I probably should invest in a humidifier at the very least... It gets far too dry in here. Anybody know if there is a difference between a vaporizer and humidifier?

Attic insulation is sooo worth it. Year before last, DH bought insulation at Menards on sale plus we got rebates, and we totally recouped the cost of the insulation within a single winter of lower heat bills. We have gas heat, btw.
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Sara, sounds like a busy day. Plus, you are a saint.

Ash, that costume is amazing. Halloween is the only time of year I really wish I could sew. I'm having a hard time finding costumes for the girls. It's so cold here already, I want something warm. O wants to be a witch and insists that Greta needs to be a pumpkin. I can go with the witch even though she's been one before, but not so sure about the pumpkin.

Joanie, I feel ya. Our room is the coldest in the house. The previous owners even warned us about that. Our furnace has a humidifier on it though, which I'm very excited about. I hate the dry winter air so much.

Busy day here too. Well, busy couple of weeks actually. My classroom is in desperate need of attention, so I'm going to work for a while. Progress reports need to be done. It's a short week, but I have parent-teacher conferences Thursday afternoon/evening. And a birthday party the girls were invited to Friday morning. Next weekend, I'm helping host a 5k in honor of my mom. The next weekend is Greta's birthday. The next weekend, I'm taking a mental health break and visiting friends, all.by.myself! Not to mention, DH is working twelve hour days, straight through the weekends, pretty much everyday until I get to leave for my break. Ugh. Lunch with my sister yesterday turned into dinner and we had a nice time visiting for quite a while. She did vent about my brother, but also just wanted to touch base and see how I'm doing with everything. Sounds like we're all kind of spiraling lately. She was happy to hear about therapy and thought she might look into it herself. It was nice. I felt better afterwards.
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Joanie, know I need attic insulation. I need to look into it this week.

This is my electric space heater

I'm totally wearing a wool sweater and straddling it right now. Don't tell anyone. You can get small ventless gas heaters as space heaters. I mean, you're obviously going to want to mount it some place, but I've seen them in bathrooms even. We use a 3 burner one here (1200 square feet, but the heat can't make it down the hall) and had a 5 burner in the old house, which was 1600 square feet and had a more open floor plan, brick, no wall
Insulation. Here we will use a space heater in each of the back bedrooms. I love the gas heater because there's always a nice warm place to be and because I'm not a fan of forced air heat.

For my potatoes, I bake them in the microwave, chop, oil and garlic salt. Very simple. Lots of oil. Lol. I'm thinking about making potato pancakes to go with the soup, but doubt I'll have time.
Here's my menu for the week, but soup isn't on it and we've had stir fry the last two nights:

The chili, jambalaya, and sambar will be made in the crock pot since I still don't have a stove. If you want any recipes, I'll send them.
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Mal, cross post. I'm glad to hear you had a good visit with your sister. Those are so needed. Boo for going in to work on a Sunday. Also, I'm no saint.
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I'd love to get your stir fry and jambalaya recipes!

What is sambar?

We are so out of food that DH is eating the remainder of my frozen GF waffles and drinking a leftover Dr. Pepper from last night for breakfast. Sora and I ate bread and butter. DH suggested I pick up groceries later and I wanted to smack him, like dude- I'm so sick and have been up since 4:30. I'm not functional. At least there's a box of mac n cheese in the cupboard for him and Sora for lunch. Jerk. Lol

Why can't I sleeeeep? My head hurts so bad now.
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Oh jeez, the last thing I want to be is creepy. Lurk was a poor choice of word, maybe reading status would be more apt.

I'm 14 weeks already.
Sara- thanks for saying its normal to not be excited when we weren't trying. That was really helpful. I feel kind of mad at myself that I'm not more excited because I have always thought I'd have two. Add although financially it's a disaster, physically it's the best time (before I get any further into that scary AMA), plus they'll be just about the age difference between me and my brother which is good.

Oh, Mal, I meant to say that I'm really glad that therapy went well for you. It can be so helpful if you find a therapist you click with. Glad things went well with your sister.

You all are making me want to pull out my sewing machine. I have been knitting more, I made J a stegosaurus winter hat just in it I eve for it to get cold here. Will post a pic when I can catch him.

Sara's menu looks yummy. I made a baked potato soup last night, turned out really good but how can you go wrong with bacon and cheese ( apologies to the vegetarians and vegans). Gonna roast a pumpkin today and make pumpkin custard later.

Is it weird that J will pretty much only eat fruit regularly? Oh and he asks for pawporn ( popcorn) all day long.
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Joanie, your no food situation sounds like mine before each grocery trip. I will literally drag it out until DH has Ramen for like, three meals in a row. LOL I. Hate. Grocery. Shopping. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a naked kitchen.


Sara, I'm glad you can find humor in your situation. How in the EFF did your guys' texts cross like that? That's bizarre. Also, I know I had something else to comment to you about... Damn. Stupid memory. It'll come back to me eventually.


Amber, yay 14 weeks! I don't know if you saw my post awhile back or not, but I literally wasn't excited about having my 2nd until she was in my arms. It was totally unexpected, and I wanted my kids to have a bigger age gap than they do. We weren't done paying off Conner, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on. But when you make your plate, you have to eat it, too, right? I like her now though, and that's all that matters. :rotflmao


Space heaters, back when I was single and only had a roommate, we had one space heater that we'd literally move around the apartment with us to avoid turning the heat on. LOL When we were in the living room, it was sitting in front of us on the floor. When we went to bed, we'd put it in the hallway in-between our two doors. We also lived on the 2nd floor, so that helped. But we were able to make it all Winter without turning our heat on. I have a picture of my frosted back window somewhere... It's quiet funny. I can't do that now because of DH and the children. It's a brisk 60 in here right now and I know DH is going to complain about it when Layla and him get up.


Conner's pooping. Coffee. I'll be back to finish in a bit. Because I'm sure I forgot stuff.

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I'm here and have things to say to all the individual posts, but it's dh's birthday so I need to go do things with the family, make a carrot cake, do the dishes, clean the house, etc. etc.  But I wanted to shout out to Ash for that awesome costume and say to Amber, did you read any of my numerous posts back in April 2011 about how I felt about my pregnancy?  I feel you for sure!

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Sara I made an audible Jerry Springer "ohhhh"  when I read that your texts crossed.  Super awkward.  I seriously cannot even imagine.  And why in the world are you asking about the other girls? Do other Sara's parents know you have split?  Have fun today!


Mal, it makes sense that your siblings would all be having a hard time too.  You guys are going through something really big, and it does ripple through your whole life.  Im glad you got to spend time talking to your sister, and Im glad you are so comfortable with your therapist.  Have you heard from your friend?


Heat-  I have Reynaud's Phenomenon accompanied by joint problems and arthritis since I was probably 15.  It comes with being genetically predisposed to Lupus.  So I am always cold, and  actually turn blue, then I start to hurt.  We don't mess around with the heat!  I keep it on 68 if we don't have a fire going.  We have a pretty open floor plan now that we knocked down a few walls. 


FOOD-  I am a serious food hoarder, which I imagine is probably because I grew up in poverty.  We get low on food, but never so low anyone is eating ramen.  I will start to have serious anxiety if our fridge is looking empty, and I always keep a ton of dry whole foods on hand (beans, split peas, etc).  We don't buy much pre-packaged so cans and whole foods are what have shelf life around here.  Everything else is fruits and veggies, and with 3 kids I cant buy enough fruit to have it around more than a few days.


If there was anything else I was going to say I dont remember.  Coffee.

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Jaimee, happy birthday to your DH. Have a fun day with your family!

Ash, which friend? The one I made out with? Not since the super awkward conversation with me on speaker and her husband listening. So, I don't know. I'm keeping my distance. They talk back and forth on Facebook, so I'm taking that as a sign that they are ok. I am going to see them in a few weeks. While I'm out of town, I'm supposed to meet up with some friends for a birthday and they are gonna be there, so I guess I'll find out then if things are cool between us.

I'm hoping DH goes grocery shopping today. I'm avoiding it. We're not in a dire situation yet, but he'll be gone all of the girls' waking hours starting tomorrow and I hate taking them both with me. We've been eating way too many processed foods lately. Cooking is just so far down on the list of shit that needs to be done right now. Speaking of, I better get back to work...
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This is my life right now.

I'm holding Layla because she won't sleep otherwise.

Conner is "playing" with my nephew, whom I'm babysitting because I'm stupid.

I'm constantly correcting Conner and redirecting my nephew.

I sent DH out to pay a bill.

And I REALLY gotta poop.
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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

Conner is "playing" with my nephew, whom I'm babysitting because I'm stupid.




You don't strike me as the passive type.  You have GOT to start telling her NO.

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Lol oh dear, Nicole... That sounds rough :-\

Totally agree with Ash.
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