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Nicole, I totally <3 old people, too. And I'm with you on working, I just need a job that uses my brain. Conner will have fun. They cry when you leave, but then it's fun.
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Oy, you guys are killing me. I'm a little less than two hours from home and BORED...

And you guys are nowhere to be found. Boo on you all.
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I'm here. Just lurking. Hehehe.

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You need to download some audiobooks, girl.
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Hello! I've caught up! I'm mostly going to be a catch up and type in the evening sort of group member, I think... I can't have my phone out around R or else he gets right cranky that he can't have it. And... day two of no napping, soo.... Doesn't help that he woke up at 11 AM!


I'd love to meet up with the locals! :thumb


I voted on the poll. One thing that does complicate moving to a private forum is exclusion. That was an issue I faced when making a private forum for a different group I was in. What if in the future someone wanted to join the Nov 2011 DDC because they are new to MDC and have a 2011 baby but there's no one here? Do we let them follow us over to the private forum? And then doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of a private forum if we let anyone in? Just something to think about.

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

You need to download some audiobooks, girl.

Those would put me to sleep.

I doubt anyone else will want to join. I'm pretty sure we're the only active thread left from the 2011 DDC.

If they did, I doubt they'd stick around. We're all so close, they'd probably feel awkward and out of place.
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Voted on the poll.


Old people are pretty awesome! I was at a food bank once last summer(not this summer, it was 2012) and started nursing Levi because he was hungry. An old lady, about 75 years old sat down next to me and noticed I was nursing him and said not so quietly "Oh goodness! You're nursing! That is so great! That is the best thing you can do for your baby." I kind of blushed because other people turned to look, but with her being older, I would have expected her to be "old fashioned" about it. After that, she went on to talk about how she had TWO home births and breastfed both of them until they turned two. Awesome!

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I feel bad for Cynthia that they aren't willing to make us private. Isn't this website already struggling as a whole? And now they're going to lose their most active thread and most frequent posters.

It doesn't make sense to me. But what do I know about websites and how they work? Nothing. *Shrugs*
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I'm sure it's all about money.
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I've got a little funny for you guys. So I already said that Billy is getting me canning stuff for my bday. I felt sooo bad telling him I need a pressure canner because he didn't know and felt like an idiot. So I totally made a save for him by finding a pressure canner for FIFTEEN bucks at the thrift store today. It's HUGE!


Okay so that wasn't really funny, but total SCORE on the $$ saved instead of buying it all brand new.

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Becky... Score on the pressure canner!! That's awesome! Be sure to get jar tongs and a wide mouth funnel too.

I asked Cynthia about MDC losing our thread and top posters. We'll see what she says.

Nicole. Awesome BBQ story and you rock too! Thanks to Ash too for the shout out! I'm definitely following what the group wants.
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We're home. Conner went to bed about 30 minutes ago. Layla is almost there now.

I let my cats outside. Came back a little later to let them back in... Until I realized they were tormenting a mouse on my porch. The thing was still alive. I almost feel bad for it. So they're staying outside.

I also came home to a letter from my new job. My background check came back and they renigged their offer... I have a misdemeanor on there from almost four years ago from something really stupid... That I told them about in my interview. Why did they waste my time?... I'm annoyed. Back to the drawing board.
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Oh no! Nicole, that really sucks. I'm so sorry. What are your other options?
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Apply somewhere else. There are a solid twenty or so options in my city. That one was just prime location and awesome pay, benefits, etc.
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Yeah. I messaged the thrift store manager and asked her to set it aside so it doesn't get scooped up before I can get it. I get 50% off because I volunteer there and their regular 50% off days are on Saturday, so I get 75% off altogether. lol


Hopefully us posting all the time will appeal to Cynthia's better nature.


Nicole, I'm so sorry about losing the job offer. Misdemeanors from YEARS ago, especially when you were much younger should not matter. But I think that alot of jobs like to use the number 5, as far as things being in the past. 5 years in the past is alot safer than 2, 3, or even 4. *hugs* :Hug 

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This job is officially the 4th job offer I've had taken back because of my misdemeanor. It's so stupid. It shouldn't even be on my record, but I was young and uneducated about how the whole court system worked, so... It is what it is. 3 more years before I can get it expunged.
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Is it drug related? (You don't have to answer that). Is it something they think would affect your job performance or abilities?
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Nicole that sucks, especially since they could have not wasted your time after you told them. Dh had his record expunged, but it only took a year if that. Does that vary by state?
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That really sucks. I wish they would just go off of your job history and clean record after the incident 4 years ago. You've obviously straightened up, wisened up and have two kids to love and care for.

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Oh, man! That really sucks, Nicole! I'm so sorry. :Hug

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