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Good morning. I have no idea why I'm awake. My kids are still sleeping. DH wants to go to church this morning. Ugh.
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Mal, does he want all of y'all to go? Does that sound like fun?

Jaimee, you do write some long, thought out posts. Would it be more fun to go someplace with all the kids than stay home? Will you have extra kids?

Oh man, it rained last night and the roof leaked. Not as much as before and not from as many places, but that means the ceiling and floor aren't ready to be fixed. Jaimee, you asked about moving. I still don't think it's any kind of option. I just filed bankruptcy and think I'm stuck here for 5 years. The house is old and needs repairs, but it's substantially cheaper than rent even in this neighborhood.
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I'm sorry about the leaking, Sara! :-(

Mal, tell that man to let you relax and let your kids sleep. I'm a bad influence... I woke up early for church nearly every Sunday of my life up into my teens. Pastor and organist's kid. Couldn't get out of it. Lol. I do miss church a bit now, though. Mostly for the community and joy I felt there. Standing in a church would make my DH feel awkward but makes me feel "at home." I feel the same way in a hospital cuz I'd visit my dad at work every day after school when I was little. Lol! I'm a nut.

Jaimee, I will ponder why I'm nervous about sharing contact info and get back to you. :-) I trust you ladies. But I have a deep-seeded fear of catfish, stalkers, kidnappers and murderers.
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I won't kidnap you, Joanie.
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Anybody else's kids just love sound machines for sleeping with? Sora cracks me up now that she can get out of her bed freely. DH says he hears her wake up sometimes thru the night and she turns on her aquarium noise maker to soothe herself back to sleep. She turns it on first thing every morning when she wakes up, too, and lies there talking to herself and just chillin' for a while, sometimes with a book. Ha!
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Yeah, I'm sure it would be better for our attitudes if I figured out a place for them to have fun, but the weather is terrible, so outside is not really an option.  And everyone goes to church around here for like half the day so none of my neighbors are really around.  Ugh...  I sense a movie afternoon for sure.


I'm sorry to hear about your house/bankruptcy situation!  When you file for bankruptcy what does that do for you?  Does it dissolve your debt?

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Thank you, Sara. I appreciate the reassurance.

Wondering if DH is going to wake up and let me write my paper early or sleep some more and torture me in the process. I told him I'm *this close* to buying us some NoDoz.
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Jaimee, you do write some long, thought out posts.

True story, I do tend to be verbose!  :lol


Joanie, yes, all my kids use sound machines.  We literally have 3 of them b/c each room needs one.  Now I can't sleep without one, either b/c I've been sleeping with one for nearly 7 years.


Oh, and I promise not to stalk or murder you, but I might kidnap you... only to go out and have some fun, though!  :wink

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Joanie, my DD can't sleep without a fan on. I think white noise is her reason.

Jaimee, I filed chapter 13 a couple of months ago. Hearing last month and I find out for sure this month if it goes through. Leading up to the bankruptcy was several months of fighting with the bank. The bankruptcy is a debt re-payment plan that the bank is forced to accept (this moth I should learn that a judge deems it fair, the trustee already recommended it for approval) and payments will be automatically withdrawn from my paycheck, taken through a trustee, and then sent to the bank. Some unsecured debt will be reduced, but that really only makes room for lawyer and trustee fees. Chapter 7 is the one that wipes away debt. All of this has been a lesson in patience, humility, and compassion.
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Yes, he wants all of us to go. He says he spent years going for me, now he just wants me to go for him every once in a while. Although, I never made him go, never even asked. He just always did it. I have a complicated relationship with church.

Joanie, I won't kidnap you either! Greta sleeps with a fan on for the noise. Dd1 used to until we moved in here. I'm about to put one in her room again though because she keeps waking up so early. Maybe then I can get a morning shower without her knocking on the door the whole time. :/
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Originally Posted by Mal85 View Post

I have a complicated relationship with church.

In my opinion, if you don't have to really think about it, you're not getting as much from it.
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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

In my opinion, if you don't have to really think about it, you're not getting as much from it.

I agree!  One of my biggest issues that I gained from growing up in the Catholic church is being asked to say things that I don't believe in or do not understand and this is now extending to my kids (like with the Girl Scout promise).  I even have a problem with the pledge of allegiance b/c kids don't know what they're saying.  It really bothers me.  Blind following of anything is a big problem, IMO.

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Thought is what separates us from the animals, right? Oh, wait. They probably think, too. Thumbs!
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I just finished listening to How We Decide on audiobook and it talks about how our decision making differs from our nearest relatives.  Because we can think about how we think, our decision making is much more complicated.

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I was mostly joking. I was veg far to long to say animals don't think.
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Now I'm up! But no one else is. What is going on in my house right now? LOL

You're definitely going to beat me today, Sara. You're on it.

I grew up in a Catholic church, too, Jaimee. And I pretty much feel the same. I eventually ended up getting out of going by saying, "Only people that need help believing in God go to church". My mom never had a good answer to that, so she always let me stay home. Haha.

Sorry about the bankruptcy, Sara. Hopefully it's giving you some relief though. And sorry about the holes in your roof. At least you can fix that stuff yourself!

I find it impossible to get out of bed before one of my kids make me. So now I lay here...
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Nicole, I'm burning both ends of the candle.

Speaking of October, who has good ghost stories?
My mom just came up and told me how her new prison is haunted. There are areas where you can hear keys jingle, people yelling, and doors unlocking.
In the nursing home I used to work, sometimes you could look down the hall and see a man in a blue suit visiting when someone was dying on that unit. There was also a woman in white who would slam doors while you were in the room.
The hospital in the town where I grew up (the hospital where Sarah Jessica Parker was born) no longer has a maternity unit, but at night in the ICU you can hear newborns crying and the nurses rush down the hall to soothe them.
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Also raised Catholic. Still attend somewhat, I guess. Working for a Lutheran school though has shown me I'm definitely more Catholic than I am Lutheran. But really, the only reason I've stuck with church at all is because it gives me the opportunity to see my family.
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I'm up, but it takes me forever to read all the posts to catch up.  I got quickly booted out of 5th place!


These people sent me a really nice email saying that they're interested in the bus..  I have a feeling they might be looking for a donation though..




Sara - That sucks about the bankruptcy, hopefully you recover more quickly than expected.  

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Not raised religious, continue to not be. I joke that I was raised in the Church of Sauna - it was the closest thing we had to ritual and spirituality, our weekly family Sunday sauna.

DH and I were pretty close to filing bankruptcy, but we were advised a consolidation loan, instead. It's a stressful place to be.

DH and DD are making pancakes - our only current Sunday ritual. Decided to pass on bathroom painting today - I have some work to do, and we're going to go to the pumpkin patch. It's gorgeous out today.
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