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Sorry about work, Joanie!

I'd be glowing from prison if I went on a 90 day juice fast. The hunger would make me kill.

My Halloween was good. My kids were all over. I ended up with just dd2 and took her with a good friend and her girls. It was fun and completely stress free. I'm learning that if I want AH to keep j at all I have to make some kind of excuse. So I did. Now I'm putting j to bed.
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DH recently started doing all the grocery shopping, so I've been starving for the last couple of months. I've lost weight though!
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We had perfect ToTing weather here- it was the warmest, dryest Halloween yet. And so far nobody has needed me to stab them with an Epi so...double success! When we got back we pooled the candy and sent all the unsafe stuff home with everyone else.

Now to go scrub the crap out of everyone's teeth and convince them to sleep...
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I'm currently eating coconut milk vanilla ice cream with blackberry cardamom jam that I made with blackberries I picked. YUM! Don't be jealous :wink

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Oh I'm jealous! Mostly because coconut is one of my favorite things ever and I'm terribly allergic to it.
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Conner just went to bed, again. Second night in a row he's stayed up until 11p... But he sleeps until 11a, which is pretty cool.

Tomorrow is the first day back to work and the first day for the new sitter. I leave around 5:15p, so I'm having her come at 4:30p to give Conner some time to warm up to her again and so I can go through everything about bedtime and such.

I'm hoping the warm up doesn't take long, this will be their third meeting. She was here for about an hour today and when she was leaving, Conner walked to the door with her, holding her hand.

I'm glad everyone had a successful Halloween. We still never had bad weather, just a bit of rain and wind. Super annoying.

Layla just woke up because I sat her down for five minutes. Night, everyone.
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Skipping personals cuz I caught up last night and forgot it all this morning. Oops.


Happy birthday, Shay! And..... Greta! Right??? YAY it's November! And a Friday. Woot.


I'm totally digging the Halloween costumes on the pictures thread. So freakin' adorable! Toddler dress-up is the funniest thing ever... especially KJ's oversized Care Bear outfit. :lol  Amanda, J is infinitely cuter than me in a bumble bee costume. Nicole, Layla's tutu is too cute and I totally laughed at Conner with the sword and eye patch. Ha!


I need laundry help. Can some of you share what detergent (homemade or purchased) you use? I need ideas. We used unscented eco-conscious detergents for a while but I ended up having to switch to mainstream chemical-laden scented detergent in the spring/summer because DH and I sweat a lot and our clothes just get so stinky unless we use scented detergent. Is there any way around this? Do you know of a pretty potent more safely-scented eco-conscious detergent? This one is giving me horrible allergies sometimes, especially if residue remains on the clothes after washing. I just folded towels straight out of the dryer and had an asthma/sneezing attack. The dryer vents into the garage and if I open the door to the garage while it's running, my lungs instantly seize up. Can't be good. lol

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